Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


These notes are from the Order Book of the County Court, which contains the entries of the proceedings of the Court at its daily sittings during the terms. The terms were held monthly. The reference is in each case to the Book in which the order noted is contained, the date of the order and the page of the Book where it will be found.

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December 9, 1745.

  (1) County Court formed--First Justices: James Patton, John Buchanan, Peter Scholl, Robert Campbell, Robert Poage, Thomas Lewis, Robert Cunningham, Richard Woods, Robert Craven, Adam Dickinson, John Anderson, John Lewis, George Robinson, James Bell, John Brown, John Pickens, Hugh Thomson, John Finla, John Christian, James Kerr, Andrew Pickens.
  (1) James Patton qualified Sheriff. William Thompson surety.
  (2) John Madison qualified Clerk.
  (2) John Buchanan and Henry Downs qualified Deputy Sheriffs.
  (2) William Russell, James Porteus, Gabriel Jones, John Quinn, and Thomas Chew qualified Attorneys.

December 10, 1745.

  (2) Thomas Lewis qualified Surveyor.
  (3) Sheriff ordered to summon guard to keep prisoners and to provide shackels, bolts, handcuffs and fetters of iron.
  (3) Prison to be built and C. H. repaired.
  (3) Mathew Edmondson, James Carter and John Finla to open a road from Andrew Hamilton's in calf-pasture thro' Jennings Gap to John Finla's.
  (3) James Trimble to be Deputy Surveyor.
  (3) Gideon Marr qualified Attorney.
  (4) James Lesley appointed Constable vice William Baskins in Geo. Anderson's Co.
  (4) Daniel Dennison appointed Overseer Road vice John Pickens.--Bridges to be repaired.
  (4) William Right appointed Constable vice David Edmondson in Saml. Gay's Co.
  (4) John Rusk--Constable vice Andrew Pickens Cap. Wilson's Co.
  (4) Motion Margaret Lundey, Robert Craven and John Stinson appd. guardians of Thomas and John Leviston, orphans of Robert Leviston.
  (4) Thos. Harrison., Wm. Williams, Jeremiah Harrison, Hugh Douglass--appraisers of Ro. Levenson.
  (4) Robert Young---Constable---vice John Kerr in Richard Woods's Co.
  (4) James Greenlee--Constable--vice William Moore in Benj. Borden's Co.

February 10, 1745/6.

  (5) Samuel Wilkins--Ordinary License at his house. Thomas Story surety.
  (5) Petn. Samuel Wallace--Road ordered from William King's to the C. H., thence to Samuel Gay's.--Wm. King, Morrice Ofrield and John Trimble to lay off 1st part.--Wm. Hutcheson and James Trimble, the residue.

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  (5) John Grymes--Overseer Road in calf-pasture (vid p. 3 supra) on other side the Ridge and Ro. Armstrong, this side.
  (5) John Hawkins and Henry Downs--Under Sheriffs qualified.
  (5) Daniel Griffeths committed by James Kerr for stealing a horse from Edward Franklin of Orange, acquitted.
  (6) John Newport, Timothy Holdway and Ro. Looney to value improvements of Christian Zimmerman on 400 acres.
  (6) Wm. Linwell committed and fined for being drunk.
  (6) Andrew McCord bound to peace towards James McCleary.
  (6) David Davis--to show cause against paying William Morrison freedom dues.
  (7) John Newport and Obadiah Merriot quald. Attorneys.

February 11, 1745.

  (7) Benjn. Pendleton qualified Attorney.
  (7) Ann Jenney Usher chose James Knox guardian.
  (7) Daniel McAnaire and Hannah ackd. deed to Gardner.
  (7) Same as above to James Trimble.
  (7) John Nichols and Wm. Wright quald. Attorneys.
  (8) James McCune ordered to be committed for speaking treasonable words.
  (8) Wm. Henderson, Wm. Long, James Alexander, Jno. Black to appraise Ro. Wilson's estate.
  (8) Wm. Pierce and Adam Miller to view a road from top Blue Ridge at head Swift Run to Cap. Down's place, formerly Alexander Thomson's.
  (8) Wm. Smith and Ro. Gay--Overseers Road from David Davis Mill to top mountain above Wm. King's.
  (8) Daniel Holdman and Saml. Wilkins--same from Benj. Allen's mill to North River.
  (8) Wm. Magill and Thos. Stinson--same from North River to John Anderson's.
  (8) John Anderson and Andrew Lewis, same from Anderson's to C. H.
  (9) James Clerk spec. bail for Saml. McGaw.
  (10) Silas Hart spec. bail for Robt. Renix.
  (11) John Carre (Kerr) spec. bail for Hugh Martin.
  (11) James Biggs, Philip Jones, Thomas Moore, garnishees.
  (12) John and David Harry, Ro. Crockett and John Boil (a miller) garnishees.

FEBRUARY 12, 1745/6.

  (13) Robert McClenachan--Ordinary license at Co. Ho. David Stewart, Sty.
  (13) John Hutchison--same.
  (13) Andrew Pickens, Peter Scholl, Richard Woods recommended coroners--and Pickens to act until appt.
  (13) Wm. Thomson, security for Alexr. Thomson.
  (14) Enis Young, security for James Davis.

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  (14) Wm. McCandless security for Ro. Galloway.
  (15) Robert Seyers security for John Patterson.
  (15) Moses McClure vs. George Hall--Judgt. for Deft., suit "dismist and the bill sued on be damned and shall not be given out of this office."
  (16) Robert Cunningham fined 5 sh. for being drunk.
  (16) William Morrison to have his freedom dues paid out of the attached estate of David Davis.
  (16) Andrew Pickens--Admr. Joseph Martin--and John Trimble, Wm. McFeters, Saml. Wallace and John Brown, Appraisers.
  (17) Thomas McCullogh--Ordinary license--his house.
  (17) Attorney interrupting another or speaking when not employed forfeits 5 sh.
  (17) William Smith fined 5 sh.--being drunk.

FEBRUARY 19, 1745/6.

  (17) For Proof Public Claims and Propositions and Grievances.
  (17) Claim Richard Woods--Losses by Indians.
  (17) Claim John Mathews--Losses by Indians.
  (17) Claim Henry Kirkham--Losses by Indians.
  (17) Claim William Henderson--for assisting of. with arms and ammunition.
  (17) Claim David Edmondson--
  (18) Claim Benj. Borden and Magdalen, Admx. John McDowell--Losses by Indians.
  (18) Claim Francis McCown--Losses by Indians.
  (18) Claim John Buchanan and others--for patrolling.
  (18) Claim Joseph Lapsley--Losses by Indians.
  (18) Claim Mary Doughert--Losses by Indians.
  (18) Claim Patrick Martin--taking up a slave, property of Dr. Hopkins.
  (18) Claim Andrew Myrtin--Losses by Indians.
  (18) Claim Isaac Anderson--Losses by Indians.
  (18) Claim Joseph Coulton--Losses by Indians.
  (18) Claim John Walker--Losses by Indians.
  (18) Claim Dominick Berrall--Losses by Indians.
  (38) Claim Jno. Wilson et als--patrolling.
  (19) Claim James Walker--Losses by Indians.
  (19) Claim Thos. Black et als--patrolling.
  (19) David Edmondson makes oath the men mentioned in his list were pressed by him and served the time mentioned.

MARCH 10, 1745/6.

  (19) Ordinary Rates Regulated.
  (20) Mark Evans, William Kervine, John McFarron, James McGomerie appd. Overseers of Road Blazed by Orange Co. from inhabitants of Roanoke to top Blue Ridge at bounds of Brunswick Co. and Cap. Robinson and John Mills are to lay off precincts and tithables.
  (20) James Patton, John Lewis, John Pickens, Recd. Sheriff.

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  (20) Nathan McClure--Constable--vice Wm. Moore, Burden's Co.
  (20) Wm. Kervine--Constable--vice Simon Acres--Geo. Robinson's Co.
  (20) Thos. Gardner committed for disturbing John Buchanan in his office.
  (20) John Graham and James McGaw--same as to John Hawkins.
  (20) Thos. Scot--continued Overseer from Top of Ridge to Alexr. Thomson's.
  (20) Andrew McCord discharged from recognizance--Br. Peace.
  (21) Ephraim McDowell committed to answer Roger Keys.

APRIL 14, 1746.

  (21) Abraham Strickler's widow refuses to administer--Jeremiah Sutton, Randolph Mack, John Spittler and Paul Lung, Appraisers.
  (22) John King dismissed from complaint Peter Sholl--John not being a legal constable.
  (22) Robert Scot qualified Captain of foot.
  (22) Wm. Finley qualified Captain of foot.
  (22) Robert Craven--Ordinary License.
  (23) Thomas Moffet's petn. to be levy free--Dismissed.
  (23) Andrew McNabb--child sworn to by Martha Allison.
  (23) William Thomson--Spec. Bail for Alexr. Thomson.
  (23) John King--garnishee.

APRIL 15, 1746.

  (24) John Nicholas, Depy. Atty. having refused to officiate Gabriel Jones recommended.
  (24) Elizabeth, wife of Robert Poage--deed to Robert Gamble.
  (24) Margaret, wife John Lewis--deed to James Robertson.
  (25) John Graham--special bail for Saml. McGaw.
  (26) Petn. Margaret Lundey--her clothes and goods taken by David Logan Constable on attacht. vs her decd. husband Thomas Lundey at suit of Daniel Harriss, be returned.
  (28) Mary Perry to be bound to Wm. Thompson until she is 18.
  (28) Clerk to have presses for Records made.
  (29) Geo. Cathey vs John Ouin--Pl. nonsuited and makes oath that he never employed Thos. Chew to bring suit and Judgt. vs. Thos. for costs.
  (31) John Harrison Spec. bail for Saml. McGaw.
  (31) Petition John Risk for a road--Rejected.
  (32) Carr vs. Smith -- 4 Penna. Curcy.== 3 Cur. Money, Va.
  (33) Erwin Patterson--appd. Constable on Roanoke near the Great Lick.
  (33) John Robinson--same on Fork of Roanoke.
  (33) James Hervey (or Hewey)--same on James River.
  (33) William Scott--appd. Constable on Cutabough Creek.

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APRIL 16, 1746.

  (33) Christopher Zimmerman--valuation of improvements returned and John Newport having made oath that it had not been before valued, recorded.
  (35) Charles Berry, surety for John Pattison.
  (35) Isaac Anderson, surety for Saml. Davis & Edw. Boyle.
  (35) Erwin Patterson, sp. Bail for James Greenlee.
  (36) Borden vs. Isaac Anderson--Ejectment--350 acres.
          Borden vs. John McPharron-Ejectment--319 acres.
  (36) Alexander vs. McClure--Plt. produced deft's. bill with endorsement, which was read out by James Patton without the Court's orders--Gabriel Jones ordered to indict him--and suit is dismissed.
  (37) Mathew Mitchell--garnishee--also Jane Burnett--Joseph Reid and Andrew Russell--15, 2, 7 Penna.==11, 6, 11 Current money.
  (37) William Morrisons freedom dues--3, 10 Current money.
  (42) Sam'l Lockhart and Wm. Linwell--garnishees.
  (42) Wm. Thompson vs. Saml. Lockhart--Ejectt.--400 acres.
  (42) Silas Hart, John Mathews, Charles Burk, Benj. Borden, John Ruddle, Joseph Lapsley, Ebenezer Westcoat, and James Montgomerie recomd. Justices.

MAY 12, 1746.

  (43) Thomas Black--appd. Constable. Cap. Christian's Co.
  (43) Gabriel Jones--quald. Depy. Attorney.
  (43) William White, William James. Wm. Carroll, Morgan Briant--Appraisers John Dobikin's Estate.
  (43) A grand jury sworn were immediately dismissed because 25 were sworn.
  (43) Alexander vs. McClure--Thomas Chew asks permission to withdraw the bill in order to bring suit which is denied until the charge vs. Col. Patton is tried. Judt. in this case, page 184 infra 20 March, 1746--Look it up.
  (43) Abraham Job-appd. Constable at Masaunting.
  (43) William Taylor appd. Constable fr. Benj. Allen's to lower end of Co.
  (43) James Robinson--appd. Constable fr. Linville's Cr. to North Gap.
  (44) William Carroll appd. Constable fr. Smith's Cr. to Cap. Allens and Cap. Dobins's bounds.
  (44) Adam Miller--same on North River and below Peaked Mount.
  (44) James Hogshead--same at North Mountain.
  (44) Saml. Stuart--same Head Linville's Creek.
  (44) Wm. Guy--same Calfpasture.
  (44) Michl. O'Dugherty--same Capt. Woods's Co.
  (44) Robert Young--same vice John Risk.
  (44) Charles Hayes--same vice James Trimble.
  (44) John Lynn--same vice George Colville.
  (44) John Preston proved his importation; Elizabeth, his wife; William, his son; Lettice, Margaret and Anne, his daughters, immediately from Ireland into this Colony.

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  (44) Simon Acres appd. Roadoverseer Vice Wm. Kerwin.
  (45) Jost Hite vs. Thomas Linville.
  (45) Nicholas Brock summoned on complaint of Val. Sevear.
  (45) Robert Armstrong appd. Overseer Road from Jenning's Gap to Daniel McAnaires--thence to John Finla's Cooper--thence to the Court House--all tithables within 4 miles on each side to work the road.
  (45) Joseph Russell and John Smith make affidavit--Roger Mallory's account not sworn to.
  (45) Road ordered from the Great Lick in the cowpasture at Col. Lewis's land to Andrew Hamiltons in calfpasture. Andrew and George Lewis Comrs. to mark it off.
  (45) Robert Gwin appd. Constable at head of Great Calfpasture.
  (45) George Anderson appointed Constable South River vice David Logan.
  (45) Robert Kirkham quald. Admr. Michael Kerkham.
  (46) Richard Woods, Joseph Lapsley, Henry Kerkham and Peter Wallace--appraisers.
  (46) Edward Boyle sentenced to stocks and fined for damning the Court and swearing 4 oaths in their presence.

MAY 13, 1746.

  (46) Henry Downs, under sheriff, ordered to get a house for a jail.
  (46) Wm. Lusk's petition for turning the road around his place is granted.
  (47) William Wright appd. Constable vice David Edmondson.
  (47) Thomas Lackey appd. Road Overseer vice James Gill from North River where James Gill dwelt to the South River.
  (47) Adjourned till 3d Wednesday in June according to late Act of Assembly for altering the same.

JUNE 18, 1746.

  (47) Gabriel Jones qualified Attorney.
  (48) James Hogshead, Thomas Black, William Wright, William Guy, Robert Gwin, Charles Hays, George Anderson, Adam Miller, James Robinson, Thomas McCulloch, appd. Constables last Court qualified.
  (48) Order for securing prisoners at last Court contind.
  (48) James and John McCune, on testimony of John Risk and James Lockhart, committed for having spoken treasonable words.
  (48) Margaret McCowen's privy Exn. (wife of Francis?)
  (49) Robert Young qualified Constable.
  (49) Elianor Roork, servant of Mathias Seltzer--run away.
  (49) William Brock to be bound to Valentine Sevear.
  (49) James Porteus--certified that he is a man of probity, honesty, diligence, good demeanor and a fair practitioner in order to be "examined according to law."
  (49) Daniel Richeson, Michael Stump and Benj. Hardin, to view road petition of Richard Crunk.

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  (49) John Wilson--leave to build water grist mill.
  (49) Morrice Offield, John Trimble and Wm. King to make remainder of the road from top of North Mountain to said King's and thence to Co. Ho.

JUNE 19, 1746.

  (50) Aaron Jackson--above 14--chose Wm. Hutcheson his guardian.
  (50) Commission to Orange for privy examination of Elinor, wife of Robert Green.
  (51) Same as to Margaret, wife of Robert McKay.
  (51) Henry Spears and Mathias Seltzer appointed road overseers over road from Thorn's Gap from South River to county line.
  (51) Wm. King--permission to dig a race thro' John Trimbles land to his mill.
  (52) James Biggs, Philip Jones, Thomas Moore, garnishees.
  (53) Samuel Wilkins vs. Robert Scott--First Jury.
  (55) William White, witness.

JUNE 20, 1746.

  (63) Thos. Cresap vs Jno. Johnston } One John Johnston appeared and on oath declared that he was not the person indebted and non suit.
  (64) 2, 13, 4 Proclamation Money==40 sh. Current Money.
  (65) William Miller, an idle vagrant person and a man of loose behavior--with George Hall, surety-bond.
  (66) Order to summon Robert Young for bringing a woman into the County who is likely to be chargeable to the Parish, renewed.
  (67) Cap. John and Jonas Denton--overseers from County line
  (68) to Stoney Creek, and Griffith Thomas and John Ruddle, Sr., from said Creek to the new road.
  (68) Alexr. Herrin--overseer from Robt. Cravens to Saml. Wilkins's, and Thomas and Jeremiah Harrison from Craven's to the Indian Road--Cap. Scholl to lay off the precincts.

JULY 16, 1746.

  (68) New Court--Commission dated 13 June, 1746: James Patton, George Robinson, Robert Cunningham, James Montgomery, Wm. Jameson, Saml. Gay, John Lewis, Peter Scholl, John Wilson, Silas Hart, Richard Burton, Wm. Thompson, John Buchanan, James Bell, Thomas Lewis, Henry Downs, John Christian.
  (69) Henry Downs to be Sheriff and qualified, and John Hawkins and Henry Downs, Jr., qualified Under Sheriffs.
  (69) Commission to prepare a deed from Beverley for 25 acres according to an order of Council.
  (69) Wm. Woods, Thos. Williams, Michael Finey, appointed Constables in Fork of James River.

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