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The Biographies linked on these pages were extracted from the:
"History of Minneapolis, Gateway to the Northwest";
Chicago-Minneapolis, The S J Clarke Publishing Co, 1923;
Edited by: Rev. Marion Daniel Shutter, D.D., LL.D.;
Volume I - Shutter (Historical);
Volume II - Biographical;
Volume III - Biographical
Submitted by Laura Pruden

Note: If there is not a filename in the "Photo" column there is not a photo available for viewing.

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Surnames G - L

Surnames M - R

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safforoe.txt SAFFORD, Orren E. (b.1882) 6K safforoe.jpg
sammista.txt SAMMIS, Theodore A. (b.1845) 6K
savageeb.txt SAVAGE, Erie B. (b.1883) 8K
scanlomd.txt SCANLON, Marion Jerome (b.1861) 13K scanlomd.jpg
schallax.txt SCHALL, Anthony Xavier Jr. (b.1880) 7K
schefcjf.txt SCHEFCIK, Dr. J. Francis (b.1872) 6K
scheldnh.txt SCHELDRUP, Dr. Nicolay H. (b.1873) 5K scheldnh.jpg
schlutfw.txt SCHLUTZ, Dr. Frederic W. (b.1880) 7K
schockpe.txt SCHOCK, Peter E. (b.1863) 6K schockpe.jpg
schroeaj.txt SCHROEDER, Arthur J. (b.1889) 5K
schroehw.txt SCHROEDER, Herman William (b.1886) 6K schroehw.jpg
schultcc.txt SCHULTZ, Carl C. (b.1829 d.1910) 5K schultcc.jpg
schulthf.txt SCHULTZ, Henry Frederick (b.1861) 5K
SCHLUTZ, Dr. Frederick W. * schlutfw.jpg
schwyzeg.txt SCHWYZER, Dr. Gustave (b.1867) 6K schwyzeg.jpg
scottwd.txt SCOTT, Wallace D. (b.1875) 4K
seamansa.txt SEAMANS, Silas Amasa 4K seamansa.jpg
searleal.txt SEARLE, Augustus Leach (b.1863) 7K searleal.jpg
seashorg.txt SEASHORE, Dr. Gilbert (b.1874) 6K seashorg.jpg
seelerfw.txt SEELERT, Frederick W. 4K
seeleygh.txt SEELEY, George Henry (b.1876) 6K seeleygh.jpg
seileroe.txt SEILER, Otto E. (b.1889) 5K
selcerm.txt SELCER, Morris (b.1878) 4K
sellerhh.txt SELLERS, Dr. Harry H. (b.1876) 6K sellerhh.jpg
seloveaw.txt SELOVER, Arthur W. (b.1871) 5K
shafereg.txt SHAFER, Ernest G. (b.1860) 5K shafereg.jpg
shawfw.txt SHAW, Frank Wilbur Shaw (b.1857) 6K shawfw.jpg
shearejd.txt SHEARER, James D. (b.1862) 5K shearejd.jpg
sheffibb.txt SHEFFIELD, Benjamin B. (b.1860) 8K sheffibb.jpg
sherergj.txt SHERER, George J. (b.1860) 6K sherergj.jpg
shermagr.txt SHERMAN, Guy R. (b.1869) 5K
shevlith.txt SHEVLIN, Thomas Henry (b.1852) 10K shevlith.jpg
shevlitl.txt SHEVLIN, Thomas Leonard (b.1883 d.1915) 12K shevlitl.jpg
shoresl.txt SHORE, Samuel Louis (b.1892) 5K
shovetc.txt SHOVE, Theodore Churchill (b.1899) 6K shovetc.jpg
shullrwc.txt SHULL, Ralph W. C. (b.1886) 5K
shuttemd.txt SHUTTER, Rev. Marion D. 7K shuttemd.jpg
sievercr.txt SIEVERS, Carl Richard (b.1874) 6K
sifferja.txt SIFFERLE, Joseph A. (b.1858 d.1922) 6K
sigurdgb.txt SIGURDSON, Goodman B. (b.1881) 5K
simmonsc.txt SIMMONS, Chester (b.1850 d.1921) 10K
simonsjh.txt SIMONS, Dr. Jalmar Hendrik (b.1884) 5K
simsjp.txt SIMS, John Parker (b.1838 d.1916) 6K
skelletj.txt SKELLET, Thomas J. (b.1872) 8K skelletj.jpg
skogaw.txt SKOG, August W. (b.1863) 5K
sleavifr.txt SLEAVIN, Frank R. (b.1888), 5K
slocumam.txt SLOCUM, Albert M. (b.1869) 6K slocumam.jpg
smebyme.txt SMEBY, Martin E. (b.1873) 5K smebyme.jpg
smileywy.txt SMILEY, William Yale (b.1888) 5K
smithaa.txt SMITH, Alexander Arthur (b.1866) 5K
smithbs.txt SMITH, Brown Sylvester (b.1864) 4K
smithcv.txt SMITH, Charles Veach (b.1872) 5K
smithej.txt SMITH, Earl J. (b.1887) 5K
smithfg.txt SMITH, Fred G. (b.1868) 7K
smithfau.txt SMITH, F. A. Upsher (b.1874) 7K
smithfl.txt SMITH, Fred L. (b.1843) 13K smithfl.jpg
smithhm.txt SMITH, Hassell Morgan (b.1872) 7K
smithja.txt SMITH, John Alfred (b.1870) 6K
smithpw.txt SMITH, Paul Willis (b.1876) 6K smithpw.jpg
snyderjp.txt SNYDER, John Pillsbury (b.1888) 9K
soleml.txt SOLEM, Louis (b.1879) 5K
solemlo.txt SOLEM, Hon. Ludwig O. (b.1881) 5K
somervel.txt SOMERVILLE, Edwin L. (b.1876) 4K
sonnesec.txt SONNESYN, Erick C. (b.1869) 5K sonnesec.jpg
soubafj.txt SOUBA, Dr. Frederic Joseph (b.1886) 6K
sprattcn.txt SPRATT, Dr. Charles Nelson (b.1874) 5K
sprechhf.txt SPRECHER, Henry Franklin (b.1873) 5K sprechhf.jpg
stangoow.txt STANGOHR, Otto W. (b.1887) 6K stangoow.jpg
staplewj.txt STAPLETON, William J. (b.1867) 5K staplewj.jpg
stegnege.txt STEGNER, George E. (b.1866) 6K stegnege.jpg
stephebw.txt STEPHENSON, Benjamin W. (b.1860) 5K
stevenfe.txt STEVENS, Francis Edwin (b.1844 d.1922) 4K
STEVENS, Freeling H. * stevenfh.jpg
stevenjh.txt STEVENS, John H. (b.1820) 7K stevenjh.jpg
stewarta.txt STEWART, Alexander (b.1847) 6K stewarta.jpg
stewarfa.txt STEWART, Frederick Alexander (b.1879) 8K stewarfa.jpg
stewarjr.txt STEWART, James Ross (b.1874) 5K stewarjr.jpg
stinchfh.txt STINCHFIELD, Frederick H. (b.1881) 5K
stonehw.txt STONE, H. Ward (b.1849 d.1913) 12K stonehw.jpg
stowelfm.txt STOWELL, Frederick Moody 7K
strachac.txt STRACHAUER, Dr. Arthur Clarence (b.1883) 5K
strandm.txt STRAND, Martin (b.1876) 4K
stremela.txt STREMEL, Arthur (b.1866) 5K
stremeko.txt STREMEL, Dr. Karl Oscar (b.1819 d.1884) 5K stremeko.jpg
strickgw.txt STRICKER, George W. (b.1864) 5K
strombea.txt STROMBERG, Abraham (b.1850 d.1915) 6K
stroutes.txt STROUT, Dr. Eugene Silas (b.1862) 6K stroutes.jpg
struthgg.txt STRUTHERS, George G. (b.1887) 6K
strurmrc.txt STURMAN, Roscoe C. (b.1884 d.1921) 5K
suddutwh.txt SUDDUTH, William Henry (b.1875) 6K
sukeypg.txt SUKEY, Paul George (b.1858 d.1919) 6K sukeypg.jpg
sullivjp.txt SULLIVAN, James P. (b.1864) 4K
sunbygp.txt SUNDBY, George P. (b.1889) 4K
sundheam.txt SUNDHEIM, Anders M. (b.1861) 5K
swaincl.txt SWAIN, Charles L. (b.1870) 5K
swanhseo.txt SWANSON, Herbert S. and Emil O. (b.1889/1886) 5K
tabourjb.txt TABOUR, Jerome B. (b.1855) 5K
tangembw.txt TANGEMAN, Bruno W. 4K
tannerwl.txt TANNER, William L. (b.1845 d.1918) 4K tannerwl.jpg
taylorgw.txt TAYLOR, George W. 5K
taylorjj.txt TAYLOR, James Jr. 4K
thatchmw.txt THATCHER, Myron William 5K thatchmw.jpg
thayerhh.txt THAYER, Hiram H. 4K
thextoha.txt THEXTON, Henry A. 4K
thomasga.txt THOMAS, Guy Alfred (b.1874) 7K
thomasjw.txt THOMAS, John W. (b.1844) 6K
thompsar.txt THOMPSON, Arthur R. (b.1876) 5K
thompsgp.txt THOMPSON, George Patterson (b.1871) 5K
thompspj.txt THOMPSON, Paul J. (b.1875) 5K
thompstj.txt THOMPSON, Thomas Jr. (b.1886) 5K
thomsofg.txt THOMSON, Fred G. (b.1877) 5K
thorhaup.txt THORHAUG, Peter (b.1869) 6K
thorpess.txt THORPE, Samuel Skidmore (b.1864) 7K
thrallhd.txt THRALL, Henry D. (b.1882) 3K
timberbh.txt TIMBERLAKE, Byron H. (b.1861) 6K
tinkeret.txt TINKER, Dr. Edward T. (b.1875) 4K
toddfc.txt TODD, Dr. Frank C. (b.1869) 9K toddfc.jpg
tomlinrb.txt TOMLINSON, Richard B. (b.1863) 6K
torgermj.txt TORGERSON, Martin J. (b.1881) 4K
torrance.txt TORRANCE, ELIAKIM (b.1844) 18K torrance.jpg
towlersh.txt TOWLER, Major Silas H. (b.1846) 9K towlersh.jpg
townsebb.txt TOWNSEND, Burt Balch (b.1862) 5K townsebb.jpg
townsefb.txt TOWNSEND, Frank B. 4K
travishc.txt TRAVIS, Harry C. (b.1860) 4K
trickewp.txt TRICKETT, William P. 5K
truesdhc.txt TRUESDALE, Judge Hiram Calvin (b.1860) 6K truesdhc.jpg
trussesl.txt TRUSSELL, Sumner L. (b.1860) 5K
tuthilsg.txt TUTHILL, Squire G.(b.1848) 5K
tuttleha.txt TUTTLE, Harry A. (b.1846 d.1919) 5K tuttleha.jpg
tuttlerh.txt TUTTLE, Robert Hale (b.1890) 4K
tylerja.txt TYLER, James A. (d.1921) 4K
tylerrd.txt TYLER, Ralph D. (b.1896) 5K tylerrd.jpg
undineca.txt UNDINE, Dr. Clyde A. (b.1886) 5K undineca.jpg
updikece.txt UPDIKE, Clyde E. (b.1884) 5K
urstado.txt URSTAD, Dr. Oscar H. (b.1870) 6K urstado.jpg
vanberfs.txt VAN BERGEN, Frederick Schoelett (b.1885) 5K
vancamch.txt VAN CAMPEN, Charles H. (b.1872) 4K
vanderjr.txt VAN DERLIP, John R. 7K
vansanfw.txt VAN SANT, Frank W. (b.1881) 5K vansanfw.jpg
velieas.txt VELIE, Austin S. (b.1885) 5K
velineoj.txt VELINE, Dr. Olof J. (b.1868) 6K velineoj.jpg
vonendee.txt VON ENDE, Edward (b.1856) 6K
wadswofh.txt WADSWORTH, Frank H. (b.1859) 6K wadswofh.jpg
wagnergw.txt WAGNER, George W. (b.1858) 5K
wainmacp.txt WAINMAN, Charles P. (b.1846) 7K
waitehb.txt WAITE, Harry B. (b.1865) 5K waitehb.jpg
walesce.txt WALES, Charles E. (b.1865) 5K
walkertb.txt WALKER, Thomas Barlow (b.1840) 23K walkertb.jpg
wallisfp.txt WALLIS, Frederick P. (b.1845 d.1922) 6K
waltoneg.txt WALTON, Edmund G. (b.1864) 6K waltoneg.jpg
warejr.txt WARE, John Roland (b.1878) 5K warejr.jpg
wareph.txt WARE, Pascal H. (b.1881) 5K
warneral.txt WARNER, Alfred Lansing (b.1860) 7K
warnerec.txt WARNER, Ellsworth C. (b.1864) 9K
warnerlc.txt WARNER, Leon C. (b.1876) 7K
warrengh.txt WARREN, George Henry (b.1845) 10K warrengh.jpg
warrenob.txt WARREN, Oscar Byrd (b.1870) 14K warrenob.jpg
washburj.txt WASHBURN, John (b.1858 d.1919) 10K
watsonja.txt WATSON, Dr. James Alfred 5K
webbrc.txt WEBB, Dr. Roscoe Clayton (b.1890) 4K
webbrw.txt WEBB, Robert Williams (b.1869) 7K
webbercc.txt WEBBER, Charles C. (b.1859) 4K
webergf.txt WEBER, Gustav F. (b.1870) 5K
webstegw.txt WEBSTER, George W. (b.1871) 5K
weesnehr.txt WEESNER, Harvey R. (b.1866) 7K weesnehr.jpg
wehmannh.txt WEHMANN, Hermann (b.1861) 4K
weilj.txt WEIL, Jonas (b.1874) 6K
weiskoph.txt WEISKOPF, Henry (b.1850) 6K
welchci.txt WELCH, Charles I. (b.1879) 5K
welchvj.txt WELCH, Victor John (b.1860 d.1912) 5K welchvj.jpg
weldfa.txt WELD, Frank A. (b.1858) 6K
wellcofh.txt WELLCOME, Dr. Florado Houser (b.1858 d.1920) 6K wellcofh.jpg
wellesep.txt WELLES, Edwin Pillsbury (b.1835 d.1904) 8K wellesep.jpg
wellesht.txt WELLES, Henry Titus (b.1821 d.1898) 14K wellesht.jpg
wellsfb.txt WELLS, Frederick Brown (b.1873) K wellsfb.jpg
wendelcwf.txt WENDELL, Charles W. (b.1855 6K
wernesso.txt WERNESS, Otto (b.1878) 5K
wesseent.txt WESSEEN, Theophilus (b.1895) 5K
westoncg.txt WESTON, Dr. Charles G. (b.1858) 6K
weumtw.txt WEUM, Dr. Thurston William (b.1882) 6K weumtw.jpg
whalenaj.txt WHALEN, Andrew J. (b.1886) 5K
wheatogf.txt WHEATON, Grier F.(b.1893) 6K
wheelrjo.txt WHEELWRIGHT, John Oliver Patten (b.1861) 4K
whitecd.txt WHITE, Charles Day (b.1858) 5K
whitece.txt WHITE, Charles E. (b.1877) 6K
whitehw.txt WHITE, Harry W. (b.1874) 5K
whiteha.txt WHITE, Homer A. (b.1886) 5K
whitesm.txt WHITE, Dr. Solon Marx (b.1873) 6K
wicklung.txt WICKLUND, Gustaf (b.1852) 6K
wiffna.txt WIFF, Nelson A. (b.1871) 5K wiffna.jpg
wilcoxae.txt WILCOX, Dr. Archa Edward (b.1875) 7K
wilcoxjf.txt WILCOX, John Finley (b.1847 d.1918) 6K wilcoxjf.jpg
wilderab.txt WILDER, Alanson B. (b.1864) 4K
wilderbw.txt WILDER, Bertram Ward (b.1890) 5K wilderbw.jpg
wilderll.txt WILDER, Lucy Leavenworth (MORRIS) 4K
wileysw.txt WILEY, Samuel Wirt (b.1878) 5K
wilkinwa.txt WILKINSON, William A. (b.1855 d.1913) 7K wilkinwa.jpg
willga.txt WILL, Gustave A. (b.1871) 6K willga.jpg
willwj.txt WILL, William J.(b.1874) 5K
willcuce.txt WILLCUTT, Dr. Clarence Elvin (b.1884) 4K willcuce.jpg
williafl.txt WILLIAMS, Frank L. (b.1855) 7K williafl.jpg
williafo.txt WILLIAMS, Frederick Oliver (b.1857 d.1919) 5K
williamj.txt WILLIAMS, Joshua (b.1843 d.1896) 11K williamj.jpg
williald.txt WILLIAMS, Lemont Daniel (b.1892) 4K
williamc.txt WILLIAMS, Martin C. (b.1849) 6K williamc.jpg
williaws.txt WILLIAMS, Willis Stoughton (b.1862) 6K williaws.jpg
williajf.txt WILLIAMS, James Franklin (b.1853) 5K
wingetet.txt WINGET, Earl Tallman (b.1885) 10K
winstofg.txt WINSTON, Fendall Gregory (b.1849) 7K winstofg.jpg
wirthpw.txt WIRTH, Philip W. (b.1863) 6K
wirtht.txt WIRTH, Theodore (b.1863) 10K
woehlecg.txt WOEHLER, Charles G. (b.1891) 4K
woehlege.txt WOEHLER, Gustave E. (b.1863) 5K
woldt.txt WOLD, Theodore (b.1868) 4K
wooddf.txt WOOD, Dr. Douglas Fox (b.1874) 6K wooddf.jpg
woodhb.txt WOOD, Harold B. (b.1864) 6K
woodsv.txt WOOD, Sheldon V. (b.1883) 5K
woodarfr.txt WOODARD, Dr. Francis Reuben (b.1848) 6K woodarfr.jpg
worksrm.txt WORKS, Robert M. (b.1882) 4K
wrightfb.txt WRIGHT, Frederick B., Sr. (b.1856) 6K wrightfb.jpg
wymanoc.txt WYMAN, Oliver C. (b.1837) 6K wymanoc.jpg
yalehc.txt YALE, Harry C. (b.1885) 5K
yeamansg.txt YEAMANS, Dr. Glen (b.1881) 7K
yennyjc.txt YENNY, Joseph C. (b.1890) 8K
yerxadk.txt YERXA, Dwight Keyes (b.1881) 6K
yerxahw.txt YERXA, Howard White (b.1883) 6K
youngge.txt YOUNG, George E. (b.1864) 6K youngge.jpg
zahnfh.txt ZAHN, Frederick H. (b.1840 d.1915) 5K zahnfh.jpg
zintsmdw.txt ZINTSMASTER, Daniel Webster (b.1885) 5K
zonnefe.txt ZONNE, Floris E. (b.1868 d.1918) 7K zonnefe.jpg

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