Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



DECEMBER 16, 1783

  (167) John Steel is appointed guardian of Isaac Price, orphan of John Price.
  (167) Admn. of estate of George Searight granted Jane, the widow.
  (169) James Shields recommended Captain, vice William Tate, removed. 170, qualified.
  (169) William Bowyer gualified Sheriff.
  (170) James Curry is appointed to examine John Poage, Jr., as a surveyor and make report tomorrow.

DECEMBER 17, 1783

  (171) County levy, 2/6.
  (171) Charles Cameron appointed inspector of hemp, deer skins, &c., &c., at Staunton.
  (171) Sheriff ordered to employ some persons to glaze the Court House windows, mend the doors, windows, shutters, and mend the holes in the weather boarding.

FEBRUARY 17, 1784.

  (172) Admn of estate of Edward Ladd granted Edward Barker.
  (172) Sheriff ordered to apply to Hannah Sawyers, widow of James Sawyers, deceased, for sundry articles taken from Benjamin Crow and Patrick Ferren.

MARCH 16, 1784.

  (173) Admn. of estate of James Hook, deceased, granted George Hook, William Hook, the eldest brother having relinquished his right.
  (174) Sarah Welch, widow of John Welch, deceased, proved that John, her late husband, had obtained a certificate under the proclamation of Governor Dinwiddie for 200 acres for services as a Sergeant in the Virginia Regiment commanded by William Byrd, which is since mislaid, and it is certified that Sarah is the only relation and heir of said John in these United States.
  (175) Charles Cameron qualified Justice.
  (175) Alexander Martin, wounded at Guilford, is allowed as a pensioner.

MARCH 17, 1784.

  (177) Richard Madison makes oath that he had obtained a warrant from the Register's office for 1,875 acres, which he delivered to William Madison, now deceased, and it is lost--ordered certified.
  (180) James McClure vs. John Frazure.--John McClure, son of Hugh McClure, security for costs.

MARCH 19, 1784.

  (191) William Shanks, no inhabitant.
  (196) William McDowell, no inhabitant.
  (198) Owen Owens, returned no inhabitant.
  (204) Mary Simms to be bound to Andrew Thompson.

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MARCH 20, 1784.

  (205) John Bosler and Wm. Murphy returned no inhabitants.
  (212) Henry King to be aummoned to show cause why alimony shall not be decreed to his wife Susanna pending suit for divorce.

APRIL 20, 1784

  (217) William McDowell granted certificate of good character for obtaining license to practice law.
  (217) Farrow vs Alexr. Searight } Dedimus to take depositions of James Woods, Isaac Shields, Richard Woods, Gilbert Searight, William Searight, William Stuart, William and John Moore, residents of Pennsylvania.

MAY 18, 1784.

  (220) James Shekelford indicted for swearing.
  (220) Nimrod Crane, aged 6, to be bound to James McGonegal; Mary Crane, aged 10, to be bound to Wm. Anderson; Kezia Crane, aged 9, to be bound to George Anderson.
  (222) Thomas Smith qualified Major. Alexander Anderson qualified Ensign.
  (223) John O'Neal, a Continental soldier, entered pensioner.
  (223) Leonard Foolwiller swears he has lost a certificate granted him by Patrick Buchanan for service in the Militia at the time of the battle in Cowpens.
  (223) Anthony Mustoe, Captain of the Patrollers in Captain Thomas Smith's Company, made several returns, which are ordered to be certified.

MAY 20, 1784.

  (234) Robert Gaines and Benjamin Fleck, returned no inhabitants.

MAY 21, 1784

  (242) Robt. and John McMahon's death abates suits--see page 248, infra.
  (245) Hugh Gwin exempted from pole tax and levies on account of age and infirmities.
  (246) Joshua Perry appointed Captain, vice Richard Madison; William Burk as Lieutenant and David Perry as Ensign.
  (248) James Henderson's death abates suit.
  (248) William Bowyer qualified Colonel.
  (248) Ordered to be certified that Timothy McNamara entered into the service in the beginning of the year 1777 and continued therein until the end of the war, and received several wounds therein, particularly at the Waxaws, where he received four wounds in his head, one in his shoulder, and one in the leg by which means he is incapacitated to procure subsistence.


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JUNE 7, 1784.

  (251) Called Court on Stephen Meechant for larceny--39 lashes.

JUNE 15, 1784.

  (253) Dedimus for priv. examination of Jane, wife of John Bigham. Deed to Thomas Scott.
  (253) James McNutt to be repaid taxes paid by him, he being formerly exempted.
  (254) Alexander Robertson qualified Lieutenant Colonel.
  (254) Hannah Sawyers, widow of James Sawyers, exempted from taxes for Harry, a negro.
  (254) Thomas Hall qualified Attorney.
  (255) John Gamble, William Young, James Searight, Anthony Ailor, and Edward Erwin to locate a road from Staunton to Herodsburg.
  (256) William Crane to be bound.
  (256) John Tate qualified Justice.

JULY 20, 1784.

  (257) Mr. Madison being absent, James Curry was admitted and sworn Deputy Clerk pro tem.
  (258) Thomas Baker, aged 6 years, son of Elizabeth Baker, to be bound to the Rev. Mr. Wilson.
  (258) David Trotter recommended Captain, vice Capt. James Trotter, who is about to remove to Kentucky.
  (259) John Wilson recommended Lieutenant, vice David Trotter, and John McCutcheon as an Ensign.
  (260) Horse, saddle, bridle and other articles attached to be advertised in the Virginia Gazette, and if no one appears to claim them, then they are to be sold and the proceeds applied to paying the judgments of Alexander Cummings and others against William Brooks. (These goods were supposed to have been stolen by Brooks.)
  (261) Thomas Turk, Jr., is ordered to deliver the books of said Brooks to the Sheriff.

AUGUST 17, 1784.

  (263) David Trotter as Captain, and John Wilson as Lieutenant, qualified.
  (263) Admn. of estate of William Smith granted his widow, Jane Smith.
  (264) John Gilham is appointed guardian of James Wright.
  (264) George Ramsey is appointed guardian of Alexander Ramsey.
  (264) Thomas Dean, 8 months old, to be bound to Jarret Erwin.
  (265) David and Joseph Pinkerton, being charged with taxes for 1783, previous to their being in the Couuty, to be exempted therefrom.

AUGUST 18, 1784.

  (265) James McClure's death abates suit.
  (269) Joseph Bell is appointed guardian of David Bell.

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  (270) Joshua Perry qualified Captain--also William Burke as Lieutenant and David Perry as Ensign.
  (271) Admn. of estate of Charles Floyd granted William McKemy.

AUGUST 19, 1784.

  (284) David Martin ordered to appear at next Court to show cause why Jane Allison Martin, a child under 3 years, shall not be bound out.
  (283) Richard Collins ordered to show cause why his children shall not be bound out.
  (283) Sheriff to be allowed for John Shonts's tax, he not being of age.

AUGUST 20, 1784.

  (297) Kezia Crane, aged 9 years, to be bound to Valentine White.
  (308) Sheriff ordered to have made doors for the jury room and gates at the barr.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1784.

  (309) Dedimus to take deposition of John Richey, who is about to remove to Georgia.
  (310) John Moreman, runaway servant of Sampson Mathews.
  (310) Admn. of estate of Mathew Kenny granted George Hook.
  (310) Commission to issue to take priv. examination of Sarah, wife of John Caldwell, of Lincoln County, Kentucky, touching her dower in land sold by John to Robert Black.
  (310) Will of John McMahon proved by Rev. Mr. Wilson, and certified for further proof.
  (311) James Searight and John King are appointed guardians of John and Margaret Searight, orphans of George Searight.
  (311) Thomas Williams and Sarah Kyler to be bound out, it appearing to the Court that they have not hitherto been brought up in a Christianlike manner, unless security be given to the overseers of the poor by Richard Collins and Ann Collins for their proper education and maintenance.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1784

  (311) Called Court on James O'Neal and James Murry for larceny--39 lashes.

OCTOBER 19, 1784

  (313) Admn. of estate of Sarah Scott granted Robt. Scott. (This should be Sarah Hutcheson instead of Sarah Scott.--See page 131, O. B. XIX)
  (313) Admn. of estate of Thomas Peircy (Percy) granted Sarah Peircy (Percy) and Thomas Waddell.
  (313) William Black appointed road surveyor from James Bell's to John Coulter's, vice Samuel Black, deceased, and to work with tithables on South side of the road including James Bell's and James Best's to James Brent's on Back Creek.

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OCTOBER 20, 1784.

  (323) Court adjourned until tomorrow morning.
  (324) No heading to this Court.

NOVEMBER 16, 1784.

  (341) Joseph Simpson exempted from levy.
  (343) County levy.

DECEMBER 25, 1784.

  (344) Andrew McKnight, aged 2 years, to be bound to James Hessent.
  (345) Mary Campbell, alias Hackett, admx. of Robert Campbell, to be summoned to give counter security.
  (346) Adam Burback's will partly proved.
  (346) John Poage allowed claim for running the line between Augusta and Greenbrier Counties.

JANUARY 18, 1785.

  (347) Mary Scott, orphan, aged 9 years, to be bound out.
  (347) George Lewis exempted from payment of levies.
  (347) Lewis Spearman, aged 14 years, to be bound to Peter Grass.
  (348) David Henderson proved himself nearest heir-at-law of John Henderson, deceased, who was a soldier in Colonel Grayson's Regiment.

JANUARY 19, 1785.

  (348) Robert Donaldson exempted from payment of levies.
  (348) Justices, in accordance with the Act of May, 1784, ordered to take a list from each person in his precinct, containing the number of person in each family and the number of buildings, distinguishing dwelling houses from other buildings.
  (349) Persons appointed to examine the Clerk's Office and see how many of the late Sheriffs have not settled their accounts with the Court.
  (350) County levy: To Thomas Rhoades, jailor, 2,000 tithables at 3/.

FEBRUARY 15, 1785.

  (351) It is proved that James Elliot is nearest heir to Archibald Elliot, a soldier in Capt. Hays's Company, who was killed in the action at Germantown.

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