Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


   John Saller vs. Charles Hays.--Saller lives on Roanoke. 1749, August.
   Loden vs. John Pickens.--May Court, 1750. Sheriff having returned, John not found.
   Joseph Carroll, assignee of William Tuft, vs. James Bredin and David Dunbar.--Both defendants from Prince William County. Debt on bond dated 8th June, 1741. Writ dated 3d September, 1750. Returned, "Dunbar gone to Carolina, Bredin dead."
   John Wallace vs. John Craig and Isabella Helena, his wife.--Slander. John was unmarried 8th March, 1750.
   John Loden (Logan?) vs. George Blane.
   Edward Hall vs. Jacob Patton.--Writ 3d December, 1750.
   John Downing vs. Benjamin Borden.--Chancery, Writ 17 March, 1747. In 1743, plaintiff purchased of Benjamin Borden, Sr., through John Patterson, his agent, 300 acres on South side Galway's Creek, joining Galway and George Moffett. Suit for title.


   Willson vs. Patterson's administrator.--Deed and letter.
   Glisterpipe vs. Glisterpipe, alias, Irish Doctor William Lynn of Fredericksburg, vs. Irish Doctor John Lynn, of Augusta.--Now here is Potts ye peddlars. Irish upon Irish.



   Bell vs. Borden's executor.--James Bell (one entry for himself and one for John Mulholland, his servant) prior to 1738, and on February 21, 1738, Alex. Breckinridge, George, James, Robert and Adam Breckenridge, John Moore, Quantin Moore, George Henderson, Thomas Armstrong, John Bell, John Walters, William McCanless, Robert Poage, Seth Poage, Daniel McAnaire and John Grove entered each 100 acres with Benjamin Borden, but got no deed. Suit by James Bell to get deed. Benjamin Borden, Jr., charges in answer that James Bell caused a servant wench of his to be dressed in man's clothes and made an entry in her name as a man, and also caused another woman, the wife of William McKenless, to appear in her proper person on a different part of land as the wife of another settler and thereby obtained another entry.
   Edmon vs. Borden.--James Robison (Robinson), aged 68 years, July 3d, 1750. Jennet Robison (Robinson), aged 38 years July 3d, 1750.
   Cravens vs. Fowler.--In 1750, Elisha Fowler was living in Carolina.

AUGUST, 1752.

   Paul vs. Borden.--John McDowell died intestate, leaving Samuel McDowell, his eldest son and heir, and then Magdalen married Benjamin Borden, Jr.
   Harrison vs. O'Neal.--Robert Harrison, infant, by Daniel Harrison, his father and next friend.

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AUGUST, 1751.

   Downs vs. Crawford.--Patrick Crawford was a horse trader.


AUGUST, 1751.

   Heede vs. Phillips.--Stephen Phillips, Jr., came from New Brunswick, County Middlesex, Province East New Jersey.
   Westfall vs. Richardson.--In 1750, Daniel Richardson piloted and transported Adam Breckenridge out of this Colony to Carolina, where Adam now is against statute. Adam was indebted to plaintiff.
   West vs. Walling.--Wiilliam Wallen had moved from Augusta to Carolina in 1751.

JUNE, 1752.

   Montgomery vs. Cochran.--Peter Cochran (Coughan), late of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but now (1751) residing in Colony of Virginia.


   Bell vs. Callison.--James Bell vs. James Callison (otherwise lately called James Callison in the settlement Albemarle County, Virginia).

AUGUST, 1752.

   Purvaiance vs. Strother, administrator of Rutledge.--William Purvaiance, of the Township of Paxton, County of Lancaster, Province of Pennsylvania. Bond to him by James Rutledge.
   Dickinson vs. Lewis.--George Lewis, of Township of Cennery, and County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Yeoman bond to Nicholas Roberts, of Township of Coventry, and County Chester, Pennsylvania, 1742.
   Breckenridge vs. Trimble.--Robert Breckenridge and Mary, his wife, late Mary Poake.
   Dunning vs. Strother, administrator of Rutledge.--James Rutledge, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Robert Dunning, of Ponsborough, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Bond to Samuel Blanton, 1741.
   Grub vs. Parker, administrator of Rutledge.--Benjamin Grub and Hannah, his wife (late Hannah Humphreys).


   Moore et ux. vs. Mitchell et ux--David Moore and Mary, his wife, vs. William Mitchell and Margaret, his wife. Slander. Filed December, 1749.
   Draper vs. Connolly and Breckinridge.--Eleanor Draper complains of John Collony, otherwise John Connolly, and George Breckinridge, administrator of James Connolly (or Collony). Bond dated 1749.

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   Wright vs. Linn.--Dr. John Linn had left the County, 1752.
   Ritchie vs. McClure.--Andrew McClure, obliger, to John Patton, obligee. 4th July, 1752.

JUNE, 1752.

   Allen vs. Denham.--Daniel Allen, late of County of Bucks, Pennsylvania, was brought to the County by Joseph Denham as an apprentice on the plantation.
   Westfall vs. Richardson.--John Story and John Rutledge, of the County of Chester, Pennsylvania, traders, obligers, to William Blyth, of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, obligees, dated 1742. John Patton a witness. Rutledge "not found" in 1750.
   Woodley vs. Lebo (Leyborn?) (Leborn?).--John Leebow, of County of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Yeoman. Bill of sale to Jacob Woodley, of Augusta County, dated 1747.
   Devitt vs. Murley.--Charles Devitt married Jane Evans, grand-daughter of Cornelius Morley, in July, 1752, according to the ecclesiastical rights of Episcopal Church.
   Griffiths vs. Job.--John Griffiths brings suit against Elisha Job, charging that Job assaulted John's son, Edward Griffiths, an infant, in 1750.
   Fulton vs. Pickens.--John Pickens, of Augusta County, obligor to James Fulton. Dated 1746.


   Campbell vs. Campbell.--Moses Campbell, of Augusta County, obligor to Daniel and Alexander Campbell (of King George?), gone to Carolina in 1752 (he lived on South River). Not found in 1751 and 1750.


   Robinson vs. Patton.--John Patton's estate attached, September, 1752.
   Robinson vs. Hugart.--Hugart's bond to John Robinson, Esq., of King and Queen, and John Lewis, dated 1750. Several suits, probably for land, against many different people.

MAY, 1753.

   Bell's executor vs. Benjamin Borden.--Copy of bond of Benjamin Borden to Alexander Breckinridge, George, James, Robert and Adam Breckinridge, John Moore, Quantin Moore, George Henderson, James Bell, Thomas Armstrong, John Mulholan, John Bell, John Walters, William McCanless, Robert Poage, Seth Poage, Daniel McAneer, John Gwinn. Condition, that if Benjamin Borden will give each 100 acres where they have already chosen and entered with John McDowell, and shall build and improve on said 100 acres by 1st April next. Witnessed by John McDowell. Dated 21st February, 1738-9.
   Michael and Augustine Price vs. Lorton and Patton.--In July, 1748, the Prices agreed with Israel Lorton to purchase from Lorton, land on New River. Lorton had bought 3 tracts from James Patton, 1, containing 400 acres, at mouth of Jones (Toms) Creek, where Lorton had entered and improved, called Lorton's First Improvement; 2d, 400 acres at Horse Shoe Bottom, called Lorton's Second Improvement; 3d, 400 acres at Beaver

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Dam. Prices bought 1st and 2d. Bill filed, 1751. Tract No. 1 is in possession of Michael Price and Philip Horloes; No. 2 is in possession of Augustine Price and his brothers, Daniel and Henry Price. Amended bill filed, but Israel Lorton died, and bill for revivor. Jacob Lorton and Jacob Harman were Lorton's administrators.
   Robert Robinson vs. James and John Shields.--In 1746, James Shields sold to William Snodon a tract of land in Borden's Grant, and Snodon sold to Robert Robinson, but no deed made (1748). In April, 1749, James Shields died intestate, leaving his son and heir-at-law, John Shields, an infant. Answer by John Shields, guardian of John Shields, infant. Sheriff returns (1752) that John Shields, infant, lives in Albemarle.
   Joseph Mays vs. John Lewis.--In 1746, Mays bought 500 acres of Lewis in Cowpasture, and on Jackson's River, latter adjoining William Wilson, surveyor, was James Trimble, alias Turnbull.
   Square and Compass vs. Pill and Bolus.--(Really Edward Beard against John Flood.)
   Francis Sybert vs. Donnally and Garrison.--In 1749, Sybert bought of John Donnolly 300 acres on headwaters of Roanoke River in Colonel Patton's Grant of 5,000 acres, but John transferred his right to Paul Garrison.
   Andrew Campbell vs. Thomas Gray.--Andrew Campbell, of Frederick County, obligee, from Thomas Gray, of same County. Bond dated 1747.
   Call vs. Miller.--John Call, "alias Scull," vs. David Miller.
   Peter Ruffner vs. William Miller.--Defendant had gone to Carolina in 1752.
   John Harman vs. Benjamin Hardin.--John Harman sues Benjamin Hardin because Benjamin said John was a convict, meaning that the plaintiff was convicted in Great Britain, or Ireland, of some felonious crime and transported to his Majesty's plantation in America for the same.
   The Seven Wise Masons, or St. George for England, with his Prime Minister of State, vs. William Richey.--Peter Scholl vs. William Richey, of Frederick County. Returned "living on Reed Creek, 1752."
   Boyd vs. Scott.--Andrew Scott's bond to Adam Boyd, of Chester County, Pennsylvania, dated 1752.

JUNE, 1753.

   William Davis vs. John Lightfoot and George Brown.--Bond of John Lightfoot and George Brown, both of Frederick County, to Davis, 1748. No return as to Lightfoot.

MAY, 1753.

   Bourland vs. Whitaker and wife.--James Bourland complains that defendant said "William Gregg can prove James Bourland a dog thief in Pennsylvania (meaning that one William Gregg informed the defendant that the plaintiff in Pennsylvania had stole dogs) and that William Gregg could prove it."
   Carpenter vs. Moses Thompson and John Patton.--Defendants live on South Branch.
   James Montgomery vs. Brian Gauhagan.--Defendant in Carolina, 1753.
   Rogers and Sutton vs. Vanderpool.--Not executed by reason Abraham Vanderpool lives on Greenbryer.

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   Cohoon vs. Miller.--Contract for building a dwelling with dimensions and descriptions.
   John Paul Vaught (?) and Catherine, (?) Caspar Paul Vought and Elizabeth, his wife, vs. Robert Hooks.--24th March, 1750.
   Ramsey vs. Elliott and Smith.--John Ramsey married Margaret Crockett.
   Abraham Potter vs. Robert Craven.--In 1744, bought of James Fisher 350 acres. Fisher executed a bond and Potter agreed to make payment by last of August, 1745, at request of Robert Craven and Fisher, because Fisher was then going out of the Country, and Craven undertook to give Potter a good title. Land was on Cook's Creek. Fisher went to Carolina. Abraham Potter, otherwise called "Abraham Potter of Sussex upon Delaware." Bond by him to Robert Craven, dated 1745.

AUGUST, 1753.

   Linsay vs. John Kelly.--John Linday of township of Gilford, County of Cumberland, Pennsylvania, obligee, in bond dated 1752.
   Evans vs. Fleming.--James Evans vs. William Fleming, otherwise lately called William Fleming of Notingham Township, County of Chester, Pennsylvania.
   Caldwell vs. Drening.--Walter Drening gone to Greenbryer.
   Ross executors vs. Noland.--James Ross's executors vs. Andrew Noland. Returned "This defendant is run to Carolina with the Widow Rutledge, so not executed by me, John Lewis."
   John Harland vs. Bourland.--John Bourland and Jane, his wife, late Jane Jackson, administratrix of William Jackson, deceased.
   Underwood vs. Gillaspy and Rutledge.--John Rutledge dead. May, 1753.
   Huey vs. Neigley.--John Nigley gone to Carolina.
   Martin vs. Donohoe.--Executed on Donohoe, and his body put into prison, but he has broke and made his escape. 1753.


   Robert Ramsey vs. George Lewis.--George Lewis of Augusta County, 1749.
   John Mulhollan vs. Thomas Williams.--Attachment in 1753.
   Daniel Harrison vs. Samuel Wilkins.--Attachment Daniel Harrison's account vs. Wilkins, dated 1746.
   Israel Christian vs. Joseph Baxter.--Obligation of Joseph for 20 in ginseng.

AUGUST, 1753 (B).

   Robert Hook and Robert Scot, executors of Samuel Scot, vs. William Picken and Ann, his wife.--Ann, his wife, late Ann Scot. Bond dated 1752.
   Stuart assignee vs. Humblestone Lyon.--David Bell of Chesterfield County, 1752.

MARCH, 1754 (A).

   John Smith vs. John Pickens.--Motion, To judgment obtained in Orange County, 1743.

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