Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



  On the fly lead is the following:
  "Memorandum.--That Saturday, the 6th of February, 1747/8, was the coldest day yet known in America."

JUNE 11, 1751--AUGUST 27, 1751.

  (176) This book begins August 1749, but there are no orders but those of suits and actions until August 27, 1751, when a new Court was organized under a commission from the Hon. Lewis Burwell, President of Virginia, dated 11th June, 1751, directed to James Patton, Peter Scholl,* Robert Cunningham, Wm. Jameson, David Stuart,* John Lynn,* Erwin Patterson,* Thos. English, Benj. Borden,* Joseph Kenady, John Denton, Wm. Christian, Robert Breckinridge, John Lewis,* Silas Hart, Andw. Lewis,* James

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Rutledge, Alexr. Wright, Ro. McClenahan,* Robert Campbell, John Wilson, Richd. Burton, Patr. Martin, James Lockhart, John Mills, Ro. Ramsey, Richd. Woods, John Anderson, John Ruddle, Thos. Stuart, John Lyle, John Buchanan, Thomas Lewis, Archd. Alexander, John Mathews, Adam Dickenson, Mathias Seltzer, Wm. Harbeson. (Those marked (*) qualified.)

AUGUST 27, 1751.

  (176) Robert McClenachan qualified Sheriff and   (177) Ro. Breckinridge, his deputy.
  (177) Patrick Frazier appointed surveyor of road.
  (178) Joseph Love sumd. by his servant, John Butler.
  (178) Andrew Johnson has absconded.
  (178) John Black and his son, Saml. Black, added to the list of tithables.
  (178) Joseph Love bound to the peace towards his wife, Margaret.
  (179) Road ordered to be viewed from John Anderson's to the Co. Ho. by John Poage and James Allen.
  (179) Wm. Harrold appd. overseer of road, vice Wm. Hurst and James McKay, and tithables on west side So. River to Fred'k Cy. and on Goody's Run--keep it in order.

AUGUST 28, 1751.

  (180) Fredcriek Sea quald. Admr. of George Sea.
  (181) Robert McClenachan's servant, Alexr. Fullerton.
  (181) James Lockhart reports that Wm. Williams is about to remove to Carolina and take with him Mary Lundey, orphan of Thomas Lundey; order to bind Mary out.
  (181) Daniel Richardson, John Coningham, Joel Hornback, and John Sea, appraisers of Alexr. Scot's estate.
  (181) Francis Hughes complains that Ro. McClenachan has taken him up as a runaway servant and seized his horse; order Francis to be released, but to pay Robert 10 sh. for keeping and feeding his horse.
  (182) Thomas Lewis qualified surveyor.
  (182) Andrew Lewis qualified dept. surveyor.
  (183) James Trimble qualified dept. surveyor.
  (183) Robert Lusk chose Andrew Hays guardian.
  (183) Margaret Bell chose John Moore.
  (184) John Graham to deliver a horse to John Man.
  (184) Henry Witherington, a servant of John Stevenson, is in jail and has an iron lock around his neck with a gag in his mouth--ordered to be taken off.

AUGUST 29, 1751.

  (184) Wm. Thompson, guardian of Joseph and John Campbell, orphans of John Campbell, ordered to settle his accounts.
  (185) John Graham appointed guardian of James and David Graham, orphans of Wm. Graham.
  (186) John Justice has built a water grist mill for Wm. Wilson, and same is not properly built.
  (186) Vestry to divide the County and appt. processioners.

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  (186) Peter Cartner complains that Mary Freedly, admx. of her decd. husband's estate, is since married to Nicholas Brock, and they waste the estate. Counter security ordered.
  (186) James Brown complains that John Harmon has abused him and his wife.
  (186) James Leeper to Nicholas Leeper. Margaret, wife of James.
  (187) John Stevenson vs. his servant boy, Henry Witherington, ordered to serve 58 days for runaway time and expenses in taking him up at the rate of 1 1/2 months for every hundred pounds.
  (187) James Berry, guardian of John Berry, orphan of James Berry, complains of John Jones, in whose custody the orphan is, that he abuses him.
  (187) Road from So. Branch to Swift Run Gap, accepted; Ro. Craven and James Batley, surveyors.
  (188) William Morrison married the widow of John Davison.
  (189) Lucretia Griffith, admx. of her husband, is since married to James Burk.
  (189) John Smith committed for aiding Jean London in breaking jail.
  (190) John Bryan, Cornelius Bryan, Thomas Bryan, Wm. Rinkens, added to tithables.
  (196) William Hughes, a runaway servant of Thomas Dansie, of King Wm. Co.
  (196) James Lockhart qualified Justice.
  (197) John Coningham--ordinary license.
  (197) Ducking stool ordered to be built.
  (197) David Kingkade to make such alterations in the jail as are necessary, and were not included in his contract for the building of it.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1750/1 (?)

  (197) Called Court on Jane London--not guilty of the felony, but bound to the peace towards Bryce Russell and Alexr. Walker.

OCTOBER 1, 1751.

  (198) Called Court on Day Thoroughgood, on suspicion of the murder of his master, James Connerly; confessed and sent on for trial before the General Court.

NOVEMBER 26, 1751.

  (198) David Stewart qualified Sheriff; John Lewis and Wm. Lusk quald. Under Sheriffs.
  (198) Robert McClenachan, Wm. Horbeson and John Mills, qualified Justices.
  (200) John Campbell--license for ordinary; Wm. Bethell--license for ordinary.
  (200) John Davis and Saml. O'Dell, to view a road from Thorn's Gap to Henry Netherton's.
  (201) Paul and Nicholas Lung, Henry Dickens and David Loudeback, appraisers of John Windlekite; John Gum and Michael Waring, appraisers of Cornelius O'Bryan.

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NOVEMBER 27, 1751.

  (202) David McClewer added to list tithables.
  (202) Grand Jury--James Trimble, James Caldwell, Wm. Baskins, Wm. Henderson, Robert Patterson, Alexr. Thompson, Andrew Russell, Mathew Armstrong, Archibald Hamilton, Thos. Gordon, Wm. Bell, James Robinson, Patrick McCullow, James Callison, Alexr. McFeeters, Thomas Waters.
  (202) John Harrison petitions to be levy free; rejected.
  (203) Daniel Stringer, Robert Craven and John Craven to value James Wood, Gent, improvements on 400 acres on Muddy Creek.
  (203) Thomas Bird, servant man of Joseph Robinson.
  (203) County levy: To various persons for wolves' heads--in all 225 heads. This list is interesting.
  (206) John Butler complains vs. his master, Joseph Love.
  (206) John Hogshead's improvements to be valued.
  (206) Robert Renix's improvements to be valued in Forks of James--241 acres.
  (206) Grand Jury Presentments: Elisha Job, swearing more than four oaths; Owen Crawford, for drinking health of King James and refusing to drink to King George; James Shaw, swearing three oaths; Robert Armstrong, a common swearer; John Grems, a common swearer.
  (207) Francis McCown, charged by Andrew McCord with sending James McCord, an orphan, out of this Colony, dismissed for non-appearance of Andrew.
  (207) Elizabeth and Catherine King chose John Archer and John Pickens their guardian.
  (207) Robert Craven, Michael Warren and Alexr. Herron ordered to value John Harrison's improvements on 400 acres on Dry Forks of Smith's Creek.

NOVEMBER, 28, 1751.

  (207) Robert Breckinridge qualified Justice.
  (208) Patrick Lynch and John Butler summoned for aiding David Dundass to escape from jail.
  (208) Sarah Lynn relinquished dower in 269 acres conveyed by her husband, James Lynn, to Andrew Lynn.
  (208) Andrew Lewis and Robert McClenachan to convey lots in the 25 acres conveyed by Beverley to the Co.
  (208) John Mathews, Richard Wood and John Lyle quald. Justices.
  (208) Adam Dickinson, David Davis, Peter Wright and Joseph Carpenter, lay off a road from Wright's Mill to the Cow-pasture near Hugart's or Knox's.
  (209) James Nealey, Richard Hall, Thomas English and Tobias Bright, appraise estate of James Connerley.
  (209) James and John Scott, Wm. McMurry, James Simpson, James Frame, Robert Montgomerie, James Montgomerie, Hugh McDonall and Wm. Galespy, to lay off a road from the lower cow-pasture to Burden's tract.

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  (211) Archibald Crockett chose Robert Bratton and James McCorkle guardians.
  (211) Above guardians complain that John Ramsey, who married Margaret, relict of Robert Crockett, father of Archibald above, are wasting the estate.

NOVEMBER 29, 1751.

  (213) Power Att'y. from Wm. Mills to John Mills allowed to remain for further proof.
  (216) James Brown--ordinary license.
  (216) Wm. Jameson--qualified Justice.
  (216) Daniel Harrison--qualified Under Sheriff.
  (217) Frederick Fitzjarrill proved his importation immediately from Great Britain into this Colony--50 acres.
  (217) Joseph Roberts--the same as above.

NOVEMBER 30, 1751.

  (217) Henry Down's estate attached.
  (218) Richard Woods, Joseph Lapsley and James Davis to value David Cloyde's improvements on 2 tracts, 400 acres each, on Cedar Creek of James River.
  (218) James Montgomery, Joseph Robinson and Tobias Smith, same, 2 tracts, 400 acres, and 260 acres, on Possimmon Run.
  (219) Benjamin Borden's improvements on a tract on a branch of Shannando, near a place called the Chimney Stone.
  (222) Saml. McClenery--a witness.
  (222) Nathaniel Woodroff--a witness.
  (225) John Madison to have made books and presses for the preservation of the books and papers of the Co'ty.
  (225) John Warwick--a witness.
  (225) James Berry, guardian of the orphans of James Berry, decd., complains that John Jones, who married the widow of James Berry, is wasting the estate.

DECEMBER 2, 1751.

  (226) James Brown asks admn. of estate of Edward Davis. Benj. Borden says admn. was already granted in Genl. Court to James Dunlop; James's wife, Agnes, comes and says she would not believe Benjamin on oath and is fined 40 sh.

DECEMBER 3, 1751.

  (236) Bumgardner vs. Christopher Francisco--dismissed acct. of death of Christopher.
  (237) Francis McBride sumd. to settle accounts as guardian of his deceased brother's infants.
  (239) Jane Denton--wife of Jonas Denton.
  (239) Susannah Carson--relict of Henry Carson.
  (239) Alexr. Fullerton--servant of Val. Sevier.
  (240) Thos. Smith fails to provide for his children in a Christian-like manner and they are to be bound out.

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