Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


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This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With Z


Zahn Betty J.
Zahn Leo Andrew
Zahn Mary Eisenhart
Zahn Willard R.
Zaner Henrietta Wiest
Zaner Margaret A. - pic2
Zaner Ray Fischer
Zarfoss Annie R.
Zarfoss Frank J.
Zarfoss Mary A.
Zarfoss Pauline E.
Zarfoss William S.
Zartman Agnes E.
Zartman Lester L.
Zartman William F.
Zech Jr.Albert H.
Zech Carrie L.
Zech Christiana
Zech Doris Aileen
Zech Jr.Earl R. - pic2
Zech Sr.Earl R. - pic2
Zech Edna A.
Zech Ernest R.
Zech John F.
Zech Marian E.
Zech Mary H.
Zech Mary Ludwig - pic2
Zech Reuben B.
Zech Susan
Zeck Edward A.
Zeck Grace E.
Zeck Jean I.
Zehner George E.
Zehner Lydia R.
Zeiders Banks W.
Zeiders Clark L.
Zeiders marjorie E.
Zeigler A. Virginia
Zeigler Aline M.
Zeigler Amanda
Zeigler Anna E.
Zeigler Anna Elizabeth Foster
Zeigler Caroline - pic2
Zeigler Catherine E.
Zeigler Charles M.
Zeigler Donald M.
Zeigler Ellis B.
Zeigler Elmer C.
Zeigler Francis G.
Zeigler Gerald E.
Zeigler Harry E.
Zeigler Henry - pic2
Zeigler Howard L.
Zeigler John - pic2
Zeigler John A.
Zeigler John C.
Zeigler John L.
Zeigler Julia S.
Zeigler Laura E.
Zeigler Leona R.
Zeigler Lida J. - pic2
Zeigler Lottie E.
Zeigler Louise A.
Zeigler Lulu E.
Zeigler Lydia A.
Zeigler Margaret
Zeigler Mary A.
Zeigler Mary E.
Zeigler Mary E.
Zeigler Mary Witmyer
Zeigler Minnie
Zeigler Nolan W.
Zeigler Oscar W.
Zeigler Rebecca - pic2
Zeigler Robert E. - pic2
Zeigler Sr.Robert P.
Zeigler Sadie M.
Zeigler Sarah S. - pic2
Zeigler Jr.Sherman H.
Zeigler Verna P.
Zeigler Victor M.
Zeigler W. Harry - pic2
Zeigler William
Zeigler William B.
Zeigler William Edward
Zelinka Alfred W.
Zelinka Florence J.
Zelinka Mabel I.
Zelinka Milton H.
Zelinka Patsy J.
Zelinka Sarah
Zellers Bessie L.
Zellers Clara S. E.
Zellers Earl S.
Zellers Earnest E.
Zellers Francis G.
Zellers LaVerne S.
Zellers Miriam B.
Zellers Ozella N.
Zentz Lidan
Zeone John Lear
Zepp Melvin W.
Zeth Frances E.
Zettle Arlene M.
Zettle J. Raymond
Ziegler Annie E.
Ziegler Arla Mae
Ziegler Bertha G.
Ziegler Sr.C. Philip - pic2
Ziegler Charlotte
Ziegler Chas. L.
Ziegler Clara G. - pic2
Ziegler Edwin H.
Ziegler Edwin H.
Ziegler Elizabeth
Ziegler Ellen Nora
Ziegler Fannie B.
Ziegler Franklin H.
Ziegler Sr.Fred L.
Ziegler Frederick White
Ziegler George P. - pic2
Ziegler Jr.George P.
Ziegler George w.
Ziegler H. Kenneth
Ziegler Harry C.
Ziegler Harry G.
Ziegler Hazel E.
Ziegler Helen B.
Ziegler Helen E.
Ziegler Horace H.
Ziegler Jean Greer
Ziegler Jennie M.
Ziegler Jr.John A. C. - pic2
Ziegler Sr.John A. C. - pic2
Ziegler Josephine Stouch
Ziegler Karen Lou
Ziegler Margaret M.
Ziegler Martin
Ziegler Mary C.
Ziegler Mary Lewis
Ziegler Mary M. - pic2
Ziegler Maude L.
Ziegler Myrtle I.
Ziegler Sr.Paul A.
Ziegler Paul Edwin
Ziegler Paul M.
Ziegler Philip
Ziegler Ralph M.
Ziegler Sr.Richard A.
Ziegler Ruth Heindel - pic2
Ziegler Ruth L.
Ziegler S. Irene - pic2
Ziegler Samuel
Ziegler Unknown
Ziegler Unknown E.
Ziegler Verna May
Ziegler Walter B.
Ziegler Jr.Walter B.
Ziegler William F.
Ziegler William M. - pic2
Zimmerman Addie J. Grogg
Zimmerman Alta C.
Zimmerman Anna E. - pic2
Zimmerman Anna M.
Zimmerman Annabelle N.
Zimmerman Annie F.
Zimmerman Bertha Ruth
Zimmerman Christian R.
Zimmerman Dale Howard - pic2
Zimmerman Dorothy A.
Zimmerman Edward E.
Zimmerman Edward S. - pic2
Zimmerman Eleanor B.
Zimmerman Elizabeth B.
Zimmerman Florance A.
Zimmerman G. Cleve - pic2
Zimmerman Grace Diehl
Zimmerman Harry C.
Zimmerman Herbert P.
Zimmerman Sr.Ivan E.
Zimmerman John F.
Zimmerman John F. - pic2
Zimmerman John W. L.
Zimmerman Lydia L.
Zimmerman Margaret E.
Zimmerman Mary M.
Zimmerman Mervyn O.
Zimmerman Newton
Zimmerman Reba M. - pic2
Zimmerman Reba Mae - pic2
Zimmerman Sr.Robert W.
Zimmerman Ruth Louise
Zimmerman Sarah E.
Zimmerman Vera E.
Zimmerman William
Zimmerman WIlliam K.
Zink Eleanor Amig
Zink Violet C.
Zinn Anna M. - pic2
Zinn Anna M. Mathias - pic2
Zinn Cora V.
Zinn Donald J. - pic2
Zinn Edgar A.
Zinn George H.
Zinn George H. - pic2
Zinn George W.
Zinn Gordon E. - pic2
Zinn Harry E. - pic2
Zinn Helen D.
Zinn Ida M. - pic2
Zinn Irene - pic2
Zinn J. Andrew
Zinn Jeannette M.
Zinn Lillian G.
Zinn Mary A.
Zinn Pauline Wasbers
Zinn Samuel - pic2
Zinn Sarah - pic2
Zinn Sarah E.
Zinn Sarah J.
Zinn Unknown
Zinn W. Gordon - pic2
Zinn William
Zinn William P.
Zipay Jean M.
Zirkle Jr.Clifton F.
Zorger Amanda B. - pic2
Zorger Annie K. - pic2
Zorger Clara A. - pic2
Zorger Frederick A. - pic2
Zorger Frederick E. - pic2
Zorger Mary C. - pic2
Zorger Mollie M. E. - pic2
Zorger Wm. F. - pic2
Zortman Carl Spangler
Zortman Jennie K.
Zortman John E.
Zortman Unknown
Zortman Viola L.
Zumbrum C. Scott - pic2
Zumbrum Ida B.
Zumbrum Joan M. - pic2
Zumbrum Norman L. - pic2
Zumbrum William S.
Zumbrun Harry E.
Zumbrun Margery E.
Zumbrun Sadie M.
Zutell Miriam B.
Zutell William H.
Zweifler Anita D. - pic2
Zweifler David
Zweifler Walter
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