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Description Filename Date Submitter
Index of Obituaries/Death Notices (A-L) obitindx.txt   various
Index of Obituaries/Death Notices (M-Z) obitindx2.txt   various
Cecil County News Obituaries (Cook, Lockard, McKinney) ccnewsob.txt Oct 2000 Bruce McKinney
Cecil Star Death Extracts (Jan 6 - June 23, 1917)  stardeathex.txt Oct 2000 Veronica Wyre
Cecil Whig Obituary Extracts (Jan/Feb 1900) 1900whig.txt Jul 2001 Veronica Wyre
Misc. Cecil Whig Obituaries whigobits.txt Oct 2000 Bruce McKinney
Cecil Whig Obituaries (07 Apr 1900) cw19000407.txt Apr 2004 Doug Arbuckle
Cecil Whig Obituaries (05 Feb 1910) cw19100205.txt Apr 2004 Doug Arbuckle
ARBUCKLE Obituaries (1881-1958) arbuckle.txt Apr 2004 Doug Arbuckle
BIDDLE Obituaries (1877-1900) biddle.txt Sep 2002 Doug Arbuckle
BOUCHELL, Mary (1871) bouchell-m.txt May 2005 Tom Watts
BURNS, Francis T. (1923) burns-ft.txt Sep 2002 Cyndie Enfinger
GIFFING, William R. (1905) giffing-wr.txt Oct 2007 Mary McIntyre
JOHNSON, James (1888) johnson-j.txt May 2006 Cyndie Enfinger
KIRK, Adrianna Reynolds (1913) kirk-ar.txt Oct 2006 Debbie R.
LIEBENDORFER, Harry Gottlieb (1991) liebendorfer-hg.txt Jun 2008 Kim Klein
LOAG, Wm. M. (1883) loag-wm.txt Jun 2008 Kim Klein
MELRATH, Lewis T. (1923) melrath-lt.txt Aug 2005 Dan Lindley
MELRATH, Lillie B. (1923) melrath-lb.txt Aug 2005 Dan Lindley
NULL, Dora Emma; 1933 null-de.txt Feb 2010 Marilyn Webb
OWENS, Capt. Hazlett F. (1892) owens-hf.txt Feb 2001 Bill Owens
REYNOLDS, Addie Brown (1920) reynolds-ab.txt Oct 2006 Debbie R.
REYNOLDS, Adolphus C. (1908) reynolds-ac.txt Oct 2006 Debbie R.
STEELE, James L.; 1897 steele-jl.txt Feb 2010 Marilyn Webb
STEELE, John Thomas; 1902 steele-jt.txt Jan 2010 Marilyn Webb
STEELE, Sara Jane (nee Null); 1987 steele-sjn.txt Feb 2010 Marilyn Webb
WELLS, Mary (1902) wells-m.txt May 2005 Fred Kelso
WELLS, Robert (1901) wells-r.txt May 2005 Fred Kelso

Newest Obituaries
Description Size Date Submitter
Armstrong, Mary Frances - Gillespie, George May 30, 1860 1K Jan 2024 Donald Buncie The Registry
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