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The Biographies linked on these pages were extracted from the:
"History of Minneapolis, Gateway to the Northwest";
Chicago-Minneapolis, The S J Clarke Publishing Co, 1923;
Edited by: Rev. Marion Daniel Shutter, D.D., LL.D.;
Volume I - Shutter (Historical);
Volume II - Biographical;
Volume III - Biographical
Submitted by Laura Pruden

Note: If there is not a filename in the "Photo" column there is not a photo available for viewing.

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Surnames M - R

Surnames  S - Z

Surnames  A - F



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abbottaw.txt ABBOTT, Dr. Amos Wilson (b.1844) 5K
adairfl.txt ADAIR, Fred Lyman M.D. (b.1877) 6K
ainswosa.txt AINSWORTH, Shepard Alcide (b.1857 d.1912) 4K
albreccf.txt ALBRECHT, Charles Frederick (b.1857 d.1921) 5K albreccf.jpg
albrecwg.txt ALBRECHT, William G. (b.1885) 5K
alexanke.txt ALEXANDER, Kossuth E. (b.1880 d.1922) 5K
alrickbg.txt ALRICK, B. G. (b.1883) 5K
andereem.txt ANDERECK, Earl M. (b.1889) 5K
andersor.txt ANDERSEN, O. Ralph (b.1877) 6K
anderscr.txt ANDERSON, Clarence R. (b.1891) 5K
andersfo.txt ANDERSON, Frank O. (b.1845) 6K andersfo.jpg
andersjs.txt ANDERSON, James S. (b.1874) 5K
andersjd.txt ANDERSON, John D. M.D. (b.1883 d.1922) 5K andersjd.jpg
andersjj.txt ANDERSON, Julius J. (b.1882) 5K
andresej.txt ANDRESEN, Jacob (b.1880) 5K
andrewac.txt ANDREWS, Arthur C. (b.1854) 7K
andrewjc.txt ANDREWS, James Currier (b.1867) 7K andrewjc.jpg
andrewsd.txt ANDREWS, Sewall D. (b.1874) 5K andrewsd.jpg
apgarae.txt APGAR, Adrian E. (d.1909) 6K apgarae.jpg
applincd.txt APPLIN, Clarence D. (b.1885) 5K
archamaj.txt ARCHAMBO, Augustus John (b.1860 d.1923) 7K archamaj.jpg
atkinsee.txt ATKINSON, Elmer E. (b.1867) 10K atkinsee.jpg
atkinshe.txt ATKINSON, Harold E. (b.1889) 5K
atkinswm.txt ATKINSON, William M. (b.1868) 5K
atwood.txt ATWOOD & COMPANY, Joseph Foster, J.P. and Eben W. W. Wilcox  (c.1902) 5K
atwoodcl.txt ATWOOD, Clarence L. (b.1859) 9K
atwoodfb.txt ATWOOD, Fred B. (b.1871) 6K
babcocrs.txt BABCOCK, Robert S. 43K
babcockw.txt BABCOCK, Walter (b.1848) 5K
backdaat.txt BACKDAHL, Axel Theodore (b.1877) 5K
backusew.txt BACKUS, Edward Wellington (b.1860) 30K backusew.jpg
badgerlr.txt BADGER, Lester R. (b.1892) 4K
badgerwl.txt BADGER, Walter L. (b.1868) 7K backusew.jpg
bagleygc.txt BAGLEY, George Colt (b.1851) 12K bagleygc.jpg
baldwinm.txt BALDWIN, Mathias (b.1875) 7K baldwinm.jpg
ballarrb.txt BALLARD, Rollin Beecher (b.1869) 5K
baltufha.txt BALTUFF, Harry Ancel (b.1860) 6K
bancroma.txt BANCROFT, Major Alpheus 6K
barbeerj.txt BARBER, Edwin Roswell, Jr. 6K
barbeers.txt BARBER, Edwin Roswell, Sr. (b.1852 d.1920) 7K
barberwh.txt BARBER, William H. (b.1855) 10K barbarwh.jpg
bardwelj.txt BARDWELL, Lamont Jenks (b.1872) 5K
bardweww.txt BARDWELL, Winfield William (Judge) 5K
barneseb.txt BARNES, Eugene B. (b.1885) 5K
barthocl.txt BARTHOLOMEW, Charles Lewis (b.1869) 10K barthocl.jpg
bassetjb.txt BASSETT, Joel Bean (b.1817 d.1912) 7K
bastingt.txt BASTING, Theophil (b.1845) 5K
batesec.txt BATES, Edmund C. 6K
bayeram.txt BAYER, Anthony M. (b.1876) 4K
beckjfmd.txt BECK, Dr. James F. Beck (b.1870 d.1914) 5K
beckvs.txt BECK, Vernon S. 5K
beckwigc.txt BECKWITH, George C. (b.1885) 5K
bedforew.txt BEDFORD, Dr. Edgar William (b.1888) 6K
belljf.txt BELL, James F. (b.1879) 5K
belljs.txt BELL, James Stroud (b.1847) 9K belljs.jpg
benjamae.txt BENJAMIN, Dr. Arthur Edwin (b.1868) 6K benjamae.jpg
bennetwh.txt BENNETT, William Henry (b.1843 d.1908) 8K bennetwh.jpg
bentonhw.txt BENTON, Henry W. (b.1857) 5K
bentzemt.txt BENTZEN, Maximillian Thue (b.1880) 4K bentzemt.jpg
bergjn.txt BERG, John H. 4K
bergehs.txt BERGE, Henry Sherman (b.1887) 6K
bergquel.txt BERGQUIST, Ernest L. (b.1877) 6K bergquel.jpg
bernarja.txt BERNARD, John A. (b.1845) and wife, Rose Ella MOORE 9K bernarja.jpg
berrywh.txt BERRY, William H. (b.1871) 4K
bestes.txt BEST, Dr. Elmer S. 5K
bestji.txt BEST, James Irvin (Judge) (b.1835 d.1919) 10K
beyerc.txt BEYER, Carl (b.1878) 5K
bicknech.txt BICKNELL, Charles H. (b.1849 d.1921) 6K bicknech.jpg
blacksra.txt BLACKSTAD, Robert A. (b.1889) 5K
blakejd.txt BLAKE, John D. (b.1838 d.1906) 6K
blakkehp.txt BLAKKESTAD, Halvor P. (b.1853) 5K
bleeckgm.txt BLEECKER, George M. 5K bleeckgm.jpg
blisswj.txt BLISS, William J. (b.1880) 5K
boegejh.txt BOEGE, John H. (b.1871) 5K boegejh.jpg
boehmeca.txt BOEHME, Christopher Adam (b.1865 d.1916) 5K
boneaurd.txt BONEAU, Reynaldo Dixon (b.1895) 4K
boocopa.txt BOOCO, Phil A. (b.1865) 9K boocopa.jpg
bousfief.txt BOUSFIELD, Edward F. (b.1849) 5K
bovayca.txt BOVAY, Charles A. (b.1832 d.1911) 7K
bowmanbc.txt BOWMAN, Bradley C. (b.1859) 6K bowmanbc.jpg
bowmanfw.txt BOWMAN, Frank W. 4K bowmanfw.jpg
bowmashj.txt BOWMAN, Samuel H. Jr. (b.1887) 5K bowmashj.jpg
bowmashs.txt BOWMAN, Samuel H. Sr. (b.1853) 12K bowmashs.jpg
BRACKETT, George A. (Picture only) * brackega.jpg
bradlech.txt BRADLEY, Dr. Charles Herbert (b.1865 d.1915) 6K
bremnewh.txt BREMNER, William H. (b.1869) 4K
breslaum.txt BRESLAUER, Michael (b.1855 d.1916) 8K breslaum.jpg
brooksas.txt BROOKS, Anson S. (b.1852) 5K brooksas.jpg
brooksed.txt BROOKS, Edmund De Witt (b.1866) 7K brooksed.jpg
brooksfc.txt BROOKS, Hon. Frank Clark (b.1853) 23K brooksfc.jpg
brooksgh.txt BROOKS, George H. (b.1891) 4K
brownad.txt BROWN, Andrew D. (b.1818 d.1911) 10K
brownca.txt BROWN, Clarence A. (b.1860 d.1917) 7K
browndc.txt BROWN, Dan C. (b.1861) 7K browndc.jpg
browne.txt BROWN, Earle 5K browne.jpg
browneo.txt BROWN, Edward O. (b.1852) 8K
brownrg.txt BROWN, Rome G. (b.1862) 11K brownrg.jpg
brownlsh.txt BROWNLEE, Sherman H. (b.1875) 5K
bruceol.txt BRUCE, Olof Ludwig (b.1873) 8K bruceol.jpg
bruerhj.txt BRUER, Harry J. (b.1884) 4K
brunskfw.txt BRUNSKILL, Frank W. (b.1881) 6K
brushja.txt BRUSH, James A. (b.1846 d.1906) 5K
bryantel.txt BRYANT, Emery L. (b.1884) 5K
bullbsj.txt BULL, Benjamin Seth Jr. (b.1869 d.1920) 9K bullbsj.jpg
bullbss.txt BULL, Benjamin Seth Sr. (b.1832 d.1889) 7K
burkhojb.txt BURKHOLDER, Joseph B. 6K
burleiwc.txt BURLEIGH, William Carr (b.1860 d.1921) 6K
bushneje.txt BUSHNELL, Rev. John Edward 4K
butlerbr.txt BUTLER BROTHERS, Edward B., Charles and George 14K
buzzelmp.txt BUZZELL, Merchant P. (b.1885) 5K
byamjg.txt BYAM, John Garnet (b.1882) 4K
callengs.txt CALLENDER, Grant S. (b.1870) 5K
cameronc.txt CAMERON, Carlisle (b.1858) 5K cameronc.jpg
campbelc.txt CAMPBELL, Coler (b.1878) 5K
careyfl.txt CAREY, Frank Leighton (b.1867) 4K careyfl.jpg
carlawcm.txt CARLAW, Dr. Chester M. (b.1871) 5K carlawcm.jpg
carlseae.txt CARLSEN, Andrew E. (b.1896) 4K carlseae.jpg
carlsoef.txt CARLSON, Emanuel F. (b.1871) 6K
carlstcr.txt CARLSTROM, Carl R. (b.1880) 6K
carmichd.txt CARMICHIEL, Daniel (b.1875) 7K
carpenel.txt CARPENTER, Elbert L. (b.1862) 7K
carpenjt.txt CARPENTER, John T. D.D.S. (b.1872) 5K
carpenmb.txt CARPENTER, Martin Bruce (b.1876) 6K carpenmb.jpg
carsonhs.txt CARSON, Harry S. (b.1886) 3K carsonhs.jpg
casecw.txt CASE, Charles Whipple (b.1834 d.1922) 5K
castlesl.txt CASTLE, Sidney L. (b.1888) 3K
caswellh.txt CASWELL, Lucius Henry (b.1869) 5K
cederscj.txt CEDERSTROM, Charles Johan 8K cederscj.jpg
chaffega.txt CHAFFEE, Gibson A. (b.1866) 5K
chambefa.txt CHAMBERLAIN, Francis Asbury (b.1855) 4K
chambehh.txt CHAMBERLAIN, Harlow Hamlin (b.1863) 6K chambehh.jpg
chapinrc.txt CHAPIN, Rollin Coe (b.1888) 4K
chapmanj.txt CHAPMAN, Joseph (b.1871) 5K
chapmaos.txt CHAPMAN, Dr. Ozias Stephen (b.1839) 9K chapmaos.jpg
chapmawt.txt CHAPMAN, William T. (b.1888) 5K
charljwc.txt CHARLTON, John W. C. (b.1872) 5K
chasecl.txt CHASE, Charles L. (b.1868) 5K
chasefr.txt CHASE, Frank R. (b.1868) 5K
cherrywh.txt CHERRY, Wilbur H. (b.1874) 4K
chittemr.txt CHITTENDEN, Merton R. (b.1874) 5K
chowniwm.txt CHOWNING, Dr. William M. (b.1873) 6K chowniwm.jpg
christgh.txt CHRISTIAN, George H. (b.1839) 10K christgh.jpg
christwp.txt CHRISTIAN, William P. (b.1875) 7K
christjk.txt CHRISTY, John Kirk (b.1869) 5K
chutefb.txt CHUTE, Frederick Butterfield (b.1872) 5K
chutelp.txt CHUTE, Louis Prince (b.1868) 5K
chuterh.txt CHUTE, Richard Henry (b.1843) 6K
chuter.txt CHUTE, Richard (b.1820) 11K chuter.jpg
chutesh.txt CHUTE, Dr. Samuel Hewes (b.1830) 12K chutesh.jpg
clancyaw.txt CLANCY, Albert Worthington (b.1847) 7K clancyaw.jpg
clarkhj.txt CLARK, Herbert J. (b.1866) 7K
clarkij.txt CLARK, Irving James (b.1878) 5K
clarkos.txt CLARK, Captain Orton Skinner (b.1839 d.1921) 9K clarkos.jpg
clarkwo.txt CLARK, William O. (b.1850) 7K clarkwo.jpg
clearyjm.txt CLEARY, Rev. James M. (b.1849) 4K clearyjm.jpg
clerihae.txt CLERIHEW, Alexander E. (b.1861) 6K
clevelca.txt CLEVELAND, Charles A. (b.1855 d.1918) 5K
coanjr.txt COAN, John R. (b.1888) 4K
cobbae.txt COBB, Arthur E. (b.1878) 5K
cobbeh.txt COBB, Edward H. (b.1862) 4K
coffines.txt COFFIN, Edgar S. (b.1857) 4K coffines.jpg
coffmald.txt COFFMAN, Lotus D. (b.1875) 6K
colburrr.txt COLBURN, Richard R. (b.1884) 6K
colemana.txt COLEMAN, Hon. Arch (b.1877) 6K
coliannj.txt COLIANNI, Joseph (b.1880) 5K
collinsa.txt COLLINS, Aid (b.1842 d.1907) 9K
collinll.txt COLLINS, Louis L. (b.1882) 5K
conferoa.txt CONFER, Ogden A. (b.1886) 5K conferoa.jpg
confersc.txt CONFER, Samuel C. (b.1879) 5K
conklijf.txt CONKLIN, James Franklin (b.1852) 6K
conroyej.txt CONROY, Edward J. (b.1864) 4K
cookld.txt COOK, L. D. (b.1888) 6K
cookeec.txt COOKE, Elbridge Clinton (b.1854) 6K
cooleygw.txt COOLEY, George Washington (b.1845) 6K cooleygw.jpg
corbetjf.txt CORBETT, Dr. James F. (b.1872) 9K
couillac.txt COUILLARD, Cornelius (b.1813) 6K couillac.jpg
countrga.txt COUNTRYMAN, Gratia Alta (b.1866) 5K countrga.jpg
craftslm.txt CRAFTS, Dr. Leo Melville (b.1863) 8K craftslm.jpg
craiggm.txt CRAIG, George M. (b.1878) 5K craiggm.jpg
cranejw.txt CRANE, Jay W. 4K
cranmerr.txt CRANMER, Dr. Richard Raymond (b.1887) 5K cranmerr.jpg
crockeal.txt CROCKER, Augustus Luther (b.1850) 9K
crockegw.txt CROCKER, George W. (b.1832) 7K
crockewg.txt CROCKER, William Garland (b.1864 d.1922) 11K crockewg.jpg
crombijs.txt CROMBIE, John Samuel (b.1854) 5K
crosbyj.txt CROSBY, John (b.1829 d.1888) 5K crosbyj.jpg
curriewa.txt CURRIE, William A. (b.1856) 6K
curryrj.txt CURRY, Raymond J. (b.1892) 4K
curtinjf.txt CURTIN, Dr. John F. (b.1889) 4K curtinjf.jpg
curtisfw.txt CURTIS, Frederick W. (b.1871) 5K
cushmacm.txt CUSHMAN, Charles Metcalf (b.1829 d.1906) 7K
dahlja.txt DAHL, Hon. John A. Dahl (b.1866) 4K
dahlenoh.txt DAHLEN, Oscar H. (b.1885) 4K
danielfg.txt DANIELSON, Frank G. (b.1872) 6K
davieswh.txt DAVIES, William H. (b.1857 6K
davisea.txt DAVIS, Edward A. (b.1865) 6K
davised.txt DAVIS, Edward D. (b.1860) 5K davised.jpg
davisod.txt DAVIS, Dr. O. DeForest 5K davisod.jpg
davisse.txt DAVIS, Spencer E. (b.1841 d.1913) 9K davisse.jpg
davist.txt DAVIS, Tom (b.1877) 5K davist.jpg
daylh.txt DAY, Llewellyn H. (b.1882) 4K
daywhh.txt DAY, William Henry Harrison (b.1839 d.1903) 6K daywhh.jpg
daytongd.txt DAYTON, George Draper (b.1857) 10K daytongd.jpg
demarsll.txt De MARS, Louis L. 4K
dearbobw.txt DEARBORN, Dr. Brainard Winslow (b.1853) 4K
deckerew.txt DECKER, Edward Williams (b.1869) 8K deckerew.jpg
deckeroe.txt DECKERT, Oscar E. 6K deckeroe.jpg
deedsfe.txt DEEDS, Dr. Forrest E, Sr. (b.1893) 4K
delanedm.txt DELANEY, D. M. 5K
dennycm.txt DENNY, Charles M. 6K
devanejp.txt DEVANEY, John P. (b.1882) 4K devanejp.jpg
devriebg.txt DEVRIES, De. Bernard G. (b.1888) 5K
dickeyrw.txt DICKEY, Ross Wilkins (b.1869) 9K dickeyrw.jpg
dickinhd.txt DICKINSON, Hon. Horace D. 5K
dinnieas.txt DINNIE, Arthur S. 5K
dixsongs.txt DIXSON, Glen S. (b.1881) 4K
doctorwr.txt DOCTOR, Dr. William R. (b.1887) 6K
doddsa.txt DODD, Samuel A. (b.1885) 5K
dodgefb.txt DODGE, Fred B. (b.1853) 4K
dodgewe.txt DODGE, Willis Edward (b.1857) 6K
doerrgv.txt DOERR, George V. (b.1884) 4K
doerrhj.txt DOERR, Henry Jr. (b.1888) 5K
dolliflp.txt DOLLIFF, Lucius P. 5K
donahuwh.txt DONAHUE, Colonel William H. 5K
donaldsw.txt DONALDSON, William (b.1849) 14K donaldsw.jpg
doorla.txt DOOR, Lester A. 5K
dormandh.txt DORMAN, Dorance H. (d.1909) 5K
douglaeb.txt DOUGLAS, Edward Bruce (b.1887) 5K douglaeb.jpg
douglagc.txt DOUGLAS, Captain George C. (b.1885) 4K
douglagp.txt DOUGLAS, George P. (b.1866) 5K
douglawd.txt DOUGLAS, Walter Donald (b.1861) 12K douglawd.jpg
downinlv.txt DOWNING, Dr. Leonard V. (b.1897) 5K
drakegm.txt DRAKE, George Morgan (b.1887) 5K
dretchal.txt DRETCHKO, Alvin L. (b.1886) 4K
dulace.txt DU LAC, Edmund (b.1874) 4K
dutoitga.txt DU TOIT, George A. Jr. (b.1888) 7K
duensinl.txt DUENSING, Louis (b.1834 d.1901) 6K
dunnfe.txt DUNN, Frederick Earl (b.1859) 5K
dunnmj.txt DUNN, Michael J. (b.1873) 5K
dunsmofa.txt DUNSMOOR, Dr. Frederick Alanson (b.1858) 10K dunsmofa.jpg
durstwa.txt DURST, William Arthur (b.1870) 5K
dustinfg.txt DUSTIN, Fred Gerrish (b.1843) 8K
dyarem.txt DYAR, Edgar M. (b.1879) 4K dyarem.jpg
dyegm.txt DYE, Glen M. (b.1884) 11K dyegm.jpg
eastmaam.txt EASTMAN, Dr. Arthur Maynard (b.1855) 6K
eastmagh.txt EASTMAN, George H. (b.1839 d.1920) 10K eastmagh.jpg
eatonlk.txt EATON, Leo Kimball (b.1878) 6K
eberhaaa.txt EBERHART, Axel A. (b.1876) 4K eberhaaa.jpg
eddysw.txt EDDY, Stanley Ware (b.1887) 5K
edwarddc.txt EDWARDS, Dewitt C. (b.1890), 5K
eggent.txt EGGEN, Rev. Thore (b.1859) 5K
egilsruk.txt EGILSRUD, Dr. Kristian (b.1867) 4K
eichhoae.txt EICHHORN, Arthur E. (b.1857) 6K
eichhore.txt EICHHORN, Edmund (b.1825 d.1907) 9K
einhorha.txt EINHORN, Herbert A. (b.1874) 5K
eitelgg.txt EITEL, Dr. George Gotthilf (b.1858) 7K eitelgg.jpg
eklundnp.txt EKLUND, Nels P. (b.1860) 6K
ekmank.txt EKMAN, Knute (b.1870) 5K
elliottj.txt ELLIOTT, John (b.1861) 5K elliottj.jpg
elliotwa.txt ELLIOTT, William A. 5K elliotwa.jpg
ellisojh.txt ELLISON, James Hollister (b.1860) 7K
elsbernw.txt ELSBERG, Nels W.(b.1887) 4K elsbernw.jpg
elwelles.txt ELWELL, Edwin S.(b.1886) 9K
elwellgh.txt ELWELL, George Herbert (b.1856) 9K elwellgh.jpg
emersona.txt EMERSON, Norman S. (b.1864) 6K emersona.jpg
endsleyw.txt ENDSLEY, Willis (b.1860) 4K
engellhi.txt ENGELL, Harry I. (b.1889 5K
englejd.txt ENGLE, John D. (b.1860) 7K
enmarki.txt ENMARK, Ira (b.1877) 5K
ericksap.txt ERICKSON, Alando P. (b.1866) 5K ericksap.jpg
ericksje.txt ERICKSON, John E. (b.1856) 7K
esterlfc.txt ESTERLY, Frank C. (b.1873) 6K
eustiswh.txt EUSTIS, William Henry (b.1845) 15K eustiswh.jpg
evanseh.txt EVANS, Edward H. (b.1861) 5K
evansoj.txt EVANS, Dr. Owen Jason (b.1840 d.1916) 11K
everlojl.txt EVERLOF, Dr. John Leonard (b.1888) 6K
ewingjo.txt EWING, Jacob O. (b.1872) 5K ewingjo.jpg
falconfm.txt FALCONER, Fred M. (b.1874) 4K
falkmf.txt FALK, Martin F. (b.1872) 10K falkmf.jpg
farrinlh.txt FARRINGTON, Luther H. 4K
faulkcpm.txt FAULK, Charles P. M. (b.1853 d.1923) 5K
fawcetta.txt FAWCETT, Andrew 4K
fewellae.txt FEWELL, Albert E. (b.1872) 5K fewellae.jpg
fifieljc.txt FIFIELD, James Clark (b.1862) 7K fifieljc.jpg
fischerc.txt FISCHER, Carlo (b.1872) 6K
fishd.txt FISH, Daniel (b.1848) 15K fishd.jpg
fisherej.txt FISHER, Edwin J. (b.1861 d.1915) 11K fisherej.jpg
fisherwa.txt FISHER, William A. (b.1846 d.1911) 7K
fiskeda.txt FISKE, Douglas A. (b.1867) 10K
flanigjb.txt FLANIGAN, John B. (b.1848 d.1915) 7K flanigjb.jpg
flatenmg.txt FLATEN, Milo G. 5K
flintha.txt FLINT, Henry A. (b.1860) 5K
floydma.txt FLOYD, Milton A. 5K floydma.jpg
folsomja.txt FOLSOM, John Albert (b.1863) 7K
forbesjd.txt FORBES, John Dunn (b.1860 d.1921) 6K
forsytel.txt FORSYTHE, Elmer L. 4K
foshaywb.txt FOSHAY, Wilbur B. (b.1881) 6K foshaywb.jpg
fosseeml.txt FOSSEEN, Manley L. (b.1869) 7K
fosterro.txt FOSTER, Robert O. (b.1858) 6K fosterro.jpg
fowlercr.txt FOWLER, Charles Rollin (b.1869) 7K fowlercr.jpg
foxce.txt FOX, Charles E. (b.1864) 5K foxce.jpg
franklib.txt FRANKLIN, Benjamin 4K
frazerjd.txt FRAZER, Jay D. 4K
freemagt.txt FREEMAN, George T. (b.1874) 6K freemagt.jpg
frostse.txt FROST, Samuel Eben (b.1856 d.1914) 5K frostse.jpg
fullerhw.txt FULLER, Harry W. (b.1868) 4K
furberfn.txt FURBER, Fred N. (b.1868) 5K furberfn.jpg

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