Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


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This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With Y


Yagel Jay A.
Yagel Romaine H.
Yardley Albert M.
Yardley Miriam A.
Yeaple Clarence E.
Yeaple Elsie B.
Yeaple Emma E.
Yeaple Estella M.
Yeaple Evelyn N.
Yeaple George T.
Yeaple George W.
Yeaple Jack T.
Yeaple Walter Z.
Yeates Dorothy L.
Yeates Earl A.
Yeates Josephine C.
Yeates Mary E.
Yeatts C. Otterbein - pic2
Yeatts Charles W.
Yeatts Sr.Donald O.
Yeatts Earl R.
Yeatts Jr.Earl R.
Yeatts Emma C.
Yeatts Esther L.
Yeatts Frances G.
Yeatts Lula K. - pic2
Yessler Dolores Chaumont
Yessler Dolores Matilde
Yessler George
Yessler Harry Ellsworth
Yessler Hilda Annetta
Yessler Ida Agnes
Yessler Jacob
Yessler Richard E.
Yessler Russell Bierman
Yessler Susan
Yessler Virginia M.
Yinger Anna C.
Yinger Aquilla P.
Yinger Belle S. Taggart
Yinger Brize M. - pic2
Yinger Cassandra
Yinger Cassandra Weigle - pic2
Yinger Curvin L.
Yinger Edith E.
Yinger Ethel
Yinger George S. - pic2
Yinger Gerald E.
Yinger Gloria A. Gemmill Jajich
Yinger Kate M. - pic2 - pic3
Yinger Nathan
Yinger Robert F.
Yinger Sarah E. F.
Yinger Theresa D.
Yingling Amanda
Yingling Anna M.
Yoffee John E.
Yohe Harlan M. - pic2
Yohe Lillian Owen - pic2
Yost Beverly A.
Yost Clara A.
Yost Donald H.
Yost Harry L.
Yost Ina Mae
Yost Martin L.
Yost Mary
Yost Mary A.
Yost Paul H. - pic2 - pic3
Yost Raymond Arthur
Yost Ruth M.
Yost Theon Gehly
Yost Wilhelmina B.
Yost Will. H.
Young Aaron - pic2
Young Albert
Young Amos D. - pic2
Young Annie K. - pic2
Young Annie Mary - pic2
Young Arlene
Young Bernard F.
Young C. Arthur - pic2
Young Carrie C.
Young Catharine N.
Young Catherine S.
Young Sr.Charles L.
Young Charles P. - pic2
Young Dora R.
Young E. Marguerite
Young Edward S. - pic2
Young Edyth A.
Young Eleanor S. - pic2
Young Ella A.
Young Emma L.
Young Esther Etter
Young Flora E.
Young Frances K. Weitsel - pic2
Young George E.
Young George F. - pic2
Young Georgine Elizabeth Enders - pic2
Young Gloria E.
Young Grace M.
Young H. Walter
Young Harriett M.
Young Harry E.
Young Harry O.
Young Hiram - pic2
Young James D. M.
Young John F. - pic2
Young John H.
Young John M.
Young John M.
Young Katie M.
Young Laura C. - pic2
Young Lydia
Young Marcellus
Young Mary A. - pic2
Young Mary E. - pic2
Young Mary E. - pic2
Young Mary Jane
Young Mayme F. - pic2
Young Michael R.
Young Mildred E.
Young Mildred N.
Young Millard F.
Young Percy B.
Young Perry E.
Young Jr.Perry E.
Young Richard H.
Young Sarah Paine
Young Susan
Young Tene Etta - pic2
Young Teresa
Young Unknown - pic2
Young Virginia D.
Young W. Howard
Young Walter Hiram - pic2
Young William A. - pic2
Young William H.
Young William H.
Younker Harry E.
Younker Harry L.
Younker Louisa C.
Younker Nettie A.
Younker William H.
Youtzy Elaine E.
Yunger Joseph W.
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