Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


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This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


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Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With T


Taggart Ellis
Taggart Ellis C.
Taggart Henrietta
Taggart John K.
Taggart Mary J.
Talbott Amelia
Talbott Arabelle
Talbott John
Talley Lillian
Tamarkin Esther - pic2
Tamarkin Frank E. - pic2
Tarbert James E.
Tarbert James W.
Tarbert Lillie M. Hinkle
Tarbert Mary G.
Tate Ada Jane
Tate Caroline M.
Tate Charles E.
Tate Crystal L.
Tate Crystal Lee
Tate Eugene C.
Tate Faye V.
Tate Harry C.
Tate Hazel E.
Tate Robert O.
Tate Sterling L.
Tate Sterling Thomas
Tate Troy E.
Tate Troy Edward
Taurins Alise E.
Taurins Voldemars H.
Tauser Arlene D.
Tauser Charles H.
Tauser Donald L.
Tauser Dora M.
Tauser Edwin H.
Tauser Jr.Edwin H.
Tauser Emma L.
Tauser Irene H.
Tauser Lillian M.
Tawser Charles L.
Tawser Virginia M.
Taylor Abraham L.
Taylor Amanda
Taylor Annie M.
Taylor Francis A.
Taylor Garnet Marie
Taylor Irvin L.
Taylor Jane
Taylor Jane Long
Taylor John
Taylor Leah
Taylor Lillian W.
Taylor Margaret C.
Taylor Margaret Patterson
Taylor Martha
Taylor Oscar W.
Taylor Robert D.
Taylor Sidney
Taylor Troy Lyn
Taylor William Lewis
Tegeler Mildred L.
Templeman Arthur St. Clair
Templeman Lizzie J. Myers
Terry Anna F. - pic2
Terry Mary L.
Terry Nathaniel L. - pic2
Test Diane
Test Donald E.
Test Jesse L.
Test Juanita L. Harman - pic2
Test Mary C.
Test William E. - pic2
Thatcher Emma V.
Thatcher Ephraim
Thatcher Nellie M.
Thatcher Rebecca L.
Theodore Josephine I. Ness
Theodore Peter Charles
Thiele Ernst
Thiele Henry
Thieme Emma L.
Thieme Otto H. - pic2
Thieme Otto L.
Thieme Robert L.
Thieme Virginia M.
Thoman Charlotte
Thoman Marie D.
Thoman Samuel A.
Thoman Walter C.
Thomas Albin A.
Thomas Alice A.
Thomas Alverta
Thomas Anna A. - pic2
Thomas Anna E. - pic2
Thomas Anna I.
Thomas Anna M.
Thomas Annie E.
Thomas Annie K. - pic2
Thomas B. Frank
Thomas Benjamin
Thomas Bertha E.
Thomas Betty E.
Thomas C. Richard
Thomas Carrie A.
Thomas Carrie May
Thomas Jr.Charles F.
Thomas Charles L.
Thomas Cranston
Thomas Curvin
Thomas David - pic2 - pic3
Thomas Donald P.
Thomas Jr.Edgar W.
Thomas Edward - pic2
Thomas Edward G.
Thomas Edward L.
Thomas Elsie M.
Thomas Emma C. - pic2
Thomas Emma E.
Thomas Esther W. - pic2
Thomas Ethel M.
Thomas Flora R. - pic2
Thomas Francis F. - pic2
Thomas George
Thomas George E.
Thomas George W.
Thomas Harry B.
Thomas Harry C. - pic2
Thomas Jr.Harvey
Thomas Havelin
Thomas Helen
Thomas Helen E.
Thomas Helen R.
Thomas Helene M. - pic2
Thomas Ida I.
Thomas Ida L. - pic2
Thomas Ida Owen - pic2
Thomas Jacob
Thomas Jean
Thomas Jean Marie
Thomas Jeffery B.
Thomas John F. - pic2 - pic3
Thomas John H.
Thomas John Henry
Thomas John L.
Thomas L. Wilson
Thomas Laura L. - pic2
Thomas Laverna A. - pic2
Thomas Lois Adams
Thomas Louise H.
Thomas Lucinda J.
Thomas Lucinda M. - pic2 - pic3
Thomas Lucy J.
Thomas Luther L.
Thomas M. Virginia - pic2
Thomas Mabel J.
Thomas Margaret E. - pic2
Thomas Margaret E.
Thomas Marie Ludwig
Thomas Mary Ann - pic2
Thomas Mary C. - pic2
Thomas Mary Jane
Thomas Mary L. - pic2
Thomas Mary M. - pic2
Thomas Mary M. Snyder
Thomas May V.
Thomas Michael W.
Thomas Morris S. - pic2
Thomas Moses
Thomas Nancy R.
Thomas Nettie H.
Thomas R. Sterling - pic2
Thomas Ralph L.
Thomas Richard F.
Thomas Richard G.
Thomas Rickey Philip
Thomas Robert V. - pic2
Thomas Roy Earl - pic2
Thomas Son - pic2
Thomas Susanna - pic2 - pic3
Thomas Walter F. - pic2
Thomas Walter J. - pic2
Thomas Wilbert H.
Thomas William H.
Thomas William W. - pic2
Thomas Wm. J. - pic2 - pic3
Thompson Agnes May Krager
Thompson Alexander S.
Thompson Anna M.
Thompson Arthur B. - pic2
Thompson Augusta E.
Thompson Blanche R.
Thompson Carrie L.
Thompson Chester K.
Thompson Edna E.
Thompson Elizabeth Wasbers - pic2
Thompson Emma D.
Thompson Emma L.
Thompson Frances Strine - pic2
Thompson Infant Son
Thompson J. Wiley
Thompson James Franklin
Thompson John G.
Thompson John M.
Thompson John W.
Thompson Katharine Smyser
Thompson Mary E.
Thompson Mary H.
Thompson Mary L.
Thompson Shirley A.
Thompson Susan V.
Thompson W. Wilson
Thompson William A.
Thompson William O.
Thomson Hope M.
Thomson Jane Kerr
Thomson John McF.
Thomson Kathryn C.
Thomson Margaret S.
Thomson Paul M.
Thomson William G.
Thomson Jr.William G.
Thorne Edward P.
Thornton David Brooks
Thornton Frances P.
Thornton Helen D.
Thornton Henry Moser
Thornton John E.
Thornton Virginia Whiteley
Thornton William Foster
Throne Alice E. McClure
Throne Amelia A.
Throne Anna E.
Throne Catharine H.
Throne Edward D.
Throne Edward F.
Throne Fannie M.
Throne Florence H.
Throne George W.
Throne Georgianna
Throne Gertrude M.
Throne Gloria M.
Throne Grace E.
Throne Grace W. R.
Throne Jr.James R.
Throne Jeffrey R.
Throne John M.
Throne Mary Howett
Throne Mary S.
Throne Philip
Throne Robert J.
Throne Sarah
Throne Susan H.
Throne William H.
Throne William H.
Tillman J. S.
Timmermann Wilhelm
Timperlake Charles A.
Timperlake Elizabeth M. L.
Tippet Esta M.
Titus Martha Everhart
Titus Mary A.
Titus Walter E.
Tome Grover S.
Tomes Jr.Gerald P.
Tomes Sr.Gerald P. - pic2
Tomes Gussie M. - pic2
Tomes Richard G.
Tomkins Helen S.
Tomkins Stanton E.
Toomey Anna B.
Toomey Sr.Daniel R.
Toomey Elijah
Toomey Flora French
Toomey Sarah
Toot Amanda
Toot Gertrude
Toot Jesse B.
Toot William
Topper Anna Dietz
Topper Bertha M.
Topper Cassandra B.
Topper Emory M.
Topper Eugene H.
Topper Ralph M.
Topper Walter E.
Torres Carlos
Torres Jesus
Tourville Kenneth H.
Tourville Manian S.
Towers Gladys May
Towers Gladys O.
Towers James Kerr
Townshend Esther - pic2
Tozer Martin L.
Tozer Mary A.
Traub Beatrice W.
Trayer Emma M.
Trayer Paul L.
Trayer Robert A.
Trayer Ruth L.
Treat L. D.
Tredway Amanda
Tredway Charles W.
Tredway George W.
Tredway James R.
Tredway John W.
Tredway Maude M.
Tredway Minnie E.
Tredway Mollie G.
Tredway Rachel E.
Tredway Ross P.
Tresselt Albert K.
Tresselt Olda
Tresselt Serena R.
Trimble Jesse W.
Trimmer A. Virginia
Trimmer Charles H.
Trimmer Charles I.
Trimmer Clara K.
Trimmer Edgar S.
Trimmer Estella
Trimmer Florence M.
Trimmer Florence S.
Trimmer Harry R.
Trimmer Helen Miller
Trimmer Jackie
Trimmer John W.
Trimmer Joseph A.
Trimmer M. Agnes Ziegler
Trimmer Margaret B.
Trimmer Michael A.
Trimmer Noah
Trimmer Norman E.
Trimmer Norman L.
Trimmer Richard F.
Trimmer Robert C.
Trimmer Rosella R.
Trimmer Sr.Sterling I.
Trimmer Virginia
Tritt Wm. Henry - pic2
Trone Eleanor G.
Trone Ralph C.
Trone Ray H.
Trone Jr.Ray H.
Trone Regina K.
Trone Relda N.
Trone Wilmer C.
Trostel H. Elmer
Trostel Rose C.
Trostle Charlie M.
Trostle Monica L.
Trout Alice M.
Trout Anna Loucks
Trout Beulah M.
Trout David
Trout David Milton
Trout George E. - pic2
Trout George L.
Trout Hannah H. Rockhold
Trout Hollie O.
Trout John Wesley
Trout Lottie Ann
Trout Martha E. - pic2
Trout Nellie C.
Trout Oscar C.
Trout Rosalie Wyatt
Trout Samuel D.
Trout Sarah D. - pic2
Troutwine Ada C. - pic2
Troutwine Christian F. - pic2
Troutwine Frances C. - pic2
Troutwine Harry
Troutwine Lina
Troutwine Margaret E. - pic2
Truett Bessie M.
Truett Bowman H.
Truett C. Walter
Truett Edna M.
Truett Irene F.
Truett James B.
Truett James H.
Truett Jennie L.
Truett John C.
Truett Joseph E.
Truett Mary V.
Truett Miriam P.
Truett O. P.
Truett Pauline M.
Truett Sarah E. Bowman
Truett Unknown
Trumpfheller Charles Edward
Trumpfheller Millie R.
Trumpheller Doretha A.
Trumpheller H. Clevan
Trumpheller Henry H.
Trumpheller Mary Ellen
Tschop Sarah Snyder
Tschop William H.
Tucker Dorothy V.
Tucker James C.
Tuckey Emma F.
Tuckey Joseph C.
Turnbull Harriett V.
Turnbull Lena A. - pic2
Turnbull Maynard H. - pic2
Turnbull Senia E.
Tweedell Charlotte Rudy
Tweedell James Collier
Tyler Martha E. - pic2
Tyler Patti L.
Tyler Stanford E.
Tyrrell B. Jane
Tyrrell James G.
Tyrrell Reuben A.
Tyrrell Richard Sandin
Tyson Dorothy L.
Tyson Mollie A.
Tyson Noah
Tyson Woodrow W.
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