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File Description Date Contributor
French and Indian War
Providers of Provisions for Militia Nov 2006 Freddie Spradlin
Revolutionary War
Amelia County Militia, 1758 Dec 1999 Gwen Hurst
Pension--Andrew Breden June 2006 Nancy Poquette
Pension--Archibald Compton Nov 2002 Janet Putt Neville
Pension--Thomas Hightower Dec 2002 Janet Putt Neville
Pension--William M. Nance May 2002 Sonia Nance Kinback
Pension--Joseph Scott Jan 2003 Janet Putt Neville
Pension--John Scurry Jan 2003 Janet Putt Neville
Pension--John Self May 2000 John D. Garvey
Pension--George Tucker Apr 2000 Joan Renfrow
Civil War
Confederate Pension Rolls, Veterans and Widows June 2003 Joan Ackermann Renfrow

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