Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



MARCH 29, 1748.

  (1) John Flanagan committed for horse stealing.

APRIL 20, 1748.

  (2) William Hoopwood, servant of Valentine Sevier, to be returned to his master.
  (3) Ann Brackenridge, wife of George Brackenridge.
  (3) Wm. Waldon, John State, Geo. Forbush and Chas. Daley, appraisers.
  (3) Rebecca Steel chose Nathaniel Steel her guardian.
  (4) Robert McMahon bound to the peace on application of his wife, Joan, towards herself and her children.
  (4) John Sloan appd. Constable, vice James Huey.

MAY 19, 1748.

  (11) Eleanor Murry, step-daughter of James Renold, to be bound to Isaac Taylor until she is eighteen.

MAY 20, 1748.

  (15) Eleanor, wife of William Davis.
  (17) Ordered that the Clerk by (of) the Court of Claims make a copy of all accounts relating to the County levy, as also the order of this Court for one of the members to attend the Governor and Council.
  (20) Rev. Mr. Andrew McKay took the oaths of allegiance.
  (20) Certified that Presbyterian meeting houses have been built at Timber Ridge, at New Providence, and Falling Spring.
  (22) John Preston-dead.
  (24) John Patterson-dead.

MAY 21, 1748.

  (32) Erwin Patterson to deliver up a horse supposed to have been stolen by Ute Perkins.
  (34) Presentment vs. Court House, giving dimensions, built of logs, chinked with mud, but cracks 4 to 5 inches wide and ____ feet long, two windows cut but no glass in them, &c, &c.

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MAY 26, 1748.

  (43) Samuel Gay, justice of this County, now removed to Carolina.
  (44) Petition of justices and others for quarterly courts certified to General Assembly.

AUGUST 17, 1748.

  (47) John Sowell, a servant, petitions to be free, which being rejected, he is given 25 lashes for his false complaint.
  (48) Thomas Taylor bound to peace towards Jude Stoner, neither appearing--dismissed.
  (49) Halbert McClure (by Halbert McClure), an orphan boy not above eleven years, to be stricken off the list of tithables.
  (49) Doctor Luin (Quin?).
  (50) David Edmiston appd. overseer of road from Tinkling Spring to Stuart and Christian's Road, with these: James and John Campbell, Archibald Stuart, Chas. Dallis, James Hamilton, Richard Pilsher, David Henderson, George Vance, Robt. McCutchin, Saml. McCune, Robert Moody, John Frazier, John Thomson, Wm. Johnson, Alexr. Henderson, Saml. Henderson and Samuel Farguson.

AUGUST 18, 1748.

  (52) Mary, widow of Alexr. Smiley, summoned to administer on Alexander's estate.

AUGUST 19, 1748.

  (58) Saml. Lockhart to be added to list of tithables, Robt. Smith to be added to list of tithables, Wm. Craig to be added to list of tithables, also Robert Craig, James Craig, and John Craig.
  (59) James Porteus proved his importation direct from London.
  (59) Patrick McDonald proved his importation direct from Ireland.

AUGUST 20, 1748.

  (60) A proposition from sundry inhabitants of this County for having the dissenters turned out from being Vestrymen was received and ordered to be certified to the General Assembly for allowance.
  (61) John Warnock having made oath that he was not in this County the 10th of June, 1747.
  (61) 8, 18, 7, Penna. Currency == 6, 13, 11, Va. Currency.
  (63) Robert and Wm. Christian to lay out a road from Black James Armstrong's to Wm. Long's mill, thence to James Alexander's fence, with these workers: James Armstrong, George Rutlidge, Thomas Rutlidge, James Caldwell, James Armstrong. James Frain, William Robb, John Christian, James Alexander, John Black, John Wilson, Anthony Black, Wm. Wright, and Wm. and John Robinson.
  (64) John Row proved his importation directly from England.
  (64) Robert Phillips, son of James; stricken from list of tithables, being under 16.

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OCTOBER 19, 1748.

  (65) James Beard added to tithables.
  (65) Iron collar about neck of William Shaw, servant of Daniel Morley be taken off.
  (67) Saml. and Jacob Brown on Roanoke.

FEBRUARY 15, 1748.

  (68) Swain Rambo, son of Barbara Rambo.
  (69) Jonathan, son of James Coburn.
  (69) Ann Mary Freedley, widow of John Lewis Freedley.
  (72) John Lewis qualified Justice.
  (72) Robert Fowler and others allowed to build a house of worship near David Edmonson's, and another at Piney Spring, near the North River.

FEBRUARY 16, 1748.

  (76) James Robinson qualifies as admr. of his father, James Robinson, widow and the heir-at-law having refused.
  (76) Rev. Alexr. Cummings, a dissenting minister, took the oaths required.
  (77) The meeting house built near John Brown's ordered to be received a place of public worship.
  (78) John Hutchison petitions on behalf of his son, John Hutchison, Jr., late a servant of John Oliphant, to be paid his son's wages out of Oliphant's estate.
  (78) Henry Downs petitions for counter security from Jane McDonald, widow and admx. of Randol McDonald (admn. granted in Orange), now wife of Joseph McClallan.
  (83) John Patterson, dead.

FEBRUARY 17, 1748.

  (86) William Elliott intends to leave the Colony; John Ramsey intends to leave the Colony; Philip Walker intends to leave the Colony; Thomas Thompson intends to leave the Colony; Saml. Gay intends to leave the Colony; James Gay intends to leave the Colony.
  (87) Robert Gay intends to leave the Colony.
  (100) John Craig, son of Jane Craig, late a hired servt. of John Oliphant, an infant, allowed his wages out of Oliphant's estate.
  (100) The Sheriff ordered to arrest all such as have behaved in a riotous manner and bring them before the Court tomorrow.

FEBRUARY 18, 1748.

  (102) Wm. Shurley, Thomas Fitzpatrick and Valentine Sevier, arrested as above, begged pardon of the Court and were discharged.
  (102) John Davis, carpenter, garnishee.

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MAY 17, 1749.

  (104) Eleanor Draper appd. Admx. of George Draper during the non-age of her son, John Draper.
  (105) Jacob Castle, being charged by Adam Harmon with threatening to aid the French--ordered to be arrested and brought before a called Court on next Monday.
  (112) Last will of John Patterson presented, but not allowed to be proved, because the Exr. Francis McCown was a witness, thereupon admn. c. t. a. was granted to Agnes Patterson, the widow.
  (117) Robert Patterson petitions to be reimbursed for his trouble in burying Daniel Corlet--rejected.
  (119) Samuel Hulls presented for breach of the Sabbath by singing prophane songs.

MAY 19, 1749.

  (125) John Graham petitions for relief a security for Jane Graham, widow of William Graham.
  (126) Overseers of the Indian Road from Frederick Co. line to Toms Creek be continued until they put up sign posts.
  (127) A commission from Gov. Gooch, dated 9 May, 1749, to James Patton et als., being read, the gents then present refused any further to act. Then new justices qualify.

MAY 20, 1749.

  (129) Israel Christian's, at South River.

MAY 22, 1749.

  (130) Jacob Castle acquitted of charge of treason in going over to and assisting the French.
  (148) Court adjourned until 4th Tuesday in August, according to Act of Assembly.

AUGUST 22, 1749.

  (149) New Commission.
  (151) Rosemond Hughs, a servant of Mathew Thompson, petitions for freedom dues.

AUGUST 23, 1749.

  (154) Morgan Brown, servant of Andrew Lewis.
  (154) Andrew Franster (?) added to tithables.
  (154) Josiah Richards added to tithables.
  (154) Arthur Duff, servant of Wm. Carroll.
  (155) John Windleheefer, charged with forgery, escapes and disappears.
  (155) Mary Brown, servant of John Smith.
  (155) Mary Elliott, servant of Wm. Williams.
  (156) Michael Grady added to tithables.

AUGUST 24, 1749.

  (158) Settlement of John McDowell's orphans's estate set out in full.

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  (159) John Campbell, orphan of John Campbell, decd., settlement by guardian in full.
  (159) Robert Renix intending immediately to leave this Colony.
  (159) Richard Brown, servant of John Lewis.
  (160) Robert Moffet added to tithables.
  (161) John Patterson added to tithables.
  (161) John Rosemond added to tithables.
  (161) Ann, wife of George Breckinridge, relinquished dower in deed, Breckinridge to Mathew Erwin.
  (162) William Hopwood, servant of Valentine Sevier.
  (264) William Parks's 2464 acres on So. Br. Potomac to be valued by Geo. Sea, Martin Stroup, John Knight Owells (O'Neils), Henry Kerr, John Skelton, John Patton, Jr., James Rutledge and John Smith.

AUGUST 25, 1749.

  (264) Robert Renix added to tithables.

AUGUST 26, 1749.

  (274) John Beaty added to list of tithables.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1749.

  (286) George Young, alias Hughes, committed for housebreaking and larceny.

NOVEMBER 28, 1149.

  (287) Fourth Tuesday--Not enough justices and adjourned to tomorrow.
  (287) New Commission.

NOVEMBER 29,1749.

  (288) Thomas Black added to tithables.
  (288) William Johnston added to tithables.
  (288) Patrick Cannon added to tithables.
  (292) Margaret McGill, relict of William McGill, renounced all benefit or advantage under her husband's will.

NOVEMBER 30, 1749.

  (294) John Stevenson added to tithables.
  (294) Wm. Armstrong added to tithables.
  (296) Catherine Christian, Sarah, Peter, and Catherine, orphans of Peter Kinder, to be bound by Church Wardens.

DECEMBER 2, 1749.

  (302) Thomas Godfrey, a servant of John Bomgardner.

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