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Description Filename Date Submitter
1884-1958 Baltimore City Directories
cutchkutch.txt Oct 2005 Marion Woodfork Simmons
1814-15 City Directory, page 40;
  BETTON, Jane - BISHOP, Elizabeth
page040.txt Mar 2002 Peggy Kolm
1856 City Directory
churches.txt Mar 2002 Rob Ayers
1858 City Directory, page 152;
  DUTTON, John - EASTER, Dr. John
  EASTER, John jr. - EDGAR, William

Mar 2002 Janice Creamer and Mary Del Rivette
1860 City Directory;
  BLOCK, Henry - BOEHM, Dr. Ad.
block-boehm.txt Mar 2002 Angela Williams
1860 City Directory, page 195;
  HUTCHINSON, Thomas - IJAMS, Jacob
page195.txt Mar 2002 Meriah
1860 City Directory, page 270;
  MILLER, Christopher - MILLER, Jerome N.
  MILLER, John - MILLER, Wilhelmina

Mar 2002 Janice Creamer
1860 City Directory, page 497, business;
  Pawnbrokers - Physicians
  Physicians - Plumbers

Mar 2002 Gayle Triller
1864 City Directory, page 122-3;
  ENGEL, John - ERNST, Geo
page122-3.txt Mar 2002 Timothy J. Endres
1864 City Directory, page 188-9;
  HODGES, Robert - HOHLBINE, John
page188-9.txt Mar 2002 Timothy J. Endres
1873 City Directory;
  THOMPSON, D. Bowly - THOMPSON, S. P. & Co.
thompson.txt Mar 2002 Janice Creamer and Dottie Engemann
1874 City Directory, page 165;
  ECHEMENDIA, Diego - EDIE, Margaret
page165.txt Mar 2002 Janice Creamer
1874 City Directory;
  THOMAS, Margaret - THOMPSON, Darby
thompson.txt Mar 2002 Janice Creamer and Chris Thompson
1878 City Directory, page 332-3;
  HOFFMAN, Gilmore - HOFFMAN, Philip
page332-3.txt Mar 2002 Timothy J. Endres
1878 City Directory, page 364-6;
  HOFFMAN, Chas - HOHMAN, Henry
page364-6.txt Mar 2002 Timothy J. Endres
1880 City Directory, page 379-80;
  HOFFMAN, Edward - HOGG, Mrs. B. A.
page379-80.txt Mar 2002 Timothy J. Endres
1881 City Directory, page 407-8;
  HOEN, Geo. H. - HOFFMAN, Curzon
page407-8.txt Mar 2002 Timothy J. Endres
1881 City Directory, page 424-7;
  HOFMANN, Barbara - HOHLBEIN, Edward
page426-7.txt Mar 2002 Timothy J. Endres
1883 City Directory, page 478-9;
  HOFFMAN, Paul - HOGAN, Arthur
page478-9.txt Mar 2002 Timothy J. Endres
1886 City Directory, page 635-6;
  HOFFMAN, Chas - HOFFMAN, Robt. G.
page635-6.txt Mar 2002 Timothy J. Endres
1886 City Directory, page 638;
  HOFMANN, Jacob - HOGG, Barbara A.
page638.txt Mar 2002 Timothy J. Endres
1886 City Directory, page 764;
  KOCH, John G. - KOENIG, Ernest
page764.txt Mar 2002 Timothy J. Endres
1890 City Directory;
  BENNER, Adam - BENNER, Wm. P.
benner.txt Mar 2002  
1890 City Directory,
  KANE, Alfred - KANE, Wm. J.
kane.txt Mar 2002  
1890 City Directory;
orphanages.txt Mar 2002  
1890 City Directory;
  Veterinary Surgeons
vetsurg.txt Mar 2002  
1891 City Directory, page 327;
  COMFORT, Maxiel G. - CONEY, Wilford V.
page327.txt Mar 2002 Evelyn Windhaus
1891 City Directory, page 509;
  FOX, Margt - FRAMES, Rebecca
page509.txt Mar 2002 Evelyn Windhaus
1900 City Directory, page 1090;
  PEABODY, Conservatory of Music - Pearl-St Perpetual Savings
page1090.txt Mar 2002 Debi Joranco-Arellano
1910 City Directory, page 385;
  CRAIG, Walter - CRANSKA Thread Co.
page385.txt Mar 2002 Janice Creamer

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