Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


MAY, 1766 (C).

   Marrow vs. Williams.--Sigs.: Archibald Huston and Joshua Boucher.

MARCH, 1767 (A).

   McClung vs. Fleming.--Certificate that Fleming is a soldier.
   John Pharis vs. Daniel Harrison.--George Anderson and William Cravens are going out of the Colony, 29th September, 1764.
   Benjamin Hawkins vs. John Nealey.--Was John Nealey a physician? 1765.

NOVEMBER, 1766 (B).

   Patrick vs. John Kinkead, of Albemarle.--Bond, defendant to John Shields, of Amherst, 1764.
   Malcolm Allen vs. Martin Kersey and Caleb Worley.--Debt. Writ, 1766, 28th August. Only the summonses. Copy left.
   Ray vs. Chandler.--Case: Writ, October, 1763. Deposition of Capt. John Blagg, of his service, withdrawn. Deposition of Col. John Smith withdrawn.
   Calloway vs. John Robinson.--Writ, October, 1763. Defendant is a mill wright by trade and lives near the Stone House on Roanoke.
   Christian vs. John Henderson, shoemaker.--1765.

AUGUST, 1766 (C).

   Alexander Wright vs. Capt. Christian Benjeman, in Hampshire.--1766- 1764.
   Givens vs. Cartmill.--James Cartmill, brother to John Cartmill, 1766.
   Finley vs. John Crank.--Defendant of New River, 1759-60.
   Gilbert vs. Campbell.--Wm. Campbell and Robert Campbell, brothers, 1764.

AUGUST, 1766 (D).

   Thomas Huggart vs. Israel Christian.--To the reward offered by defendant for taking up Dinnes McAny, a deserter from the pack-horse drivers, in 1760.
   James Greenlee vs. George Buff.--Petition, 24th October, 1765. Gone to Carolina.
   William Fleming, carpenter, vs. Edward Sharpe.--Affidavit of William before Wm. Fleming, gent., 4th June, 1765.
   Crow vs. Graham.--Dr. Joseph (James?) Donaldson, 12th May, 1764.
   Edward Long vs. James Ward.--1756. To making a suit of clothes for yourself and a coat for your son William.

MARCH, 1767.

   Samuel Gist, of Hanover, vs. Andrew Steel.--Writ, 28th November, 1767. Defendant dead August, 1766--not found.
   Robert Carlyle vs. George Francisco.--1766. To 10 bushels wheat @ 3/ per bushel.

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   John Campbell vs. Rev. John Kinkead.--1st March, 1766. Account showing cost of corn, coffy, labor, &c.
   John Craig vs. William Beard.--24th October, 1765. Defendant is a son-in-law of John Mills.
   Brown vs. Thomas Dun.--Defendant living at John Draper's, on headwaters of Peck Creek.

NOVEMBER, 1767 (B).

   Mat. Harper, administrator Michael Harper, vs. Capt. William Christian. To Michael's bounty and pay as a soldier.
   Cabell vs. Boyd's Administrator.--Account with signature Sam. Jordan.
   Kinkead vs. Knox.--Deposition of Mrs. Kinkead.
   Trigg vs. Clark.--Stephen Trigg's account.
   Stephen Trigg vs. James Leatherdale.--1766. Assumpt. by James for his son James.
   William Cabell vs. Mathew Mullen.--Defendant was formerly overseer for William Tees, but now lives about six miles from Tees's.
   Robert Prit vs. Honorius Powell.--Agt. of rental and building a house.
   Rady vs. Robert Crafford.--Defendant lives near Steele's Mill and is a shoemaker.
   Mary McDonald, administratrix Edward McDonald, vs. William Simpson and Betty. administrators Malcolm Campbell.--Late Elizabeth Campbell, executrix Malcom Campbell.

NOVEMBER, 1766 (D).

   Hinds vs. William Bell.--Writ, 25th October, 1765. Defendant lives at Col. Chiswell's Mines--not executed--the defendant is at the mines. Wm. McC.
   Thomas Barker vs. William Robinson.--Defendant is a shoemaker.

MARCH, 1767 (C)

   McCaul vs. Robottom.--Writ, 10th Jan., 1767. Moved out of the County.
   Dore vs. McIlhenny.--Order by McIlhenny to be paid out of his pay.

AUGUST, 1767 (D).

   John Brent vs. Archibald Fisher and Susanna, his wife, late Susanna Shaddon, administratrix Mathew Shaddon, deceased.--Writ, 28th May, 1767. Mathew Shaddon's bond dated 20th March, 1762.
   John Cawley and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Woods, vs. Thomas Patterson.--Writ, 13th July, 1767.
   Rutherford vs. Henry Tamewood.--Writ, 28th May, 1767. Defendant lives this side of Hance Maggot's, upon Mr. Thomas Lewis's land. He is commonly called Temster. (He is a German) from Frederick County.
   John Taylor vs. Malcum McCown.--Defendant is widow's son.

MAY, 1767 (C).

   Viers vs.Thomas Smith and Barbara.

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   Catherine Whitley, by Blakeley Brush, her next friend, vs. Jonathan Whitley, her next friend.--Bill for divorce for cruelty. Writ, 28th August, 1767.

AUGUST, 1767 (C).

   Israel Christian vs. John Hutcheson, Jr., son to John, Christian's Creek. Bond dated 20th August, 1765.
   Samuel Pritchard vs. Dr. John Wood.--Account.
   Hugh Murphy vs. Joseph How.--Defendant at New River. Petition, 28th May, 1767, not found. Account, 1766: "To your promise to pay me for my right of my wife's dower in the tract of land sold you by Mathew French."
   Thomas Johnson vs. Joseph Skidmore.--Bond, 1744-5, payable in Virginia currency.

MAY, 1768 (A).

   Reed vs. Evans.--Ezekiel Evans, living on Goose Creek, 18th November, 1766.
   Christian vs. Mann.--Wm. Mann and Israel Christian. Contract by Israel to employ William as hunter or Indian trader.
   John Stevinson vs. William Waterson.--Attachment, 6th April, 1768. On the back of paper is a fragment, as follows: "the said Robert Trimble is to have immediate possession of ye plantation of James Trimble, son of John Trimble, deceased."
   Herron vs. Gwinn.--Papers withdrawn. Deposition of Daniel Harrison et als.

AUGUST, 1768 (A).

   Wm. Hays vs. George Parris.--Account and paid. Att. by Hays to Israel Christian to collect withdrawn. George Paris now of Carolina, 6th June, 1768.
   Gove vs. Phillips.--Plaintiff a school teacher--account.
   Gore vs. Andrew Hueling.--Account and contract with the patrons withdrawn.
   Arch. Mathews vs. John Ward.--To one man's saddle, per son John.

NOVEMBER, 1767 (E).

   Robert Hall vs. Robert Armstrong.--Bond, 26th September, 1764, by defendant to plaintiff, of Orange County, Province of North Carolina.
   Israel Christian vs. Isam O'Neal, son of Edmond O'Neal.--Acct. 1766.
   Edwards vs. McCutchean and wife.--Contract to build and operate a fulling mill.

MAY, 1767 (D).

   Rex vs. Joseph Bell.--Indictment for forgery--true bill--for forging order to Parson Jones to publish banns of Anne Wallace, daughter of Wm. Wallace, and Edward Sampson (March 9th, 1765), a deformed little tailor.
   Crow vs. Buchanan.--Account, 1759. To 1, Carolina money, to be changed to Virginia money, is 13 shillings and 9 pence.

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   Thompson vs. Watterson.--Demurrer by Patrick Henry.

NOVEMBER, 1768 (A).

   Kent vs. Love.--Deposition of Hugh Crockett. "Before Love went to live at Vanse's."

MAY, 1768 (A).

   Israel Christian vs. William Curry.--Defendant near Staunton. Account.
   Same vs. William McClintock.--Account.
   Archibald Fisher and Susanna, his wife, administratrix of Matt Shaddon, vs. James Robinson.--9th August, 1766. Susanna Shaddon (alias Fisher), administratrix of Mathew Shaddon swears that her late husband stated the account vs. James Robinson. The money was due from George Robinson, deceased, and was never paid.
   Mathew Glaspy vs. Robert Raburn.--Mathew is from Granville County, South Carolina. Account and affidavit.
   James Logan vs. James Cowdon.--1767. Witness, Jane Steel, wife of Robert Steel.
   Boyd vs. Levy Smith.--Defendant lives at New River.
   Same vs. Wm. Dougherty.--Defendant lives at New River.
   Same vs. Alexander Neelly.--Defendant is a tailor, and lives at Fort Chiswell.
   Israel Christian vs. John Stophelmine and Jacob Mire.--Jacob Mire lives on Massanuteen, on South River, about 2 miles below one Millar's and Jacob Bear's.

AUGUST, 1768 (D).

   Scott vs. Davis.--William Davies, living in the forks. 1766.
   Scott vs. Mary Ann Young.--Defendant is daughter-in-law to William Young.
   William Hutchison vs. Robert Galloway.--Account dated 1740. To wheat, rye and Indian corn. To cash lent at Rocky Ridge.
   John Biggs vs. Robert Hamilton.--Defendant is a doctor.

NOVEMBER, 1768 (C).

   McGinty vs. Skidmore.--Dr. Wm. Ginits vs. Joseph Skidmore. Account for schooling, dated Hampshire, 1766. Affidavit before Jonathan Heath.
   Andrew Elliott vs. James Loyd.--Affidavit by plaintiff in Craven County, South Carolina, April 11, 1764, before James Wyley.
   John Thompson vs. Perdue Courtney.-Account, 1763.

AUGUST, 1768 (C).

   Reed vs. Allsup.--Bond by Robert Allsup of County Amherst, to John Reid of same County, 3d August, 1762.
   Peter Grieder (Krieder) vs. James Neely.--Bond by defendant to plaintiff, of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, 8th May, 1766. Conditioned to make deed to plaintiff for land on Peters Creek.

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CR--Vol. I-----12

MARCH, 1768 (D).

   Estate of Alexander Boyd vs. Joshua McCormack, North Fork.
   Same vs. Elliott.
   McDowell vs. Stuart.
   Price vs. Allsup.
   Robert Hall vs. Major Robert Breckenridge.--1759.--to my pay as a soldier. 44 days @ 1/ = 2, 4, 0. Hall's discharge dated 22d February 1759. Summons dated 28th November, 1768.
   Anderson & Co. vs. Alexander Boyd.--Defendant was of New London, in Colony of Virginia.
   Fulton vs. Mann.--Order dated Fort Defiance, August 28, 1764.
   William Allason vs. William Fleming (son-in-law of James Ryburn).-- Account, 1763. Affidavit in King George, 1767.

MARCH, 1768 (D 2).

   William Simpson and Elizabeth, late Elizabeth Campbell, vs. Michael Woods and William Holly, of Bedford.--Writ, 28th August, 1767. Bond to Elizabeth Campbell, dated 29th November, 1763.
   Ewing vs. Man and McCutchan.--Suit about slaves. Showing transactions.
   James Crawford vs. Samuel Patterson.--Attachment. Defendant is of Halifax County. Bond by him, 8th September, 1766.
   Anderson & Co. vs. James Hynd.--Bond by defendant of Albemarle County, 19th November, 1764.
   Crocket vs. Long.--Bond by Henry Long of Mechlenburg County, North Carolina, dated 15th August, 1766.


   Whitzell vs. McDonald.--June 11, 1755. Then received unto the Secretary's office John McDaniel's survey for 80 acres of land with 2 rights and 10/6, the patent fee, assigned to Martin Witsell, in whose names the patents will issue. (Signed) James Davenport.

MARCH, 1768 (E).

   Dr. Robert Brown of Henrico vs. Alexander Boyd.--Account for medicines and attendance, 1764-5.
   Clark vs. Thomas Carpenter.--Thomas commonly called Jacke.
   Alexander Boyd Estate vs. Jacob Brown, No. Fork Roanoke.--Account,
   Same vs. David McGee, North Fork.--Account.
   Same vs. Thomas Goodson, South Fork.
   Hutchins, Assignee, vs. John Thomson.--Bond by defendant to Robert Orr, dated 3d March, 1762. Assigned by Orr, 10th August, 1766. Witnesses, Henry Halstin and John Stephens.
   Gabriel Jones vs. Mr. William Hughes, Adjutant, &c.--Account. Letter, Alexander Love to Lieutenant William Hughes, Winchester, Va.

MAY, 1768.

   Alexander Boyd Estate vs. Wm. Moor, Craig's Creek.--1766, June 7. To 6 bushels hemp seed, 3, 0, 0.

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