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Description Filename Date Submitter
Index of Marriage Notices by Groom A-L Surnames  malemarr.txt   Various
Index of Marriage Notices by Groom M-Z Surnames malemarr2.txt   Various
Index of Marriage Notices by Bride A-L Surnames femmarr.txt   Various
Index of Marriage Notices by Bride M-Z Surnames  femmarr2.txt   Various
Selected Death Records Index deaths01.txt Aug 2004 Tom Watts


Description Filename Date Submitter
GONCE, Percy Ellis (1922); Birth Certificate gonce-pe.txt Nov 2005 Sam Gonce
SIMPERS, Dorothy Lena (1931); Birth Certificate simpers-dl.txt Nov 2005 Sam Gonce


Description Filename Date Submitter
Joseph B. EWING to Sarah E. STEELE (1898); Marriage Notice ewingsteele.txt Feb 2010 Marilyn Webb
Harry H. FERRY and Maggie E. McKEERNAN (1887); Marriage ferrymckeernan.txt Oct 2004 Margaret Anne
George HOLLINGSWORTH and Hannah McKAY (1734); Marriage Certificate holl-mckay.txt Jan 2001 Joan Renfrow
MAXWELL (1779-1839); Selected Marriages maxwell.txt Feb 2004 Margaret Anne
John W. NOVOBILSKY and Marie WITTKE (1938); Marriage novwittke.txt Jun 2004 Patricia Novobilsky Patton


Description Filename Date Submitter
ALEXANDER, Ann Mare (1920); Death Record alexan-a.txt Oct 2000 Bruce McKinney
ALEXANDER, James D. (1922); Death Record alexan-j.txt Oct 2000 Bruce McKinney
BOUCHELLE, James Peirce (Pearce) (1941); Death Record bouchelle-jp.txt May 2005 Tom Watts
BURNS, Anna M. (1911); Certificate of Death burns-a.txt
Sep 2002 Cyndie Enfinger
BURNS, Francis T. (1923); Certificate of Death burns-f.txt
Sep 2002 Cyndie Enfinger
GARRETT, Ella May (1930); Death Certificate garrett-em.txt Mar 2007 Mary McNally
GIFFING, Catherine Amanda nee Alexander (1905); Death Record giffing-ca.txt Oct 2007 Mary McIntyre
GIFFING, William R. (1905); Death Record giffing-wr.txt Oct 2007 Mary McIntyre
HARTNETT, David (1926); Death Certificate hartnett-d.txt Mar 2007 Mary McNally
HARTNETT, Hannah (1922); Death Certificate hartnett-h.txt Mar 2007 Mary McNally
HARTNETT, Mary Ellen (1939); Death Certificate hartnett-me.txt Mar 2007 Mary McNally
HARTNETT, Michael (1921); Death Certificate hartnett-m.txt Mar 2007 Mary McNally
LOCKARD, Ann (1910); Death Record lockard-a.txt Oct 2000 Bruce McKinney
McKINNEY, John T.  (1925); Death Record mckinn-j.txt Oct 2000 Bruce McKinney
McKINNEY, Thomas C. (1902); Death Record mckinn-t.txt Oct 2000 Bruce McKinney
TURNER, Hannah E. (1909); Death Record turner-he.txt May 2005 Tom Watts
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