Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012             


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With R


Raab Isaac
Raab Jennie S.
Rabe Henry
Rabe Henry
Rabe Rose
Rabe Sophia Berger
Rabenstine Henrietta L.
Rabenstine Percy P.
Raber Christiana - pic2
Raber Major A. H. - pic2
Rabine Mary M. Krafft
Raczkowski Julia A.
Raczkowski Vanessa Sophia
Radcliffe Edna M.
Radcliffe Jeanette M.
Radcliffe Mark E.
raff George W.
Raffensberger Amos - pic2
Raffensberger Clarence L.
Raffensberger Dale Spahr
Raffensberger Daniel F.
Raffensberger Edward L.
Raffensberger Edward L.
Raffensberger Helen Eleanor
Raffensberger Jacob D.
Raffensberger James Francis
Raffensberger Lestie B.
Raffensberger Lillian M. - pic2
Raffensberger Madalyne
Raffensberger Martha R.
Raffensberger Mary M.
Raffensberger Ralph R.
Raffensberger Robert D. F.
Raffensberger Ruth N.
Raffensberger Sally Ruth
Raffensberger Sarah A.
Raffensberger Scott C.
Raffensberger Walter
Raffensberger Warren J.
Raffensperger Adaline L.
Raffensperger Ira H.
Rahauser George W.
Rahauser Isabel S.
Rahauser Susan A. - pic2
Rahe Charles D.
Rahe Charles E. - pic2
Rahe Charles H.
Rahe Clara E.
Rahe Clarence H.
Rahe Edna M.
Rahe Elizabeth M. - pic2
Rahe Marguerite J.
Rahe Mary Ellen
Rahn James S.
Railing Mary R.
Railing Rodney S.
Rains Dudley Wilson
Rains Mary McFall
Ralph Gertrude M. Rockey
Ramage Ida B.
Rambo W. David - pic2
Ramer Amanda
Ramer Anna M.
Ramer Mary Isabel
Ramos Israel A.
Ramos Juana
Ramsay Alverta I.
Ramsay Annie - pic2
Ramsay Elmira J. - pic2
Ramsay Grace E.
Ramsay Kurvin R.
Ramsay Mabel B.
Ramsay Sallie M. - pic2
Ramsay Samuel C.
Ramsay William H.
Ramsay Wm. F. - pic2
Ramsay Wm. Robert - pic2
Ranck Mary A. Lentz
Randle Rashaad A.
Rankin Bessie V.
Rankin Mary E.
Rankin Raymond I.
Rankin Jr.Raymond I.
Ransom Annie C.
Ransom Frank A.
Ransom Jennie P.
Rapp John B.
Rapp John F.
Rapp Marion P.
Rapp Mildred M. Baughman
Rappold Betty M.
Rappold Charles H.
Rappold Dolores J.
Rappold Hilda M.
Rappold Margaret
Rau Claude H.
Rau Mary C.
Rauch Bernice E.
Rauch Carmelita R.
Rauch George Irvin
Rauch John A. - pic2
Rauch Jr.John F.
Rauch Sr.John F.
Rauch Michael David
Rauhauser Cassandra H.
Rauhauser Sidney L.
Rauhouser Allen W. - pic2
Rauhouser Baby - pic2
Rauhouser Carrie M. - pic2
Rauhouser Edwin S. - pic2
Rauhouser Elizabeth M. M. - pic2
Rauhouser Evelyn M.
Rauhouser Lester W. - pic2
Rauhouser Mary E. - pic2
Rauhouser Morgan L.
Rauhouser Samuel P. - pic2
Raush J. Geo. - pic2
Raush Margaretta Hetrich - pic2
Rawlinson Charles H.
Rawlinson Helen K.
Rawlinson Herbert E.
Rawlinson John E.
Rawlinson Mary J.
Rawlinson Mary Jane
Ray Isabella G. - pic2
Raygugle Charles
Raygugle Mary J.
Raymond George R.
Reachard Albert E.
Reachard Anna C.
Reachard Charlotte E.
Reachard George E.
Reachard Grace E.
Reachard Helen L.
Reachard Lillie J.
Reachard Lottie C.
Reachard Osia I.
Reachard Ralph C.
Reachard Russell W.
Reachard Thelma I.
Reachard Wm. K.
Ream Catherine L.
Ream George W.
Ream James P.
Ream Kermit J.
Ream Margaretta L.
Rearick Ruth Atlee
Reary Edith F. Delhamer
Reary Jerry Carl
Reary John M.
Reary John R.
Reaville Velma V. Shaffer
Rebert Emma E. - pic2
Rebert John - pic2
Rebert Margaret J. - pic2
Rebert Mary A. - pic2
Rebert Mary Ann - pic2
Rebert Will K. - pic2
Rebholz Augusta - pic2
Rebholz Charles - pic2
Rebling Addie Kate
Rechard Albert J. - pic2
Rechard Annie H. - pic2
Rechard Belle N. - pic2
Rechard Elizabeth M. - pic2
Rechard Flora - pic2
Rechard John S. - pic2
Rechard Sr.Ottis - pic2
Redman Rebecca - pic2
Reed Charles L.
Reed Edward M.
Reed Evelyn Wilson
Reed Harvey C. - pic2
Reed Martha M. - pic2
Reed Olga Plath
Reel Lester L.
Reese Charles R.
Reese Delores M.
Reese Edwin A.
Reese Edwin B.
Reese Ellen Heller
Reese Harry A.
Reese Hazel V.
Reese J. Frank
Reese Joseph Oscar
Reese Laura I.
Reese Maria L.
Reese Matilda
Reese Murray E.
Reese Pauline S.
Reese Rodney V.
Reese Ruth A.
Reese Samuel D.
Reese Samuel G.
Reese Sarah
Reese Jr.Tolly R.
Reese Virginia L.
Reeser Allen J.
Reeser Arthur H. - pic2
Reeser Earl H. - pic2
Reeser Frank - pic2
Reeser Katie M.
Reeser Louisa A.
Reeser Louisa H. - pic2
Reeser Matilda J.
Reever Brenda J.
Reever C. Edna
Reever Curvin H.
Reever Ellen J. - pic2
Reever Frank P. - pic2
Reever G. Robert - pic2
Reever James A. - pic2
Reever Janice G. - pic2
Reever Linda L.
Reever Macleta J.
Reever Mamie E. - pic2
Reever Mary C.
Reever Mary I.
Reever Richard E.
Reever Thelma M.
Reeves Sarah A.
Regenthal Harry E.
Regenthal Lena K.
Regenthal Sophie M.
Regienger Thomas J.
Regienger Thomas J.
Rehmeyer Emma K.
Rehmeyer Frederick
Rehmeyer Mabel A.
Rehmeyer Sonja
Reiber Kathryn M.
Reiber Uwe W.
Reichard Catharine - pic2
Reichard John - pic2
Reichard Jr.John
Reichley Allien S.
Reichley Annette C.
Reichley Bert F.
Reichley Charles D.
Reichley Emma E.
Reichley Emma J.
Reichley Frederick L.
Reichley Gerald F. D.
Reichley Helen S.
Reichley Jac. C.
Reichley Jr.Jac. C.
Reichley Louise C.
Reid Frances A.
Reidel Ella M.
Reidel Paul E.
Reider Cora M.
Reider Ellen Furl
Reider Ethel R.
Reider George W.
Reider Mayme M.
Reiff Dollyane C.
Reiff George F.
Reiffe Claude M.
Reiffe Mabel A.
Reigart Albert A.
Reigart Albert D.
Reigart Anna Mary Ness
Reigart Dale E. - pic2
Reigart Dorothy G. - pic2
Reigart Edna L.
Reigart Edward
Reigart Elsie I.
Reigart Emeline
Reigart Imo S.
Reigart Jacob H. - pic2
Reigart Mathias
Reigart Sarah E. - pic2
Reigart W. Clair
Reigart William
Reigart William E.
Reigart William P.
Reigart William W.
Reigle Daisy M.
Reigle Edith J.
Reigle Edward B.
Reigle Fred P.
Reigle Grace M.
Reigle Harry J.
Reigle Henry T.
Reigle Jr.J. Price
Reigle Price
Reigle Ralph W.
Reigle Robert E.
Reiker Clara I.
Reiley Florence A.
Reiley William E.
Reineberg Daniel
Reineberg Lee
Reineberg Pauline W.
Reineberg Sophia
Reinhold Belinda E.
Reinhold Catharine B.
Reinhold George F.
Reinhold Infant
Reinke Gertrude Small
Reinke Jesse W. Myer
Reinke Theodore
Reisinger Ann Emeline
Reisinger Anna L.
Reisinger Anna V. - pic2
Reisinger C.
Reisinger C. Marie
Reisinger Catharine R.
Reisinger Charles E. - pic2
Reisinger Elizabeth C.
Reisinger Ella A.
Reisinger Fanny R. - pic2
Reisinger Franklin E.
Reisinger George
Reisinger George R. - pic2
Reisinger Georgianna
Reisinger Henry B.
Reisinger Henry C.
Reisinger Homer E.
Reisinger Ida J.
Reisinger Infant
Reisinger James P. - pic2
Reisinger John H.
Reisinger Kenneth E.
Reisinger Lillian M.
Reisinger Lizzie H. Sheffer
Reisinger Margaret Ann
Reisinger Mary E.
Reisinger Mary M.
Reisinger Minnie W.
Reisinger Nettie
Reisinger Samuel
Reisinger Samuel H.
Reisinger Sarah
Reisinger Sarah J. - pic2
Reisinger Susan K. - pic2
Reisinger Wm. F.
Reiss Elizabeth
Reiss George
Reitzel David
Reiver Alice M.
Reiver Bessie V.
Reiver Oliver L.
Rempel Cecelia
Rempel Edgar W.
Rende Selma Sevel
Renner Lester J.
Renner Mary E.
Rennoll Caroline G. - pic2
Rennoll Charles L. - pic2
Rennoll Charles R. - pic2
Rennoll George W.
Rennoll Rebecca
Rentzel Albertus H.
Rentzel Amelia
Rentzel Daisy C.
Rentzel George W.
Rentzel Lester W.
Rentzel Lucy I.
Rentzel Sharon L.
Rentzel Wayne C.
Rentzel William H.
Retheiser Jennie
Retheiser William
Rexroth Clair R.
Rexroth Evelyn
Rexroth John H.
Rexroth Myrtle R.
Reyes Juan
Reynolds Barbara - pic2
Reynolds Charles - pic2
Reynolds Edward - pic2
Reynolds Esther M.
Reynolds Evelyn K.
Reynolds John S. - pic2
Reynolds John W.
Reynolds Mae S.
Reynolds Nancy E. Everhart
Reynolds William - pic2
Reynolds William H.
Rhettenbock Evelyn E.
Rhine A. Louise
Rhine Charles E.
Rhine Charles S.
Rhine Clarence W.
Rhine Earl W.
Rhine Gertie E. M.
Rhine John E.
Rhine Lydia A.
Rhine Polly M.
Rhine William S.
Rhinehart Catharine Margaret
Rhinehart Lizzie Sharretts
Rhinehart Martin
Rhinesmith Lindie - pic2
Rhinesmith Philip - pic2
Rhoades George A.
Rhoades Margaret M.
Rhoads Charlotte M.
Rhoads Sr.Clarence E.
Rhoads David A.
Rhoads Elsie M. Lehman
Rhoads Julie M.
Rhoads Lisa Marie
Rhoads Mary Ellen
Rhoads Nelson E.
Rhoads William H.
Rhoads William H.
Rhodes Donald
Rial Fannie Ludwig
Rial Harry S.
Rial Mary E.
Rice Dorothy Lucking
Rice Ellen
Rice Joseph E.
Richard Charlotte J.
Richard Grover T.
Richards Jr.Charles C.
Richards Diamond A.
Richards Helen E.
Richards Sadie A.
Richardson Amelia Anna - pic2 - pic3
Richardson Ebenezer - pic2
Richardson Henrietta - pic2 - pic3
Richardson John - pic2
Richardson Juliet J.
Richardson Margot J.
Richardson Mary - pic2
Richart Margie M.
Richcrick Jason H. - pic2
Richcrick Leah B.
Richcrick Mildred I. - pic2
Richcrick Paul A.
Richcrick Ruby R.
Richcrick William G.
Richely IIJohn W.
Richely Laura Belle
Richey Delora Y. - pic2
Richey Effie M. - pic2
Richey Walter F. - pic2
Richley Bessie R. - pic2 - pic3
Richley Betty M. Wikoff
Richley John Wm. - pic2 - pic3
Richley Katie May Brant - pic2 - pic3
Richley Jr.Paul C.
Richley Sr.Paul C.
Richley William B.
Richter Franklin D.
Richter Ida Catharine
Richter Phyllis B. - pic2
Richter Walter R. - pic2
Rickrode Dorothy Ellen
Riddick Rolland Paull
Riddick Sondra Kay
Riddick Steven Paull
Rider Alvin A.
Rider Amos R.
Rider Elsie M.
Rider Nelson J.
Riedel Dorothy
Riedel George
Riedel George - pic2
Riedel Helen C. - pic2
Riedel Ida K. Maguire - pic2
Riedel John
Riedel Louise Fahs - pic2
Riedel Marian E. - pic2
Riedel Minnie M.
Riedel Myra M. E.
Rieker Amos E.
Rieker Catherine H.
Rieker Elizabeth E.
Rieker John J. W.
Riese Lydia A. - pic2
Rife Blanche S.
Rife Elmer B.
Rife Gladys V.
Rife Melvin S.
Rigdon Alex.
Rigdon Annie I. - pic2
Rigdon Fannie A.
Rigdon Florence - pic2
Rigdon Rose Dell
Rigdon Ross J. B. - pic2
Rigdon Ruth E. - pic2
Rigdon William L. S. - pic2
Riggs RoJean M.
Riley Helen E.
Riley Naomi I.
Riley Norman C.
Riley Robert C.
Riley Robert L.
Rineer Henry G.
Rineer Mabel E.
Rinehardt Lois Ottmyer - pic2
Rinehardt William DeLancey - pic2
Rinehart Alice
Rinehart Oscar A.
Rineholt Robert J.
Ring A. H. Bartel
Ring Anna C.
Ring John A.
Ring Ruth H.
Rishel Adona Lou Snyder - pic2
Rishel Annie E. Knieriem
Rishel Bernard Lewis - pic2
Rishel Cassie I.
Rishel Charles S.
Rishel Donald K.
Rishel Edward E.
Rishel Elsie S.
Rishel Evelyn M.
Rishel Henry C.
Rishel Isaac J.
Rishel J. Philip
Rishel James K.
Rishel James Philip
Rishel John David
Rishel Lloyd E. - pic2
Rishel Mabel Z.
Rishel Margaret M.
Rishel Norman E.
Rishel Pauline U. - pic2
Rittall Bessie E.
Rittase Stanley E.
Ritter Doris H.
Ritter E. Blanche - pic2
Ritter Earl T.
Ritter Elizabeth P.
Ritter Emma May
Ritter George H.
Ritter J. Paul - pic2
Ritter Joseph H.
Ritter Mildred E.
Ritter William J.
Ritz Anna M.
Ritz Chauncey N.
Ritz Jennie A.
Ritz John M.
Rively John M. - pic2
Rivera Amalia
Rivera Carmen D.
Rivera Delma M.
Rivera Edward A.
Rivera Hipolito
Rivera Jr.Raymond Luis
Rivera Ruben
Rivera Ziomara
Rizika Abe W. - pic2
Rizika Irene H. - pic2
Rizzio Carrie Baublitz - pic2
Rizzio Florence A.
Rizzio Gladys McComas
Rizzio Sr.Joseph - pic2
Rizzio Jr.Joseph E.
Rizzio Larry A.
Rizzio Lawrence E.
Roach Barbara A.
Roach Betty I.
Roach Russel W.
Robbins Leon
Robbins Mildred S.
Roberts Dolores M.
Roberts Dorothy G.
Roberts Ethel C.
Roberts Evelyn V.
Roberts James W.
Roberts Lawrence W.
Roberts Thomas J.
Robertson Helen S.
Robertson John S.
Robertson John T.
Robinson Anthony Mark
Robinson David E.
Robinson Deborah L. - pic2
Robinson Sr.Donald L. - pic2
Robinson Emma Elizabeth Monroe
Robinson Jr.Guy W.
Robinson Harriet M.
Robinson Hattie Beth Anstadt
Robinson Jeanne P.
Robinson John Archibald
Robinson Joshua Cain
Robinson Laura C. Lehr
Robinson Laura Johnson
Robinson Lillian M. Cole
Robinson Maude D.
Robinson Walter Irving
Robinson Warren R. E.
Robison Clara Edith
Robison Clarence E.
Robison Edna Irene
Robison Ella M.
Robison Gladys Moyer
Robison Helen McKinley
Robison James Edward
Robison James W. - pic2
Robison John J.
Robison John Wilson
Robison Mollie G. - pic2
Robison Mura E.
Robison Robert
Robison Thomas Butler
Robles Orlando
Robsinson Barbara Jo
Robson Edna M.
Robson Wm. Hunter
Rochow C. W. Albert
Rochow K. F. Ralph
Rochow Maud A.
Rochow Nathalie B.
Rochow Phyllis E.
Rochow W. M. Harry
Rockey Elizabeth M. - pic2
Rockey Emma C.
Rockey Florence M.
Rockey Francis E.
Rockey Francis M. - pic2
Rockey John F. - pic2
Rockey W. Millard - pic2
Rodemyer Anna L.
Rodemyer Sr.Arthur C.
Rodemyer Constance A.
Rodemyer Edward
Rodemyer Jr.Ernest A.
Rodemyer Sr.Ernest A.
Rodemyer Grace B.
Rodemyer Harry E.
Rodemyer Hope C.
Roderick Clinton H.
Roderick Clinton H.
Roderick Edna R.
Roderick Ruth A.
Roderick Wilbur K.
Rodes David H. - pic2
Rodes Lester A.
Rodes Lucinda
Rodes Mary K. - pic2
Rodes Nettie M. Sollenberger
Rodgers Carrie B.
Rodgers Catherine S.
Rodgers Emma M. - pic2
Rodgers Emma M.
Rodgers Eugene E.
Rodgers George S.
Rodgers Mabel C.
Rodgers Myrtle Mae
Rodgers Ralph H.
Rodgers Wilson W.
Rodkey Jr.John
Rodkey John H.
Rodkey Kathie L.
Rodkey Leona M.
Rodrick Calvin L.
Rodrick Estella W.
Rodrick Kingsley L.
Rodrick Nellie E.
Rodrick Ralph K.
Rodrick Ralph K.
Roeder George H.
Roeder Laura E.
Roehm Catherine A.
Roehm Chas. W.
Roehm Curvin
Roehm Elsie
Roehm Emma
Roehm Harry M.
Roehm John
Roffe Margie E.
Rohler Charles E.
Rohler Clarence B.
Rohler Daniel H.
Rohler DeEtta L.
Rohler Edward V.
Rohler Eleanor V.
Rohler Etta F.
Rohler George B.
Rohler George C.
Rohler Howard
Rohler Katie E.
Rohler Lydia A.
Rohler Meriam E.
Rohler Nettie A.
Rohler William E.
Rohrbaugh Albert H.
Rohrbaugh Alice
Rohrbaugh Annie E. - pic2
Rohrbaugh Betty V.
Rohrbaugh Bobby Jo
Rohrbaugh Carson A.
Rohrbaugh Catharine
Rohrbaugh Clarence S.
Rohrbaugh Clyde E.
Rohrbaugh Emma A.
Rohrbaugh Frances M.
Rohrbaugh Gloria M.
Rohrbaugh Gordon H.
Rohrbaugh Harry E.
Rohrbaugh Harry G.
Rohrbaugh Ida L.
Rohrbaugh Irene C.
Rohrbaugh Lake
Rohrbaugh Leah R. - pic2
Rohrbaugh Mabel R. - pic2
Rohrbaugh Sr.Paul L.
Rohrbaugh Richard C.
Rohrbaugh Robert E.
Rohrbaugh Robert E. - pic2
Rohrbaugh Sarah L.
Rohrbaugh Thelma D.
Rohrbaugh Virginia B.
Rohrer Robert E.
Rojahn Ernest A.
Rojahn Florence M.
Rojahn Gladys
Rojahn Theodore
Roland Carl B. - pic2
Roland Charles J. - pic2
Roland Daniel B.
Roland Katharine F.
Roland Laura
Roland Lillian M. - pic2
Roland Mary Forney
Roland Robert M.
Roland William Seeger
Roland William W.
Romesburg Sandra Lee
Romich Charlotte Amig
Ronnbom Florence M.
Ronnbom William C.
Root Frank T.
Root Herbert D.
Root Lillie I.
Ropp Jr.Alfred W.
Ropp Anna Grace Wagner - pic2
Ropp Charles M.
Ropp D. A.
Ropp Doris Jean
Ropp Edward E. - pic2
Ropp Emma
Ropp F. Kate
Ropp G. A.
Ropp Jennie A.
Ropp Lottie A. - pic2
Rosa Eusebio C.
Rosa Maria A.
Rosa Mary Evans - pic2
Rose Adaline
Rose Ellsworth V.
Rose Geo. W.
Rose Susan H.
Rosenau Arthur
Rosenau Carlyn J.
Rosenau Johanna
Rosenau Nathan
Rosenau Nathan J.
Rosenau Sophie G.
Rosenberry Emanuel
Rosenberry Faye M.
Rosenberry Mary H.
Rosenberry Michael L.
Rosenberry Sr.William J.
Rosenberry Wilma M.
Rosengrant Frances L.
Rosengrant Jeramiah Brian
Rosenzweig Emma E.
Roser Amanda B.
Roser Amelia L.
Roser Jr.Charles F.
Roser Dorothy J. Manuel
Roser Ellsworth E. - pic2
Roser Lillian M. - pic2
Roser Marian
Roser Maud L.
Roser Neal W.
Roser Simon L.
Ross Elizabeth K.
Ross Jr.George E.
Ross Sr.George E.
Ross George F.
Ross Horace R.
Ross Ida M.
Ross Katharine A.
Ross Rose
Ross Theetta R.
Ross William L.
Rosser Annie L.
Rosser Arthur P.
Rosser Hannah Pownall
Rosser Jane E.
Rosteter Amanda - pic2
Rosteter Anna - pic2
Rosteter Emaline - pic2
Rosteter Philip - pic2
Rosteter Susan - pic2
Rostetter Christian
Roth Arnold
Roth Austin R.
Roth E. Iola V.
Roth Elizabeth
Roth Frances R. - pic2
Roth John Bernard - pic2
Roth Kathryn E.
Roth Marguerite Brenner
Rothrock Vicki L. Keech
Rousch Mary Mae
Rousch William H.
Rouscher Anna K.
Rouscher Christian
Rouscher Elmer E.
Rouscher Elva F.
Rouscher Harry
Rouscher Mary Ann
Rouscher Sarah E.
Rouse Amanda M. - pic2
Rouse Anna E.
Rouse Anna Sudeck - pic2
Rouse Benjamin
Rouse Charles Spangler - pic2 - pic3
Rouse D. Emmitt
Rouse Daughter
Rouse Edward E.
Rouse Elizabeth B.
Rouse Ida L. - pic2
Rouse Jacob - pic2
Rouse Jacob - pic2
Rouse John
Rouse John L. - pic2
Rouse Jr.John L. - pic2
Rouse Luke - pic2
Rouse Margaret
Rouse Mary Elizabeth Stuck - pic2
Rouse Mary Louisa - pic2
Rouse Nora G.
Rouse Rebecca
Rouse Rebecca - pic2 - pic3
Rouse Samuel John - pic2
Rouse William
Rouse Wm. J. - pic2
Routzahn Alice O.
Rowan Ella M.
Rowan P. J.
Rowe Evan W.
Rowe Sarah H.
Rowland Frank B.
Rowland Laura A.
Rowland Mabel Jenks
Royce Jr.Russell E.
Rubie James T. - pic2
Rubie Laura E. - pic2
Ruby Anna M.
Ruby Eli J.
Ruby George Casper
Ruby H. Keith
Ruby Harold Glenn
Ruby Henry H.
Ruby Herbert Henry
Ruby Jennie Motter
Ruby Louise M.
Ruby Mary B.
Ruby Mary E.
Ruby Nyle G.
Ruby R. Isabel
Ruby Ruby Lodell
Ruby William H.
Ruck Phyllis L.
Ruck Robert C.
Rude John David
Rude Judith Ann Wisman
Rudisill Edwin E.
Rudisill Violet M.
Rudy Albert T.
Rudy Amanda R.
Rudy Amy B.
Rudy Catharine
Rudy Charles H.
Rudy Emma P.
Rudy Ethel L.
Rudy George M.
Rudy Henry
Rudy Henry F.
Rudy Horace
Rudy John T.
Rudy Lois Rae
Rudy Marian Emig
Rudy Rebekah E.
Rudy Samuel J.
Ruesskamp C. Herman - pic2
Ruesskamp Laura B. - pic2
Ruesskamp Miriam B. - pic2
Ruesskamp Tiesse C. - pic2
Ruhl Addie
Ruhl Emma M.
Ruhl Jacob L.
Ruhl John L. - pic2
Ruhl Joseph E.
Ruhl Laura J.
Ruhl Mary S.
Ruhl Nettie M.
Ruhl Paul E.
Ruhl Robert W.
Ruhlman Baby
Ruhlman Charlotte DeGroft
Ruhlman Elmer W.
Ruler Byrd H.
Ruler Esther M.
Ruler Frederick G.
Ruler Ida Mary
Ruler Irving I.
Ruler Irving I.
Ruler Margaret P.
Ruler Phyllis D.
Runge Louis E.
Runk E. Marguerite
Runk Jr.Paul W.
Runkle Charlotte R.
Runkle Denton M.
Runkle Donald E.
Runkle Elizabeth Ann
Runkle Ella E. Craumer
Runkle Elsworth
Runkle George M. - pic2
Runkle Gloria J.
Runkle Grace R. - pic2
Runkle Helen K. - pic2
Runkle Helen Louise
Runkle Larry Eugene
Runkle Mae L.
Runkle Mildred D.
Runkle Norman W.
Runkle Reba M. - pic2
Runkle Wilbur A. - pic2
Rupp Amelia J.
Rupp Annie K.
Rupp Jr.C. Ray - pic2
Rupp Carl H.
Rupp Charles H.
Rupp Charles J.
Rupp Charles S. - pic2
Rupp Sr.Clarence R. - pic2
Rupp Daisy S.
Rupp Daniel D.
Rupp Edward G. - pic2
Rupp Edward S. - pic2
Rupp Elizabeth - pic2
Rupp Evelyn A. M.
Rupp Florence M.
Rupp Frances - pic2
Rupp Frances H.
Rupp Frances S. - pic2
Rupp G. Clifton
Rupp George E.
Rupp Jr.George E.
Rupp Henrietta V.
Rupp Joseph
Rupp Kathryn
Rupp Luther H.
Rupp Margaret G. - pic2
Rupp Margaret R.
Rupp Mary - pic2
Rupp Mary E.
Rupp Maud N. - pic2
Rupp Robert J. - pic2
Rupp Sadie I.
Rupp Sophie F. Eisenhart
Rupp Wilbur J.
Ruppert Ann Margaret - pic2
Ruppert Catherine - pic2
Ruppert Sr.Richard A.
Ruppert Richard E.
Ruppert Unknown C. - pic2
Rupprecht H. Romaine
Rupprecht John E.
Rushton Josephine J.
Russel Harry - pic2 - pic3
Russell Abraham L.
Russell Bessie L. - pic2
Russell Cynthia A. - pic2
Russell Fannie B.
Russell Steven L. - pic2
Ruth Adonna L.
Ruth Anna C.
Ruth Betty J. - pic2
Ruth Jr.Charles A.
Ruth Cleason M.
Ruth Jr.Daniel
Ruth Edward
Ruth Eliza Jane
Ruth Ellen Graybill - pic2
Ruth Helen E.
Ruth Lafayette - pic2
Ruth Mary K.
Ruth Norma Jane
Ruth Pauline L.
Ruth Raymond W.
Ruth Ronald C.
Ruth Rose J.
Ruth Samuel
Ruth Sandra L. - pic2
Ruth Sterling E.
Ruth Susan E.
Ruth Thomas E.
Rutland Blanche E.
Rutland Harriet T. - pic2
Rutland Hedley
Rutland Kathryn F.
Rutland Richard
Rutland Sam - pic2
Rutland Walter
Rutledge A. Carey - pic2
Rutledge Agnes V. - pic2
Rutledge Alma G. - pic2
Rutledge Ann Atwell
Rutledge Bertha P. - pic2
Rutledge Charles R. - pic2
Rutledge Daniel W.
Rutledge Earl S.
Rutledge Jesse B.
Rutledge John B. - pic2
Rutledge John H. - pic2
Rutledge Lewis R. - pic2
Rutledge Mary E. - pic2
Rutledge Mary E. - pic2
Rutledge Mary E. - pic2
Rutledge Mary Jane - pic2
Rutledge Robert M.
Rutter Anna M. - pic2
Rutter Annie L. - pic2
Rutter Carrie M. - pic2
Rutter Catharine - pic2
Rutter Clara J. - pic2
Rutter Edmund - pic2
Rutter Edna K. - pic2
Rutter Edwin S. - pic2
Rutter Elizabeth Brillinger - pic2
Rutter Emma J. - pic2
Rutter Esther T. - pic2
Rutter Florence R.
Rutter G. Stewart - pic2
Rutter George - pic2
Rutter George A. - pic2
Rutter George D. - pic2
Rutter Ida V. - pic2
Rutter Infant - pic2
Rutter Jacob C.
Rutter Jeanne M. - pic2
Rutter Jennie M. - pic2
Rutter John - pic2
Rutter John H. - pic2
Rutter John W. - pic2
Rutter Lois Elizabeth - pic2
Rutter M. Ebert
Rutter Mary A. - pic2
Rutter Minnie - pic2
Rutter Nettie A. - pic2
Rutter Ruth S. - pic2
Rutter Sallie E. Brillinger
Rutter Samuel - pic2
Rutter Samuel - pic2
Rutter William E. - pic2
Ryan Amos L.
Ryan Bonnie L.
Ryan Carrie S.
Ryan Elizabeth
Ryan Ella Kent
Ryan Harry S.
Ryan Jesse
Ryan John
Ryan Julia
Ryan Mary B.
Ryan Mary J.
Ryan Mary S.
Ryan Robert C.
Ryan Walter K.
Ryder John H.
Ryder Lavinia W.
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