Obituary Volunteers

       Welcome to Obituary Volunteers, an all-volunteer web site dedicated to providing obituary records all over the world.    Our web pages also contains links to newspapers, libraries, genealogical/historical societies, etc., where obituaries can be researched. 


       If you are a beginner at genealogy or obituary research General Obit Info can help you get started. 

Volunteering & Posting/Publishing Obituaries

       As we are an all-volunteer organization, please consider reciprocating and becoming a volunteer in your area.  You can tailor your volunteer listing to fit the time you have available.  There is more information about volunteering in Becoming a Volunteer.  By volunteering, you support a system that provides obituary lookups in distant locations for everyone, including yourself.

       When you've received the obituary you requested, please post or publish it on the Web.  Other researchers will benefit from the work you've done, and having obituaries publicly available gives other researchers investigating the same family a way to contact you.


General Obit Info

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