Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



AUGUST 21, 1773.

  (179) William Mann--witness from Botetourt.
  (179) William Miller--runaway servant of Martha Downey.
  (181) Robert Crowly--runaway servant of John Gratton.
  (185) Ray vs. Dickinson } Defendant moved for a dedimus to take deposition of William Watterson, a witness residing in Amherst, alleging that he broke jail in Augusta and would be arrested if he came back--granted.

AUGUST 23, 1773.

  (196) Thomas Johnston, Jr., security for Frances, widow, and admx. of David Via, now married to John Edie, asks counter security.
  (197) Charles and David Beard, sons of Edward Beard, who fails to bring them up in a Christianlike manner, to be bound to James Allen, Jr., to learn trade of carpenter and wheelwright.
  (197) Hemp certificate: Edmund Stevens.
  (198) John Collins--runaway servant of Thomas Smith.
  (199) Joseph Bell appointed guardian of Jennett Patterson, daughter of John Patterson, decd. (she is an idiot.) John Patterson appointed guardian of Mary Patterson, daughter of John Patterson, decd. (she is deaf and dumb).

AUGUST 24, 1773.

  (204) Thomas Ray--witness from Albemarle.
  (207) John Cumpton--overseer of road from Brock's Gap to Hampshire County line.

AUGUST 25 1773.

  (219) John Thrifft--runaway servant of Robert McClenachan.
  (219) Thomas Wallace, servant of Sampson and George Mathews.
  (220) Called Court on John Dunn for larceny--39 lashes.

NOVEMBER 16, 1773.

  (220) Charles Simms qualified attorney.
  (222) County levy.
  (222) To Thomas Lewis, son of Thomas. To Samuel Dunn, for wolf head.
  (222) Jacob Van Law agrees to remit time of his servant, Mary Lane, on condition she acquit him of freedom dues.
  (222) John Painter's estate to be appraised by Mathias Reader, John Moore, David Robertson and Aaron Hughes.
  (223) Henry Peninger, Constable, vice Thomas Wilmoth.
  (223) Edward Rabint, runaway servant of James Lessley, Jr.
  (223) Norton Gunn qualified Constable.   (223) Daniel Given qualified Constable.
  (223) John Smith qualified Deputy Sheriff.
  (223) William Mateer, vice Wm. Kinkead, road overseer. John Caruthers, vice Moses Whitesides, road overseer.

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  (224) John McCutchan qualified Constable.
  (224) George Nicholas appointed road overseer.
  (224) James Graham, witness in Botetourt.
  (224) Adam Painter's estate to be appraised.

NOVEMBER 17, 1773.

  (225) Mary Handlin, servant of James Langsby's.
  (225) John Hodge, vice Thomas Hughart, road surveyor.
  (225) Joab Fletcher, hemp certificate.
  (226) Garrett Green, hemp certificate.
  (228) John Needham and John Harrison, vice Wm. Hinton--road overseers.
  (230) Thomas Mathews, confined on a capias pro fine for selling liquor without license--prays corporal punishment and release--20 lashes.
  (231) Francis Dunn, son of Elinor Dunn, to be bound to Andrew Russell, Jr., to have trade of a weaver, and to read, write and cypher as far as the rule of three.
  (231) Hugh Kelso, vice Michael Coulter--Constable.
  (233) Joshua Russell, vice Saml. Pilson--Road Surveyor.
  (234) Alexr. Long, qualified Captain; Francis Long, qualified Lieutenant; William Bell, Ensign.
  (235) Wm. Bell, witness from Orange.
  (235) Cornelius Fitzpatrick, runaway servant of Hugh Diver, Sr.

NOVEMBER 18, 1773.

  (239) Wm. Gragg, vice John Crawford--Constable.
  (239) Chas. Callaghen, vice John Gurn--Road Overseer.
  (289) Road established from Buddy House to David Bell's, in Cow Pasture--Saml. Wilson surveyor. Tithables on Black Thorn and from head of Bull Pasture to Joseph Malcom's to work it.
  (240) Michael Aberman and Andrew Johnson, to view road from Lanticur, at mouth of North Fork, at Joseph Bennett's.

NOVEMBER 19, 1773.

  (244) George Cutlip, witness from Botetourt.
  (244) Joseph Haynes qualified Under Sheriff.
  (244) John Lewis qualified Captain of Militia.
  (247) Doctor George Parker, servant of Saml. McChesney, buys his freedom.
  (249) James Abbott, witness from Fincastle.
  (249) Alexander McDonnald, witness from Botetourt.
  (250) Edward Bandsgrove, runaway servant of Edmond Stephens.

NOVEMBER 20, 1773.

  (250) James Blair, returned no inhabitant.
  (269) John Craig, Jr., returned no inhabitant.
  (298) County levy brought forward.

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MARCH 15, 1774.

  (302) New Commission of Justices, viz: Silas Hart, John Dickison, Danl. Smith, John Poage, Abram Smith, George Moffett,* James Lockhart, John Christian, Archibald Alexander, Felix Gilbert, Samuel McDowel,* Sampn. Mathews, Alexr. McClenachan,* Mathew Harrison, George Mathews. Alexr. Robertson,* John Hays, James Craig, John Frogg,* William Tees, George Croghan, John Connelly,* Thos. Smallman, Wm. Bowyer,* John McClenachan,* Michael Bowyer, John Gratton,* Thos. Huggart, Elijah McClenachan, Josiah Davidson, John Skidmore, John Campbell, Edward Ward, Dawsey Penticost, John Gibson. (Those marked (*) qualified.)   
  (303) Wm. Gragg qualified Constable. Constables appointed: Jacob Van Matre, Dinnis Springer, John Harden, Jr., John Conner, Hennery Taylor, Thomas Bay, Francis McGuire, Andrew Ramsey, Jonathan Coborne, Jr., Thomas Douglas and Philip Ryley.
  (303) Constable--James Montgomery, vice Thomas Keit.
  (304) Christopher Kisling's (deceased) estate committed to widow, Christiana.
  (304) David Caldwell and Andrew Alexander, to view a road from James Breeding's house, on head of Middle Branch of Back Creek, to the foarding between Robert Gray's and Patrick Keenan's.
  (305) John Randals--hemp certificate.
  (306) Robert Haislip--hemp certificate.
  (307) John Ramsey, vice John Gillespy--road overseer.
  (308) John Connelly qualified Captain Commandant of the Militia of Pittsburg and its dependencies.
  (308) Mathew Wilson--road surveyor.
  (309) William Dunlap's will partly proved.
  (309) John Poage, Archibald Alexander and Michael Bowyer, qualified Justices.
  (310) John Lambert and Jane, to be summoned for not bringing up their child properly.
  (310) John Findley, Middle River.
  (310B) Wm. Alexander, vice Joseph Alexander--Constable. John Thompson, vice Samuel Lyle--Constable.
  (310B) Called Court on Wm. Givans, for murder of his servant, James Brown.--Justifiable homicide.

MARCH 16, 1774.

  (312) Adam Hoverstick, naturalized.
  (312) Andrew Moore certificate for examination as lawyer.
  (313-14) Hemp certificates.
  (317) Wm. Thompson, vice Hugh Kelso--Constable.
  (317) John Bigham's estate committed to John Bigham.
  (317) Following qualified Justices, &c., viz: Felix Gilbert, Abraham Smith, John Hays, Elijah McClenachan.
  (318) Road objected to because of steep grade, no water and no range for horses.

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  (319) Saml. Smallbridge, convict servant of John Gum, adjudged eleven years old.
  (319) Adam Bratton, vice Robert Bratton--surveyor of road.
  (319) George Gibson qualified Lieut. in Capt. Robert Thompson's Company. William Findley, same, as Ensign in same.
  (320) Robert O'Neal, witness from Dunmore. Michael Roahk, witness from Dunmore.
  (321) John Christian qualified Justice, &c.
  (322) George Moffett appointed guardian of Robert Reaburn, orphan of Robert Reaburn, deceased.
  (323) Thos. Hughart qualified Justice, &c.

MARCH 17, 1774.

  (323A) Hemp certificate: James Walker--Walker's Creek.
  (325) William and Thomas Lowry, orphans of Thomas Lowry, to be bound out.
  (325) Thomas Smith, vice Valentine Cloninger--surveyor of streets of Staunton.
  (326) Road from Jacob Aberman's Mill to the North Fork, at mouth of Seneca Creek--to be viewed by Jonathan Smith, Wm. Smith, Jacob Stalnaker and John White.
  (327) Road from Joseph Gregory's to William Hamilton's, on Monongahela River, to be viewed by Jacob Warrick, John Warrick, Richard Eliot and Ralph Stuart.
  (327) Constables: Joel Westfall and Daniel Hazel.
  (327) Road overseer: Leonard Bell, from Mathew's store in the Calf Pasture to his house, to work with tithables from Wm. Black's to Jos. May's on Calf Pasture.
  (329) Charles Patrick, witness from Albemarle.
  (330) Adam Painter's death abates suit.
  (331) John Seborn, witness from Dunmore. Nicholas Seborn, witness from Dunmore.

MARCH 18, 1774.

  (332) Samuel McClure, witness from Botetourt.
  (339) Samuel McDowell appointed guardian of James McDowell, orphan of James McDowell, deceased.
  (340) Thomas Wallace died possessed of very small estate.--Sheriff to sell and report.

MARCH 19, 1774.

  (343) Francis McClain is about to leave the Colony.

MARCH 21, 1774.

  (355) Ordinary rates.
  (384) Edward Gill, no inhabitant of County.

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MARCH 22, 1774.

  (425) Henry Howard's death abates suit.
  (425) William Alford, no inhabitant.
  (425) Charles Parsons, no inhabitant.
  (433) William McFarland, no inhabitant.
  (435) Sariah Stratton, Wm. Brisco, Joseph Henderson and Wm. Mitchell to inspect the jail built by Joseph Kinkead, and if according to contract, to be received.
  (437) John Hunter's death abates suit.
  (439) Benjamin Coffey, no inhabitant.
  (441) Christopher Graham, storekeeper for William Bowyer, being about to remove to foreign parts, has leave to prove the several accounts and balances due said William.
  (442) Workmen to be employed to build the jail chimney ten feet higher.

APRIL 19, 1774.

  (442) Wm. Crawford qualified deputy surveyor under Thomas Lewis.

MAY 17, 1774.

  (443) Sampson Mathews qualified Justice, &c.
  (443) Hemp certificates: Mathew Kenny, James Pollock, John Dean.
  (445) Hemp certificates: George Taylor, Andrew Taylor.
  (445-446) Hemp certificate: Elizabeth Taylor.
  (446) Hemp certificates: Richard Randal, Hugh Holse.
  (447) Hemp certificate: Andrew Anderson.
  (447) Grand Jury: Peter Vineman.
  (448) Rev. John Craig's estate committed to George Moffett and James Allen, Jr., the widow refusing.
  (449) John Lock, runaway servant of Archibald Hopkins. Solomon Lein, runaway servant of James Pollick.
  (450) Mary Moore, servant of Pat. Hays.
  (450) Philip Harper and Jacob Aberman--naturalized.
  (450) Constables: James Montgomery, John Thompson and Henry Penninger.
  (451) John Skidmore, vice Jacob Conrad--road surveyor.
  (451) Daniel Nelson exempted from County levy.
  (452) Hemp certificate: Alexander Hindman.
  (453) Martin Nalle and Owen O'Neal--hemp certificates.
  (455) Robert Edmondson, witness from Amherst.
  (455) Samuel Vance qualified Lieutenant of Militia.
  (455) Frederick Haynes, vice John Coutts--road surveyor.
  (455) John Redman exempted from County levy.
  (456) Following to be bound: Israel Freidley to Capt. Rush; Barbara Freidley to John Armentrout.
  (456) Robert Mitchell, vice Samuel McCutchon--road surveyor--from John Tate's Mill to Bradley's Run.
  (456) Samuel Craig committed for debt.

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