Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012             


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With S


Saborit Gustavo E.
Sacket Eugene H.
Sackett Agnes M.
Sackett Bruce E.
Sahms Howard C.
Sahms Mildred K.
Sallade Alvin Franklin
Sallade Catherine Miller
Sallade Earl A.
Sallade Ruth E.
Saltzer Clark W.
Saltzer F. Jeanne
Saltzgiver Edith M.
Saltzgiver John H.
Saltzgiver Ruth L.
Saltzgiver Willard A.
Samelson Deborah J.
Samelson June F.
Samelson Leo M. D.
Sample C. William
Sample Daisy
Sample Harry M.
Sample J. Hammel
Sample Joseph
Sample Joseph F.
Sample Louise Walker
Sample Maggie Adella Frey
Sample Nettie H.
Sample Rachel
Sampson William Joseph
Sanabria Joan
Sanders Albertus D.
Sanders Lucinda
Sanders P. Curtis
Sanders Susan E.
Sandy Ethel M. - pic2
Sandy Grover C. - pic2
Sanfiorenzo Jr.Israel T.
Sanfiorenzo Mildred Lausell
Sangrey Evelyn J.
Sangrey Roy A.
Sanks Edmund J.
Santiago Orlando
Santucci A. David
Santucci Dorothy D.
Santymire Charles L.
Santymire Eleanor M.
Sargen Beatrice I. - pic2
Sargen C. Raymond - pic2
Sargen Charles F.
Sargen Delores E.
Sargen Ellen C.
Sargen F. Myers
Sargen Frederick M. - pic2
Sargen Gertrude L.
Sargen Harry W.
Sargen Irene R.
Sargen James P.
Sargen John S.
Sargen Jr.John S.
Sargen Laura Jane Koons - pic2
Sargen M. Louise
Sargen Mary
Sargen Robert Clair - pic2
Sargen Robert Roy
Sargen Virgie M. Billmyer - pic2
Satterthwaite Alfred Wanner - pic2
Satterthwaite Isabel Kurtz - pic2
Sauble Sarah A.
Sauble Stewart A.
Saul Charles F.
Saul Eugene F.
Saul Evelyn N.
Saul Hester Wineka
Saul Jayne C.
Saul John
Saul Mamie C.
Saul Mattie T.
Saul Thomas Nelson
Saunders Earl H.
Saunders Leona A.
Savage Dorothy Barber - pic2
Savage Fannie E.
Savage Gordon T.
Savage Joseph F. - pic2
Savage Louise Hoff - pic2
Savitz Cassandra B.
Savitz Gerald B.
Sawmiller Fredrick
Sawmiller Susanna
Saxon Benjamin F. - pic2
Saxon Mary C. G. - pic2
Sayers Alice M. - pic2
Sayers Augusta M. - pic2
Sayers Frank - pic2
Sayers George A. - pic2
Sayers Harry F. - pic2
Sayers Joy L.
Sayers Martha A. - pic2
Sayers Thomas - pic2
Sayers William E.
Sayers William H. - pic2
Saylor Allie Virginia
Saylor Blanch E.
Saylor Jr.C. Blair
Saylor Sr.C. Blair
Saylor Charles E.
Saylor Charles R.
Saylor Chester D.
Saylor Clara Jane
Saylor David F.
Saylor Jr.David F.
Saylor Dawn T.
Saylor Dorothy Sheetz
Saylor Frances Wogan
Saylor Gladys M.
Saylor J. Martin
Saylor John Henry
Saylor Mary E. - pic2
Saylor Mary E.
Saylor Mildred G.
Saylor Sue Ann
Saylor William D.
Sayres Anna W.
Sayres Charles M.
Sayres Charles W.
Sayres Emma L.
Sayres Frederick S.
Sayres Harold W. Hoke - pic2
Sayres J. Bailey - pic2
Sayres Jay B.
Sayres John W.
Sayres Lucinda May Thomas
Sayres Madaline M.
Sayres Margaret A.
Sayres Mary E. - pic2
Sayres William
Schaad Carrie E.
Schaad Henry C. - pic2
Schaad Russell A.
Schaad Russell C.
Schaad Sonja B.
Schaale Sr.Charles F. - pic2
Schaale Jr.Chas. F.
Schaale Christiana - pic2
Schaale Edward
Schaale Eugenia E.
Schaale Evelyn C.
Schaale Fred C.
Schaale George L.
Schaale Jr.Herbert B.
Schaale Sr.Herbert B.
Schaale Jennie
Schaale Jennie M.
Schaale John L.
Schaale Josephine
Schaale Kate A.
Schaale Nettie P.
Schaale Pauline A.
Schaale Wm. G. D.
Schaale Wm. M.
Schaberg Barbara L.
Schaberg Curtis C.
Schaberg John C.
Schaberg Leah E. Day
Schade Cassandra L.
Schade Thomas A.
Schadt Adolf
Schadt Carrie E.
Schaeberle Anna M.
Schaeberle Carl A.
Schaeberle Carl H.
Schaeberle Edna E.
Schaeberle Edward J.
Schaeberle Emma J.
Schaeberle Eugene D.
Schaeberle Frederick W.
Schaeberle Furl M.
Schaeberle Henrietta M.
Schaeberle Henry C.
Schaeberle Infant
Schaeberle J. Donald
Schaeberle John M.
Schaeberle Madaline M.
Schaeberle Margaret C.
Schaeberle Miriam V.
Schaeberle Monroe S.
Schaeberle Thelma R.
Schaeberle Virgie A.
Schaeffer Levi L.
Schaffer Carl Melvin
Schaffer Emma
Schaffer Leah Frey
Schaffer Marguerite C.
Schaffer Jr.Raymond
Schall Daisy M.
Schall Georgie E.
Schall Joseph - pic2
Schall Mary A.
Schall Mary Ann - pic2
Schall Mary Ann - pic2
Schall Ralph W.
Schall Rebecca A.
Schaszberger Anna
Schaszberger Anna Maria - pic2
Schaszberger Clifford W.
Schaszberger Dolores L. Hershey
Schaszberger Elsie M.
Schaszberger Esther M.
Schaszberger George H.
Schaszberger George H.
Schaszberger George Philip - pic2
Schaszberger Nancy
Schaszberger Reginald F.
Schaszberger Richard D.
Schaszberger Wilbert C.
Sche? Margaret E.
Scheaffer Clara L. - pic2
Scheaffer Emory O. - pic2
Scheaffer Harris C.
Scheaffer Lydia
Scheaffer Mary E.
Scheffe? Christian
Scheffe? Leah
Scheffer C. W. - pic2
Scheffer George S.
Scheffer Ida
Scheib Alvin R.
Schellhamer Anna Croll - pic2
Schellhamer Anna Heinly - pic2
Schellhamer Edith C.
Schellhamer Oliver P. - pic2
Schellhamer William H.
Schenberger Catharine - pic2
Schenberger Elizabeth B.
Schenberger G. Edgar
Schenberger George K.
Schenberger Mae S.
Schenberger Warren S.
Schenck Gertrude
Schenck Helen D.
Schenck J. Albert
Schenck Lois M.
Schenck Philip E.
Schenck Richard L.
Schiding Alexander
Schiding C. Naomi
Schiding Carl E.
Schiding Christopher E.
Schiding Daisy E.
Schiding Dorothy L. C.
Schiding Dorothy L. K.
Schiding Dorothy M.
Schiding Elizabeth
Schiding Elmer L.
Schiding Fred A.
Schiding Frederick
Schiding George W.
Schiding Irvin E.
Schiding John H.
Schiding John L. R. - pic2
Schiding Katharine D.
Schiding Katie M.
Schiding Mary E. - pic2
Schiding Nancy
Schiding Naomi M.
Schiding Phyllis Ziegler
Schiding Richard S.
Schiding Robert W.
Schilling Bernard N.
Schilling Susan E.
Schiwetz Charlotte Diehl
Schiwetz David P.
Schlaanstine Anne - pic2
Schlaanstine John - pic2
Schleeder J. E. L. - pic2
Schleeder Kate E. Loucks - pic2
Schleeter Beatrice V.
Schleeter Bernard L.
Schleeter Catherine S.
Schleeter Dale V.
Schleeter Edith M.
Schleeter Franklin R.
Schleeter Fred W.
Schleeter Geo. P. - pic2
Schleeter Helen M.
Schleeter Henry A.
Schleeter Jacob M.
Schleeter Lucinda E.
Schleeter Lynwood D.
Schleeter Miriam S.
Schleeter Rosie E. - pic2
Schleeter Ruth S.
Schleeter Samuel E.
Schleeter William F. - pic2
Schlosser Caroline - pic2
Schlosser Evelyn G.
Schlosser Frank H.
Schlosser Genevieve H.
Schlosser James B.
Schlosser James B. - pic2
Schlosser Luella M.
Schlosser Maria
Schlosser Matilda
Schlosser Robert W.
Schmid Dorothea L.
Schmid Edgar L.
Schmid Edgar M.
Schmid Ruby R. - pic2 - pic3
Schmid William H. - pic2 - pic3
Schmidt Andrew J.
Schmidt Ann Elizabeth
Schmidt Anna Maria
Schmidt Edna S.
Schmidt Eva
Schmidt George Small
Schmidt Jr.George Small
Schmidt Helen Mary
Schmidt Helen Muriel
Schmidt Helen Townsend
Schmidt Herbert S.
Schmidt Hilda L. - pic2
Schmidt Hilda M.
Schmidt John Charles
Schmidt Josephine Reifsnider
Schmidt Mary Richardson Small
Schmidt Jr.Oscar
Schmidt Ralph S.
Schmidt Samuel Small
Schmidt Wesley
Schmied Elice
Schmied Louis
Schminke Margaret L.
Schminke Paul F.
Schminke Rebekah B.
Schmohl Barbara E. Lowe
Schmohl Carolyn A.
Schmohl Sterling R.
Schmuck Carrie
Schmuck Cora M.
Schmuck Jr.Harry J.
Schmuck Henry
Schmuck James L.
Schmuck Jesse H.
Schmuck Kathryn R.
Schmuck Leona R.
Schmuck Margaret A.
Schmuck Violet
Schneider Agnes Louisa
Schneider Anna L.
Schneider Bessie Gardner
Schneider Frederick L.
Schneider Mary G.
Schnetzka A. Elizabeth
Schnetzka Earl O.
Scholsser Robert S.
Schonman Sr.Joseph
Schonman Katie Jane
Schrantz Daisy M.
Schrantz John E.
Schrantz Louise
Schreffler Bette R.
Schriver Abraham
Schriver Alfred - pic2
Schriver Amanda P. - pic2
Schriver Annie K.
Schriver Benjamin A.
Schriver Carolyn T.
Schriver Catherine E.
Schriver Charles A.
Schriver Sr.Charles A.
Schriver Charles H.
Schriver Charles H.
Schriver Clark E.
Schriver David G.
Schriver Donald E.
Schriver Dorothy
Schriver Edna M.
Schriver Edna May
Schriver Elizabeth - pic2
Schriver Elmer A. - pic2
Schriver Emma J.
Schriver Ethel M.
Schriver Florence M.
Schriver George E.
Schriver Idella J. - pic2
Schriver Ivy E.
Schriver Jennie E. E.
Schriver John L. T.
Schriver Katie V. Bixler
Schriver Mary E.
Schriver Mary E.
Schriver Minnie A.
Schriver Oliver C.
Schriver Richard A.
Schriver Sophia
Schriver Sylvia E.
Schriver William
Schriver William H.
Schroder Joanne H.
Schroeder Betty J.
Schroeder Caroline H.
Schroeder Carrie A.
Schroeder Catherine J.
Schroeder Clarence A.
Schroeder Earl M. - pic2
Schroeder Edward L. - pic2
Schroeder Elma M.
Schroeder Emma
Schroeder Erwin E.
Schroeder Frank J.
Schroeder Frederick
Schroeder Frederick W.
Schroeder Gloria S.
Schroeder Gordon L.
Schroeder Ida J.
Schroeder J. Louis
Schroeder James L.
Schroeder Johnson J.
Schroeder Katharine Laucks - pic2
Schroeder Lena Irene
Schroeder Margaret Jones
Schroeder Mildred R. - pic2
Schroeder Minnie E.
Schroeder Sarah A.
Schroeder William H.
Schrom Anna M.
Schrom Arlene D.
Schrom Bessie Grazier
Schrom Charles A.
Schrom Sr.Daniel L.
Schrom Earl F.
Schrom Edward E.
Schrom Ethel L.
Schrom Ida B.
Schrom John F.
Schrom Lois
Schrom Mabel A.
Schrom Steven Clair
Schrom Terry Lee
Schrom William H.
Schroyer Gladys V.
Schucker Bert J.
Schucker Zelma D.
Schultz Helen Carroll - pic2
Schultz Luther R. D. - pic2
Schultz Mary J.
Schultz Rachel Heckert - pic2
Schum Bertha M.
Schum John H.
Schuman James Franklin - pic2 - pic3
Schuman Nathaniel C.
Schuman Sarah C.
Schwankovsky Oscar H.
Schwartz Alva Hankey - pic2
Schwartz Anna C. - pic2
Schwartz Charles J.
Schwartz Chas. Walter - pic2
Schwartz Elizabeth C.
Schwartz Elizabeth M.
Schwartz Elizabeth R.
Schwartz Eugene M.
Schwartz Gladys A.
Schwartz John J.
Schwartz Mary C. Gotwalt
Schwartz Millard S.
Schwartz Robert E.
Schwartz Rodney W. - pic2
Schwartz Samuel
Schwartz Steltha
Schwenk Edward - pic2 - pic3
Schwenk Eleanor M.
Schwenk Jacob
Schwenk Marie V.
Schwenk Mary A.
Schwenk Paul David
Schwenk Paul R.
Schwer Julian Glatfelter - pic2
Schwer Lizzie G. - pic2
Schwer Mathias - pic2
Sciotti Anthony G.
Sciotti Loretta V.
Scott Addie L. - pic2 - pic3
Scott Bertha A.
Scott Emma R.
Scott Griggs E.
Scott Mary G.
Scott Sarah Mabel
Scott Thomas P. - pic2 - pic3
Scotten Beverly F.
Scotten Kenneth F.
Seachman Kenneth R.
Seachman Mary E.
Seachman Ruth O.
Seacrist Adam W.
Seacrist Annie M.
Seacrist Eva Belle
Seacrist Frank E.
Seacrist Grace D.
Seacrist Harry E.
Seacrist Henry
Seacrist James R.
Seacrist John
Seacrist Mary Ellen
Seacrist Paul E.
Seacrist Rose H.
Seacrist Susanna Stough
Seacrist Urias Henry
Seager Lorraine
Seager Mary A.
Searle Glenn Thomas
Seasholtz James L.
Seasholtz Patricia A.
Sechrist Benjamin - pic2
Sechrist Betty H.
Sechrist Blanche R.
Sechrist Carolyn M.
Sechrist Chester B. - pic2
Sechrist Clarence
Sechrist Curtis W.
Sechrist Cynthia Smith
Sechrist Emma J.
Sechrist Harry
Sechrist Harry C.
Sechrist Helen M.
Sechrist Henry
Sechrist Ida Lillie
Sechrist Iola V.
Sechrist Kenneth R.
Sechrist M. Esther
Sechrist Mary E.
Sechrist Mary E. - pic2
Sechrist Mary L.
Sechrist Minnie H. - pic2
Sechrist Naomi M.
Sechrist Noah C.
Sechrist Percy B.
Sechrist Rebecca Wilhelm - pic2
Sechrist Susan R.
Sechrist Unknown
Sechrist Velma M.
Sechrist Wilbur R.
Secrist Martha Ann
Sedam Helen A.
Sedam Marvin G.
Seeman Frank B.
Seeman Lillie M.
Seeman Mary H.
Segner Annie - pic2
Segner Clarence V.
Segner Nettie I.
Seidenstricker Bertha L. - pic2
Seidenstricker Charles A. - pic2
Seidenstricker Eliza Ann - pic2
Seidenstricker Joseph - pic2
Seidenstricker Richard S. - pic2
Seifert Emma K.
Seifert George B.
Seifert George Edwin
Seifert Gertrude V.
Seifert Gertrude V.
Seifert Harvey E.
Seifert J. Edwin
Seifert Mabel I.
Seifert Michael
Seifert Minnie M.
Seifert Sarah Burgard
Seiffert Charlotte
Seifreid Bessie L.
Seifreid Carl C.
Seifreid Mary E.
Seifreid Samuel J.
Seiler Ada A.
Seiler John M.
Seitz Annie E. - pic2
Seitz C. Marie - pic2
Seitz Clifton E.
Seitz Edna Eisenhart - pic2
Seitz George F. - pic2
Seitz Harold McDonald - pic2
Seitz Jr.Harold McDonald - pic2
Seitz Jennie S.
Seitz Mary C. Day
Seitz Stephen E.
Seitz Stephen Michael - pic2
Seitz Victor R.
Selak Ruth K.
Sellers Dena Lyn
Selmser Margaret H.
Seney Beulah V.
Seney John M.
Senft Albert
Senft Alton E. - pic2
Senft Alverta M.
Senft Anna G.
Senft Anna M.
Senft Benton A.
Senft IIBenton A.
Senft Beth Ann
Senft Charles E.
Senft Dorothy M.
Senft Dorothy V.
Senft Edwin F.
Senft Evis J.
Senft Francis A.
Senft Franklin - pic2
Senft George C. - pic2
Senft George E.
Senft Gertrude F.
Senft Gertrude M.
Senft Grover C.
Senft Grover C.
Senft Grover C.
Senft Harris F.
Senft Jessie B.
Senft Leah - pic2
Senft Malcolm H.
Senft Margaret C.
Senft Mary H.
Senft Mary P.
Senft Mary S. - pic2
Senft Mason F. - pic2
Senft Merl K. - pic2
Senft Myrl B.
Senft Nellie Stover
Senft Olive M. - pic2
Senft Percy A.
Senft Robert E.
Senft Rosa Glatfelter - pic2
Senft Rudy M.
Senft Sadie A.
Senft Stewart S.
Sensbach Bertha F. - pic2
Sensbach George W. - pic2
Sentz Edgar P. - pic2
Sentz Helen R. - pic2
Setzer Carol Ann
Sevel B. Bernard
Sevel Rachel M.
Seyfert Frederick
Seyfert Mazie O.
Seyler Beulah A.
Seyler Eber H.
Seyler Eber T.
Seyler Emma J.
Seyler James B.
Seyler James E.
Seyler Julia Ann
Seyler Mabel E.
Seyler Sarah Jane
Seyler Virginia F.
Shade Marion Neil
Shade Miriam A.
Shadle Annie E. Oswald - pic2
Shadle Bertha A.
Shadle Infant
Shadle John - pic2
Shadle John R.
Shadle Katheryn Y.
Shadle Meda C.
Shadle Mildred I.
Shadle Robert I.
Shadle Sherry L.
Shadle Thomas A.
Shadle William
Shaefer Anna S.
Shaefer Charles A.
Shaefer Charlotte L.
Shaefer Harry A.
Shaefer Helen C.
Shaefer Henry E.
Shaefer Herbert J.
Shaeffer Eliza A.
Shaeffer J. Marie
Shaeffer James E.
Shaeffer John G.
Shaeffer Susan H.
Shaeffer William C.
Shaffer Adrian L.
Shaffer Anna E.
Shaffer Anna M.
Shaffer Annie M.
Shaffer Archie J.
Shaffer Barbara E.
Shaffer Catherine L.
Shaffer Ellen N.
Shaffer Elsie M.
Shaffer Emanuel H.
Shaffer Grover C.
Shaffer Henry H.
Shaffer Hersel F.
Shaffer Ida Jane
Shaffer J. Fred
Shaffer Jacob B.
Shaffer Jessie M.
Shaffer Jessie M.
Shaffer John A.
Shaffer John E.
Shaffer Laura W.
Shaffer Lorena A.
Shaffer Margaret A.
Shaffer Sr.Mark G.
Shaffer Micleta M.
Shaffer Minnie M.
Shaffer Miriam E.
Shaffer Norma G.
Shaffer Ralph H.
Shaffer Ralph W.
Shaffer Ralph W.
Shaffer Russel E.
Shaffer Samuel F.
Shaffer Suetta C.
Shaffer Walter R.
Shahan Elizabeth R.
Shanabrook Edwin G.
Shanabrook William H.
Shanabrough Clare L.
Shanabrough Ethel R.
Shanabrough Jennie May
Shanabrough Leander S.
Shanabrough Treva V.
Shanabrough William F.
Shank Arlene M. - pic2
Shank Barbara J.
Shank Bessie V.
Shank Charles E.
Shank Charles F. - pic2
Shank Charles H.
Shank Harry E.
Shank Laura L.
Shank Martha R.
Sharp Albert A.
Sharp Amanda J.
Sharp Annie L. K.
Sharp Charles H. F.
Sharp Charles H. F.
Sharp Elizabeth Ann - pic2
Sharp Elsie R.
Sharp Emma Louise - pic2
Sharp Evelyn M.
Sharp Frederick - pic2
Sharp George H.
Sharp George H.
Sharp Grace E.
Sharp Helen R.
Sharp Henry - pic2
Sharp Ida A.
Sharp John - pic2
Sharp John A.
Sharp John F. - pic2
Sharp Lester L.
Sharp Louis H.
Sharp Mary Ann - pic2
Sharp Minnie E.
Sharp Rebecca Ann - pic2
Sharp William J.
Sharrer John W.
Shatto A. Coreda
Shaub Edgar C. - pic2
Shaub Raymond E.
Shaub S. Aldis
Shaub Wendy S. - pic2
Shauck Claude N.
Shauck Elizabeth M.
Shauck Luther S.
Shauck Mary E.
Shaunessy George A.
Shaunessy Kate H.
Shaw Juan Miguel
Shearer Adam E.
Shearer Amos H.
Shearer Anna M.
Shearer Bessie L.
Shearer Ellen E.
Shearer Franklin J.
Shearer George K.
Shearer George M.
Shearer Harry R.
Shearer Henry A.
Shearer Henry S.
Shearer James F.
Shearer John H.
Shearer Julia P.
Shearer Lillie M.
Shearer Lillie M.
Shearer Mabel S.
Shearer Martha - pic2
Shearer Mary A.
Shearer Mary Keyworth
Shearer Niles H.
Shearer Norma Jean
Shearer Spencer E. - pic2
Shearer Thomas - pic2
Shearer Victoria G.
Shearer William B.
Shearred Clarence S.
Shearred Geo. W.
Shearstone Audrey V.
Shearstone William J.
Sheasley C. Ralph
Sheasley Mary Newcomer
Shedrick Frank B.
Sheehy Sylvia
Sheeley Gertrude M.
Sheely Annie I.
Sheely Charles D.
Sheely Charles I.
Sheely Emma M.
Sheely J. Irvin
Sheely Jeanette V.
Sheely Julia Szarvas
Sheely Lydia A.
Sheely Marion L.
Sheely Michael W.
Sheely Ralph L.
Sheets Caleb A.
Sheets Earl B.
Sheets Edna A.
Sheets Elizabeth Nagle
Sheets Guy J. C.
Sheets Harper P.
Sheets Helen F.
Sheets Jennie E.
Sheets Mary Edna
Sheets Naomi R.
Sheets Paul C.
Sheets Paul N.
Sheetz Lin R.
Sheetz Loraine K.
Sheetz Martha J.
Sheetz Myrtle E.
Sheetz William C.
Sheffer Dorothy E.
Sheffer Earl E.
Sheffer Florence Marie
Sheffer George Latimer
Sheffer Gerha B.
Sheffer Grace Louise
Sheffer James A.
Sheffer James B.
Sheffer John H.
Sheffer Kate E.
Sheffer Louisa E.
Sheffer Lydia E.
Sheffer Margaret A.
Sheffer Margaret P.
Sheffer Martha E.
Sheffer Mary J.
Sheffer N. A. - pic2
Sheffer Nettie Ellen
Sheffer Sarah Ellen
Sheffer Wilbur U.
Sheffer William H.
Shegogue Daisy M. Aubel
Sheldon Jane E.
Sheldon Melvin P.
Shellenberger Amanda M.
Shellenberger Anna M.
Shellenberger Helen E.
Shellenberger John B.
Shellenberger Lillian M.
Shellenberger Mary C.
Shellenberger Peter J.
Shellenberger Ralph C.
Shellenberger Jr.Ralph C.
Shellenberger Richard D.
Shellenberger Verna I.
Shellenberger Wilbur B.
Shellenberger William H.
Shelley H. Clay W. - pic2
Shelley Jennie I.
Shelley Lester E.
Shelley Ruth Ella - pic2
Shelly Charles N.
Shelly Elizabeth Annie Wiest
Shelly Michael
Shelly Susie H.
Shenberger Amanda E.
Shenberger Clarence R.
Shenberger Elizabeth
Shenberger Elizabeth C.
Shenberger Ella L.
Shenberger Elmer S. - pic2
Shenberger Florence Davis
Shenberger George Henry
Shenberger George W.
Shenberger George W. - pic2
Shenberger George W.
Shenberger IIGeorge W.
Shenberger Georgiana R.
Shenberger Harry A.
Shenberger Jenette J.
Shenberger John I.
Shenberger Kendrick L.
Shenberger Lewis E.
Shenberger Lillian E. - pic2
Shenberger Margaret E. - pic2
Shenberger Margaret Sunday
Shenberger Mary E. - pic2
Shenberger Pauline E.
Shenberger Richard R.
Shenberger Ruth Ann
Shenberger Selina
Shenberger Stewart N.
Shenberger Theodocia
Shenberger William M. - pic2
Shenk C. Kermit
Shenk John H.
Shenk Marie E.
Shenk T. Lois
Shepp Alfred
Shepp Anna M.
Shepp Bertha W. - pic2
Shepp Charles L.
Shepp Donald F.
Shepp Helen M.
Shepp J. Kate
Shepp Norman E.
Shepp Vernon D. - pic2
Shepp Vernon F. - pic2
Shepp Vertie F.
Sherman Eleanor A.
Sherman Samuel M.
Sherriff Rosa J.
Sherriff William
Sherwood Dessie Patterson - pic2
Sherwood George E. - pic2
Sherwood Infant Daughter - pic2
Sherwood Janice Wintrode - pic2
Sherwood Lucy A. - pic2
Sherwood Ray P. - pic2
Sherwood Sarah A. - pic2
Shetley Angeline
Shetley G. Harold - pic2
Shetley Mary E.
Shetley Wm. M.
Shetrone Clara S. F.
Shetrone Daisy M.
Shetrone Dorothy M.
Shetrone Edgar J.
Shetrone John J. - pic2
Shetrone John J.
Shetrone Josephine C. - pic2
Shetrone M. Mabel - pic2
Shetrone Mary A.
Shetrone William E. - pic2
Shetrone William M.
Shetrone Wm. M.
Shettel Albert H. - pic2
Shettel Beatrice E.
Shettel Ida E. - pic2
Shettel Raymond G.
Shettel Ruth S.
Shettel Samuel H.
Shetter Albert A.
Shetter Alexander W.
Shetter Charles H.
Shetter Clair M.
Shetter Edna L.
Shetter Elizabeth
Shetter Ellen Virginia - pic2
Shetter Elsie M.
Shetter Emma Jane
Shetter George M. - pic2
Shetter Helen E.
Shetter J. Earle
Shetter John L.
Shetter John W.
Shetter Louisa Free
Shetter Robert Lewis - pic2
Shetter Susan - pic2
Shewell Annie J.
Shewell Helen E.
Shewell Joshua L.
Shewell Regina May
Shider James A.
Shider John A.
Shider Mildred M.
Shillito Michael - pic2
Shillito Stephen G. - pic2
Shindel Bernice J.
Shindel Carmen E. Nolla
Shindel Edna A.
Shindel Edwin M.
Shindel Elizabeth M. Schall
Shindel Emma J.
Shindel Eugene L.
Shindel Sr.Frederick A.
Shindel George
Shindel Henry
Shindel James H. - pic2
Shindel Leah Hake
Shindel Mamie H. - pic2
Shindel R. Hathaway
Shindel Sr.Richard E.
Shindel Thomas E.
Shindel William H. - pic2
Shindeldecker Harry E.
Shindeldecker Maude Lish
Shindledecker Allen J.
Shindler Alice V.
Shindler Brian L.
Shindler David C.
Shindler Dorothy A.
Shindler Eric A.
Shindler Frederick - pic2
Shindler George A.
Shindler Hattie A.
Shindler Ida E.
Shindler Irwin S.
Shindler J. Warren
Shindler Jessie A.
Shindler John W. - pic2
Shindler Lester H. N.
Shindler Lillie S.
Shindler Margaret E.
Shindler Marie E.
Shindler Mary F. Clapper
Shindler Mary J. - pic2
Shindler Orphie E.
Shindler Paul H.
Shindler Raymond C.
Shindler Rosa L. Stiles
Shindler Sylvester J. H.
Shipley Gertrude I.
Shipley Helen Margaret Schmidt
Shipley James W.
Shipley Lillian F.
Shipley Maragret S.
Shipley Nellie Schaale
Shipley Norman C.
Shipley IIISamuel Hunt
Shipley Jr.Samuel Hunt
Shire Arlene R.
Shire Elsie M.
Shire John W.
Shire John Wesley - pic2
Shire Karl W. R.
Shireman Joseph H.
Shireman Nancy B.
Shirey Agnes P.
Shirey Alvah E.
Shirey Ambrose M.
Shirey Bernard W. - pic2
Shirey Catharine A.
Shirey Claudia L.
Shirey Gordon Seitz
Shirey John W.
Shirey John W.
Shirey Lydia
Shirey Marion E.
Shirey Minerva C. - pic2
Shirey Pauline Yost
Shirey Peggy L.
Shirey Ronald R.
Shirey Rose E.
Shirey Roy S.
Shirey Ruth V.
Shirey Sadie D.
Shirey Sadie V.
Shirey William H.
Shive Anna G.
Shive Annie M.
Shive Arvilla J. Dick
Shive Charles
Shive Charles W.
Shive Edith C.
Shive Elizabeth A.
Shive Fanny E.
Shive George C.
Shive Harry E.
Shive Harry F.
Shive Hattie I.
Shive Irma O.
Shive Leah
Shive Lewis
Shive Mabel H.
Shive Nellie G.
Shive Nettie H.
Shive William A.
Shivers William - pic2
Shivley Edith F.
Shnyder Christine H.
Shnyder Lucy Minturn
Shnyder Peter
Shnyder Wm. Herster
Shockley Dennis E.
Shockley Dianne M.
Shockley Robert E.
Shockley Trudy M.
Shockney James A.
Shoemaker Mary B.
Shoemaker William H.
Shook Ryan Kestner - pic2
Shorb Edna M.
Shorb Harry J.
Shorts Earl E.
Shorts Genevieve M.
Shorts Marilyn E.
Shouck Judith M.
Shreiner Chas. P.
Shreiner Clara R. - pic2
Shreiner Edw. M.
Shreiner Harry K.
Shreiner Rebecca T.
Shreiner Sallie K.
Shriner Bergram H.
Shriner Kathryn A.
Shub J. H. Earl
Shub Mary A.
Shue Allen C.
Shue Anna L.
Shue Cordula
Shue Fannie E.
Shue Frederick B.
Shue Grace I.
Shue J. William
Shue Mary Ellen Sweitzer
Shue Mary Thieme
Shue Nellie V.
Shue Victor C.
Shuff Bonnie L.
Shull E. Gates
Shull Jr.Emanuel Gates
Shull Henry A.
Shull Mary E.
Shultz Alvin E.
Shultz Audrey C.
Shultz C. Frank
Shultz Clarence Frederick
Shultz Cora E.
Shultz Emma L.
Shultz Evelyn M.
Shultz Florence I.
Shultz Helen E.
Shultz Leroy N.
Shultz P. Dale
Shultz Roger H.
Shultz Jr.Roger H.
Shultz Rosanna B.
Shultz Tara L.
Shumaker Alice C.
Shuman Annie K.
Shuman Archie L.
Shunk Mary Ann
Shure Annie F.
Shure Lillian B. - pic2
Shure Winfield S.
Shutter Harry W.
Shutter S. Mae K.
Sibbet Edith Gibson
Sibbet William T.
Sibbett James D.
Sibbett Lina S.
Sichelstiel Daisy M.
Sichelstiel Edith L.
Sichelstiel Jr.Geo. G. L.
Sichelstiel Sr.George G. L.
Sichelstiel Henry
Siders George A. - pic2
Siders Helen Potts
Siders Kathleen L. Smyser - pic2
Siders Richard Elwood
Siders Richard Eugene
Sidesinger Andrew W.
Sidesinger Bessie L.
Sievers Christian A.
Sievers Elizabeth S.
Sievers Mary S.
Siltzer Barbara E.
Siltzer K. Latimer
Silverman Betty A.
Silverman George
Silverman Jack
Silverman Jeannett G.
Silverman Julius
Silverman Minna
Silverman Sarah
Simandl Harry R.
Simandl Lillian M.
Simmons Amanda J.
Simmons Betty Tapestry Laree Diehl
Simmons Catherine H. - pic2
Simmons Floyd L. - pic2
Simmons Frances E. Pigman - pic2
Simmons Helen A. - pic2
Simmons Irene M.
Simmons Lottie V.
Simmons Martha A.
Simmons Paul A.
Simmons Paul F.
Simmons Peter M. - pic2
Simmons Robert A.
Simmons Wilbur G.
Simon Amelia
Simon Andrew J.
Simon Bettie R.
Simon Beulah E.
Simon Charles E.
Simon Charles H.
Simon Daniel R. - pic2
Simon G. St. Clair
Simon H. Nelson
Simon Joseph
Simon Lula M.
Simon Moses Joseph
Simon Nettie S. - pic2
Simon Susan Winter - pic2
Simon Violet M.
Simpson Evelyn M.
Simpson George A. - pic2
Simpson George A.
Simpson Harry
Simpson Ida Mae
Simpson Lydia B. - pic2
Simpson Mabel S.
Simpson Ralph H.
Sindicich Jeffrey D.
Singer Adelaide V. - pic2 - pic3
Singley Edna E. Rosser
Singley Elmer R.
Sioberg Charles F.
Sioberg Edward A.
Sioberg Elizabeth L.
Sioberg Mary E.
Sipe Alice - pic2
Sipe Alice C.
Sipe Audrey L.
Sipe Betty L.
Sipe Chester
Sipe Curvin J.
Sipe Edgar P.
Sipe Elizabeth S.
Sipe Elmer W.
Sipe Elmira
Sipe Estella Fair
Sipe Estella M.
Sipe Evelyn R.
Sipe George W.
Sipe Gertrude
Sipe Gladys Mae
Sipe Harry C.
Sipe Harry N.
Sipe Helen F.
Sipe Hilda E.
Sipe Infant Daughter - pic2
Sipe Ira C.
Sipe John C.
Sipe Julia M. - pic2
Sipe Latimer S.
Sipe Leah R.
Sipe Leona M. - pic2
Sipe Marie Viola
Sipe Marlet A.
Sipe Mary E.
Sipe Mary J.
Sipe Maurice W.
Sipe Nevin B. - pic2
Sipe Jr.Nevin B. - pic2
Sipe Paul W.
Sipe Percy P. - pic2
Sipe Samuel P.
Sipe Terrance Adrian
Sipe William F. - pic2
Sipe William H. - pic2
Sipe Wm. H.
Siple Adam F.
Siple Dorothy M.
Sisto Donna C. - pic2
Sisto Jr.Joseph - pic2
Sitler Joseph W.
Sitler Minnie L.
Skiff Edwin W.
Skiff Margie
Skold Baby
Skold Mary Stauffer
Skold Robert E.
Slade Mary G.
Slade Walter J.
Slagle Romaine L.
Slaughenhaupt L. Truman - pic2
Slaughenhaupt Mazie E. Gross - pic2
Sleeger Anna - pic2
Sleeger Bertha H. - pic2
Sleeger Edith - pic2
Sleeger Henry - pic2
Sleeger Lillie M. - pic2
Sleeger Nettie V. - pic2
Slenker Charles A.
Slenker Earl M.
Slenker Elizabeth A.
Slenker John W.
Slenker Lillian Rhen
Slenker Virgie Reese
Sliver Carl C.
Sliver Carl E.
Sliver Margaret L.
Sliver Margaret R.
Sliver Shirley M.
Sloan Donald R.
Sloan Emma Jane
Sloan Lillian S.
Sloan Mary F. Shue
Sloan Noah A.
Sloat Earl E.
Sloat Elsie S.
Slusser Catherine M.
Slusser Charles L.
Slusser Clara Mae
Slusser Edward L.
Slusser Eliza A.
Slusser Grafton N.
Slusser Lorna C.
Slusser M. Valetta
Slyder Harry J.
Small Adaline - pic2
Small Alice E.
Small Alice S. - pic2
Small Amelia J.
Small Anna M.
Small Anna M. - pic2
Small Anna Mary - pic2
Small Annie D.
Small Annie K.
Small Barbara A. Brunner - pic2
Small Bertha
Small Candace A.
Small Catharine - pic2
Small Charles E. - pic2
Small Charles H.
Small Charlotte A. Spangler
Small Christian - pic2
Small David - pic2
Small David E. - pic2
Small Edward E.
Small Effie Elizabeth
Small Emma
Small Emma J.
Small Emma P.
Small George A.
Small Georgia K.
Small Gregory J.
Small Hannah McConkey - pic2
Small Harold W.
Small Harriet E. - pic2
Small Harry E. - pic2
Small Henry
Small Henry - pic2
Small Henry - pic2
Small Henry Jacob - pic2
Small Infant
Small J. Edgar
Small Jacob
Small Sr.Jacob - pic2
Small James B. - pic2
Small James Leslie
Small John E.
Small John J.
Small John Weimert - pic2
Small Joseph E.
Small Joseph H.
Small Killian - pic2 - pic3
Small L. R. Morgan
Small Lawrence M. - pic2
Small Linda B.
Small Louise
Small Luther A. - pic2
Small Margaret C.
Small Margie A.
Small Martha M. - pic2 - pic3
Small Martha W.
Small Mary A. C.
Small Mary Darone - pic2
Small Mary M.
Small Maud C. - pic2
Small Michael Spahr - pic2
Small Jr.Michael Spahr - pic2
Small Pauline L.
Small Percy W.
Small Philip H.
Small Robert W.
Small Robert W.
Small Roy K.
Small Ruth E.
Small Samuel C.
Small Sarah E.
Small Susan - pic2
Small Unknown
Small William
Small William A.
Small William E. - pic2
Small William H.
Small Jr.William H.
Smallbrook John R.
Smallbrook Mary E.
Smalle Anna K.
Smaltz Julia B. - pic2
Smeltz Claire P.
Smid Louise
Smith A. H.
Smith Alice E.
Smith Allen H.
Smith Alonza B. - pic2
Smith Andrew A. - pic2
Smith Anna
Smith Anna E.
Smith Anna H.
Smith Anna M.
Smith Anna M.
Smith Anna R.
Smith Annie E.
Smith Annie M.
Smith Annie R.
Smith Arthur F.
Smith Arthur H.
Smith Baby Boy
Smith Barry Lee
Smith Beatrice V.
Smith Beauchamp Elmer - pic2 - pic3
Smith Beauchamp Harvey - pic2 - pic3
Smith Bertha E.
Smith Bertha F.
Smith Bertha G. S.
Smith Bradley A.
Smith Bradley F.
Smith Burwell B. - pic2 - pic3
Smith Byron B.
Smith C. Harvey
Smith Carrie M. Hyder
Smith Catharine F. Oberdorff
Smith Catharine R. Albright
Smith Catherine I. - pic2
Smith Catherine R.
Smith Charles A.
Smith Charles E.
Smith Charles E.
Smith Charles Elmer - pic2 - pic3
Smith Charles H.
Smith Charles H. H.
Smith Charles L.
Smith Charles R.
Smith Charles R.
Smith Charles R.
Smith Charles S.
Smith Charles W.
Smith Charles W. - pic2
Smith Charlotte R.
Smith Christine E. - pic2
Smith Clair E. - pic2
Smith Clair W. - pic2
Smith Clarence S.
Smith Clifford - pic2
Smith Connie Lee
Smith Cora A.
Smith Curtis L.
Smith Dale H.
Smith David
Smith Dawn D.
Smith Delma M. - pic2
Smith Dietz Albright
Smith Donald E.
Smith Donald E.
Smith Donald S.
Smith Dora S.
Smith Dorothy L.
Smith Dorothy L.
Smith Drew
Smith Jr.E. William
Smith Edward B.
Smith Edward J.
Smith Edward M.
Smith Effie M.
Smith Eleanor
Smith Eliza J.
Smith Elizabeth
Smith Elizabeth
Smith Elizabeth E.
Smith Elizabeth J.
Smith Elizabeth Owen
Smith Ella M. Stewart
Smith Ellen M.
Smith Ellen R.
Smith Elmer W. - pic2
Smith Elmira W.
Smith Elsie M.
Smith Elwood Walker - pic2
Smith Emma Fahs - pic2 - pic3
Smith Emma J.
Smith Emma Sieck
Smith Ernest F.
Smith Ernestine K. - pic2 - pic3
Smith Ethel B.
Smith Ethel M.
Smith Evelyn A.
Smith Evelyn I.
Smith Fannie - pic2
Smith Frank
Smith Frank L.
Smith Frederick W.
Smith George B.
Smith George E.
Smith George J.
Smith George K.
Smith George W.
Smith Jr.George W.
Smith Gerard Leonard
Smith Gertie E.
Smith Gladys M.
Smith Glenalvin M.
Smith Glenn U. - pic2
Smith Gordon H.
Smith Grace E.
Smith Gwen - pic2
Smith Harry B.
Smith Harry E.
Smith Harry F. - pic2
Smith Harry H.
Smith Harry M.
Smith Harry O.
Smith Jr.Harvey I.
Smith Sr.Harvey I.
Smith Hattie K.
Smith Hazel W.
Smith Helen E. Wiest
Smith Helen P.
Smith Helen Young
Smith Henry W.
Smith Henry W.
Smith Hiram W. - pic2
Smith I. Jennie
Smith Ida M.
Smith Ida Nevas
Smith Infant
Smith J. Bernard
SMith J. Royce
Smith Jacob Calvin
Smith Jacob S. - pic2
Smith James E.
Smith James E.
Smith James H.
Smith James H.
Smith Jean C.
Smith Jessie E. - pic2
Smith Jessie I.
Smith John A.
Smith John E.
Smith John E.
Smith John J.
Smith John K. - pic2
Smith Joseph
Smith Josephine Donovan - pic2 - pic3
Smith Josephine L.
Smith Joyce M.
Smith Judith M.
Smith June E.
Smith Katharine Bell - pic2
Smith Kathryn E.
Smith Kimberly S.
Smith Laura Ellen
Smith Laura M.
Smith Laurel M.
Smith Leroy K.
Smith Lillie G.
Smith Linda M.
Smith Lizzie Carl - pic2
Smith Louise O.
Smith Lucy C.
Smith Luther W.
Smith Lydia M. - pic2
Smith Mabel K.
Smith Madeline M. - pic2
Smith Margaret
Smith Margaret A.
Smith Margaret Eisenhart
Smith Margaret J.
Smith Marguerite C.
Smith Marie A.
Smith Marie H.
Smith Marie J.
Smith Marjorie L.
Smith Martha E. - pic2
Smith Mary E.
Smith Mary E. - pic2
Smith Mary L.
Smith Mary L.
Smith Mary Welsh
Smith Marzella C.
Smith Matilda
Smith Maude M.
Smith Maurice E.
Smith Minnie E.
Smith Sr.Monatto E.
Smith Nannie R. - pic2
Smith Ned S.
Smith Neville M. - pic2 - pic3
Smith Pansy I.
Smith Patricia A.
Smith Patricia L.
Smith Paul
Smith Philip D. - pic2
Smith Philip H.
Smith Phyllis J. - pic2
Smith Phyllis M.
Smith Ray H.
Smith Regina L.
Smith Reginald E.
Smith Reynold B.
Smith Richard
Smith Richard G.
Smith Robert E.
Smith Romaine L. - pic2
Smith Roy
Smith Russell
Smith Ruth E.
Smith S. Kenneth
Smith Sallie V.
Smith Samuel G.
Smith Samuel M.
Smith Sandra L. - pic2
Smith Sarah
Smith Sarah J.
Smith Sarah M.
Smith Shirley A.
Smith Stephen Fahs - pic2 - pic3
Smith Stephen Morgan - pic2 - pic3
Smith Susan E. Lauer
Smith Thomas
Smith Thomas B.
Smith Thomas J.
Smith Vergie Mae
Smith Vincent K.
Smith Virginia Noss - pic2 - pic3
Smith Walter A. - pic2
Smith Walter J.
Smith Walter M.
Smith Walter Morgan
Smith Walter W.
Smith Weldon E.
Smith William
Smith William C.
Smith William E.
Smith William F.
Smith William F.
Smith William K.
Smith William M.
Smith William P. K.
Smith William W.
Smith Wm. H. H.
Smyser Adam - pic2
Smyser Adam M. - pic2
Smyser Adam W. - pic2
Smyser Andrew W.
Smyser Annetta S.
Smyser Annie E. Straughn - pic2
Smyser Annie W.
Smyser Bertha E.
Smyser Caroline - pic2
Smyser Carrie E. - pic2
Smyser Catharine L.
Smyser Clara - pic2
Smyser Clara G. - pic2
Smyser Cora E. P. Link - pic2
Smyser Daniel L. - pic2
Smyser Dorothy P.
Smyser Edmund L. - pic2
Smyser Eleanor Heckman
Smyser Eliza Brillinger - pic2
Smyser Elizabeth A.
Smyser Elizabeth Brunhouse
Smyser Elizabeth Loucks - pic2
Smyser Ellen K.
Smyser Ellenora - pic2
Smyser Elmer M.
Smyser Evelyn G.
Smyser Flora Bott
Smyser Franklin - pic2
Smyser Fred L.
Smyser George
Smyser George G.
Smyser Georgiana G.
Smyser H. David
Smyser Harry C.
Smyser Harry E.
Smyser Herbert D. - pic2
Smyser Horace L.
Smyser Jacob
Smyser James S. - pic2
Smyser Jane E. - pic2
Smyser Jane E. - pic2
Smyser Jennie H.
Smyser Lillie M. Landes - pic2
Smyser Luther E.
Smyser Lydia A. Hoffman
Smyser Margaret
Smyser Margaret F.
Smyser Martin - pic2
Smyser Mary E.
Smyser Mathias - pic2
Smyser Maurice B.
Smyser Michael - pic2
Smyser Jr.Michael - pic2
Smyser Mildred E.
Smyser Miriam Stein - pic2
Smyser Paul
Smyser Philip R.
Smyser Jr.Preston E.
Smyser Sr.Preston E.
Smyser Rae E.
Smyser Ralph D. - pic2
Smyser Richard Eugene
Smyser Richard Eugene
Smyser Richard T.
Smyser Sadie M. Lewis - pic2
Smyser Sarah A. - pic2
Smyser Sarah Brillinger - pic2
Smyser Stephen L.
Smyser Thomas Benton
Smyser Unknown
Smyser William A.
Smyser William E.
Smyser Zachariah W.
Snave Charles T.
Snave Jennie M.
Snave Joseph W.
Snave Myrtle I.
Snave William H.
Snelbaker Carrie L. Fishel - pic2
Snelbaker Carson R.
Snelbaker Edith L.
Snelbaker Jesse - pic2
Snelbaker Samuel S.
Snell Pamela L.
Snell Terry L.
Snellbaker Levi W.
Snellbaker Mary E.
Snellinger Oma P. - pic2
Snellinger Robert Croll - pic2
Snellinger Robert W. - pic2
Snook Delores G. Hamm
Snook Wilson E.
Snydeman Arthur W.
Snydeman Edwin A.
Snydeman Emma E.
Snydeman Laura E.
Snydeman Mazzie M.
Snydeman Stanley
Snyder Albert H.
Snyder Allen C.
Snyder Anna Mary
Snyder Anna Smith
Snyder Annie K.
Snyder Annie L.
Snyder Arthur
Snyder Sr.Arthur H.
Snyder Bessie M.
Snyder Betty G.
Snyder Charles D.
Snyder Charles H.
Snyder Charles S. - pic2
Snyder Charlotte E.
Snyder Chas. H. D.
Snyder Clair B.
Snyder Claude S.
Snyder Curvin
Snyder Jr.Curvin
Snyder Dorothy W.
Snyder Edna L.
Snyder Elma A.
Snyder Esther M.
Snyder F. Shirley
Snyder G. Margaret E. - pic2
Snyder George E.
Snyder George F.
Snyder George F. - pic2
Snyder Gertrude V.
Snyder Sr.Harold E.
Snyder Harold L.
Snyder Harry
Snyder Henry R.
Snyder Herbert S.
Snyder Janet A.
Snyder Janet L.
Snyder Janice Louise
Snyder Jennettia
Snyder Jeremiah
Snyder John
Snyder John M.
Snyder Lois G.
Snyder Lois R.
Snyder Lottie
Snyder Mary E.
Snyder Mary Gallatin
Snyder Minnie G.
Snyder Miriam P. - pic2
Snyder Olive O.
Snyder Pauline Gratz
Snyder Perry J.
Snyder Proctor F.
Snyder Rebecca H. - pic2
Snyder Richard C.
Snyder Rolandus
Snyder Samuel W.
Snyder Sarah
Snyder Stewart L.
Snyder Stuart H.
Snyder Unknown
Snyder Walter E.
Snyder Westley R.
Snyder Wm. H.
Sollenberger Catharine K.
Sollenberger Earl R.
Sollenberger Erma E.
Sollenberger James H.
Sollenberger Jay A.
Sollenberger Mary S.
Sollenberger Nadine E.
Sollenberger Simon J.
Sollenberger William J.
Sonneman Charles William
Sonneman Grace Neiman
Souders Carol Ann
Souders Stanley F.
Sourbier Daniel H.
Sourbier Vernetta B.
Souter Alverta G. Zinn
Souter Sydney H.
Sowers Charles H.
Sowers Dorothy R.
Sowers Harry A.
Sowers Helen M.
Sowers Israel F.
Sowers Jan Kevin
Sowers Janet M.
Sowers Jimmy Lee
Sowers John F.
Sowers Leslee M.
Sowers Linwood
Sowers Mary A.
Sowers Mary Elizabeth
Sowers Minnie E.
Sowers Tina M.
Sowers William C.
Sowers Wilton H.
Sowle Louise B.
Spahr Larry E.
Spahr Lillie M.
Spahr McClellan M.
Spahr Philip B. - pic2
Spahr Sarah E. - pic2
Spahr Unknown
Spangenburg Mame
Spangler Aaron - pic2
Spangler Adam - pic2
Spangler Agnes C. - pic2
Spangler Alice C.
Spangler Alice M.
Spangler Alto C. - pic2
Spangler Annie C.
Spangler Annie K. - pic2
Spangler Arthur D. - pic2
Spangler Bertha M. - pic2
Spangler Bessie Jacobs
Spangler C. F. - pic2
Spangler Carolyn E.
Spangler Carrie A.
Spangler Charles A.
Spangler Charles Edward
Spangler Charles M.
Spangler Clayton E. - pic2
Spangler Cora A.
Spangler Daisy R.
Spangler David H. - pic2
Spangler David H.
Spangler Dora L. - pic2
Spangler Dorothy E.
Spangler Dorothy M.
Spangler Edna M. S.
Spangler Edw. W.
Spangler Edward S.
Spangler Eleanor C. - pic2
Spangler Elias
Spangler Emma C. Stover - pic2
Spangler Euphemia C.
Spangler Fanny Rudy - pic2
Spangler Flora I. - pic2
Spangler Flora L. Stare
Spangler Florianus
Spangler Frances H. - pic2
Spangler Fred A. - pic2
Spangler Frederic C. - pic2
Spangler Frederick - pic2
Spangler G. Elmer - pic2
Spangler George - pic2 - pic3
Spangler Jr.George A.
Spangler George B. - pic2
Spangler George E. - pic2
Spangler George H.
Spangler George H. J.
Spangler George I. - pic2
Spangler George P. - pic2
Spangler George W.
Spangler George W.
Spangler Gerald P.
Spangler Gladys M.
Spangler Goldie V.
Spangler Harriet
Spangler Harrison - pic2
Spangler Harry E.
Spangler Helene L.
Spangler Helene M.
Spangler Henry Jonas
Spangler Henry W.
Spangler Infants - pic2
Spangler J. Henry - pic2
Spangler Jacob C.
Spangler Jacob R. - pic2
Spangler James Ivan - pic2
Spangler Jane F. - pic2
Spangler John H.
Spangler John R.
Spangler Joseph H. - pic2
Spangler Josephine L.
Spangler Kathleen E.
Spangler Katie Wentz - pic2
Spangler Kenneth L.
Spangler Leander J.
Spangler Lillian A.
Spangler Lillie M.
Spangler Lucy C.
Spangler Lucy E.
Spangler Lucy Smyser
Spangler Luther E.
Spangler Mabel B. - pic2
Spangler Margaret A. - pic2
Spangler Maria E. - pic2
Spangler Marion Roth
Spangler Mary A. - pic2
Spangler Mary A.
Spangler Mary D.
Spangler Mary E.
Spangler Mary E.
Spangler Mary M.
Spangler Mary R.
Spangler Minnie M.
Spangler Muriel H. - pic2
Spangler Myrtle I. - pic2
Spangler Norma P.
Spangler Norman E.
Spangler Norman R.
Spangler P. Palmer
Spangler Paul
Spangler Permilla J. - pic2
Spangler Pierce S. - pic2
Spangler Purd D. - pic2
Spangler Purd Rudy - pic2
Spangler Purvilla J.
Spangler Reuben A. - pic2
Spangler Robert E.
Spangler Robert F. - pic2
Spangler Robert H. - pic2
Spangler Robert T.
Spangler Rosa B.
Spangler Rose A.
Spangler Ross E.
Spangler Samuel
Spangler Sarah J. - pic2
Spangler Scot O.
Spangler Stewart E.
Spangler Violet E. - pic2
Spangler Virginia B.
Spangler Virginia O.
Spangler Wilbur C.
Spangler William G.
Spangler William H.
Spangler William H.
Spangler William R.
Spangler William R. - pic2
Spangler Wm. Robert
Spellman Orlee
Spence Betty L.
Spence Eva J.
Spence John J.
Spence Robert H.
Spickler Lillian R.
Spickler Wilbur E.
Spielman Ethel B. - pic2
Spielman John L. - pic2
Spiese John H.
Spiese Paul C.
Spiese Urith E.
Spiese Vera E.
Spinks Todd Michael
Sponsler Charles - pic2
Sponsler Charles A. - pic2
Sponsler Charles B.
Sponsler Doris E.
Sponsler Joel E.
Sponsler Kathryn May
Sponsler Marie Vivian - pic2
Sponsler Minnie - pic2
Sponsler Sarah E.
Spoonire Rick E.
Spotz Jr.Jack Wilson
Spotz Katherine Weaver
Sprenkel Aimee G. - pic2
Sprenkel Bessie M. - pic2
Sprenkel Bessie M. - pic2
Sprenkel Catharine M. - pic2
Sprenkel Charles H.
Sprenkel Charles W.
Sprenkel Edward E.
Sprenkel Ella
Sprenkel Ella May
Sprenkel Helen F.
Sprenkel John B. - pic2
Sprenkel John F.
Sprenkel Julia A.
Sprenkel Julia C.
Sprenkel Louise
Sprenkel Mary C. G.
Sprenkel Mary Rebecca
Sprenkel Percival Elwood
Sprenkel Peter H. - pic2
Sprenkle Barbara L.
Sprenkle Benjamin A. - pic2
Sprenkle C. Gertrude
Sprenkle Charles M.
Sprenkle Charles R.
Sprenkle Charlotte E.
Sprenkle Chester
Sprenkle Clara B.
Sprenkle Doris A.
Sprenkle Elmer J.
Sprenkle Geraldine C. - pic2
Sprenkle Ida
Sprenkle J. Albert
Sprenkle Jeannette W.
Sprenkle Lola M.
Sprenkle Mary C.
Sprenkle Peter B.
Sprenkle Philip L.
Sprenkle Rebecca Fishel
Sprenkle Sarah J. - pic2
Sprenkle Thomas C.
Sprenkle Unknown
Sprenkle William H.
Sprigel J. Leonard
Sprigel Lucinda S.
Spurrier Lola C.
Spyker Lulu E.
Spyker R. Ruby
Spyker Russell E.
Spyker Wm. H.
St. Clair Amos
St. Clair Sarah
Stabley Benjamin J.
Stabley Edna M.
Stabley Florence M.
Stabley Henrietta
Stabley Jack Edward
Stabley Jeane A.
Stabley Pearl M.
Stabley Ralph R.
Stabley Steward Woods
Stabley Thelma R.
Stabley Vera Gemmill
Stabley Wilbur W.
Stabley William
Stabley William H. - pic2
Stabley William R.
Stackhouse Daisy M.
Stackhouse Mary E.
Stackhouse Jr.Samuel
Stackhouse William H.
Stacks Charles M.
Stacks G. MacDonald
Stacks Mervin E.
Stadler S. G.
Stagemeyer Annie P.
Stagemeyer Henry J.
Stagemyer A. Mae - pic2
Stagemyer Addie O.
Stagemyer Edna C. - pic2
Stagemyer Ella M.
Stagemyer G. Raymond
Stagemyer Herbert L. - pic2
Stagemyer Horace F.
Stagemyer Ivan S.
Stagemyer John D.
Stagemyer Laura A.
Stagemyer Marlin F.
Stagemyer Mary L.
Stagemyer Minnie K.
Stagemyer Ralph F. - pic2
Stagemyer Ralph M. - pic2
Stagemyer Ray I.
Stagemyer Robt. H.
Stagemyer Samuel J.
Stagemyer Wilbur E.
Stagemyer William F.
Stager Charles - pic2
Stager Emma C. - pic2
Stahl Kathryn E.
Stahl Lella G. - pic2
Stahl Maggie I. - pic2
Stahl Maurice E. - pic2
Stahl William A.
Stahle Annie K. - pic2
Stahle Carl E.
Stahle Charles H.
Stahle Elizabeth K.
Stahle Emma W.
Stahle J. Small
Stahle James A.
Stahle John F.
Stahle John W. - pic2
Stahle Martha M. Motter
Stahle Naomi P.
Stahle Sarah - pic2
Stahle William A.
Stahle William K.
Stahley Helen
Stahley Ralph E.
Stair Annie Luttman
Stair E. Philip
Stair Edward
Stair Edward Philip
Stair Elizabeth E.
Stair Emma Brent Macon
Stair Sr.Harry C.
Stair Hubert L.
Stair IIIJacob
Stair Jr.Jacob
Stair Jeannie Louise
Stair Louise C.
Stair Louise K.
Stair Mary A.
Stair Mary A. Hantz
Stair Mary Elizabeth
Stair Mary Myers
Stair Philip
Stair Robert A.
Stair Robert A.
Stair Virginia Gordon
Stair William H. - pic2
Stair William S.
Staley Dorothy M.
Staley James R.
Staley Johanna L.
Stallman IICharles H.
Stallman Dorothy S.
Stallman Ella G. Faber
Stallman Ella R.
Stallman Eva E. Miller
Stallman Jr.Geo. L.
Stallman George L.
Stallman Georgia H.
Stallman Ida M.
Stallman J. Kenneth
Stallman John H.
Stallman Lucy McL.
Stallman Lydia Small
Stallman Mable E.
Stallman Mace Brillhart
Stallman Wilbur E.
Stallman William D.
Stambaugh Albert B.
Stambaugh Albert C. - pic2
Stambaugh Annie R.
Stambaugh Barry L.
Stambaugh Bertha E. - pic2
Stambaugh Caroline S. - pic2
Stambaugh Cora M. - pic2
Stambaugh Craig E.
Stambaugh Donald E.
Stambaugh Dorothy A.
Stambaugh Jr.Edgar E.
Stambaugh Edith C.
Stambaugh Emma J. Hark - pic2
Stambaugh Florence V.
Stambaugh George M. - pic2
Stambaugh George W.
Stambaugh Guy A.
Stambaugh Harry S. - pic2
Stambaugh Helen M.
Stambaugh Helen N.
Stambaugh Henry
Stambaugh Henry A.
Stambaugh Jack S.
Stambaugh John H.
Stambaugh John H. - pic2
Stambaugh Katharine J.
Stambaugh Lucy A.
Stambaugh Luther W.
Stambaugh Margaret C.
Stambaugh Mary
Stambaugh Mary A. - pic2
Stambaugh Mary Ellen
Stambaugh Michael - pic2
Stambaugh Michael - pic2
Stambaugh Mollie
Stambaugh Omie J. - pic2
Stambaugh Paul A.
Stambaugh Peter W.
Stambaugh Sarah J.
Stambaugh Sylvester F. - pic2
Stambaugh Virginia R.
Stare Albert H.
Stare Carl E.
Stare Eli
Stare Elizabeth H.
Stare Gladys A. Snyder - pic2
Stare Joanna E.
Stare John A.
Stare John W.
Stare L. Vincent - pic2
Stare Lawrence E.
Stare Levi
Stare Lydia A.
Stare Maria Laucks
Stare Mary Ann
Stare Mary J.
Stare S. Alice
Stare Viola L. - pic2
Stark Anna
Stark Catherine A. - pic2
Stark Ellen
Stark George L.
Stark George W. - pic2
Stark Harry W. - pic2
Stark John T.
Stark Minnie I.
Stark Minnie M. - pic2
Starz Joseph A.
Starz Lillian P.
Starz Mae E.
Starz Marian L.
Starz Victor H.
Staub Ada V.
Staub Dolores Babner
Staub Edgar C.
Staub Edith A. Zarfoss
Staub Gary W.
Staub Lewis D.
Staub Margaret C.
Staub Ruth Greer
Stauffer Abba E. - pic2
Stauffer Ada Jane
Stauffer Albert - pic2
Stauffer Bernice C. - pic2
Stauffer Bertha B.
Stauffer Blanche E. - pic2
Stauffer Calvin - pic2
Stauffer Calvin F.
Stauffer Sr.David E.
Stauffer David F. - pic2
Stauffer Dwight L.
Stauffer Edna K. - pic2
Stauffer Elsie M. - pic2
Stauffer Estella D. - pic2
Stauffer Frederick Edwin - pic2
Stauffer Frederick W. - pic2
Stauffer Frederick Z. - pic2
Stauffer Harry - pic2
Stauffer Harry Witmer - pic2
Stauffer Hazel D. - pic2
Stauffer Helen Hoff - pic2
Stauffer June Greiss
Stauffer Lucinda W. - pic2
Stauffer Margaret C. - pic2
Stauffer Mary J.
Stauffer Mary M. - pic2
Stauffer Neil P. - pic2
Stauffer Jr.Robert E.
Stauffer Sr.Robert E.
Stauffer Ruth Myers - pic2
Stauffer S. Walter - pic2
Stauffer Salome Baker - pic2
Stauffer William H. - pic2
Stayman Clair H.
Stayman Hazel M.
Steckler Bertha Slusser
Steeb Bertha C. - pic2
Steele Catharine K.
Steele Ray C.
Steelman John E.
Steelman John M.
Steelman Sara E.
Stees Edwina M.
Stees M. Edward
Steffee George M.
Steffee Lillie A.
Steffey Willisene A.
Steiber Lois H.
Steiber Vernon O.
Steidler Gertrude E.
Steidler John W.
Stein Ester B. - pic2
Stein Evelyn G.
Stein George V. - pic2
Stein James G.
Stein Louise K.
Stein Samuel B.
Stein Serena A. - pic2
Stein Valentine A. - pic2
Steiner Elsie Irwin
Steiner Jane Annette Billings
Steiner Mary V.
Steiner Sr.Seth J.
Steiner Jr.Seth John
Steiner William F.
Steininger Anna C.
Steininger Charles J.
Steininger Charles W.
Steininger Clarence W.
Steininger Edith M.
Steininger Ella G.
Steininger Georgia A.
Steininger Harry D. E.
Steininger Henry - pic2
Steininger J. F.
Steininger Jacob S.
Steininger Katie E.
Steininger Kenneth M.
Steininger Martha Jane - pic2
Steininger Mary - pic2
Steininger Mary V.
Steininger Romaine M.
Steinkamp Anna M.
Steinkamp Sarah C.
Steinkamp William
Steinkirchner Patricia A.
Steinkirchner Vernon L.
Stell Charles E.
Stell Henrietta
Sterling Ruth R.
Sterner Bertha E.
Sterner Betty M.
Sterner Brenda L.
Sterner Carl Edward
Sterner Gene R.
Sterner Helen B.
Sterner John A.
Sterner Margie E.
Sterner Mary Anne
Sterner Merle Weaver
Sterner Paul W.
Sterner Richard E.
Stetler Samuel H. - pic2
Stettler Gene A.
Stettler Sarah S.
Stevens Anna Armold
Stevens Bertha Jane
Stevens Jr.Francis Alexander
Stevens Katharine Hay
Stevens Melinda L. Snyder
Stevens Jr.William R.
Stevenson Adam
Stevenson Lillian
Stevenson R. Jane
Stevenson Wm. H. H.
Stevick Amanda S. - pic2
Stevick Fillmore F. - pic2
Steward Earl B.
Steward Laura E.
Stewart Ada I. - pic2
Stewart Alma - pic2
Stewart Cecil - pic2
Stewart James R. - pic2
Stewart M. Ella
Stewart Minnie C.
Stewart Patricia A. Gilbert
Stewart Robert H. - pic2
Stewart Theodore W.
Stewart Unknown
Stewart Vivian C. - pic2
Stibitz Alice Rebecca
Stick Lyn Stitt - pic2
Stieg Augustus C.
Stieg Caroline A.
Stieg Edward H.
Stieg Fred Bacon
Stieg Hazel Longenberger
Stieg Henry A.
Stieg Isabel Birgham
Stieg Jacob Harold
Stieg Pauline C.
Stieg Sarah Hoke
Stiles Ada V.
Stiles Brenda Ann
Stiles Charles E.
Stiles Elsie A.
Stiles H. Virginia
Stiles Harry A.
Stiles Paul Norman
Stiles Thelma M.
Stiles W. Earl
Still Charles H.
Stine Alexander
Stine Annie M.
Stine Ardella K.
Stine Berley P.
Stine Blanche K. Gibson - pic2
Stine Elizabeth S.
Stine Emma A.
Stine Eugene F.
Stine George E. - pic2
Stine Gibson E. - pic2
Stine Horace J.
Stine Ida C.
Stine J. Frank
Stine Jean Boyer
Stine Keith A.
Stine Laura
Stine Lillian M.
Stine Louise
Stine Lucy - pic2
Stine Michael Ray
Stine Jr.Norman
Stine Paul W.
Stine Samuel G.
Stine W. Oscar
Stine William F.
Stine William F.
Stine Jr.William F.
Stine William J.
Stine William R.
Stites Cinderella - pic2
Stites John A. - pic2
Stites Kathryn - pic2
Stites Lucy - pic2
Stites William J. - pic2
Stitt A. Virginia
Stitt Christopher - pic2
Stitt James B.
Stitzel Curtis S.
Stitzel Mary A.
Stitzel Mary Clare
Stitzel William Curtis
Stock Carrie Spangler - pic2
Stock George William - pic2
Stock Grace M.
Stock McClean
Stock Stella B.
Stock William B.
Stock William H.
Stokes Amanda
Stokes Cleveland
Stokes Philomenia
Stokes Wilhelmina
Stoll Alma M.
Stoll Christian
Stoll John S.
Stoltz Andrew L.
Stoltz Regina I.
Stoneburner Charles A.
Stoneburner Martha V.
Stoneburner Nellie A.
Stoner Alfred E.
Stoner Delores G.
Stoner Florence C.
Stoner Goldie R. - pic2
Stoner Irene M.
Stoner Norman Z.
Stoner Ruth
Stoner Spurgeon B.
Stony Dora Herman
Stoppard Hilda H.
Stoppard Joseph L.
Storm John P.
Storm Rebecca C.
Storm Vernie M. - pic2
Storm William A. - pic2
Stormfeltz Caroline
Stormfeltz John
Stormfeltz Mary E.
Storms J. Dewey
Stottlemyer Catherine M.
Stouch Carolyn H.
Stouch Clyde W. - pic2
Stouch D. Haydn
Stouch Donald F.
Stouch Florence Barber - pic2
Stouch Okal M.
Stough Alice J.
Stough Andrew - pic2
Stough Anna M.
Stough Beatrice E.
Stough Carolyn V.
Stough Carrie M.
Stough Charles M.
Stough Charlotte V. - pic2
Stough Clair B. - pic2
Stough David L.
Stough Debra L.
Stough Sr.Donald L.
Stough Donald Z.
Stough Estella M. - pic2
Stough Esther L.
Stough Gairy C.
Stough George D.
Stough Harry - pic2
Stough Harry B. - pic2
Stough Hattie V. - pic2
Stough Herman - pic2
Stough Jr.Herman C.
Stough Jean E.
Stough Laura V. - pic2
Stough Levi D.
Stough Lewis E.
Stough Lizzie E. - pic2
Stough Mary R.
Stough Pearson S.
Stough Peter E. - pic2
Stough Jr.Peter E.
Stough Reuben W. - pic2
Stough Royce F.
Stough Sallie J.
Stough Sarah A. - pic2
Stough Sarah Zinn
Stough William Henry
Stoy Geo. W.
Stoy Mary H.
Straber Anna Kate - pic2
Straber Jennie S.
Straber Margaret V. - pic2
Straber Susan M. - pic2
Straber Wm. P. - pic2
Strack Caroline S.
Strack Charles A.
Strack Charles A.
Strack Charles E.
Strack Charles P.
Strack Clare W.
Strack Harriet J.
Strack Lillie B.
Strack Mary E.
Strack Mary M.
Strack Samuel H.
Strack T. Jaye Kelly
Stram Doris Linderbeck
Stram George H.
Strasbourger Harry
Strasbourger Minnie Z.
Strathmeyer Auguste W.
Strathmeyer Charles H.
Strathmeyer Edward M. - pic2
Strathmeyer Frank A.
Strathmeyer George R.
Strathmeyer Grace M.
Strathmeyer Hazel C. R. - pic2
Strathmeyer Henry W.
Strathmeyer Louise M.
Strathmeyer Richard Dehne
Strathmeyer Ruth Pauline Johnson
Strausbaugh Allen E.
Strausbaugh Catherine
Strausbaugh Curvin B.
Strausbaugh D. A. - pic2
Strausbaugh George B.
Strausbaugh Hannah L.
Strausbaugh Harry N.
Strausbaugh Joseph
Strausbaugh Louisa A. - pic2
Strausbaugh Maggie M.
Strausbaugh Margaret M.
Strausbaugh Mary A.
Strausbaugh Mary K.
Strausbaugh Mildred E.
Strausbaugh Milton
Strausbaugh Norma J.
Strausbaugh R. Jane - pic2
Strausbaugh Rachel
Strausbaugh Raymond
Strausbaugh Sarah B.
Strauss Fannie W.
Strauss Isaac E.
Strauss Joseph
Strauss Rebecca
Straw Nevin C.
Strawbridge Fannie E.
Strawbridge Mildred P.
Strawbridge Robert A.
Strawbridge Thomas I.
Strayer Amanda
Strayer Anna Drayer
Strayer Augusta M.
Strayer Augustus W.
Strayer Carrie Brunner
Strayer Catherine E.
Strayer Catherine E. - pic2
Strayer Charles A.
Strayer Charles W.
Strayer Clarence H. - pic2
Strayer Elizabeth
Strayer Esther Lee - pic2
Strayer Harry
Strayer Hazel V. - pic2
Strayer Henry
Strayer Howard
Strayer Infant Son
Strayer Jacob A.
Strayer Jennie H.
Strayer John C. - pic2
Strayer John H. - pic2
Strayer Kathryn G.
Strayer Lauretta
Strayer Mame - pic2
Strayer Maria A.
Strayer Martin L.
Strayer Michael
Strayer Sarah
Strayer Wesley S.
Strayer Willard F.
Streett Alice E.
Strevig J. Milton
Strevig Mary Alice
Strickhouser Dale Roland
Strickhouser Flora I.
Strickhouser Jason L.
Strickland Annie K. Weaver
Strickland George W.
Strickland Harry S.
Strickland John W.
Strickland Katharine L. - pic2
Strickland Paul W. - pic2
Strickland Virginia S.
Strickler Alex. - pic2
Strickler Alice M.
Strickler Alice V.
Strickler Amelia Stair
Strickler Andrew R.
Strickler Annie M. K. Loucks
Strickler Arthur K.
Strickler Carl E.
Strickler Catharine Ketteman
Strickler Clarence M.
Strickler Cornelia A.
Strickler Daniel E. - pic2
Strickler David - pic2
Strickler Edward A.
Strickler Edward D.
Strickler Ellen M.
Strickler Elsie R.
Strickler Emanuel - pic2 - pic3
Strickler Florence F. M.
Strickler George W.
Strickler Hannah Harry - pic2
Strickler Harry - pic2
Strickler Henry S.
Strickler Hope W. - pic2
Strickler Ida J.
Strickler Ida V. Buser
Strickler John
Strickler John - pic2 - pic3
Strickler John J.
Strickler Levi - pic2
Strickler Margaret C. - pic2
Strickler Mary A. Sultzbach - pic2
Strickler Mary J.
Strickler Mary L. - pic2
Strickler Meda Reever
Strickler Myrtle V. - pic2 - pic3
Strickler Peter K.
Strickler Priscilla M.
Strickler R. Lee
Strickler Rickey Lee
Strickler Robert Charles
Strickler Romaine M.
Strickler Samuel S. - pic2
Strickler Sarah
Strickler Sarah J.
Strickler Sarah M. - pic2
Strickler Stanley L.
Strickler Susan L. - pic2
Strickler Thomas Groom
Strickler Jr.Walter F.
Strickler William H.
Striebig Delilah Immel - pic2
Striebig Eliza A. - pic2
Striebig Washington D. - pic2
Strine Adeline E. D. - pic2
Strine Amanda L. - pic2
Strine Catherine L.
Strine Daisy E. - pic2
Strine Earl G.
Strine Edward F. - pic2
Strine Eli Z. - pic2
Strine Elizabeth - pic2
Strine Frank J.
Strine Franklin L.
Strine George A.
Strine Harvey B.
Strine Helen E.
Strine Helen W.
Strine Horace F.
Strine Horace W.
Strine Idella S.
Strine Janet Waring - pic2
Strine Julia I.
Strine Kathryn M.
Strine Katie B.
Strine Laben W.
Strine Lela M.
Strine Lillian M.
Strine Margaret E.
Strine Mary C. - pic2
Strine Minnie E.
Strine Patricia M.
Strine Raymond H.
Strine Jr.Raymond H.
Strine Robert B.
Strine Robert C. - pic2
Strine U. S. G. - pic2
Strine W. Preston - pic2
Strine Walter L.
Strine William E.
Strine William H. - pic2
Stringer Catherine M.
Stringer Michael F.
Stringfield Anna Maren Syvertsen
Strock Beatrice E.
Strock Edith
Strock Elsie C.
Stroman Ethel I.
Stroman George C.
Stroman George M.
Stroman Lorena Spangler
Stroman Missouri J.
Stroman Nellie B.
Stroman Thaddeus S.
Stroup Ellwood M. - pic2
Stroup Helen V. - pic2
Struba Ida M. - pic2
Struba William H. - pic2
Struck Katie B.
Stubbins Ella M.
Stuck Edward
Stuck Maud Weiser
Stuck Miriam Weiser
Stuck Olivia
Stuller Carrie M.
Stuller Earl A.
Stuller Earl B.
Stuller Norma
Stum C. Ray
Stum Mildred T.
Stump Carlena E.
Stump Elmer F.
Stump Ernest Ralph - pic2
Stump Fred R.
Stump Irene D. Young - pic2
Stump Margie E.
Stump Noah
Stump Ruth J.
Stump Stewart O.
Sudeck Henry C.
Sudick Alice M.
Sudick Catharine
Sudick George A.
Sudick Harry H.
Sudick Lewis H.
Sudick Sr.Lewis H.
Sudick Mary E.
Suereth Adelaide Zuse
Suereth Alice M.
Suereth Anthony M.
Suereth Denise A. - pic2
Suereth Eugene S.
Suereth IIIHerbert L. - pic2
Suereth Jr.Herbert L. - pic2
Suereth Sr.Herbert L.
Suereth Irene N.
Suereth Josephine C.
Suereth Mary I.
Suereth Robert E.
Suiter Ada M.
Suiter James M.
Sullivan Ada M.
Sullivan Archie K.
Sullivan Carrie M.
Sullivan Charles E.
Sullivan Elizabeth L. - pic2
Sullivan Helen L. - pic2
Sullivan Homer D.
Sullivan Hugh McClune - pic2
Sullivan James W.
Sullivan Jeremiah K.
Sullivan Joel Hugh - pic2
Sullivan Mabel McClune - pic2
Sullivan Mary Maish - pic2
Sullivan Murrell I.
Sullivan Myron S.
Sullivan Nickolas K. - pic2
Sullivan Sarah A.
Sullivan Sterling S. - pic2
Sullivan Jr.Sterling S. - pic2
Sullivan Vera L.
Sullvina Charles E. - pic2
Sultzbach Alfred G.
Sultzbach Alma S.
Sultzbach J. Frederick
Summers Brian Alan
Summers David S.
Summers Harry L.
Summers Lorraine E.
Summers Luther D.
Summers Margaret May
Summers Martha E.
Summers Mary Kathleen
Summers Paul Raymond
Summers Sally
Summers Verna Wolfgang
Sunday Sara Bentzel
Sutcliffe Annie M.
Sutcliffe James
Sutcliffe John D.
Sutcliffe Ruth F.
Suthard Edward
Suthard Laura May Smith
Sutton Carrie L.
Sutton Eliza Eppley - pic2
Sutton Emma
Sutton George W. - pic2
Sutton Lydia K.
Sutton Washington - pic2
Swan Charlotte Zimmerman
Swartz Albert
Swartz Amanda C.
Swartz Anna M.
Swartz Baby Son
Swartz Bertha M.
Swartz Carl Jerome
Swartz Carla J.
Swartz Charles G.
Swartz Charles S.
Swartz Charlott V.
Swartz Charlotte E. Boyer
Swartz Curtis G.
Swartz Donna C.
Swartz Elizabeth L.
Swartz Esther K.
Swartz Flora V.
Swartz G. Ed
Swartz George H.
Swartz Harry E.
Swartz Henry A.
Swartz Howard F.
Swartz J. Edgar - pic2
Swartz Jacob - pic2
Swartz Lester W.
Swartz Martha M.
Swartz Mary E.
Swartz Mary J.
Swartz Mary K.
Swartz Maude I.
Swartz Minnie M.
Swartz Nettie B. - pic2
Swartz Rachel R.
Swartz Rosemary - pic2
Swartz Rufina V. - pic2
Swartz Susanna Owen
Swartz W. Elwood
Swartz Will H.
Swartz William A.
Swartz Wm. P. - pic2
Swartzbaugh Ida L.
Sweeney Chas. E.
Sweeney Edward
Sweeney Eleanor Ann
Sweeney Mary E.
Sweet Annette
Sweifler Mary
Sweigart Jr.Benjamin E. - pic2
Sweigart Sr.Benjamin E. - pic2
Sweigart Dorris L. - pic2
Sweigart Harriett H.
Sweigart Ruth F. - pic2
Sweigert Dorothy M. Maddux
Sweitzer Anna Kate
Sweitzer Annie Kate
Sweitzer Annie M.
Sweitzer Charles J.
Sweitzer Edward F.
Sweitzer Emma J.
Sweitzer John B.
Sweitzer LIllie S.
Sweitzer Mabel Dull
Sweitzer Sarah A.
Sweitzer William H.
Sweitzer William Henry
Swemley Charlotte R.
Swemley Jr.David A.
Swemley Dolores A.
Swemley Dorothy L.
Swemley Emory S.
Swemley Evelyn I.
Swemley Sr.Harvey A.
Swengel Bertha L.
Swengel Edythe C.
Swengel Jennie B.
Swengel Lottie Anthony
Swengel Mary B. - pic2
Swengel Robert M.
Swengel U. Clark
Swengel U. F.
Swengle Clara A.
Swigert Arthur
Swigert Joseph
Swigert Sr.Joseph W.
Swigert Mary E.
Swigert Rebecca
Swol Bruce J.
Swol Dorothy M.
Swope Elizabeth A.
Swords Ada I.
Swords Adelaide - pic2
Swords Bertha S.
Swords Charles L.
Swords Earle W.
Swords Helen May
Swords M. Jane Fossett
Sykes Joseph Vernon
Sykes Louise Stallman
Syvertsen Augusta Feistel
Syvertsen Harald
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