Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. III. (cont.)

AUGUST 24, 1752.

  (347) James Mays vs. Charles Whitaker } Deft. having informed the Court that the plt. had employed both the attornies practising at this court, has Gabriel Jones assigned him.
  (360) Daniel Richardson, Joel Hornback, John Cunningham, and Henry Carr--appraisers of George Sea.

NOVEMBER 15, 1752.

  (361) Samuel Givins, Robert Patrick, to view, and Ro. Patrick, Wm. Hines, John Hawes, Joseph Bell, Wm. Bell, Wm. Finla, Archd. Stewart, Richd. Pilson, Wm. Johnston, Ro. Wilson, John Hind, Geo. Skilleron, Hugh Ross, Andr. Baskin, John Givins, Saml. Henderson, John Ramsey, Alexr. Henderson, Saml. Henderson, Nathl. Woodroof, David Logan and George Duglass, clear and keep in repair, a road from James Givin's Mill to the road over Wood's New Gap at foot of mountain.
  (361) Mary Moffett, widow of John Moffett, has since intermarried with John Trimble.
  (361) James Simpson and Michael Stump, overseers, with Jeremiah Osburn, Geo. Osburn, Mones Alkier, Heorndkis Corlock, John, Jacob and Wm. Westfall, Michael Stumph, Henry Harris, Henry Shipler, and Philip Moore--view and mark and keep in repair, on petition of inhabitants of the South Branch, a road from their wagon road up the So. Fork to Peter Reed's Mill.
  (363) Neil Cassidy exempted from levy on account of great age and poverty.
  (363) William Patterson petitions that in his way from the northward he camped in the woods in company of one Thomas Homes, who in the night time picked his pocket of eleven pieces of eight and one Caroline, for which he was apprehended and taken before B. Borden, but escaped, leaving behind him a mare and saddle, which are ordered to be advertised in the Va. Gazette, and sold.
  (363) William Scholl, qualified Captain; James Simpson, qualified Captain; John Smith, qualified Major of Foot and Coroner; Humphrey Madison qualified Under Sheriff.

NOVEMBER 16, 1752.

  (365) John Walker, on So. Branch of Potomack, is exempted from levy on acct. of great age, infirmity and poverty.
  (365) County Levy--116 wolf heads.
  (365) Levied for finishing the new Co. Ho. 2317 tithables. (See this for list of names.)
  (366) John McFarland, qualified Ensign; Joseph Crocket, qualified Captain Co. of Foot; Ro. McFarland, qualified Lieutenant.
  (368) Valentine Sevier--leave to rebuild a mill.
  (369) William Christian qualified Capn. Co. of Foot.
  (369) Grand Jury Presentments: James Young, in Forks of James--taking toll twice.

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NOVEMBER 17, 1752.

  (371) Motion of James Lockhart, Exr. Patrick Cook. Jane, relict of Patrick, has since intermarried with Andrew Steel, and is about to remove from the plantation and leave it waste.
  (372) John Moore qualified Capn. of Co. of Foot.
  (376) Humphrey Baker's removal.

NOVEMBER 18, 1752.

  (377) John Fleming complains that James and Sarah, his wife, Young, detain his son, John Fleming--ordered to be given up.
  (377) Certified that in a fight Saml. Newgally bit off part of one of John Bingaman's ears.
  (377) John Buchanan quald. Col. of Horse and Foot and Coroner.
  (378) John Patton quald. Capn. Co. of Foot.
  (378) John Ramsey and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Crockett.

NOVEMBER 18, 1752.

  (379) James Cathey vs. Thomas Storey } Genl. Ct. sets aside the non suit and cause certified to Genl. Court.
  (379) Alexr. and Wm. Sayers, Charles Sinclar and Humphrey Baker, to appraise Daniel Murphy's estate, on Reed Creek.

NOVEMBER 20, 1752.

  (384) John Cunningham paid for mending the benches and bar of the Co. Ho.
  (388) James Cohoun bound over towards James McCall.
  (391) John Mathews qualified Justice.
  (391) Patrick Martin qualified Capn. of a Troop of Horse.
  (392) John Buchanan to build a mill on Forks of Reed Creek.
  (403) Wm. Preston qualified Depy. Surveyor.

NOVEMBER 21, 1752.

  (404) In suit of James Patton vs. James Cohoun, the jurors returned into Court unable to agree and asked to be discharged, having been four days in retirement, but the plaintiff's counsel objected, and they were ordered to consider further and if they could not agree, then to return next Court.
  (406) 9, Penna. Cury.==7, 2, 6, Va. Cury.
  (410) Maurice O'Frield, John Trimble, Wm. McFeeters, Wm. Martain, James Young, Jacob Lockart, James Vance, Patrick Martin, Wm. McClintock, Rob. Young, Thos. Piery, John Campbell, James Peary, Robert Davis, James Philips, John Spear, John McMurry, Alexr. McMurry, David Stuard, Hugh Young, John Jameson, Rob. McClellon and John Brown--to work the road under Saml. Wallace from top of North Mountain to this Co. Ho.
  (411) James Lockhart qualified Capn. of Foot; Saml. Stalnaker qualified Capn. of Foot.

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NOVEMBER 22, 1752.

  (411) Jonathan Douglas committed for trial for horsestealing.

JULY 22, 1752.

  (412) Catharine McGinnis, alias Quin--acquitted.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1752.

  (412) Thomas Walker qualified Deputy Surveyor.

MARCH 21, 1753.

  (414) John Buchanan, James Clark, Jacob Lockhart, Thomas Kirkpatrick, John Berry, John Bartley, Wm. Martin, Josias Richards, William McFeeters, John Jameson, James Young, Hugh Young, Robert Young, William McClintock, Wm. Ledgerwood, John Trimble, Maurice O'Frield, Samuel Wallace, Robert Davis, Robert McClenon, James Moody, James Philips, Wm. Akry, Cornelius Donaho, George Peary, Adam Thompson, Thomas Peary, John Campbell, James Peary, Wm. McNab, Robert Scot, Thomas Reed, Abraham Masha, Thomas Dunn, Francis Dunn, Major Scot, John Bigham, John Black, Samuel Downing, Alexr. McFeeters, Andrew Cowan, James McCorkle, John Vance, James Gilmore and Patrick Martin--to keep road formerly laid off from James Young's Mill to said Buchanan's Mill.
  (415) Joseph Long and James Young, overseers, with Robert Young, Joseph Long, Samuel Gibson, Solomon Whitley, John Collier, William Hall, Gilbert Crawford, George Gibson, John Ruckman, Thomas Burton, Wm. Wadington, Wm. Brown, James Moore, John Hanna, James Huston, Wm. Todd, James Bats, James Todd, James Young, Patrick Young, John Carr and James Campbell--keep the road from Joseph Long's Mill to James Young's Mill, thence to the Great Road on James Thompson's Plantation.
  (415) Elizabeth and James Carlile, widow and son of James Carlile, Admrs. of James.
  (416) Henry Knave, appraiser of Christian Strickly.
  (416) Elizabeth and David Moore, widow and brother of Saml. Moore, Admrs. of Saml.

MARCH 22, 1753.

  (419) Conrad Harness, qualified Lieut. of Foot; John Wilton, qualified Capn. Troop of Horse.

MARCH 22, 1753.

  (419) David Robinson, qualified Lieut. of Foot; John Cunningham, qualified Lieut. of Foot; Henry Cartwright, qualified Ensign of Foot; Joseph Langdon, qualified Captain of Foot; James McKemy, qualified Ensign of Foot; Thomas Langdon, qualified Lieut. of Foot; Cornelius Ruddle, qualified Capn. of Horse and Foot.
  (420) Robert Caldwell, qualified Lieut. of Foot; Archd. Ruddle, qualified Ensign of Foot; Henry Long, qualified Ensign of Foot; Wm. Bethell, qualified Lieut. of Foot; John Denton, qualified Capn. of Foot; Paul Lung, qualified Lieut. of Foot.

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  (420) Henry Lancisco, a German Protestant, having produced a certificate from a Protestant clergyman of his having taken the sacrament and made oath of his being an inhabitant of this Colony upwards of twelve years, and having taken the usual oaths to his Majesties' Person and Government, and made and subscribed the test. Certificate of Naturalization.
  (420) James Patton vs. James Cohoun } The jury impannelled and unable to agree at last term being called and John Smith, one of them, not being present, is fined. Defendant's Att'y. moved the Court to dismiss the jury and impanel a new one, but plaintiff, in person, objected, and Court was of opinion that the cause be continued and the same jury try the issue.
  (421) Benj. Scot, eldest brother of James Scot, decd., qualified Admr.
  (424) Michael Harness, son in law of Euric Westfall, decd., Admr. of Euric.
  (424) Benjamin Scot, eldest son of Alexr. Scot, decd., Admr. of Alexr.
  (426) John Robinson, qualified Capn. of Co. of Foot.

MARCH 23, 1753.

  (427) John Black, greatest creditor of Michael Riley, qualified Admr.
  (428) John Walker, qualified Capn. of Co. of Foot; John Hamilton, qualified Cornet; John Dickenson, qualified Captain of Horse.
  (432) Wm. Bethel vs. Torrance Carryl } Attachment. Defendant cropped with James McNeal and Zachary McCoy. MARCH 16, 1753.
  (437) Barnaby Agan, qualified Ensign of Foot; Saml. Odell, qualified Capn. of Foot.
  (439) Sheriff to sell estate of James Gwin, who lately died in the house of James Miles.
  (441) Anne Rothgap, relict of John Jacob Rothgap, now the wife of George Hollyback.

MARCH 17, 1753.

  (444) Lucretia Griffith, Admx. of her husband, but now married to James Burk.
  (448) Robert Armstrong, qualified Capn. of Foot; James Armstrong, qualified Lieut. of Foot.
  (449) Thomas Armstrong, qualified Ensign of Foot.

MARCH 18, 1753.

  (453) Duncan McFarland and his son, William.
  (453) Ephraim Vance, qualified Capn. of Horse.
  (454) John Pickens vs. James Price } Dedimus to Anson Co. No. Co. to take deposition of Henry Jones.
  (455) Robt. McClenachan claims a 21 yr. lease on lots 1 and 2 in Staunton on which the Co. Ho. stands, and a new Co. Ho. is about to be built on same lots. Court is of opinion that the order of Court and McClenachan's lease

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in pursuance thereof were contrary to law, but the Court could not crush it. Comrs. appointed to confer with a lawyer practising in Genl. Court and have lots reconveyed.

MAY 19, 1753.

  (457) Thomas Kilpatrick and son, Maurice Offriel, et als., to keep road from Brown's Bridge to Glebe Land.
  (458) Robert Davis, an Exr. of Robert Crockett, is about to leave this Colony and begs to be released. John Ramsey, who married Robert Crockett's widow summoned.

MAY 21, 1753.

  (477) 4, 10, Penna. Cury.== 3, 7, 6, Va. Money.

MAY 22, 1753.

  (490) Catharine Quin, having come from amongst the small-pox, so that it is feared she may spread the infection--ordered, that the Sheriff convey out of town, and that in case she presume to return she be imprisoned the sitting of this Court.
  (498) Petition of Robert McCoy, an Exr. of his father, Robert.
  (498) Relict of Abraham Job has married Thomas Bragg and required to give counter security.
  (498) Ephraim Leith and Barbara Job, Admrs. of Caleb Job. Barbara Job has married Leith. Counter security.
  (499) Patton vs. Colhoun } Jurors failing to appear--to be summoned to next Court.

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