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The Biographies linked on these pages were extracted from the:
"History of Minneapolis, Gateway to the Northwest";
Chicago-Minneapolis, The S J Clarke Publishing Co, 1923;
Edited by: Rev. Marion Daniel Shutter, D.D., LL.D.;
Volume I - Shutter (Historical);
Volume II - Biographical;
Volume III - Biographical
Submitted by Laura Pruden

Note: If there is not a filename in the "Photo" column there is not a photo available for viewing.

Surnames A - F

Surnames M - R

Surnames  S - Z

Surnames  G - F



File Size



gageca.txt GAGE, Carl A. (b.1881) 6K
gagnonhp.txt GAGNON,Harris P. (b.1880) 6K
gahrefh.txt GAHRE, Frank Henry (b.1870) 4K
galeec.txt GALE, Edward Chenery (b.1862) 5K
gambledf.txt GAMBLE, David Franklin (b.1869) 6K gambledf.jpg
gambles.txt GAMBLE, Stewart (b.1861) 7K gambles.jpg
gardnehb.txt GARDNER, Herbert Brayton (b.1854) 3K
gardnehm.txt GARDNER, Herbert McLaury (b.1882) 5K gardnehm.jpg
gedneyiv.txt GEDNEY, Isidore V. (b.1870) 5K
gedneyma.txt GEDNEY, Matthias Anderson (b.1832 d.1905) 10K
geggiejc.txt GEGGIE, James C. Jr. (b.1872 d.1921) 6K
geistes.txt GEIST, Dr. Emil Sebastian (b.1878) 4K
gelmansb.txt GELMAN, Sander Boris (b.1854) 5K
georgejw.txt GEORGE, Dr. James Woodward (b.1869) 6K georgejw.jpg
gibianfh.txt GIBIAN, Felix H. (b.1882) 5K
gibsonww.txt GIBSON, William W. (b.1883) 5K gibsonww.jpg
giesslpw.txt GIESSLER, Dr. Paul William (b.1885) 5K
gileshm.txt GILES, H. M. (b.1874) 4K
gilfiljb.txt GILFILLAN, Hon. John Bachop (b.1835) 18K gilfiljb.jpg
gilletls.txt GILLETTE, Lewis S. (b.1854) 15K gilletls.jpg
gilliesj.txt GILLIES, John (b.1873) 5K gilliesj.jpg
gipsonhe.txt GIPSON, Henry E. (b.1863) 5K
gjertshj.txt GJERTSEN, Henry John (b.1861 d.1911) 9K gjertshj.jpg
gjertsmf.txt GJERTSEN, Rev. Melchoir Falk (b.1847 d.1913) 7K
godwarac.txt GODWARD, Alfred Calvin (b.1886) 6K godwarac.jpg
goochwh.txt GOOCH, Walter H. (b.1882) 4K
goodejd.txt GOODE, James David (b.1861) 5K
goodricg.txt GOODRICH, Calvin Gibson (b.1856 d.1915) 7K goodricg.jpg
goodriir.txt GOODRIDGE, Irving R. (b.1862) 5K
gordongj.txt GORDON, Dr. George Jacob (b.1874) 6K gordongj.jpg
gorgene.txt GORGEN, Dr. Edward (b.1872) 5K
gouldjb.txt GOULD, Dr. James Bennett (b.1860 d.1916) 7K
granbejj.txt GRANBECK, Joseph John (b.1886) 4K
grantla.txt GRANT, General Lewis A. (b.1829 d.1918) 11K
grayfl.txt GRAY, Fred L. (b.1866) 7K grayfl.jpg
graywi.txt GRAY, William Irving 6K graywi.jpg
greavefw.txt GREAVES, Frank William (b.1864) 6K greavefw.jpg
greeraj.txt GREER, Hon. Allen J. (b.1854 d.1905) 7K
greerdd.txt GREER, Dorance Dorman (b.1883 d.1918) 6K
gregghs.txt GREGG, Henry Sellers (b.1858) 7K gregghs.jpg
gregorwd.txt GREGORY, William Daniel (b.1855) 6K gregorwd.jpg
grimsruc.txt GRIMSRUD, Christian (b.1864) 7K grimsruc.jpg
groffrl.txt GROFF, Richard L. (b.1890) 5K
grossfa.txt GROSS, Francis A. (b.1870) 7K
guilforj.txt GUILFORD, Jonas (b.1839 d.1909) 7K guilforj.jpg
gulbrool.txt GULBRO, Olaves L. (b.1881) 5K
gunderhj.txt GUNDERSON, Herbert J. (b.1886) 6K
gustafog.txt GUSTAFSON, Oscar G. J. (b.1871) 6K
hackinfh.txt HACKING, Dr. Frank Henry (b.1872) 6K hackinfh.jpg
haddenjh.txt HADDEN, John H. (b.1872) 5K
hagenjj.txt HAGEN, John Julian (b.1865) 6K hagenjj.jpg
haglincf.txt HAGLIN, Charles F. (b.1849 d.1921) 8K haglincf.jpg
haglicfj.txt HAGLIN, Charles F. Jr. 4K
halewe.txt HALE, Hon. William Edward (b.1845 d.1922) 7K halewe.jpg
haleses.txt HALES, Ernest S. 5K
hallhm.txt HALL, Henry M. (b.1849) 4K
halllm.txt HALL, Judge Levi M. (b.1889) 6K halllm.jpg
hallsa.txt HALL, Stephen A. (b.1875 d.1920) 5K hallsa.jpg
hallsc.txt HALL, Stephen Crosby (b.1834) 11K
halltw.txt HALL, Thornton W. 5K halltw.jpg
hallowwp.txt HALLOWELL, William Penrose (b.1863) 5K
hallumjc.txt HALLUM, Julius C. (b.1859) 8K hallumjc.jpg
hamblich.txt HAMBLIN, Charles H. (d.1918) 7K hamblich.jpg
hamiltas.txt HAMILTON, Dr. Arthur Stephen (b.1972) 6K hamiltas.jpg
hammilfj.txt HAMMILL, Frank J. 4K
hancoclb.txt HANCOCK, Luke B. (b.1874) 4K
hansonga.txt HANSON, George A. (b.1875) 4K
hardingp.txt HARDING, George Parker 5K hardingh.jpg
hardings.txt HARDING, Simeon (b.1812 d.1872) 6K
hareer.txt HARE, Dr. Earle Russell (b.1872) 5K
harperhd.txt HARPER, Harry D. (b.1892) 5K harperhd.jpg
HARRINGTON, Charles M. * harrincm..jpg
harrinfe.txt HARRINGTON, Dr. Francis E. (b.1879) 5K
harrinwv.txt HARRINGTON, William V. 6K harrinwv.jpg
harrissa.txt HARRIS, Samuel Arthur (b.1847 d.1908), 9K harrissa.jpg
harrishg.txt HARRISON, Hugh Galbraith (b.1822 d.1891) 10K harrishg.jpg
harrista.txt HARRISON, Thomas Asbury (b.1811 d.1887) 6K harrista.jpg
hauglaet.txt HAUGLAND, Emil Tobias (b.1887) 5K
haymescs.txt HAYMES, Charles S. (b.1886) 5K
hazletti.txt HAZLETT, Isaac 6K
headfs.txt HEAD, Fred S. (b.1874) 4K
headgd.txt HEAD, Dr. George Douglas 6K
healyf.txt HEALY, Frank 6K healyf.jpg
heathbt.txt HEATH, Basil T. (b.1893) 4K heathbt..jpg
heddinja.txt HEDDING, Dr. Joseph A. 5K
heffelft.txt HEFFELFINGER, Frank Totton (b.1869) 8K heffelft.jpg
hefleywr.txt HEFLEY, William R. (b.1890) 5K
hegenerh.txt HEGENER, Richard Henry (b.1858) 5K hegenerh.jpg
heggfn.txt HEGG, Frederick Nathaniel (b.1879) 7K heggfn.jpg
heinriac.txt HEINRICH, Adolph C. (b.1858 d.1895) 5K
heinrigj.txt HEINRICH, Gustaf Jacob (b.1862 d.1904) 6K heinrigj.jpg
hendriea.txt HENDRICKS, Edwin A. 4K
hendrifn.txt HENDRIX, Fred N. (b.1854 d.1912) 5K
henneswh.txt HENNESSEY, Walter H. 4K
henryfm.txt HENRY, Francis Maxwell (b.1866) 6K
herrlypf.txt HERRLY, Peter F. (b.1883) 8K herrlypf.jpg
hertigw.txt HERTIG, Wendell 4K
hesselel.txt HESSEL, Edward L. (b.1885) 11K
hessiama.txt HESSIAN, Maurice A. (b.1888) 4K hessiama.jpg
hewsonsj.txt HEWSON, Samuel James (b.1857) 5K
heywoodf.txt HEYWOOD, Frank (b.1857) 6K heywoodf.jpg
hibbarcj.txt HIBBARD, Charles J. 6K
hickstw.txt HICKS, Thomas Willing (b.1879) 18K hickstw.jpg
hillaj.txt HILL, Allan J. (b.1887) 4K
hillrj.txt HILL, Dr. Richard J. (b.1853 d.1923) 8K
hinelise.txt HINELINE, Stewart E. (b.1891) 5K
hirschfa.txt HIRSCHFIELD, Dr. Adolph (b.1864) 5K hirschfa.jpg
hixonwl.txt HIXON, William Lloyd (b.1867 d.1916) 7K hixonwl.jpg
hoigaacj.txt HOIGAARD, Conrad J. (b.1868) 5K
hokeg.txt HOKE, George (b.1879) 4K
hokenshm.txt HOKENSON, Herman M. (b.1881) 4K
holbrolw.txt HOLBROOK, Lindley W. (b.1883) 4K
holmw.txt HOLM, William 5K
honstagt.txt HONSTAIN, George T. (b.1858) 5K
hoodch.txt HOOD, Charles H. (b.1860) 4K
hopkinfj.txt HOPKINS, Frederick J. 5K
hopwoorg.txt HOPWOOD, Robert G. (b.1890) 9K hopwoofp.jpg
hornerwm.txt HORNER, Warren Murdock (b.1870) 13K hornerwm.jpg
hortonle.txt HORTON, Laurence Eustis 5K
horwitpe.txt HORWITZ, Peter E. (b.1886) 4K
hoskinhl.txt HOSKINSON, Harold L. (b.1859) 9K
hospja.txt HOSP, Joseph A. (b.1885) 5K
howardtp.txt HOWARD, Thomas P. (b.1883) 5K
howegc.txt HOWE, George Coleman (b.1852 d.1922) 5K howegc.jpg
hoywt.txt HOY, William T. 6K
hoytam.txt HOYT, Alexander Merriam 3K
hubbarda.txt HUBBARD, Ackley (b.1849) 5K
hubbarao.txt HUBBARD, Arthur O. (b.1860) 6K
huberhf.txt HUBER, Herman F. 5K
hubnerga.txt HUBNER, Gustaf A. (b.1873) 5K
hudsonhd.txt HUDSON, H. D. 4K
hudsonjb.txt HUDSON, Josiah B. (b.1850) 6K hudsonjb.jpg
hugheshe.txt HUGHES, Hugh E. (b.1867) 6K
hughestd.txt HUGHES, Thomas D. (b.1870) 5K
hughesww.txt HUGHES, William Wardell 5K
hulethg.txt HULET, Harriet Granger (Mrs. Thomas B. WALKER) (b.1841) 10K hulethg.jpg
hultgrdc.txt HULTGREN, David C. (b.1896) 5K
huntingr.txt HUNTINGTON, George R. 5K
illstruc.txt ILLSTRUP, Carl (b.1860) 5K illstruc.jpg
ingenhts.txt INGENHUTT, Thomas S. (d.1905) 5K
isaacsb.txt ISAACS, Benjamin (b.1885) 5K
jackaoab.txt JACKSON, Anson Blake 5K
jacobswm.txt JACOBSON, William M. 5K
jaffract.txt JAFFRAY, Clive Talbot (b.1865) 5K
jamisonr.txt JAMISON, Judge Robert (b.1858) 8K jamisonr.jpg
janneytb.txt JANNEY, Thomas B. (b.1838) 4K
jelleycs.txt JELLEY, Judge Charles Samuel (b.1849 d.1922) 8K jelleycs.jpg
jenniswj.txt JENNISON, Willis Jason (b.1852 d.1908) 7K jenniswj.jpg
jensonac.txt JENSEN, Anton C. 6K
jensonch.txt JENSEN, Charles H. (b.1882) 6K
jeromewm.txt JEROME, Waldron M. (b.1877 d.1918) 11K jeromewm.jpg
jessenj.txt JESSEN, James (b.1860) 4K
johnsael.txt JOHNSON, Adolph E. L. 5K johnsael.jpg
johnsoaj.txt JOHNSON, Albert J. (b.1891) 6K
johnsalj.txt JOHNSON, Alfred J. 4K
johnsoab.txt JOHNSON, Arthur B. (b.1889) 5K
johnsoah.txt JOHNSON, Ausgarius H. 4K
johnsocj.txt JOHNSON, Charles J. (b.1849 d.1918) 6K johnsocj.jpg
johnsonc.txt JOHNSON, Charles (b.1865 d.1918) 6K johnsonc.jpg
johnscje.txt JOHNSON, Chris J. E. (b.1886) 4K
johnsoeb.txt JOHNSON, E. B. 5K
johnsoew.txt JOHNSON, Ernest W. (b.1875) 6K
johnsojn.txt JOHNSON, J. N. (b.1868) 5K
johnsoja.txt JOHNSON, Dr. James A. 5K
johnsjoh.txt JOHNSON, Joseph Henry (b.1852) 11K johnsojh.jpg
johnsojs.txt JOHNSON, Joseph Smith (b.181? d.1892) 4K
johnsoml.txt JOHNSON, Martin L. (b.1857) 5K
johnstbp.txt JOHNSTON, Burd P. (b.1876) 5K johnstbp.jpg
jonesae.txt JONES, Arthur E. 5K
joneshw.txt JONES, Harry W. 6K
jonestt.txt JONES, Ted T. (b.1880) 5K
jordanma.txt JORDAN, Michael A. 5K
jordanwb.txt JORDAN, Walter B. (b.1847) 11K
josslh.txt JOSS, Louis Harvey (b.1880) 6K josslh.jpg
joycemm.txt JOYCE, Matthew M. 3K
juelln.txt JUELL, Dr. Nils 5K
kavelhw.txt KAVEL, Harry W. (b.1883) 9K kavelhw.jpg
kayseraj.txt KAYSER, Albert J. (b.1877) 5K
kaysere.txt KAYSER, Emanuel (d.1913) 5K
keatinwj.txt KEATING, William J. (b.1863) 3K
keatlejh.txt KEATLEY, John H. (b.1847 d.1922) 6K keatlejh.jpg
kelleyet.txt KELLEY, Elwyn Thomas (b.1890) 5K
kelleyle.txt KELLEY, Louis E. (b.1854) 6K kelleyle.jpg
kellogwg.txt KELLOGG, William G. (b.1888) 5K
kellyaj.txt KELLY, Andrew J. (b.1885) 5K
kellyep.txt KELLY, Edward P. (b.1875) 5K
kellypj.txt KELLY, Patrick J. (b.1868) 5K
kemperwh.txt KEMPER, William H. (b.1886) 5K
kennedcc.txt KENNEDY, Dr. Claude Clement (b.1884) 4K
kennisha.txt KENNISON, Herbert A. (b.1887) 6K
kenthe.txt KENT, Harry E. (b.1860) 5K
kenyonah.txt KENYON, Albert H. (b.1842) 5K kenyonah.jpg
kenyonln.txt KENYON, Lewis Newlan (b.1877) 4K
kenyonrh.txt KENYON, Raymond H. (b.1887) 5K
kenyontn.txt KENYON, Thomas N. (b.1863) 8K kenyontn.jpg
kibbeeec.txt KIBBEE, Ellery Chaning (b.1880) 5K
kimmap.txt KIMM, Albert P. (b.1879) 7K
kingvlh.txt KING, Vincent L. H. (b.1870) 6K
kingwd.txt KING, William Dennis (b.1855 d.1922) 6K kingwd.jpg
kingslga.txt KINGSLEY, George Almon (b.1872) 5K
kinnarob.txt KINNARD, Oscar Brooke Sr. (b.1853) 6K
kirchsca.txt KIRCHSTEIN, Charles A. (b.1876) 5K
kistlecm.txt KISTLER, Dr. Charles M. (b.1869) 5K kistlecm.jpg
kistlejm.txt KISTLER, Dr. Jonas M. (b.1856) 5K kistlejm.jpg
klarqusm.txt KLARQUIST, Swan M. (b.1880) 6K
knappkj.txt KNAPP, Karl J. (b.1880) 5K
knightjm.txt KNIGHT, James Melvin (b.1841 d.1883) 6K
knoblaua.txt KNOBLAUCH, Anton (b.1860 d.1915) 7K knoblaua.jpg
knowltdw.txt KNOWLTON, David Waldo (b.1862) 5K knowltdw.jpg
knudsont.txt KNUDSON, Torkel (Tom) (b.1865) 6K
kochcc.txt KOCH, Dr. Carel C. (b.1895) 5K
kohenma.txt KOHEN, Max A. (b.1874) 6K
kovarifj.txt KOVARIK, Frank J. (b.1886) 4K
kozlakja.txt KOZLAK, Hon. Joseph A. (b.1896) 5K
kremerwj.txt KREMER, Dr. Walter J. (b.1878) 5K kremerwj.jpg
kronickc.txt KRONICK, Charles (b.1873) 5K kronickc.jpg
kuehnwr.txt KUEHN, William R. (b.1893) 5K
kunzewf.txt KUNZE, William F. (b.1872) 6K
lafontej.txt La FONTAINE, Edward J. (b.1873) 5K
lagrangr.txt LA GRANGE, Robert (b.1880) 4K
labattgk.txt LABATT, George K. (b.1877) 5K
lairdrm.txt LAIRD, Robert M. (b.1878) 5K
lampsofe.txt LAMPSON, Frank E. (b.1869) 5K
landerjc.txt LANDERS, John C. (b.1861 d.1917) 4K landerjc.jpg
langdocs.txt LANGDON, Cavour S. (b.1861) 4K langdocs.jpg
langdorb.txt LANGDON, Robert Bruce (b.1826 d.1895) 11K
langfoft.txt LANGFORD, Frank T. 4K
langwool.txt LANGWORTHY, Olin L. (b.1868) 5K langwool.jpg
larimoja.txt LARIMORE, John Andrew (b.1869 d.1921) 6K larimoja.jpg
larsona.txt LARSON, Axel 5K
larsonoe.txt LARSON, Oscar E. 6K
lathrora.txt LATHROP, Roy A. (b.1888) 4K
latouren.txt LATOURELLE, Napoleon (b.1872) 7K
lauwj.txt LAU, William J. (b.1865) 5K
lawheawa.txt LAWHEAD, William Arthur (b.1867) 5K lawheawa.jpg
lawrenwd.txt LAWRENCE, Dr. William D. (b.1852) 6K lawrenwd.jpg
leachge.txt LEACH, Colonel George E. (b.1876) 9K leachge.jpg
leachwc.txt LEACH, Walter C. (b.1866) 5K leachwc.jpg
leahyaj.txt LEAHY, Arthur J. 4K
learnepr.txt LEARNED, Park R. (b.1887) 5K
leeej.txt LEE, Edward J. (b.1883) 3K
leerp.txt LEE, Reuel P. (b.1888) 8K
leet.txt LEE, Thorwald 5K leet.jpg
leemanpj.txt LEEMAN, Paul J. (b.1883) 5K
leighthn.txt LEIGHTON, Horace Newell (b.1853) 5K leighthn.jpg
leisteoh.txt LEISTER, Oscar H. (b.1875) 5K
lestoroa.txt LESTOR, O. August (b.1879) 5K
levysj.txt LEVY, Samuel J. (b.1881) 5K
lewisce.txt LEWIS, Charles E. (b.1858) 6K lewisce.jpg
lewisgw.txt LEWIS, Gano Watson (b.1865) 6K
libbyt.txt LIBBY, Thomas 5K
libbywj.txt LIBBY, Woodbury J. (b.1836 d.1913) 7K
lillibhf.txt LILLIBRIDGE, Horatio F. (b.1836) 5K lillibhf.jpg
lincollt.txt LINCOLN, Levi T. (b.1860) 5K lincollt.jpg
lindahca.txt LINDAHL, Claus A. (b.1865) 5K
linquisg.txt LINDQUIST, Gustav 8K linquisg.jpg
lindskci.txt LINDSKOOG, Carl I. (b.1882) 5K
lobdelfr.txt LOBDELL, Frank R. (b.1877) 5K lobdelfr.jpg
lochrewa.txt LOCHREN, William A. (b.1877) 6K
lonegrce.txt LONEGREN, Carl E. (b.1885) 5K
lonegrjl.txt LONEGREN, Joseph Leonard 5K
loomisln.txt LOOMIS, Louis N. (b.1857) 7K
loringcm.txt LORING, Charles M. (b.1833 d.1922) 13K loringcm.jpg
loringej.txt LORING, Edward J. (b.1885) 5K
loudonrd.txt LOUDON, Robert D. (b.1869) 5K
lovellcp.txt LOVELL, Charles P. (b.1837 d.1921) 8K lovellcp.jpg
lowejf.txt LOWE, Justus F. (b.1888) 4K
lowryh.txt LOWRY, Horace (b.1880) 6K
lowryt.txt LOWRY, Thomas (b.1843 d.1909) 12K lowryt.jpg
luceed.txt LUCE, Colonel Erle D. (b.1882) 12K
ludwigaw.txt LUDWIG, Alvah W. (b.1858 d.1923) 6K ludwigaw.jpg
lugsdigh.txt LUGSDIN, George H. (b.1862) 5K
lungreac.txt LUNDGREN, Dr. Albert Conrad (b.1891) 5K
lundquco.txt LUNDQUIST, Charles Oscar 5K
lundquis.txt LUNDQUIST, Seth 4K
luttgemo.txt LUTTGEN, Max O. (b.1869) 6K
lyonjd.txt LYON, John Dexter (b.1875) 7K
lyonpw.txt LYON, Platt W. (b.1860 d.1917) 5K lyonpw.jpg

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