Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


   Fletcher vs. Stevenson.--John Fletcher and Eleanor, his wife, who was sister of John Hyndman, clerk and only sister and heir of her brother, complain of John Stevenson, administrator of Hyndman, for an account. Account filed of effects and general charges of Rev. John Hindman.

AUGUST, 1758.

   Paxton vs. Thompson.--John Fleming was indented servant of John Paxton.
   Samuel Ferguson vs. Adam and Sarah Jordan.--Slander. Adam Jordan and Sarah, his wife. Process executed by Samuel Mathews. Richard Botkin, bail. Part of the charge was that Ferguson was a runaway from Pennsylvania and from Ireland.
   Breckenridge vs. John Early.--John Early and Jeremiah Early were brothers. John Early, late of Augusta County, 1757.
   Means vs. Thompson.--Edward Thompson of Augusta County and Hugh Means of Red Clay Creek Hundred, merchants, and held and firmly bound unto the Rev. Mr. Charles Tennent, of Mill Creek Hundred, County of New Castle. Bond dated 27th November, 1753. Assigned by Tennent, 13th September, 1757.
   Thomas Thompson vs. John and William Handly.--John Handly and William Handly of West Nantmill Township, and County of Chester, weavers. Bond to Charles Tennent as above. Minister of the gospel, dated March 14, 1746-7, assigned by Tennent in January, 1748-9 to Robert Boggs of same County. Assigned by Boggs to Thomas Armor, August 28, 1749. By Armor, October 14, 1749, to Thomas Thompson of Augusta. William Handly, returned not in County, 1754.
   Breckinridge vs. John Pickins.--John Pickens was gone January, 1758.


   John Stewart vs. John Blakely.--Deposition of James Martin, a soldier, that he, with some other soldiers, were in the room where John Stewart, tailor, works.
   Finla vs. Wm. Bell.--Process not executed because defendant is a soldier in Captain Hog's fort. May, 1757.
   Samuel Willson vs. Wm. McFeaters.--McFeaters was a tanner.
   Orders of Court, 1756: Margaret Reaburn, widow, married Robert McMahan. Elizabeth Counts, late Elizabeth Armentrout, wife of John Counts.


   Armstrong vs. Galbraith.--Robert Armstrong died 12th November 1754.
   Peter Hog vs. Abraham Bird.--Peter Hog commanded at Brock's Gap. Abraham Bird tried to get Hog's soldiers to sign a petition for Hog's removal and tried to supplant him.

MAY, 1760 (A).

   Thomas Waters vs. James Littlepage.--James Littlepage was an officer in the Virginia Regiment 1757.

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AUGUST, 1760 (A).

   Hetrick vs. Counts and Wife.--Adam Hetrick, in 1742, then living in Pennsylvania, married his daughter, Elizabeth, to John Harmantrout, deceased, in 1759. In 1752 Adam came to Virginia and purchased land of Jacob Pence. John died in 1753, leaving a widow and two children. Elizabeth intermarried with John Counts.


   John Stewart vs. Smith.--Account dated 1741. (I think this ought to be 1761.)
   Howell vs. McAnulty.--I, John McAnulty, of West Colon Township, Chester County, in Pennsylvania. Chapman. Bond dated 1st September, 1758.

MAY, 1761 (A.)

   William Gregg and wife vs. Edward McGeery.--William Gregg and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Johnson, administratrix of Arthur Johnson, deceased.
   James Abbot vs. Littlepage.--Holt Richardson, Lieutenant, and James Littlepage, Ensign, were indebted to Abbot for board of fifteen soldiers from 21st May to 11th June, in 1759. Sworn to by Abbot in Hanover County.
   Kennedy vs. Robinson.--Joseph Kennedy and John Madison against Elizabeth Robinson, an infant, as only daughter and heir-at-law of John Robinson, deceased, by Mary Montgomery, her mother and guardian, 1761. John Robinson lived in South Branch of Waters of Roanoke, and was surprised and murdered by the Indians about September, 1755.
   John Bowyer vs. John Brown and wife Margaret.--Martha Borden was stepdaughter of John Bowyer and a "young gentlewoman." Defendants said, 10th August, 1759, that if Martha chose Bowyer as her guardian she would be a fool, as her estate would be wasted. Judgment for defendants.


   Scot vs. Scot.--Jane Scot, an infant, by Daniel Smith, her guardian, daughter of Samuel Scot, of Augusta, deceased, in 1749. Jane had a sister and brother. The widow Scot intermarried with William Pickins. Jane's oldest sister was Mary.
   Martin vs. Smiley.--William Martin and James Martin were brothers.

AUGUST, 1761 (B).

   Stewart vs. Given.--Samuel Stewart, an infant, by John Stewart, his father and next friend.
   More vs. McClenachan (The White Horse).--Rob. McClenachan (The White Horse) was convicted of selling liquor without license.
   Hugart vs. Wilson.--Josiah Wilson was a ranger in the Indian wars under Capt. James Dunlop, and went to Pennsylvania and never came back.

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   James Stevenson vs. Holt Richardson.--Abraham Boho, 25 years old (1761), deposes that in the fall of 1759 the plaintiff, in company with Wm. Givens, came as peddlers to Fort Ligonier, where defendant was commanding officer.
   Kerr vs. Kennedy.--John Kerr, of Carlisle, and County Cumberland, Pennsylvania.

MAY, 1758.

   John Boswell vs. Wm. Murray.--Account October 12, 1753. To, paid your brother, James Murray. Sworn to 12th July, 1757.
   David Hays vs. John Shields.--Attachment 28th April, 1758. John has removed.
   Robert Breckinridge vs. John Pickens.--Attachment 18th January, 1758. John has removed.
   Mathew Campbell vs. Robert Renich, deceased (Joshua Mathews, administrator).--Account March, 1756, to schooling.

MARCH, 1758 (A).

   Cochran & Donald vs. Laverty & Steward & Co.--Bond 1752. Ralph Laverty, Jones Steward, James McKoy and John Stevenson. Test., Alexr. Bain, Thomas Buchanan, Alexr. Boyd.
   James Eaken vs. Thomas Paxton.--Trespass for taking and conveying away Elizabeth, daughter of James.
   William Martin vs. Samuel Wallace and Jane.--Slander. Conrad Yates living in Sam's neighborhood.
   Henry Murray vs. John Lewis.--October, 1748. To building a house 31 x 21, two dormer windows. To building house on the glebe.

MARCH, 1758 (B).

   Repentance Townsend and Mary summoned May Court, 1755, on charge of not bringing up their children in a Christianlike manner.
   Thomas Wats, John Blackly and Robert Dixon--summoned to Court on charge of not bringing up their children in a Christianlike manner.
   Francis McCown, guardian of James McCord.
   William Scot and Elizabeth summoned.
   November Court, 1755--Cornelius and Daniel Murley had died intestate.
   Elsa Green, wife of John Green.
   Bratton vs. Montgomery.--Depositions Edward Thompson, 1758, and John Montgomery.
   Henry Guy and Martha vs. John Ramsey.--Slander.
   John Brown vs. John Stewart.--Passage for Ireland.
   Patton's Executors vs. Nathaniel.--Bond of Nathaniel to James Patton, of Augusta, and Zachary Lewis, of Spotsylvania.
   Adair vs. Connor.--Witnesses, 1757, Robert Anderson and Mary Watterson.
   Stephenson vs. Fulton.--Witnesses, 1757, Samuel Cowdon and John Flieman.

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   John Woodfin vs. Joseph How and David Stewart.--Judgment, 1750, 22d May, Sci. fa.
   Borden's Executors vs. Mitchell.--Note of David Mitchell to Benjamin Borden, dated 1751, to pay quit rent on 400 acres on South River for years 1741-2-3-4-5.
   Alexr. Wright vs. Andrew Kerr.--June 14, 1754. To Rutherford, on faith. Henry, on sacrament.
   Rachel Burnsides vs. Wm. Dougherty and Elizabeth, his wife.--Petition. Thomas Fitzpatrick and Alexander McElroy, arbitrators.

AUGUST, 1760.

   Patrick Martin vs. John Smith and Margaret.
   Pearis vs. Crow.--Richard Pearis's signature, 1769.
   Gabriel Penn vs. Israel Christian.--Signature of defendant.
   Sill vs. Stewart.--Signatures of Samuel Boyd, John Hardin and Lewis Stephens.
   Stewart vs. Gibson.--Bond. George Wilson, of Augusta, to William Darlington, of West Nantmill, Chester County, Pennsylvania.
   Frances Bowyer vs. Patrick McDonald and Mary.--Slander.
   Vestry vs. John Lewis.--Contract by Lewis to build Glebe mansion and kitchen, 22d August, 1748, with dimensions. Adverse report of viewers, John Henderson and William Wilson, March, 1759.
   Boggs vs. McGee.--Signatures, Cornelius and Isaac Ruddle.

MARCH, 1758 (C).

   Grieder vs. Cloninger.--Deposition Madlena Bruback, 1758.
   Quarles vs. Wilson.--Signatures George and Samuel Wilson and Hugh Hicklin.
   Cochran vs. James Gay and John Montgomery, of Albermarle. Test: Robert Donald and Thomas Buchanan.
   Borden's Executors vs. Samuel McClure.--Signature William Lusk and Samuel Gray, Robert Carlile and Esther.
   Love vs. West.--Signatures of John Dunbar, Uriah Humble, James Johnson, Benjamin Kinley, Good Mowgainey.
   John Ramsey vs. Robert Gay.--Defendant gone out of County.
   Samuel Davis vs. James Todd.--Suit for dower of Hannah, wife of Samuel and daughter of James.
   Gay vs. Gay.--Defendant (Robert Gay) lived on Calf Pasture and is gone.
   Long vs. Hutchison.--Signatures of Wm. Long, Wm. Hutchison and John Lewis.
   Risk vs. John Buchanan and James McCown.--Bond by defendants. Test: Samuel and John McCutchan. Signature: James Rosebrough.
   McCaul vs. Vance.--Test: James Maccrow, Anthony Christian.
   Borden's Executors vs. James Edmonson and Sarah: late Sarah Hays.-- Was unmarried 17th May 1748. James Hays, son of Sarah. Signature of Patrick Hays.
   Lewis vs. Beard.--Contract for building chimney.
   Samuel Hamilton vs. James Jackson and Mary.
   William McGee vs. Francis McBride.--Signature: James Simpson.

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   John Stewart vs. John Blackley.--Plaintiff charges that in 1758 defendant set fire to plaintiff's dwelling house, and thereby some of his goods were damaged. James Martin's deposition before Francis Tyler.
   Margaret Reaburn, widow, married Robert McMahon. August Ct., 1758.
   Margaret Cancill, relict of Conrad Cancill, refuses to administer, and Court orders Sheriff to sell personality at public auction. March Ct., 1759.
   William Ralston does not provide for his family and required to give bond. November Court, 1758.
   John McFeeters, guardian of Andrew and Alexander Crocket, complains that their mother, Margaret, who married John Ramsey. August Ct., 1758.
   Steel vs. Jones.--Signatures: Edward Beard and Samuel Givens.
   Beard vs. Graves.--Signatures of James Craig, Archibald Huston, Samuel Henderson and Robert Shanklin.
   Fitzpatrick vs. Peggs.--Signatures of William and John Lapslie.
   David Campbell vs. Robert Cunningham.--Account, 1759, for keeping Robert's wife, Martha, whom Robert had turned out of doors, and burial expenses, &c.
   McMachan vs. Sampson Mathews.--Qui tam for not voting for Burgesses, 1758.
   Williams vs. Christel.--Signature: Robert Carithers.
   McNeill vs. Lawrence.--Signature: Jeremiah Abbot.

AUGUST, 1759.

   McAnore vs. Vestry.--Signature: John Ramsey
   Skidmore vs. Veneman.--Signatures: Thomas Caton, Joseph Skidmore.
   Dr. John Sutherland vs. Thomas Gardner.--Signature,
   Michael Mallon vs. Francis Kirkley.--Signature.
   Arthur (Army Trader) (Arthur Trader) vs. Ralston.--Signatures: Thos. Moore and John Harrison, Robert Ralston and Ephraim Love, Howel Jones and Abigail Sempil.
   Benj. Kendley vs. Capt. Daniel Harrison.--1754. To 20 days' service as Lieutenant of the Militia under your command at 25 lbs. tobacco per day. (Signed) Benj. Kendley.
   John Hanna vs. Malcolm Allen.--1758. Not executed because the man lives out of the County.
   Thomas Bowyer vs. William Cabeen.--Defendant did, on 10th September, 1757, assault, beat, challenge and provoke to fight the said plaintiff on account of money won by betting--gaming.
   Richards, &c., vs. Sevier.--Signatures: Valentine Sevier, James Duncanson, John Semple, Robert Phillips, George Frazer, Henry Willis, Daniel Fitzhugh, Thomas Chew, Rob. Duncanson, James Hunter, Fielding Lewis, James Esten. Proved in General Court, 22d October, 1754. Ben Waller, Clerk.
   John McMachan vs. John Moore.--On July, 1758, election for Burgesses, and defendant did not vote.

AUGUST, 1758.

   Thompson vs. Hendley.--Signature: Charles Tennent.
   Means, Assignee, vs. Thompson.--Signature: Charles Tennent.

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