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The Biographies linked on these pages were extracted from the:
"History of Minneapolis, Gateway to the Northwest";
Chicago-Minneapolis, The S J Clarke Publishing Co, 1923;
Edited by: Rev. Marion Daniel Shutter, D.D., LL.D.;
Volume I - Shutter (Historical);
Volume II - Biographical;
Volume III - Biographical
Submitted by Laura Pruden

Note: If there is not a filename in the "Photo" column there is not a photo available for viewing.

Surnames A - F

Surnames G - L

Surnames  S - Z

Surnames  M - R



File Size



macgrere.txt MACGREGOR, Robert E. (b.1880) 5K
machoam.txt MACHO, Anton M. (b.1892) 5K
mackalhc.txt MACKALL, Henry Clinton (b.1885) 5K
macmicpr.txt MACMICHAEL, Paul R. (b.1892) 5K
macnaugj.txt MACNAUGHT, John (b.1863) 5K
macniejs.txt MACNIE, Dr. John Silliman 4K macniejs.jpg
magneygr.txt MAGNEY, Gottlieb Renatus (b.1884) 5K
maherjw.txt MAHER, John Wallace Jr. (b.1893) 6K maherjw.jpg
maireae.txt MAIRE, August E. (b.1847) 6K maireae.jpg
malandco.txt MALAND, Dr. Clarence O. (b.1881) 4K
malkerpj.txt MALKERSON, Philip J. (b.1883) 5K
manuelmh.txt MANUEL, Malvern H. (b.1865) 4K
manuelrw.txt MANUEL, Ralph William (b.1871) 6K
mapesec.txt MAPES, Emery Cordenio (b.1853) 6K mapesec.jpg
marfiejr.txt MARFIELD, John Russell (b.1867) 6K
markhagh.txt MARKHAM, George H. (b.1860) 6K
marklefa.txt MARKLE, Frank A. (b.1884) 5K
marklunl.txt MARKLUND, Leonard (b.1848) 5K
martinjr.txt MARTIN, Jay R. (b.1864) 4K
martinmr.txt MARTIN, Myron R. (b.1858) 9K martinmr.jpg
masonto.txt MASON, Tom O. (b.1874) 5K
massiecc.txt MASSIE, Charles C. (b.1872) 5K
matchagl.txt MATCHAN, George L. (b.1853) 6K
mathewjs.txt MATHEWSON, Jewett Sage (b.1857) 5K mathewjs.jpg
matthewj.txt MATTHEWS, Dr. Justus (b.1877) 3K matthewj.jpg
maxfielk.txt MAXFIELD, Kinsey (b.1843) 10K
mccannta.txt McCANN, Thomas A. (b.1886) 6K mccannta.jpg
mccractg.txt McCRACKEN, Thomas G. (b.1883) 5K
mccullll.txt McCULLOCH, Leonard L. (b.1883) 5K
mcdonada.txt MCDONALD, Donald A. (b.1864 d.1921) 6K
mcdonajf.txt MCDONALD, John F. (b.1870) 5K
mcdonalm.txt MCDONALD, Matthew (b.1848 d.1910) 6K
mcgilltj.txt McGILL, T. Julian (b.1877) 5K
mcgratwh.txt McGRATH, William Henry (b.1881) 7K mcgratwh.jpg
mckaigwe.txt McKAIG, William E. (b.1864) 5K
mckinlga.txt McKINLEY, George A. (b.1871) 4K
mcknigst.txt McKNIGHT, Sumner T. (b.1836) 7K mcknigst.jpg
mclainjs.txt McLAIN, John Scudder (b.1853) 7K
mclaugje.txt McLAUGHLIN, James Ernest (b.1880) 4K
mcleanmo.txt McLEAN, Milford O. (b.1888) 5K
mcmillfg.txt McMILLAN, Frank Griggs (b.1856 d.1918) 10K
mcmilljd.txt McMILLAN, John D. (b.1860) 5K
mcnuttjg.txt McNUTT, John G. (b.1878) 5K
mcpheeho.txt McPHEETERS, Dr. Herman O. (b.1891) 5K
mealywp.txt MEALEY, William P. (b.1843 d.1919) 6K mealywp.jpg
mearklef.txt MEARKLE, Erastus F. (b.1849) 7K
melbypo.txt ELBY, Peter O. (b.1857) K melbypo.jpg
melendsw.txt MELENDY, Samuel W. (b.1841 d.1916) 10K melendsw.jpg
melinel.txt MELIN, Ebin Luther (b.1883) 6K melinel.jpg
merrilay.txt MERRILL, Albert Young (b.1857) 7K
merrilgc.txt MERRILL, George C. 6K merrilgc.jpg
meyerss.txt MEYERS, Simon (b.1862) 5K
michelro.txt MICHELSEN, R. O. (b.1888) 5K
millera.txt MILLER, Arthur (b.1852) 6K millera.jpg
millerht.txt MILLER, Harry T. (b.1881) 13K
millerow.txt MILLER, Oscar W. (b.1880) 4K
millerwj.txt MILLER, Walter J. (b.1887) 7K
millewmj.txt MILLER, William J. (b.1861) 6K .jpg
millscb.txt MILLS, WCharles Burdick (b.1868) 6K
minerfm.txt MINER, Frederick M. (b.1862) 6K
mitchemb.txt MITCHELL, Morris B. (b.1890) 5K mitchemb.jpg
mixt.txt MIX, Theodore 4K mixt.jpg
moeo.txt MOE, Odin (b.1856) 8K
moenjk.txt MOEN, Dr. Johannes K. (b.1867) 6K
molynejj.txt MOLYNEAUX, John Joseph (b.1880) 5K molynejj.jpg
monahaja.txt MONAHAN, Dr. John Alexander (b.1865) 5K monahaja.jpg
montgojl.txt MONTGOMERY, Dr. John Lawrence (b.1890) 5K montgojl.jpg
moone.txt MOON, Everett (b.1861) 4K
mooneymc.txt MOONEY, Myron C. (b.1855) 5K mooneymc.jpg
mooregw.txt MOORE, Rev. George W. (b.1829) 5K
mooredgw.txt MOORE, Dr. George Wilber (b.1870) 6K
mooreje.txt MOORE, Dr. James Edward (b.1852 d.1918) 19K mooreje.jpg
moorejt.txt MOORE, Dr. Jehiel Tuttle (b.1848 d.1911) 6K moorejt.jpg
mooreme.txt MOORE, Morris Elsworth (b.1861 d.1922) 6K
morene.txt MOREN, Dr. Edward (b.1876) 4K morene.jpg
morriswb.txt MORRIS, William B. (b.1867) 6K
morriswr.txt MORRIS, William Richard (b.1859) 6K
morrisaw.txt MORRISON, Dr. Angus Washburn (b.1883) 11K
morrisfl.txt MORRISON, Frank L. (b.1865) 6K
morsews.txt MORSE, Ward S. (b.1885) 5K morsews.jpg
mosesf.txt MOSES, Felix (b.1897) 4K
mowryfl.txt MOWRY, Frank L. (b.1858) 6K
murphyeb.txt MURPHY, Edward B. (b.1876) 5K
murphyew.txt MURPHY, Edward W. (b.1863) 5K
murphyij.txt MURPHY, Dr. Ignatius J. (b.1884) 5K
murphywb.txt MURPHY, Dr. William Bernard (b.1871 d.1916) 7K
myerswj.txt MYERS, William J. (b.1877) 7K
naegelwc.txt NAEGELI, Dr. William C. (b.1877) 5K
nagellet.txt NAGELL, Erick T. 5K
nashem.txt NASH, Edward M. (b.1881) 4K nashem.jpg
nashjp.txt NASH, John P. (b.1881 d.1922) 9K
nashmw.txt NASH, Michael Walter (b.1843 d.1915) 6K nashmw.jpg
nashwm.txt NASH, William M. (b.1883) 7K
nathansl.txt NATHANSON, Louis (b.1875) 6K
neesejm.txt NEESE, James McClure 5K neesejm.jpg
nelsonbf.txt NELSON, Benjamin F. (b.1843) 11K nelsonbf.jpg
nelsonbb.txt NELSON, Bernard B. (b.1893) 5K
nelsonc.txt NELSON, Christ (b.1869) 7K .jpg
nelsone.txt NELSON, Edward (b.1881) 5K
nelsonf.txt NELSON, Dr. Frank (b.1865) 8K
nelsongh.txt NELSON, Guy Herbert (b.1872) 5K
nelsonhw.txt NELSON, Dr. Harry Wilhelm 5K
nelsonic.txt NELSON, Iver C. (b.1867) 5K nelsonic.jpg
nelsonjc.txt NELSON, J. C. 6K
nelsonsf.txt NELSON, Samuel F. 5K
nelsons.txt NELSON, Swan (b.1852) 4K
nelsonsw.txt NELSON, Swan (b.1866 d.1908) 5K
nelsonwa.txt NELSON, W. A. 6K
nelsonwe.txt NELSON, William Edward 5K
nelsonwo.txt NELSON, William O. (b.1887) 4K
nessve.txt NESS, Valmer E. (b.1891) 5K
nettlesd.txt NETTLETON, Samuel D. (b.1846) 4K
newdalla.txt NEWDALL, Axel (b.1871) 5K
newelllb.txt NEWELL, Louis Blodgett (b.1871) 5K
newellgr.txt NEWELL, George R. (b.1845 d.1921) 6K newellgr.jpg
newhoubf.txt NEWHOUSE, Benjamin F. 5K
newtonwh.txt NEWTON, Walter H. (b.1880) 6K
nicholeb.txt NICHOLS, Edward B. (b.1864) 6K
nickelfc.txt NICKELS, Frank C. (b.1858) 6K
nielsesn.txt NIELSEN, Samuel N. (b.1874) 5K
norbloeh.txt NORBLOM, Edward H. (b.1880) 5K
norrisgb.txt NORRIS, George B. 4K
northflw.txt NORTHF1ELD, Luke Wesley (b.1872) 6K northflw.jpg
northroc.txt NORTHROP, Cyrus (b.1834) 27K northroc.jpg
nortzag.txt NORTZ, Albert G. (b.1834) 4K
nottws.txt NOTT, William S. (b.1853 d.1923) 7K nottws.jpg
nystueow.txt NYSTUEN, Oscar W. (b.1880) 6K nystueow.jpg
oakleyoh.txt OAKLEY, Otis H. (b.1876) 6K oakleyoh.jpg
oberhoej.txt OBERHOFFER, Emil Johann (b.1867) 9K
obrienej.txt O'BRIEN, Edward J. (b.1876) 6K obrienej.jpg
obrienje.txt O'BRIEN, James E. (b.1870) 5K obrienje.jpg
odlandh.txt ODLAND, Dr. Henry (b.1887) 5K
ohmanjn.txt OHMAN, John Nathaniel (b.1884) 4K ohmanjn.jpg
olnesstt.txt OLNESS, Theodore T. (b.1880) 5K
olsonfb.txt OLSON, Floyd B. (b.1891) 6K
olsonse.txt OLSON, S. E. (b.1845) 11K olsonse.jpg
opsaloc.txt OPSAL, Oscar Cornelius (b.1881) 5K
opsalr.txt OPSAL, Rudolph (b.1890) 5K
ordegf.txt ORDE, George Frederic (b.1864) 5K
ortquiap.txt ORTQUIST, Andrew Peter (b.1866) 7K
ostdiehj.txt OSTDIEK, Herman J. (b.1856) 9K ostdiehj.jpg
ovenshce.txt OVENSHIRE, Charles E. (b.1856) 7K
owensjj.txt OWENS, John J. (b.1857) 5K
pageltj.txt PAGEL, Theodore J. (b.1880) 6K pageltj.jpg
palmerfl.txt PALMER, Frank L. (b.1860) 8K
parkht.txt PARK, Herbert T. (b.1879) 4K
parkercj.txt PARKER, Charles J. 4K
parkerpm.txt PARKER, Philone M. 5K
parkerps.txt PARKER, Dr. Paul S. (b.1889) 5K
partrigh.txt PARTRIDGE, George H. (b.1856) 4K partrigh.jpg
partritm.txt PARTRIDGE, Thomas Murdock 6K
paulac.txt PAUL, Amasa Copp (b.1857) 5K paulac.jpg
paullel.txt PAULLE, Leonard (b.1855) 7K
paynecw.txt PAYNE, Dr. Clyde W. 5K
pearceno.txt PEARCE, Dr. Naboth Osborne 5K
peeblest.txt PEEBLES, Thomas (b.1857) 4K
peetw.txt PEET, William 5K peetw.jpg
peltonjg.txt PELTON, John George (b.1879) 5K
penninge.txt PENNINGTON, Edmund (b.1848) 6K penninge.jpg
pepparah.txt PEPPARD, Albert H. (b.1844 d.1918) 5K pepparah.jpg
petersoc.txt PETERSON, Charles (b.1867) 5K
petersmj.txt PETERSON, Manfred J. (b.1867) 4K
peterssj.txt PETERSON, S. J. (b.1871) 5K peterssj.jpg
pettitch.txt PETTIT, Hon. Curtis Hussey (b.1833 d.1914) 15K
phelpsce.txt PHELPS, Charles E. 5K
phelpsej.txt PHELPS, Edmund Joseph (b.1845) 9K phelpsej.jpg
phelpsjt.txt PHELPS, James Turner (b.1844 d.1917) 5K phelpsjt.jpg
phelpslt.txt PHELPS, Louis T. (b.1887) 5K
phelpsr.txt PHELPS, Richardson 5K
pillsbcl.txt PILLSBURY, Charles Lucien 6K
pillsbjs.txt PILLSBURY, Hon. John Sargent (b.1827 d.1901) 20K pillsbjs.jpg
pipergf.txt PILLSBURY, Hon. John Sargent (b.1856 d.1917) 7K pipergf.jpg
plummesh.txt PLUMMER, Scott Howell (b.1874) 4K
poolergw.txt POOLER, George W. (b.1851) 6K
portergw.txt PORTER, George W. (b.1852 d.1922) 6K portergw.jpg
pottswj.txt POTTS, William J. (b.1878) 6K
pouchejl.txt POUCHER, William J. 6K pouchejl.jpg
prayaf.txt PRAY, Albert F. 5K
prayoa.txt PRAY, Otis Arkwright 8K
prendeea.txt PRENDERGAST, Edmund A. 5K
preusjao.txt PREUS, Jacob A. O. (b.1883) 7K preusjao.jpg
pricegh.txt PRICE, George Herbert (b.1861) 7K
pricegw.txt PRICE, George W. (b.1893) 5K
princefm.txt PRINCE, Frank Moody (b.1854) 7K princefm.jpg
prindlcc.txt PRINDLE, Charles Comstock (b.1856) 5K prindlcc.jpg
priorch.txt PRIOR, Charles Henry (b.1833 d.1921) 9K priorch.jpg
prosseca.txt PROSSER, Charles Allen (b.1871) 6K
pryorlc.txt PRYOR, Luman C. (b.1864) 5K
purdyea.txt PURDY, Edward A. (b.1878) 4K
quealjh.txt QUEAL, John Henry (b.1851) quealjh.jpg
quimbyr.txt QUIMBY, Roy (b.1882 d.1919) quimbyr.jpg
quistca.txt QUIST, C. A. (b.1866) quistca.jpg
rahnaad.txt RAHN, Andrew A. D. (b.1877) 4K rahnaad.jpg
ramsayr.txt RAMSAY, Dr. Robert 6K ramsayr.jpg
ramsdejh.txt RAMSDEN, John H. (b.1869) 5K
ramseywa.txt RAMSEY, William Allan (b.1855 d.1921) 10K ramseywa.jpg
randac.txt RAND, Alonzo T. (b.1858) 6K randac.jpg
randalws.txt RANDALL, Willard S. 5K randalws.jpg
rasmuspb.txt RASMUSSON, Palmer B. (b.1888) 6K
rayjh.txt RAY, John H. 4K
raytj.txt RAY, Thomas James (b.1854 d.1917) 5K
reedap.txt REED, Albert Preston (b.1883) 4K
reedca.txt REED, Dr. Charles A. 5K
reedjm.txt REED, Joseph M. 4K
reedla.txt REED, Louis Albert (b.1855) 5K
reedsa.txt REED, Sampson A. (b.1848 d.1908) 7K
reesjm.txt REES, John M. 4K
reevesgh.txt REEVES, Gardiner H. 5K reevesgh.jpg
reganjj.txt REGAN, John J. (b.1857) 5K
reganjm.txt REGAN, Joseph M. (b.1861) 4K
reganwm.txt REGAN, William M. (b.1855) 7K
rehfelha.txt REHFELD, Dr. Hugo A. (b.1862) 6K rehfelha.jpg
reidjp.txt REID, John Patrick (b.1866 d.1922) 5K
reillycr.txt REILLY, Charles R. 4K
remundlc.txt REMUND, Louis C. (b.1858 d.1915) 6K
reynolel.txt REYNOLDS, Dr. E. L. 5K
rhamega.txt RHAME, George A. (b.1872) 7K rhamega.jpg
richardb.txt RICHARDS, Bergmann 5K
ringercw.txt RINGER, Charles Wesley (b.1861) 7K
ritchijh.txt RITCHIE, John H. (b.1873) 8K
ritchiwh.txt RITCHIE, William Henry (b.1856 d.1921) 7K ritchiwh.jpg
robbinab.txt ROBBINS, Andrew Bonney (b.1845 d.1910) 10K robbinab.jpg
robbinse.txt ROBBINS, Edith 7K
robbinsa.txt ROBBINS, Amy (WARE) (b.1877) 12K
robertad.txt ROBERTSON, Alex D. (b.1890) 6K
robertgw.txt ROBERTSON, Glenn W. (b.1879) 6K
robertsj.txt ROBERTSON, James 6K
robinscj.txt ROBINSON, Charles J. (b.1890) 4K
robinscn.txt ROBINSON, Charles N. (b.1853 d.1915) 5K
robinshl.txt ROBINSON, Harry L. (b.1869) 5K robinshl.jpg
robinsha.txt ROBINSON, Howard Andrew (b.1888) 4K
robinssc.txt ROBINSON, Sumner C. (b.1831 d.1903) 6K
robitshj.txt ROBITSHEK, Joseph (b.1847 d.1922) 7K robitshj.jpg
rockstaa.txt ROCKSTAD, Anfin (b.1877) 4K rockstaa.jpg
rockwocj.txt ROCKWOOD, Chelsea Joseph (b.1855) 7K rockwocj.jpg
roddafc.txt RODDA, Dr. Frederick C. (b.1880) 5K roddafc.jpg
rodinee.txt RODINE, Elmer (b.1889) 5K
rodmanr.txt RODMAN, Raymond (b.1877) 4K
rogersar.txt ROGERS, Arthur R. (b.1864) 8K
rogersgd.txt ROGERS, Colonel George D. (b.1830 d.1918) 15K rogersgd.jpg
rogersrc.txt ROGERS, Robert C. 5K
rollinle.txt ROLLINS, Leonard E. (b.1889) 6K
rossch.txt ROSS, Charles Henry (b.1848 d.1916) 10K rossch.jpg
ruda.txt RUD, Anthony (b.1873 d.1908) 5K
ruhnkegw.txt RUHNKE, Gust W. 4K
rustgh.txt RUST, George Henry (b.1839 d.1890) 7K rustgh.jpg
ryande.txt RYAN, Dennis Edward (b.1862 d.1920) 6K
rydelljs.txt RYDELL, Dr. John S. 6K rydelljs.jpg

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