Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


   Ramsey vs. Jamesons and Gay.--John Ramsey, assignee of Charles Donnelly, who was assignee of John Handly, complains of John Jameson and Robert Gay, and Sarah, his wife, late Sarah Jameson. Bond dated 1754. Signed, Sarah Jameson.
   Colberson vs. Fulton.--John Fulton and John Handly of Augusta. Bond to Robert Colberson of County Chester, Pennsylvania, 22d March, 1755.
   Simpson vs. Campbell.--March 12, 1756. To the Worshipful bench of Augusta, we humbly request that you will take particular notice of Margaret Campbell (Cambal), for it is plainly known to all the inhabitants of the lower end of the Cowpasture that she is a common liar and troublesome to all them that she is in neighborhood with, and furthermore it is known that she will swear anything that comes into her mind, which the subscribers by report will make appear.--Hugh Morton, James Montgomery, Wm. Mortain, Wm. Memory, Edward Edwards, Agnes Memory, Wm. Gillespy, Mary Gillespy, Patrick Carrigan, James Beard, James Scot, Samuel McMorry, Margaret Cohiren, James Arbuckle, Thomas Simson, Robt. Gillespy, Margaret Arbuckle, Anne Montgomery, Thomas Fitzpatrick. This was an attachment vs. James Campbell by James Simpson, 17th March, 1756 (five days after above petition.)

AUGUST, 1756 (B).

   Pullin vs. Lewis.--Loftus Pullin complains of John Lewis. One Thomas Hunt and one George Lewis (father of defendant) was indebted to one John Shaw and gave him their note dated 6th April, 1754.
   Thompson vs. Henderson.--James Miller testifies that he was witness to a bond given by Michael Henderson to Samuel McElvenay for cattle, which said Henderson and Jeremiah Thompson drove from the Waxhows Creek in Carolany, about 1st of June, 1755.
   Hugh Speere vs. Robert Young.--Robert Young, of Orange County, Virginia. Bond to Hugh Speere of same County, dated August, 1740.
   Whitley vs. Kirkham.--Robert Kirkham, living on James River, died, leaving issue 3 daughters, infants, Martha, Jane and Elizabeth, and wife, Hanna Kirkham, guardian.
   Pleasants vs. Skillem.--Thomas Pleasants complains of Eliza Skillem (August, 1752), otherwise called Eliza Perkins, otherwise called Eliza Anderson. Plea: Plaintiff ought not to recover, because at time of making bond and at time of issuing process in this suit she was married to one John Anderson, alias Ute Perkins. Bond dated 1750. Replication states she was known as Eliza Skillem and denied being married.

AUGUST, 1756 (A).

   Pleasants vs. Lewis.--George (his x mark) Lewis of Augusta. Bond to John Pleasants and son, of Henrico, dated 13th October, 1753. Endorsed: "Received of John Pleasants and son, per order of my father, George Lewis, Benjamin Morrow's note of hand. Signed John (x) Lewis, 1754, October 15th.

NOVEMBER, 1756 (A).

   James Lidderdale vs. John Harrison, Jr.--In March, 1744-5, James purchased land of John on South Branch of James River.

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   Mary Johnston vs. William Smith, Sr.--Mary, an infant (August, 1755), by John Johnston, her next friend and father. Slander.

AUGUST, 1756 (A).

   Merlin vs. Borland.--Jacob Merlin complains of Archibald Bourland and Jane, his wife, late Jane Jackson, administrator of Wm. Jackson, deceased.
   Null vs. Crossum.--Philip Charles Crossum, of Township of Tulpehocan, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Bond to Nicholas Deack, of same place, 16th May, 1742.
   Robinson and Lewis vs. Thomas Wilson.--Thomas gone to Pennsylvania in 1754.
   Johnson vs. Mills (Milles).--Richard Mills, of Nearlocke Township, County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, husbandman, farmer. Bond to James Johnston, of Township of Drumore, County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, farmer. Dated 4th July, 1748. Returned, not found.
   Wilkie, assignee, vs. Sterling.--Bond by Frederick Sterling to George Smith, 1745, and assignment to Peter Wilkey. Returned 1755, "not executed by reason of the murder done on New River by the Indians."
   Morris vs. Vanderpool.--Abraham Vanderpool, of Wallpack, of Morris County. Bond to William Morris, of Trenton, in County Hunterdon, dated 16th May, 1740. Assigned by William to his son, William Morris, 15th day of 10th month, 1749 (called December) 1755. Returned, "Lives on South Branch."

NOVEMBER, 1756 (B).

   Trimble vs. Gardner.--John Trimble and Mary, his wife, complain of Alexander Gardner and Benjamin Copland. Bond dated 12th September, 1749. Made to Mary Moffett, who married Trimble. Suit begun 1755, 30th November.
   Pickens vs. Bigham.--Bond to Robert Gregg (Grage, Gragg), 3d April, 1753.
   Wallace vs. Dunlops.--James Wallace of Philadelphia (letter to Governor Jones, 27th September, 1754), complains of James and Charles Dunlop, otherwise lately called We, James and Charles Dunlop, of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Bond dated 19th October, 1751. James and Charles were brothers, and came to Augusta shortly before 27th September, 1754.

MAY, 1756 (B).

   Stuart vs. Givens.--John Stuart, of Augusta, Taylor, and Sarah, his wife, late Sarah Givens, one of the daughters of Samuel Givens, late of said County, deceased, orator and oratrix. Samuel died, leaving Sarah, an infant, leaving will dated 22d October, 1740, and made his wife, Sarah (mother of oratrix, now wife of Robert Allen of County of Frederick), and oratrix's brothers, John and Samuel Givens, executors, which will was proved in Orange in 1741, John and Samuel qualifying as executors. Bill filed March, 1755.

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MAY, 1756 (B).

   Abercombie vs. Guy and wife.--Sarah Jameson, wife to William Jameson, deceased, in the Cowpasture. Bond dated 5th September, 1754. Sarah married Robert Guy. Suit brought March, 1756.
   Hall vs. Fleming.--Deposition of John Collyer. William Hall was Collyer's brother-in-law. William Hall's wife said that she took in John Fleming, the defendant's (William Fleming) son for charity at the time he had the smallpox.
   Mathew Campbell vs. William Thompson.--Thompson was guardian in socage of orator, who earned by teaching school during his infancy a considerable sum.

NOVEMBER, 1757 (A).

   Maxwell vs. Allen.--John Maxwell was Captain of a Company in 1756 and called out Allen, one of his Company, to go against the Indians, but Allen refused and Maxwell sues qui tam Malcomb Allen. Maxwell denies he ever made out the writ.
   Culberson vs. Gay.--John Fulton and John Gay. Bond to Robert Culberson, of Pennsylvania, dated 22d March, 1755.
   Allen vs. Mathers.--James Allen, Captain, 1756, complains qui tam that William Mathers, a common soldier, refused to turn out when called. Process not served, because defendant is on duty in a fort.

AUGUST, 1757 (A).

   Same, William Christian, Captain, vs. James Bell, Jr, 1756.
   Same, William Christian, Captain, vs. Francis Alexander.
   Same, William Christian, Captain, vs. Alexander Long.

MARCH, 1757 (A).

   Green vs. O'Neal.--Eleanor Green, executrix, William Green and Robert Green, executors of Robert Green, deceased.

JUNE, 1757 (A).

   Davis vs. Arbuckle.--Bond to be separated and returned.
   Benson and wife vs. McKee.--John Benson and Margaret, his wife, November, 1756, late Margaret Calwell, administratrix of Robert Calwell, deceased.
   Harper vs. that son of a Bishop, James Trimble.
   Hopkins vs. Love.--John Hopkins vs. Joseph Love, on a note dated Philadelphia, 30th May, 1745.
   George Wilson vs. Thomas Fimster.--Fimester charged that Capt. Wilson, while out with his men on the frontier, wronged the Country of its provisions, for he gave the provisions which belonged to the soldiers to women and children who had no right to it, and Captain Wilson's character will in a little time be as well known here as it is in Pennsylvania. (Notes by counsel of evidence. Defendant refused to muster and bred a meeting of which Fimster was spokesman). Verdict for plaintiff.

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AUGUST, 1757 (C).

   Davies vs. Gregg.--William Gregg of Albermarle is removing part of his estate out of this County, 9th August, 1757.
   Dellinger vs. Bombgardner.--J. Godfrey Baumgartner, of Frederick County, in Virginia, shoemaker. Bond, 1755.
   Ramsey vs. Gregg.--John Gregg had removed, 17th November, 1756.
   Corry vs. Handly.--Thomas Jordan in 1744 and 1757 lived in New Castle County, Pennsylvania. John Handlin and William Handlin, late of Ireland, and now in Mill Creek Hundred, in New Castle County, upon Delaware, are bound to Samuel Corry of same place. Bond, 18th April, 1740.
   Allen vs. Rooke.--James Allen, Captain, complains qui tam, because John Rook refused to answer call to go out vs. French and Indians, 1756.
   Allen Stevenson.--Same vs. Thomas Stevenson, Jr., 1756.
   Christian vs. Thomas Shields.--Same as above, 1756.

MARCH, 1757 (B).

   Wilpert vs. Seeley.--John David Wilpert, Recruiting Sergeant, complains of Jeremiah Seeley, the said plaintiff, by virtue of his orders and instructions from his commanding officer, Captain Peter Hog, had enlisted several persons in the Virginia Regiment for his Majesty's service in the defense of this Colony, and among others a certain James Plucket, to whom the said plaintiff gave a pistole and a dollar in consideration of such enlisting, &c.
   Henderson vs. Calvin.--James Calvin, James Trimble, William Trimble, David Trimble, all of New Castle, Province of Pennsylvania. Bond to Valentine Henderson of Belfast, County of Antrim. Dated 27th September, 1740. Henderson died during the progress of the suit.
   Cook vs. Patton.--Bill of sale by Mary Cook to Henry Patton, dated 6th October, 1755. Witnesses, James McDowell and John Bowyer.

MARCH, 1758 (A).

   McAnally vs. David Moor.--Bond by David Moor, Captain, to pay to Charles McAnally the wages of David Founton, an enlisted man in Moor's Company. 30th January, 1756.

NOVEMBER, 1758 (A).

   Wm. Russell vs. Borden.--Benj. Borden's will dated 1742. He left his lands in New Jersey and lands in Bullshire, Smith's Creek, North Shenandore and James River, except 5,000 acres, which he devised to his daughters, Abigail Worthington, Rebecca Bronson, Debora, Lydia and Eliza Borden; other legacies and devises to sons, Benjamin, John and Joseph, and his wife, Zeruiah, and daughter, May Fearnley, wife of William Fearnley. Benjamin and Zeruiah qualified as executors. Fearnley refused. Afterwards (1746) Zeruiah, on account of bodily infirmities, resigned, and Benjamin took the whole estate. In April, 1753, Benjamin, Jr., died. John and Joseph, in 1753, conveyed their interests to William Russell. Benjamin Borden, Jr., had a daughter, Martha, an infant in 1754.

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   Buchanan vs. Martin.--List of men in Captain Martin's Company, 1756.
   Finley vs. Christian.--John Finley, George Hutchinson and John Christian, surviving commissioners for collecting the Rev. Mr. John Craig's yearly salary, complain of Robert Christian, &c. For that whereas the 14th day of August, 1741, at the County aforesaid, a certain discourse was had and moved by and between the said plaintiffs, together with James Patton and Alexander Brackenridge, now deceased, and the said defendant of and concerning the Rev. Mr. John Craig's becoming their stated and fixed minister, and upon that discourse the said defendant, in consideration that the Rev. Mr. John Craig would come from the Province of Pennsylvania to Augusta County, in the Colony of Virginia, and there live as a fixed and settled minister amongst the inhabitants of the lower part of the Shenandore in the County aforesaid, and do and perform all the ministerial offices of a dissenting clergyman, he, the said defendant, the day and year aforesaid, at the County aforesaid, assumed upon himself and to the said plaintiffs, then and there faithfully promised that he, the said defendant, would well and truly pay yearly and every year to the said plaintiffs for the said Mr. Craig's use, 15 shillings, current money, towards his support and maintenance. And the said plaintiffs in fact say that in pursuance of the agreement aforesaid, the said Mr. John Craig did come immediately from the Province of Pennsylvania and settle and live, and still does continue a fixed and settled minister in the County of Augusta aforesaid, doing and performing all the necessary duties becoming a good and christianlike minister and preacher of the word of God. (Robert failed to pay for 16 years last past.)
   Finley vs. Black.--Same as above against Thomas Black for yearly sum of 20 shillings for 14 years.
   Stevenson vs. Shirkey.--On 25th February, 1743-4, John Stevenson and Patrick Shirkey became surety on a bond for James Rutledge. Rutledge died insolvent, and Stevenson sues Shirkey for one-half what he had to pay.
   Young vs. Elliott (Aylet).--Lease by Robert Young, of Augusta County, to John Allet, lately came from Pennsylvania, 10th February, 1744.

NOVEMBER, 1758 (B).

   Brown vs. John Stewart.--Suit as follows: "Mr. Jones, Sir: Please order a writ against John Stewart, Benden's land, and oblige

    "Your humble servant,

   "Deb. 10, 7, 6, ster.                                                    ROB. BROWN."

   Due p. p. acct. his passage to Pennsylvania.

   NOTE.--"Speak to Brown whether his family's passage is included; if so, alter decl. Decl. says deft. is indebted for passage on board a ship from ____, in Ireland, to Pennsylvania. No date. Suit brought Nov., 1757."

   Samuel Davis vs. James Tod.--Samuel Davis married Hannah Tod, daughter of James Tod, in 1758.
   Patton's executor vs. Edmondson.--The widow Sara Hays married James Edmondson between 1748 (date of bond), and 1757 (bringing of suit).
   Castleberry vs. McGeery.--David Castleberry, an infant (1757, August), by William Castleberry, his father and next friend.

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