Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012             


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


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Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With W


Wackerman Carrie A.
Wackerman Charles S.
Wackerman Daniel - pic2
Wackerman Lizzie E. Schultz - pic2
Wackerman Mabel I. - pic2
Wagaman Oliver J.
Wagaman Sophia
Wagenback Augusta
Wagenback Henry
Wagenback Henry A.
Wagner Adaline A. - pic2
Wagner Aldea E.
Wagner Alvertus F.
Wagner Anna Barbara
Wagner Annie C.
Wagner Annie M.
Wagner Arvilla J.
Wagner B. Freda
Wagner Billie Jo
Wagner Carleane R.
Wagner Carrie R. H.
Wagner Cecelia
Wagner Charles O.
Wagner Christian
Wagner Edward F.
Wagner Ernst
Wagner Florence
Wagner Franklin P.
Wagner George F.
Wagner George V.
Wagner Guelda M. - pic2
Wagner Harry C.
Wagner Harry W.
Wagner Harvey C.
Wagner Hazel Hamberger
Wagner Herman P.
Wagner Ida I. - pic2
Wagner Jacob - pic2
Wagner James
Wagner John
Wagner John
Wagner John A. - pic2
Wagner John A.
Wagner Jr.John A.
Wagner Katy S.
Wagner L. Ellis
Wagner LeRoy C.
Wagner Lillie M. - pic2
Wagner Lillie M.
Wagner Lilly M.
Wagner Magdalena
Wagner Marie C.
Wagner Mary
Wagner Minnie L.
Wagner Nora G.
Wagner Jr.Paul E.
Wagner Philip F.
Wagner Philip H.
Wagner Richard S.
Wagner Robert C. - pic2
Wagner Roy E.
Wagner Ruth L.
Wagner Ruth M.
Wagner Samuel - pic2
Wagner Samuel G.
Wagner Susan Heidlebaugh - pic2
Wagner Susanna
Wagner Theda L.
Wagner Walter O.
Wagner Sr.William A.
Wagner William R.
Walbeck Charles H.
Walbeck Ella G.
Wales Carolyn A.
Wales Harold E.
Wales Harry A.
Wales Harry E.
Wales Mark W.
Wales Mildred E.
Wales Mina
Wales Norneen Y.
Wales Richard E.
Wales Richard Thomas
Wales Robert T.
Wales Thomas E.
Waleski Edmund A.
Walker Abram
Walker Alva S.
Walker Arthur B.
Walker Augusta H.
Walker Baby Boy
Walker Bertha
Walker C. Martin
Walker Calvin R.
Walker Charlotta C.
Walker Dale E.
Walker Emma E.
Walker Evelyn L.
Walker Harry E.
Walker Hazel A.
Walker Hazel R.
Walker Helen E.
Walker Henry F.
Walker Ida F.
Walker Infant
Walker Irene B.
Walker Isidor
Walker John Q.
Walker Joseph
Walker Lydia - pic2
Walker M. Todd
Walker Martin
Walker Martin J.
Walker Mary E. - pic2
Walker Nyle J.
Walker Pauline M.
Walker Jr.Richard C.
Walker Sadie
Walker Sarah
Walker Solomon
Walker Therese
Walker William
Walker Wm. H. - pic2
Wall Elwood O.
Wall Mary V. Raffensberger
Wallace A. Katie
Wallace Anna E. - pic2
Wallace Charles Barrett - pic2
Wallace Charlotte E.
Wallace Franceca Levergood - pic2
Wallace Hettie Bell
Wallace Horace Myhleigh
Wallace Lawrence C. - pic2
Wallace Penrose Conwell
Wallace Ralph E.
Wallace William B.
Wallace Wm. Harry
Wallick Agnes - pic2
Wallick Ambrose B.
Wallick Arbia E. - pic2
Wallick Catharine - pic2
Wallick Clara E.
Wallick Harry S.
Wallick Hattie I. - pic2
Wallick Mary Alfretta
Wallick Nellie H.
Wallick Rebecca C. - pic2
Wallick Samuel - pic2
Wallick Samuel A.
Wallick Stewart - pic2
Wallick Unknown - pic2
Wallick Wibich B. - pic2
Wallow C. F. W.
Wallow Charles H.
Wallow Emma B.
Wallow N. Alice
Waltemyer Gloria E.
Waltemyer Martin S.
Walter Carol M.
Walter Clinton E.
Walter Corilla L.
Walter Edythe L.
Walter Elizabeth C.
Walter Lenore I.
Walter Lind D.
Walter Martha T.
Waltermyer Betty J.
Waltermyer Esther E.
Waltermyer Walter F.
Walters Catherine E.
Walters Charles D.
Walters Henrietta
Walters Herbert D.
Walters Jean May
Walters Mary I.
Walters Paul W.
Walters Robert Nisley
Walters Robert S.
Walters Samuel
Waltmire Anna E.
Waltmire John H.
Walton John H.
Walton Nancy B.
Wampler Brenda A.
Wampler Eugene J.
Wampler Gladys A.
Wampler Iantha B.
Wampler Norman A.
Wanbaugh Albin
Wanbaugh Ann M.
Wanbaugh Paul A.
Wanbaugh Sarah M.
Wandel Geraldine T.
Wandel Max E.
Wanner Helen Griffith
Wanner Joyce Snyder
Wanner Nevin Miller
Wanner William Stair
Wantland Elnora Prowell - pic2
Wantland Ethel M. - pic2
Wantland John T. - pic2
Wantland Lloyd - pic2
Wantz Albert L.
Wantz Amanda M.
Wantz Annie L.
Wantz Arabella
Wantz Charles E.
Wantz Charles S.
Wantz Charlotte G.
Wantz Children
Wantz Clarence E.
Wantz David R.
Wantz Edgar H.
Wantz Elmer J.
Wantz Florence A.
Wantz George W.
Wantz Sr.George W.
Wantz Helen L.
Wantz Howard E.
Wantz Jennie J.
Wantz Lillie R.
Wantz Mary E.
Wantz Mary E.
Wantz Minnie B.
Wantz Paul D.
Wantz Peter
Wantz Rachel J.
Wantz Russell L.
Wantz Sherman C.
Wantz Sterling M.
Wantz Walter H.
Ward George
Warden Eva E.
Waring Anna M.
Waring Catharine E.
Waring William R.
Warnecke August F.
Warnecke Fairie I.
Warnecke Frank H.
Warnecke Hattie E.
Warnecke Rosa H. C.
Warnecke Sarah A. M.
Warner Blanche E.
Warner Catharine Ann Diehl - pic2
Warner Catharine L.
Warner Christian
Warner Clara M.
Warner Jr.Edward J.
Warner Sr.Edward J.
Warner Edward W.
Warner Elsie Reever
Warner Emma R.
Warner Flora - pic2
Warner George H.
Warner Grace A. Roseman
Warner Harry E.
Warner Joan E.
Warner Lillie M.
Warner Milton R. - pic2
Warner Ruth V.
Warner Sarah Jane
Warner William H.
Warren Bessie M.
Warren Chas. F.
Warren Emma L.
Warren Estella M.
Warren Florine R.
Warren Franklin E.
Warren John K.
Warren John S.
Wasbers Henry
Wasbers Lucinda Peeling
Wasbers Mary A.
Wasbers Wentz M.
Washer Marion E.
Washer William I.
Washington Sr.Edward H.
Washington Joan M.
Wasilewski Katherine Gilbert
Wasser Mildred P.
Wasser Robert L.
Watkins Kate Wooldridge
Watkins William Whitfield
Watson Evelyn I. - pic2
Watson George W.
Watson L. Emerson - pic2
Watson Lewis M. - pic2
Watson Margaret E. - pic2
Watson Robert E.
Watson Robert L. - pic2
Watson Virginia W.
Watt Amanda S.
Watt David E.
Watt Joseph
Wayne Clara E. - pic2
Wayne Joseph E. - pic2
Ways Bertha W.
Ways Katharine Bell
Ways Melvin W.
Weakley Edna Kirk
Weakley William S.
Weakley Zella K.
Wean Catherine M.
Wean Dorothy M.
Wean Woodrow W.
Weaver Alan C.
Weaver Beatrice N.
Weaver Betty J.
Weaver Catherine E.
Weaver Charles E.
Weaver Charlotte Bear Stock - pic2
Weaver Clayton
Weaver Donald Ray
Weaver Dorcas LaRue
Weaver Earl M.
Weaver Edith Kline
Weaver Edward J.
Weaver Elnora H.
Weaver Evelyn A.
Weaver Flavan Francis
Weaver Freeman L.
Weaver George D.
Weaver Geraldine
Weaver Harry T. - pic2
Weaver Hazel P.
Weaver Jacob L.
Weaver Kate
Weaver Laura E. - pic2
Weaver Louis Schneider
Weaver Mahlon H.
Weaver Marie Audrey
Weaver Mary D.
Weaver Mary J. - pic2
Weaver Mary Jane
Weaver Mildred L.
Weaver Romayne Marker
Weaver Ronald C.
Weaver William E.
Weaver William H.
Weaver William S.
Webb Albert
Webb Alice
Webb Bessie F.
Webb Charles A.
Webb Eva Lease
Webel Charles - pic2
Weber Annie A.
Weber Bertha M.
Weber Carlos A.
Weber Catharine - pic2
Weber Clair L.
Weber E. Augustus - pic2
Weber Edith S.
Weber Elsie E. - pic2
Weber Fred P.
Weber George G.
Weber Gregory A.
Weber Hattie M.
Weber Henry
Weber James O.
Weber Jeffrey Lee
Weber John J.
Weber Katie E.
Weber Leonard B.
Weber Lillie M.
Weber Minnie K. Keagy
Weber Oscar E. - pic2
Weber Paul H.
Weber Philip - pic2
Weber Ray E.
Weber Sara L.
Weber Sarah M.
Weber Unknown
Weber Verna E.
Wehrenberg Amalia
Wehrenberg Charlotte A. E.
Wehrenberg Eleonore H. C.
Wehrenberg Elizabeth
Wehrenberg Geo. F. G.
Wehrenberg Wm. H. G.
Wehrly Elizabeth
Wehrly George
Weichert Idella M.
Weichert William J.
Weidman Agnes
Weidman Alice
Weidman Jacob - pic2
Weidman Margaret - pic2
Weidman Michael
Weidman Unknown
Weidman William Franklin
Weigel C. Minnie
Weigel Charles A.
Weigel Charles A.
Weigel Clara M.
Weigel Henry L.
Weigel Leah F.
Weigel Mary Ellen
Weigel Wilhelmina
Weigel William H.
Weigle Anne Y.
Weigle Donald K.
Weigle Howard S.
Weigle James H.
Weigle Margaret Gauley
Weikel Mildred C.
Weikert Earl J.
Weikert Florence E.
Weikert George G.
Weikert James E.
Weikert Jeanette S.
Weikert June G.
Weilbacher Theo.
Weimer Grace I.
Weimer William F.
Weinstein Eleanor M.
Weinstein Harry
Weinstein Morris
Weinstein Roxie A.
Weinstein William
Weinstock Harry A. - pic2
Weinstock Robert M. - pic2
Weir Carrie E.
Weir David H.
Weisensale Annie M.
Weisensale Daisy M.
Weisensale Horace J.
Weisensale Jr.Horace J.
Weisensale Mary Stine
Weiser C. Russell - pic2
Weiser Caroline J.
Weiser Carrie
Weiser Catharine
Weiser Cordelia A.
Weiser Daniel K.
Weiser David A.
Weiser Edna C.
Weiser Edward P.
Weiser Elizabeth Givens
Weiser Ella
Weiser Ella S.
Weiser Emma F.
Weiser Eugene F.
Weiser Grace E. Stahle
Weiser Harry K.
Weiser Harry P.
Weiser Hattie S.
Weiser Helen R.
Weiser Horace M.
Weiser Ida I.
Weiser Ira D.
Weiser Irene A.
Weiser Jacob S. - pic2
Weiser James B.
Weiser Janella
Weiser John
Weiser John A.
Weiser John Z.
Weiser Katharine F.
Weiser Lewis B. - pic2
Weiser Lucy A.
Weiser Lulu K.
Weiser Margie H.
Weiser Martin H.
Weiser Martin Smyser - pic2 - pic3
Weiser Mary A. - pic2
Weiser Mary E.
Weiser Mary E. - pic2
Weiser Mary Ellen
Weiser Mary M. - pic2
Weiser Nettie S. - pic2
Weiser Oliver - pic2
Weiser P. Sterrett
Weiser Ralph R. - pic2
Weiser Robert H.
Weiser Samuel R. - pic2
Weiser Sophie M.
Weiser Susanna
Weiser William D. - pic2
Weiser William F. - pic2
Weiser William J.
Weiser William J.
Weiser Willis F.
Weiser Willis F. V.
Weishampel Cora Merrick - pic2
Weishampel Lambdin Addison - pic2
Weiss Dale G.
Weiss Evelyn A.
Weiss Joanne E.
Weiss Lester D.
Weiss Melvin H.
Weiss Sonjia M. Horn
Weist Maud Perago
Weist Walter C. - pic2
Weisz Emma L.
Weisz I. S.
Weitkamp Sr.John Wm.
Weitkamp Pauline E.
Weitkamp Spurgeon V.
Weitsel Catharine A.
Weitsel Clarence E. - pic2
Weitsel Edmund S.
Weitsel Filbert A.
Weitsel George B.
Weitsel Henry
Weitsel Henry C. - pic2
Weitsel John W.
Weitsel Mary A.
Weitzel Evelyn
Weitzel George B.
Weitzel Minie C.
Welch Arthur L. - pic2
Welfley Bernice G.
Welfley Kenneth E.
Welker George A.
Welker Mary E.
Welker Mary J.
Wellensiek Albert H. - pic2
Wellensiek Anna E. - pic2
Wellensiek Anna M. - pic2
Wellensiek Catherine A.
Wellensiek Ellen M. - pic2
Wellensiek John H.
Wellensiek John H. - pic2
Wellensiek Jr.John H.
Wellensiek Julia Cooper
Wellensiek Lillie C. - pic2
Wellensiek Mary M.
Weller Catharine
Weller Catharine
Weller Ethelinda
Weller Gertrude
Weller Jacob
Weller John
Weller Lewis
Weller Margaret
Weller Virginia
Wells Clarence C.
Wells Emma
Wells George O.
Wells Henry E.
Wells Oliver H.
Wells Sarah G.
Wells Susan E.
Welp Albina J.
Welp George A.
Welsh Adaline V.
Welsh Anna Eliza - pic2
Welsh Anna K. Kraft - pic2
Welsh Anna M.
Welsh Arthur X. - pic2
Welsh B. Emma - pic2
Welsh C. Spangler
Welsh Catherine B.
Welsh Catherine Barnitz
Welsh Charles
Welsh Charles F.
Welsh Charles F.
Welsh Christianna
Welsh Clara Belle
Welsh Clarence G. - pic2
Welsh Darlene May
Welsh E. Louise
Welsh Eliza
Welsh Elizabeth A. - pic2
Welsh Elizabeth I.
Welsh Elmer S.
Welsh Emma A.
Welsh Emma Jane
Welsh Fannie G.
Welsh Flora A.
Welsh Florence E. - pic2
Welsh Franklin B.
Welsh Geo. W.
Welsh George W.
Welsh Hannah R.
Welsh Harry K. - pic2
Welsh Henry
Welsh Henry F.
Welsh Ida Estella
Welsh Ida Pauline
Welsh Jr.Jacob
Welsh Jacob D.
Welsh Sr.Jacob D.
Welsh Jacob Gardner - pic2
Welsh James B.
Welsh James Silvers - pic2
Welsh John
Welsh John B.
Welsh John M.
Welsh Joseph F. - pic2
Welsh Julia
Welsh Julia M.
Welsh Kate L. - pic2
Welsh Kathryn H.
Welsh Kirby H. H. - pic2
Welsh Leslie E.
Welsh Lucy A. - pic2
Welsh Lulu Boyd
Welsh Margaret Shillinburg
Welsh Marguerite W.
Welsh Marlene Louise
Welsh Martha E.
Welsh Mary Grothe
Welsh S. Howard
Welsh Sarah
Welsh Spencer W.
Welsh Thomas I. - pic2
Welsh Unknown
Welsh Vinton R. - pic2
Welsh Virginia E.
Welsh Jr.Walter W.
Welsh Sr.Walter W.
Welsh William E.
Welsh William H.
Welsh William H. H.
Welty Lydia
Wentz Harvey A. - pic2
Wentz Kaitlin M.
Wentz Sadie - pic2
Wentzel Ellis M.
Wentzel Ethel E.
Wepman David
Wepman Sara W.
Werking Louise Palmer Evans
Werner Augusta W. - pic2
Werner Beatrice R.
Werner Charles L. - pic2
Werner Sr.Clarence A.
Werner Elma Mitzel
Werner Flora B. - pic2
Werner Florence J. - pic2
Werner Frank C. - pic2
Werner Harry R.
Werner Julia A. - pic2
Werner Louisa E. - pic2
Werner Lucy E.
Werner Mary H.
Werner Nettie M. - pic2
Werner Samuel R.
Werner Sophia M.
Werner Sylvster E.
Wert Louisa W.
Wert Peter
Wertz Charles W.
Wertz Glenn L.
Wertz Sr.Jacob R.
Wertz James W.
Wertz Marion L.
Wertz Norma J.
Wertz Peggy J. Neff
Wertz Violet M.
Wertz Virginia L.
West Charlotte B.
West George
West Mary J.
Westerhold Agnes O.
Westerhold Daisy M.
Westerhold Jr.Miller
Westerhold William H.
Westfield Jonas - pic2
Westfield Laura - pic2
Westley Frances Virginia
Westley Heber
Westley Minerva O.
Wetzel George G.
Wetzel Hettie B.
Wetzell James B. - pic2
Wetzell Mary E. K. - pic2
Weyant Francis L.
Weyant Helen M.
Weyer George S.
Weyer Jesse M.
Weyer William J.
Wharton Bruce G.
Wharton Catharine S.
Wheatley Edna M.
Wheatley George W.
Wheatley Louise E.
Whisler John E.
Whisler K. Florence
White Albert J.
White Albert J.
White Annie I.
White Charles C.
White Charles R.
White Daniel A.
White Dorothy M.
White Flo I.
White Gladys Walker
White Harry L.
White Judith B.
White Katie E.
White Margaret E.
White Perry E.
White Ruth Long
White Sadie R.
White Theodore George
Whitehead Donald F.
Whitehead Mary E.
Whitekettle Charles R.
Whitekettle Florence R.
Whitekettle Frank J.
Whitekettle Franklin J.
Whitekettle Ida A. - pic2
Whitekettle J. Courvin - pic2
Whitekettle K. Pauline - pic2
Whitekettle Sarah E.
Whiteley Anna Lopiccolo
Whiteley IIIGeorge Henry
Whiteley Jr.George Henry - pic2
Whiteley John P.
Whiteley Mary Elizabeth Frey
Whiteley Metza
Whiteley Morgan Smith
Whiteley Purdon Smith - pic2
Whitmer Jackson A.
Whitmore Emory C.
Whitmore Erma V.
Whitmore Romaine E. Lookingbill
Whittaker Margaret E.
Whittaker Warren W.
Wholf Sarah A.
Wholf William H.
Whorl Anna E.
Whorl Charles H.
Whorl Helen N.
Whorl Oscar V.
Whorl Sidney L.
Whorley Thomas
Whye Sr.Merrill N.
Wiant Infants
Wiant Willie
Wicke Walter - pic2
Widdowson Beulah A.
Widdowson Deborah L.
Widdowson James A.
Widdowson James M.
Wier Bernice L. - pic2
Wier Charles A. - pic2
Wier Clara E.
Wier Edna Resser - pic2
Wier Hattie E. - pic2
Wier Isabel Betty - pic2
Wier J. Augustus - pic2
Wier Jennie - pic2
Wier Kurvin E. - pic2
Wier Leah Neiman - pic2
Wiest A. I. - pic2
Wiest A. Louise
Wiest Allen C.
Wiest Annie J.
Wiest Annie L.
Wiest Catharine - pic2
Wiest Catharine L.
Wiest Clayton F.
Wiest Della I.
Wiest E. F. - pic2
Wiest Edward M.
Wiest Emma K. - pic2
Wiest Ethel M. - pic2
Wiest Harrison Clay - pic2
Wiest Harry E.
Wiest Harry S. - pic2
Wiest Horace G.
Wiest Infant - pic2
Wiest Jacob - pic2
Wiest Jacob L. - pic2
Wiest John Henry
Wiest John M.
Wiest Katherine L. - pic2
Wiest Mabel G.
Wiest Mary A.
Wiest Mary E. - pic2
Wiest Michael
Wiest Sarah Berkheimer
Wiest Sarah M.
Wiest Susan E. - pic2
Wiest William H.
Wigg Lillian B. Jones
Wigg Mildred Melissa
Wilbert Grace S.
Wilcox Justin Travis
Wilcox Matthew Edward
Wildasin George A.
Wildasin Susan M.
Wildders Linda Rae
Wile Elizabeth B.
Wile N. Eugene
Wiles James C. - pic2
Wiles Mary L. - pic2
Wiley Donald E.
Wiley Eleanora Altland
Wiley Ervin Emanuel
Wilhelm Amanda Fahs - pic2
Wilhelm Blanche E.
Wilhelm Charles M. - pic2
Wilhelm Charles W.
Wilhelm D. Luther - pic2
Wilhelm Daniel F. - pic2
Wilhelm Daniel Harrison
Wilhelm Della M.
Wilhelm Dorothy I.
Wilhelm Edward D.
Wilhelm Elsie May - pic2
Wilhelm Emma
Wilhelm Emma F. - pic2
Wilhelm Evelyn P.
Wilhelm Harvey W.
Wilhelm Helen E.
Wilhelm J. Alex. - pic2
Wilhelm J. Schall
Wilhelm John Wallace - pic2
Wilhelm Louisa Frey - pic2
Wilhelm M. Elizabeth - pic2
Wilhelm Margaret Ann
Wilhelm Pauline L.
Wilhelm Teddie A.
Wilhelm Thomas A. - pic2
Wilhelm Thomas J. - pic2
Wilhelm William H. - pic2
Wilkinson Ann Frances - pic2
Wilkinson Boyd C. - pic2
Wilkinson Catherine F.
Wilkinson Gladys E.
Wilkinson James Boyd - pic2
Wilkinson Nina M.
Wilkinson Raymond
Wilkinson Sr.Raymond W.
Wilkinson Virginia V. Wehrly - pic2
Willet Max
Willey Charles L. - pic2
Willey Sr.Charles L. - pic2
Willey Clara V. - pic2
Willey Emma L. - pic2 - pic3 - pic4
Willey Margaret - pic2
Willey Nora E.
Willey Walter L - pic2 - pic3 - pic4
Williams Abraham J.
Williams Agnes A.
Williams Albert L.
Williams Alma F.
Williams Amanda E. - pic2
Williams Anna I.
Williams Annie M.
Williams Arthur
Williams Carlston S.
Williams Catharine - pic2
Williams Cathy A. Mead
Williams Cecelia Dushane
Williams David G.
Williams Edith May
Williams Edith P.
Williams Edna
Williams Eli K. - pic2
Williams Eliza J.
Williams Esther G.
Williams Ethel M.
Williams Frank
Williams Frank Thomas
Williams George W.
Williams IIIGeorge W.
Williams Goodell E.
Williams Harold R.
Williams Harry K.
Williams Harry L.
Williams Harry L. - pic2
Williams Henry L. - pic2
Williams Henry V.
Williams Ida C.
Williams J. Alverta
Williams Jeanne Saunier
Williams Jeffrey Eugene
Williams Jesse S.
Williams John Thomas
Williams Jr.John Thomas
Williams Joseph E.
Williams Louis V.
Williams Louise W.
Williams Maggie E.
Williams Mandilla - pic2
Williams Margaret Collier
Williams Margie L. - pic2
Williams Mary E. - pic2
Williams Mary T.
Williams Mildred H.
Williams Muriel
Williams Nellie Cecelia
Williams Norman R.
Williams R. Louise Raffensberger
Williams Sr.Ralph J.
Williams Reiman K.
Williams Robert
Williams Roy
Williams Roy
Williams Ruth G.
Williams Sarah E.
Williams Thomas G.
Williams Viola Rudy
Williams W. W.
Williams William T. - pic2
Williamson Charles R.
Williamson Wynfred M.
Willis Sandra S. - pic2
Wills Anna E.
Wills Don Frederick - pic2
Wills G. Bernard
Wills Harry Leo
Wills J. Paul
Wills M. Louise Wilkinson - pic2
Wills Marion Sipe
Wills Sara J.
Wills Virginia Norvell - pic2
Wilson Catharine W. - pic2
Wilson Charles P. - pic2
Wilson Doris A.
Wilson Elijah - pic2
Wilson Ella
Wilson Francis G.
Wilson Frank G.
Wilson James W. G. - pic2
Wilson Lillie E.
Wilson Linda R.
Wilson Martha E. A. - pic2
Wilson Nellie L.
Wilson Roberta G.
Wilson Jr.Russell W.
Wilson Russell William - pic2
Wilson Sarah M. - pic2
Wilson Steven
Wilson Susan Mary
Wilson Susan Swartz
Wilson William G. - pic2
Wilt Augustus H. - pic2
Wilt B. Estelle
Wilt Charles H.
Wilt Effie E. - pic2
Wilt Elizabeth
Wilt Eva C.
Wilt Fred A. - pic2
Wilt Genevieve K.
Wilt George C.
Wilt George R.
Wilt Harriet B.
Wilt Henrietta
Wilt Jacob A.
Wilt Joseph
Wilt Joseph B.
Wilt Joseph C. - pic2
Wilt Judith S.
Wilt Katherine C.
Wilt Kathryn R.
Wilt Mabel R. L.
Wilt Morgan H.
Wilt Morton C.
Wilt Robert H. - pic2
Wilt Ruth A. - pic2
Wilt Susanna
Wilt Unknown
Wilt Valentine
Wiltsie Milford R.
Wiltsie Ruth Griffin
Wilvert Marjorie A. - pic2
Wilvert William J. - pic2
Winand Ruth Ruby
Winborg Florence H.
Wink Daniel H.
Wink Minnie M.
Winklefuse Hannah
Winsett Ida F.
Winter Kathryn M.
Wintermyer Alice L.
Wintermyer Edward
Wintermyer Jewell I.
Wintermyer Julia E.
Winters Lester Howard
Wintfelter Annie S.
Wintfelter John G.
Wire Betty E.
Wire Calvin E.
Wire Caroline E.
Wire David H.
Wire Henrietta
Wire John H.
Wire Martha L.
Wire Mary E.
Wire Robert S.
Wire Walter M.
Wise Dora B. Allison
Wise Mabel Bailey
Wisherd Dorris E.
Wisherd John William
Wisman Chas. E. - pic2
Wisman Clara M. Ness - pic2
Wisman Eloise Buch
Wisman Kate Smith - pic2
Wisman Lewis N. - pic2
Wisman Mary K. - pic2
Wisman Paul E.
Wisner David L.
Wisner Hannah M.
Wisner Harry S.
Wisner Karl W.
Wisner M. Elizabeth
Wisner Marie L.
Wisner Mary E.
Wisner Romaine M.
Wisner William J.
Wisner Winfield S.
Wisotzkey Bradley C.
Wisotzkey Gladys E.
Wisotzkey Gladys Strausbaugh
Wisotzkey Infant
Wisotzkey Jean Williams
Withers Daniel H.
Withers Ellen B.
Withers Harry W.
Withers John D.
Witman Beulah Miller - pic2
Witman G. Frank
Witman Hattie M.
Witman Joseph
Witman Joseph F. - pic2
Witman Richard R.
Witman Robert Reichley
Witman Ruth Weaver - pic2
Witman Willetta C. Bender
Witmer Agnes M.
Witmer Bessie E.
Witmer Beulah T.
Witmer Caroline
Witmer Daniel D.
Witmer Edward
Witmer Edward E.
Witmer Ellen J.
Witmer Ellen M.
Witmer Elwood B.
Witmer Eugene
Witmer Fannie A.
Witmer Ferd
Witmer George W.
Witmer Harry E.
Witmer Herman - pic2
Witmer Martha E.
Witmer Mazie E.
Witmer Nettie C. - pic2
Witmer Phyllis P.
Witmyer Anna B.
Witmyer Caroline R.
Witmyer Cecelia - pic2
Witmyer D. Lewis - pic2
Witmyer Eva M.
Witmyer Harry F.
Witsell Elizabeth Emig
Witsell Frederick Chaplin
Witta Henrieta I.
Witte E. Lloyd
Witters Bonita M.
Witters Carl R.
Wittig Anna Cathrine - pic2
Wittig Charles
Wittig Chas. G. - pic2
Wittig Hattie
Wittig Henry E. - pic2
Wittmann Jakob
Wittmann Johann
Wittmann Magdalena K.
Wittmann Rosina
Wocasek Mary L. - pic2
Wogan Flora K.
Wogan George
Wogan Margaret H.
Wolcott Sallie E.
Wolf Agnes S.
Wolf Albert J. - pic2
Wolf Anna M.
Wolf Annie J.
Wolf Arla J.
Wolf Carl R.
Wolf Caroline - pic2
Wolf Carrie B.
Wolf Catharine M. - pic2
Wolf Charles H.
Wolf Charles H.
Wolf Charles Leo
Wolf Clarence C.
Wolf Clarence N.
Wolf Clay A.
Wolf Edmund
Wolf Jr.Edmund
Wolf Emma F.
Wolf Emma L.
Wolf George E.
Wolf George E.
Wolf George I.
Wolf Henry
Wolf Howard D.
Wolf Howard W.
Wolf Howard W.
Wolf Jacob H. B.
Wolf Lillie Emig - pic2
Wolf Louise M.
Wolf Margaret C.
Wolf Martha
Wolf Martha P.
Wolf Martin H.
Wolf Mary A.
Wolf Mary A.
Wolf Mary E.
Wolf Mary H.
Wolf Nettie B.
Wolf Rachel J.
Wolf Richard
Wolf Robert P.
Wolf Salome S.
Wolf Sarah A.
Wolf Sarah J.
Wolf Virginia Weigel
Wolf William H.
Wolf William R.
Wolfe Catherine R.
Wolfe William
Wolfgagn Helen G.
Wolfgang Abtiel E.
Wolfgang Alverta B.
Wolfgang Charles R.
Wolfgang Clinton J.
Wolfgang Delphy Eli - pic2
Wolfgang Dora B.
Wolfgang Edgar T.
Wolfgang Elsie M.
Wolfgang Ethel M.
Wolfgang Ethel M.
Wolfgang Glenn W. - pic2 - pic3
Wolfgang Infant
Wolfgang Jonas
Wolfgang L. Elizabeth Kochenour - pic2 - pic3
Wolfgang Mabel M. - pic2
Wolfgang Millard H.
Wolfgang Mima May - pic2
Wolfgang Nancy Lou - pic2
Wolfgang Sr.Paul C.
Wolfgang Robert L. - pic2
Wolfgang Sarah A.
Wolford Carl D.
Wolford Joseph E.
Wolford Lena M.
Wolgamuth Bertius A.
Wolgamuth Dorothy E.
Wolgamuth Mary Ellen
Wollett Allen F.
Wollett Anna K.
Wollett Charles E.
Wollett Leah Yinger
Wolsey Helen F.
Woltman Anna Mary
Woltman Charles E.
Woltman Charles F.
Woltman Edward W. H.
Woltman Ethel D.
Woltman Fannie M. Frey
Woltman Frederick R.
Woltman George A.
Woltman J. Herbert
Woltman IIJames H.
Woltman John E.
Woltman Marie A. R.
Woltman Marie E.
Woltman Martha M.
Woltman Martha P.
Woltman Naomi R.
Woltman Naomi Roderick
Woltman Ronald Milton
Woltman Ruth J.
Woltman Samuel Milton
Woltman William F.
Wolverton Curtis R.
Wolverton Myrtle E.
Wood Anna Maria
Wood Glenn H.
Wood Lillian M.
Wood Thomas
Woodmansee Anna M. - pic2
Woodmansee David - pic2
Woods Justin T.
Woodward Anna
Word Calvin M.
Word Dorothy L.
Workinger Jesse
Workinger Magdelane
Workinger Mary Ann
Workman Edith M.
Workman Paul L.
Worley Amanda L.
Worley Charlotte
Worley Elizabeth
Worley Francis
Worley George
Worley George
Worley John W.
Worley Joseph
Worley Louise F. Schiding
Worley Michael A.
Worley N. Ruth Clymer
Worley Peter K.
Worley Ruth
Worley Susan
Worley William
Worley William A.
Wormley Connie L.
Wormley Robert C.
Wright Clara E.
Wright George P.
Wright Marie E.
Wright Porter
Wunch George W.
Wunch Mabel J.
Wunch Patricia A.
Wunch Sr.Paul F.
Wunder Barbara Ann
Wunderlich Charles W.
Wunderlich Ellen M.
Wunderlich Otto W.
Wunderlich Unknown
Wunsch Sr.Edward R.
Wunsch Jr.Edward Robert
Wunsch Janet Morthland
Wunsch Tina O.
Wynegar James D.
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