Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. I. (cont.)

  (240) Thos. Linville ordered fined for not attending as a witness.
  (245) John Windlekite fined for swearing in presence of the Court.

AUGUST 19, 1747.

  (246) Daniel Gawen, a servant boy of Saml. Doak, adjudged to be 12 years old.
  (248) John Pickens and Wm. Bell to be overseers of the road (see p. 239 above) from Co. Ho. to Picken's Mill, with these tithables: Wm. Lewis, James Robertson, Thomas Gordon, Wm. Baskins, James Lasley, James Wallis, Danl. Deniston, Daniel Deniston, Jr., William Bell, Jr., John Poge, Geo. Crawford.
  (248) Wm. Hines appd. Constable, vice Andrew Foughlet.
  (249) John Harvie qual. attorney.
  (249) Saml. McGaw put under recognizance of peace.
  (250) Geo. Lewis--leave to build a mill.
  (250) Ro. McCutchon--leave to build a mill.
  (250) Petition of James McCown for road from the crossroad below Patrick Hays's, also the road that leads by Edward Hall's to their meeting at the foot of the mountain.
  (251) George Lewis fined for swearing four oaths.
  (251) John Holms appointed Constable, vice David Stewart; Mich. Dougherty appointed Constable, vice Thos. Williams.
  (251) Thos. Gardner ordered arrested for resisting arrest in the Court House. Stephen Holdston--same.

AUGUST 20, 1747.

  (252) Vestry Ordered to divide the Co. into precincts and appoint processioners.
  (252) Wm. Priore qualified Under-Sheriff.
  (252) Thomas Gardner fined. See p. 251, supra.
  (252) Church wardens to bind Walter Sorrell, son of Richard Sorrell to Joseph Tees.
  (252) James Porteus to pay costs in a suit which he had brought wrong.
  (253) Jurymen--John McFarron, Wm. Carroll.
  (253) John Patterson, aged and infirm. Comn. to take testimony.
  (253) Elizabeth, wife of Rob. Looney, aged and infirm. Comn. to take testimony.
  (253) Margret, wife of John Buchanan, relinquished dower.
  (254) Robert Ralston added to Cunningham's list of tithables Alexr. Gibson added to Cunningham's list of tithables; Wm. Frazier added to Hart's list of tithables; Jno. Bomgardner added to Hart's list of tithables.
  (254) Thos. Carson fined and put in stocks for swearing and abusing the Court.
  (254) Stephen Holston recognized to the peace.
  (254) Alexr. Thompson qualified Captain of a Company.
  (265) Andrew Gaghagen ordered to be recognized to the peace, especially towards James Davies.

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  (255) Catherine Coleman, servant of James Armstrong.
  (256) John O'Neal ordered to be recognized to the peace, especially towards Danl. Harrison.
  (255) Robert Cravens and Saml. Wilkins appointed overseers from the Co. Ho. to the Indian Road, near said Cravens', vice Alexr. Herrin, Thos. Harrison, Jeremiah Harrison.

AUGUST 21, 1747.

  (257) Arthur Watts sues for freedom dues from Charles Hays, f3, 10.
  (257) John Peary petitions that Saml. McGraw has taken his wife and child. Constable ordered to pursue Saml. and return the child to John.
  (257) Benj. Borden ordered to be prosecuted for using false receipts for quitrents.
  (257) John Graham ordered under arrest for abusing and threatening the life of Rev. John Hindman.
  (257) Andrew Campbell complained that Saml. Gay has abused him and threatened to put him in the stocks and whip him. Saml. acknowledges his fault and is discharged.
  (259) Mary, widow of Saml. Cunningham, administers on his estate.
  (261) Son of Philip Smith to be bound to John Buchanan, Admr. of Philip, and one daughter be bound to Thos. English and one to Jacob Harmon.
  (261) Andrew Gaughagen gives recognizance of peace.

AUGUST 22, 1747.

  (286) Thos. Carson to be set at liberty out of jail.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1747.

  (286) Called Court for examination of Patrick Burk and Bridget O'Dowland, convict servants belonging to Robert Bratton, for horse stealing--convicted.
  (287) Thos. Gilaspy, about to remove an orphan boy of Wm. Humphrey's decd. out of the Colony--ordered that he deliver the orphan to the Church Wardens.
  (288) Road from the Cross Road below Hays on No. Side So. River to the ridge be cleared, and Thos. Stuart and Wm. Christian be overseers. George Caldwell and his son to be added to the tithables.
  (289) Mathew Young bound to the peace towards Michl. Brady.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1747.

  (289) Called Court for examination of John Brice for heating Charles Quails--acquitted.
  (290) Thomas Landrum--appraiser.
  (290) John Anderson and Valentine Seviar appointed Inspectors of pork and beef.
  (291) Robert McClenachan moves for counter security against Mary, wife of Andrew Mitchell, late widow of Saml. Cunningham, who stated they

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were leaving the Colony immediately. Counter security ordered and appeal taken. Robert McClenachan appointed guardian for (Margret, see p. 310; Andrew Mitchell appointed.) Mary Cunningham, dau. of Saml. Cunningham.
  (294) Juryman--Wm. Pierie.
  (298) Saml. Wilkins convicted of selling liquors without a license in a booth or stall at the Court House.
  (299) James Carter is going, to leave the Colony.
  (302) Philip Chittam surety for Saml. Chew.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1747.

  (303) Road ordered from Tinkling Spring Meeting House to Col. Patton's Bridge, these to work it: James Patton's tithables, Robert Gibson's, Edward Hall's, Sam'l. Davies's, Wm. Thomson's, and Geo. Caldwell's tithables.
  (303) Road ordered from the Court House to where the church is to be built and thence to the Timber Grove.
  (303) Robert Foile bound to good behavior.
  (303) Jurymen--John Speat, Henry Patton, Robert Foile.
  (316) Clerk ordered to make copies of letters from and to Col. Beverley, also the charges the Co. has been at for yunkling and dawbing the Co. Ho., and represent how unfit the Co. Ho. is to hold Court in this winter--all to be laid before the Council.

NOVEMBER 18, 1747.

  (318) Jennet Steel, widow of David Steel, qualified Admx. James Caulton, &c., and John Mitchell appraisers.
  (318) Wm. McFeeters has leave to build a mill.
  (319) Ro. Ramsey and David Mitchell to mark a road from Timber Grove to where the church is to be built, and that James Lockhart and Wm. Ledgerwood lay off and mark a way thence to the Co. Ho.
  (319) John Elswick--grand juryman.
  (319) County Levy.

NOVEMBER 19, 1747.

  (320) County Levy continued.
  (321) To James Patton and Ro. Cunningham, for expenses in attending the Council and going down. 1670 tithables at 23 lb. tobacco, at 3 farthings per pound == 1 sh. and 5 pence.
  (321) James Brown--license to keep ordinary at Co. Ho.
  (321) Lettice Brackenridge chose Robt. Brackenridge guardian.
  (321) Ludwick Freedly complains that John Sisigmund Hanley has clandestinely carried out of the Colony his dau. Magdalene Freedley, about nine years old. The girl had been bound to John Harmon, son-in-law of Hanley, and Harmon had lately died intestate in this Colony and no person has administered. Hanley required to enter into bond for producing the child in May next.

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  (328) John Michael Miller acquitted for enticing away from Isaac Smith a servant man named John Smith.
  (322) John Bruce is in jail as escaped from Louisa jail.
  (322) James Trimble has leave to build a grist mill.
  (324) James Huy, a juryman.
  (324) Thos. Renix complains that Saml. Scot had abused him in the courtyard, and Saml. bound to the peace.

NOVEMBER 20, 1747.

  (325) Ro. McClenachen and James Huey qualified Under Sheriffs.
  (326) Jurors--Joshua Hickman, James Gilmore.
  (328) Jurors--Wm. Aylett, John Macom.
  (329) Andrew Erwin and wife summoned for abusing the children of James Patterson, decd. and to account for the estate left by Patterson to said children.
  (331) Grand Jury Presentments: Henry Speer, overseer, for not keeping road in repair; Geo. Campbell and Jno. Ellison, breach of peace; Jno. O'Neal for swearing three oaths.
  (332) John Bruce for forging hand of John Gillison; Joseph Milligan, for adultery with Martha Milligan, and Martha for adultery with Joseph; Gabriel Jones, for swearing one oath; Ro. Bratton, for swearing one oath; Courthouse and Prison not sufficient.

NOVEMBER 21, 1747.

  (334) John Zetter, convicted of gambling and cheating at cards.
  (334) John Preston has leave to keep ordinary.
  (334) Wm. McClean bound over as idle and vagrant.
  (335) Abram Clements, same.
  (335) McCuney vs. George Forbush and Olive, his wife.
  (335) Thos. McCullock, charged with detaining goods of Wm. Burk, acquitted.
  (337) Mary Yeates, Admx. of Abraham Yeates, decd.
  (340) Andrew Mitchell fined for abusing the court.
  (344) Josh. Walker has license to keep ordinary.

FEBRUARY 17, 1747/8.

  (344) John Lewis granted leave to build a mill.
  (344) Patrick Finley convicted of aiding Utis Perkins and George Steel to escape.
  (344) Ro. Breckinridge qualified Under Sheriff.

FEBRUARY 18, 1747/8.

  (345) Ro. Cunningham complains that Samuel Gay has indulged Utis Perkins in several things after he had apprehended him; ordered under bond; John and Wm. Anderson securities.
  (346) John Brownlee appointed Overseer of the Indian Road, vice Patrick Campbell.

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  (346) Wm. Plumer, witness; also Wm. Hines.
  (346) Wm. Christian--Ordinary license.
  (346) Robert Erwin--Supernumerary on acct. of sickly and infirm.
  (347) Curators appointed for estate of Wm. Skillern and for his orphan children.
  (347) Elizabeth Anderson, late Elizabeth Skillern, and Robert Black, Jr., bound to the peace towards Thomas Turk.
  (347) John Cartmill and others to value the improvements on the land bought by Ralph Laverty from John Lewis made thereon by one Joseph Wadle.
  (348) Patrick McDonald fined and recognized for being drunk and drinking the Pretender's health.
  (356) Thos. Stinson appd. road overseer from Henry Downs, Jr., to the Meeting House.
  (356) Widow Elizabeth, qualifies on John Preston's estate.
  (356) Robert Foyle exempted from levy, being a cripple and unable to labor.

MARCH 16, 1747/8

  (357) John Lewis--Ordinary License.
  (357) Henry Witherington, servant boy of John Stevenson, adjudged to be eleven years old.
  (357) Petition of Ute Perkins is rejected.

MARCH 17, 1747/8.

  (360) John Pickens appointed road overseer, vice Danl. Deniston.
  (360) Liquor rates.
  (361) John Miller and Robert Black to take the estate of Wm. Skillern, heretofore committed to James Patton, and sell the same for the use of Skillern's orphan children.
  (361) Joseph McClelhill and Jane, late widow of Randolph McDonall, to give counter security.
  (361) Catherine Quin declares Archibald McMullin, decd., was indebted to her.
  (361) Benj. Borden convicted of using false receipts for quitrents.
  (362) Patrick Finla convicted for allowing Ute Perkins to escape.
  (362) John Teel--witness.
  (362) John Barclay charged with disturbing the Court.
  (363) A horse, supposed to be stolen by Utes Perkins, delivered to Sheriff.
  (363) John Briant appd. overseer, with Robert Cravens, of the road from Craven's to the Indian Road.

MARCH 18, 1747/8.

  (364) Saml. Gay acquitted of charge above concerning Ute Perkins.
  (365) Thomas Waterson--juror.

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MARCH 19, 1747/8,

  (368) Thomas Burk--witness from Frederick.
  (368) Jacob Darnell--Witness from Frederick.
  (368) Jacob Harrell fined for not attending as a witness.
  (373) Mary McCullough makes oath that the goods levied on at suit of Saml. Gay vs. Thos. McCullough, her son, are the goods of herself and her grandchildren and not those of Thomas.

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