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Description Filename Date Submitter
ALTPETER, Amelia; 1917 altpeter-a.txt Oct 2005 Ray Rhoads
ALTPETER, George; 1914 altpeter-g.txt Oct 2005 Ray Rhoads
BEVAN, Samuel; 1879, Estate Inventory bevan-s.txt May 2004 Cheryl Hannan
BOND, Roy S.; 1954 bond-rs.txt Dec 2005 Jeannette L. Molson
CASSELL, Joseph; 1867 cassell-j.txt Feb 2004 Sharon Reinhard
DUNN, James; 1807 dunn-j.txt Dec 2002 Russell L. Lawrence
HITCHCOCK, George; 1747 hitchcock-g.txt Jan 2007 Michael Glasscock
ING, Samuel Roberts; 1907 ing-sr.txt Feb 2004 Sharon Reinhard
LEINHART, Henry; 1823 leinhart-h.txt Jan 2006 Reed Mathews
LOCK, William; 1786 lock-w.txt Mar 2002 George Locke
PIERPOINT, Benedict; 1834 pierpoint-b.txt Jul 2006 Sharon Reinhard
PIERPOINT, Charles; 1785 pierpoint-c.txt Feb 2004 Sharon Reinhard
PIERPOINT, Joseph; 1820 pierpoint-j.txt Feb 2004 Sharon Reinhard
SCHARRER, George; 1902 scharrer-g.txt Mar 2002 Joe Scharrer
SHINNICK, Mary J.; 1901 shinnick-mj.txt Feb 2004 Sharon Reinhard
SHINNICK, Ormsby W.; 1901 shinnick-ow.txt Feb 2004 Sharon Reinhard
TAYLOR, James; 1835 taylor-j.txt Sep 2002 Jean R. Marshalek
TYE, John; 1739 tye-j.txt Jan 2007 Michael Glasscock
WEB, Nathan; 1865 webb-n.txt Mar 2002 Len Easton
WILLSON, William; 1785 willson-w.txt Nov 2012 Ronald Reid
WILSON, William; 1753 wilson-w2.txt Nov 2012 Ronald Reid
WILSON, William; 1767 wilson-w3.txt Nov 2012 Ronald Reid
WILSON, William; 1776 wilson-w1.txt Nov 2012 Ronald Reid
WILSON, William; 1825 wilson-w6.txt Nov 2012 Ronald Reid
WILSON, William; 1834 wilson-w4.txt Nov 2012 Ronald Reid
WILSON, William; 1836 wilson-w5.txt Nov 2012 Ronald Reid

The File Manager For This County Is: Debra Crosby The Registry

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