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Welcome to the
USGenWeb Obituary Project!

This project will endeavor to provide transcriptions of public domain obituary indexes and obituaries. Copyrighted materials for which written permission has been obtained may be included as well. Also current obituaries (after 1949) may be extracted. Click here for a template to use when extracting. There is more information available: (1) How to Submit Files, (2) Guidelines, (3) About the Obituary Project and (4) Tips for Locating an Obituary

The Coordinators listed below are NOT look-up volunteers, they do not have the resources to perform obituary look-ups. Please refer to Obituary Tips for help on finding an obituary. Or you may try RootsWeb Obit Look-up Volunteers at Obit Lookup Volunteers

State Coordinator State Coordinator
Alabama Gina Brown Montana Adopt Me!
Alaska Adopt Me! Nebraska Adopt Me!
Arizona Kathy Stinson Nevada Gerry Perry
Arkansas Sandra Kornegay Rhodes New Hampshire Adopt Me!
California Shay Gage New Jersey Martha A Crosley Graham
Colorado Adopt Me! New Mexico Adopt Me!
Connecticut Adopt Me! New York Shay Gage
Delaware Adopt Me! North Carolina Guy Potts
District of Columbia Alice Warner North Dakota Adopt Me!
Florida Adopt Me! Ohio Maggie Stewart
Georgia Adopt Me! Oklahoma Linda Simpson
Hawaii Adopt Me! Oregon Maggie Stewart
Idaho Adopt Me! Pennsylvania Kat Lowrie
Illinois Kathy Stinson Rhode Island Adopt Me!
Indiana Kathy Stinson South Carolina Adopt Me!
Iowa Alice Warner South Dakota Adopt Me!
Kansas Maggie Stewart Tennessee Nan Starjak
Kentucky Adopt Me! Texas Adopt Me!
Louisiana Adopt Me! Utah Adopt Me!
Maine Adopt Me! Vermont Adopt Me!
Maryland Adopt Me! Virginia Alice Warner
Massachusetts Kathy Stinson Washington Adopt Me!
Michigan Adopt Me! West Virginia Adopt Me!
Minnesota Kathy Stinson Wisconsin Kathy Grace
Mississippi Adopt Me! Wyoming Rebecca Maloney
Missouri Adopt Me!    

Thinking about Adopting a State? Please see the
Guidelines Page for more information.

Obituary Project Coordinator
Maggie Stewart

The USGenWeb Archives Obituary Project was developed in April 2000. Newspapers have given permission to archive published obituaries to help researchers.

Thanks to RootsWeb who provided free access to the USGenWeb Archives 1996 to 2008.

Here is how you can help with the Obituary Project:

  1. Contact local newspapers to ask permission for the USGenWeb Archives Project to archive their obituaries (sample letter). Contact Maggie Stewart with the name of the newspaper and name and title of person granting permission from the publication.
  2. Check with state archives and genealogical societies to locate microfilm or other sources of pre-1929 (public domain) newspapers to transcribe obituaries from.
  3. Volunteer to transcribe obituaries from newspapers already granting permission (must have access to their publication or website.
  4. Create an index of obits from your local newspaper.

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