Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012             


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With P


Packard Benjamin F. - pic2
Padgett Constance A.
Page Hazel K.
Page Rosanna Van Fossen
Page Virginia A.
Palmer Baby Girl
Palmer Carroll E.
Palmer Charles L.
Palmer Edna Keech
Palmer Franklin P.
Palmer Harry P.
Palmer Harry P.
Palmer Helen A.
Palmer Lottie Aronson
Palmer Lydia M.
Palmer Margaret S.
Palmer Mary E.
Palmer Minnie S.
Palmer Peter A.
Palmer Sarah Katherine
Palmer William F.
Palmer William L.
Palmtag Beata M. - pic2
Palmtag Edith C.
Palmtag Frederick J. - pic2
Palmtag John - pic2
Palmtag John F.
Palmtag Nettie L. - pic2
Pandel Lydia Alice - pic2
Pandel William D. - pic2
Pantaleo Kathleen D.
Pape Frederick H.
Pape Frederick P.
Pape Mary A.
Parke Francis W.
Parke Ruth Gerber
Parker Norman C.
Parks Frances L.
Parks Richard K.
Parr Charles A.
Parr Florence L.
Parr George M.
Parr Helen L.
Parr Lydia A.
Parr Royal M.
Parsons Eloise C.
Parsons Milton L.
Parsons Ruth E.
Pascual Julio A.
Pass Charles
Pass Matilda
Pass Nellie Manley
Patrick Rose
Patrick W. H.
Patterson Alice M.
Patterson Arthur W.
Patterson Benj. F. P.
Patterson Bryan
Patterson Catharine B.
Patterson Catharine S.
Patterson Cora Della
Patterson Elizabeth E.
Patterson G. Miriam
Patterson George H.
Patterson Ida Belle
Patterson Infant Son
Patterson John
Patterson Lewis
Patterson M. Josephine
Patterson Miriam E.
Patterson Rhoda A.
Patterson Robert J.
Patterson S. Alverta
Patterson S. Amelia
Patterson William T.
Patterson William T.
Pattison Burd J.
Pattison Carrie A.
Pattison Genevieve I.
Pattison M. Elizabeth
Pattison Park T.
Pattison Wesley E.
Paules David H.
Paules Emma C.
Paules Ida K.
Paules Leander
Paules Romayne A.
Paulus Johanna
Paulus John
Paulus Sarah Ellen
Paxton Bright R.
Paxton Clara Frysinger
Paxton Frances Adaline
Paxton Frances H.
Paxton Helen Frysinger
Payne Clinton
Payne Elizabeth
Pealer Henry
Pealer Lydia
Pearl Ada G.
Pearson Charlotte M.
Pearson John L.
Pearson Ruthanna
Pearson Ulysses B.
Pearthree Caroline G. Wholf
Pearthree John J.
Pearthree Minnie C.
Pearthree Walter E.
Peddicord Joseph E.
Peeling Agnes M.
Peeling Anna K.
Peeling Arthur J.
Peeling Arthur J.
Peeling Bernard T.
Peeling Curben C.
Peeling Dorothy B.
Peeling Edith M.
Peeling Edward C.
Peeling Eleanor L.
Peeling Eliza Goodling
Peeling Gary P.
Peeling Harry P.
Peeling Harry W.
Peeling Harvey D.
Peeling Henrietta F.
Peeling Henry A.
Peeling Hilda A.
Peeling Isabella A.
Peeling Jack W.
Peeling James B.
Peeling James C.
Peeling Jane F.
Peeling Jeffrey W.
Peeling Julia M.
Peeling Leva Hamme
Peeling Lucien C.
Peeling Mark A.
Peeling Robert T.
Peeling Sarah J.
Peeling William E.
Peiffer Dorothy L.
Peiffer Kathryn E. - pic2
Peiffer Lewis
Peiffer Perry A. - pic2
Peiffer Virginia M.
Pendleton Alice L.
Pendleton Ida L.
Perago Charles
Perago Clara A.
Perago Curtis R. - pic2
Perago Dorothy M. V.
Perago George L.
Perago Helen A. - pic2
Perago Isabelle H.
Perago Jacob M. - pic2
Perago John C.
Perago John J.
Perago Kerwin J.
Perago Mary E.
Perago Mary J.
Perago Philip S. - pic2
Perago Roy F.
Perera Anna Mary Fluhrer
Perera Cynthia Fluhrer
Perera Silvio
Perks Clara May Gipe
Perks Jr.William T.
Peterman Alice M. - pic2
Peterman Charles L. - pic2
Peterman Daniel S. - pic2
Peterman Harry E.
Peterman L. Calvin - pic2
Peterman Lewis - pic2
Peterman Mabel - pic2
Peterman Margaret - pic2
Peterman Nettie F. - pic2
Peterman Sadie I.
Peterman Wilbur - pic2
Peters Bernard H.
Peters Bertha K. - pic2
Peters Betty M.
Peters Carrie C.
Peters Charles F.
Peters Charles L.
Peters Cora V.
Peters David F.
Peters Donald E.
Peters Edna I.
Peters Elievia M.
Peters Eliza Jane - pic2
Peters Grace C.
Peters Hattie S.
Peters J. Frank
Peters James M.
Peters Jane Beale
Peters Jennie T.
Peters John D.
Peters John G. - pic2
Peters Laura M.
Peters Levi
Peters Lillie D.
Peters Madeline I.
Peters Mae E.
Peters Marie F.
Peters Michael B.
Peters Michael E.
Peters Patricia R.
Peters Paul G.
Peters R. Emma
Peters Richard E.
Peters Richard R.
Peters Romeo B.
Peters Ruth L.
Peters S. Virginia
Peters Sallie Fetrow - pic2
Peters Samuel
Peters Samuel - pic2
Peters Teresa B.
Peters Walter M.
Peters Walter R.
Peters William H.
Peterson Harry F.
Peterson Mary Kathryn
Peterson Sadie C.
Petow Anna
Petow Lazarus A.
Petow Max M.
Petry Aaron F.
Petry Anna M.
Petry Elizabeth
Petry Ferdinand
Petry George Edward
Petry Harriet W.
Petry Harry A. - pic2
Petry Helen Rohler
Petry Infant
Petry Jacob - pic2
Petry John D.
Petry Jr.John F.
Petry Kayla Lauren
Petry Kenneth A.
Petry Kenneth A.
Petry Robert H.
Petry Sadie E.
Petry Sophia - pic2
Petry William F.
Pfaltzgraff Edward
Pfaltzgraff G. Nevin
Pfaltzgraff George K.
Pfaltzgraff Herman
Pfaltzgraff John C.
Pfaltzgraff John K.
Pfaltzgraff Lizzie
Pfaltzgraff Margie M.
Pfaltzgraff Nola M.
Pfaltzgraff Pauline E.
Pfaltzgraff Robert M.
Pfaltzgraff Sarah E.
Pfaltzgraff Sophia Ernst
Pfeiffer Barbara A.
Pfeiffer Cathryn F.
Pfeiffer Charles Edwin
Pfeiffer Dorathea H.
Pfeiffer Florence B.
Pfeiffer Harry C.
Pfeiffer John F.
Pfeiffer John F.
Pfeiffer Ludwig Max
Pfeiffer Mary E.
Pfeiffer Warren H.
Pflieger Alex W.
Pflieger Allen H.
Pflieger Bertha M.
Pflieger Hammond E.
Pflieger James M.
Pflieger John W.
Pflieger Laura J.
Pflieger Leah O.
Pflieger Margaret E.
Pflieger Mary M.
Phelps C. Lucille
Phelps Clara A.
Phelps Dexter E.
Phillips Billy Benson
Phillips David J.
Phillips Delbert B.
Phillips Dora E. H.
Phillips Eules C.
Phillips Hattie J. F.
Phillips J. Clair
Phillips Lena B.
Phillips Pauline Morningstar
Phillips Richard
Phillips-Lauer Lena B.
Phipps Hix H.
Phipps Maude L.
Pick Paul F.
Pickard Joanne R.
Pickard Timothy S.
Pickel Harry J.
Picking Channing J. - pic2
Picking Charlotte E.
Picking Christiana - pic2
Picking Franklin K.
Picking Ralph M. - pic2
Picking William K. - pic2
Pieffer Philip
Pierce Mary
Pierpont Amanda E.
Pierpont George M.
Pierpont Luther J.
Pigman Samuel S. - pic2
Pittman Ruth A.
Plass Linda J. Harbaugh
Plass Jr.Robert R.
Plath Adolf R.
Plath Gustave H.
Plath Wilhelmina J.
Plath William L. M.
Platts Anna L.
Platts Anna M.
Platts Anna Mary
Platts Annie L.
Platts Esther M.
Platts Evelyn M.
Platts Fannie I. - pic2
Platts Sr.George E.
Platts Grace A.
Platts James
Platts James T.
Platts Joseph C. - pic2
Platts Leroy C.
Platts Lottie
Platts Lucille V.
Platts Martha C. - pic2
Platts Martha J. Lauck - pic2
Platts Mary Eva
Platts Mildred V.
Platts Raymond E.
Platts Samuel T.
Platts Unknown
Platts Vesta P.
Platts Walter F.
Platts Walter N.
Platts William M.
Platts Wm. - pic2
Plitt Amanda E.
Plitt Augustus F. W.
Plitt Caroline A.
Plitt Esther Ellen
Plitt Harry W.
Plitt Infant
Plitt J. William
Plitt Julia K.
Plitt Kathleen E.
Plitt Norman W.
Plitt Samuel
Plitt Virginia L.
Plonk Frances
Plotnick Evelyn S.
Plymire S. Chauncey - pic2
Plymire Sadie N. - pic2
Poet Mary E.
Poet Samuel J.
Poff Annie M.
Poff Betty
Poff Catherine C.
Poff Charles W.
Poff Clyde O.
Poff Dale E.
Poff Edna K.
Poff George W.
Poff Howard Jay
Poff John David
Poff Leo C.
Poff Lottie M.
Poff Mary C.
Poff Mary C.
Poff Philip E.
Poff William H.
Poff Yvonne A.
Poffenberger Lewis Rutherford
Poffenberger Lydia Agnes
Polack Anna M.
Polack Charles F.
Polack Jr.Charles F.
Polack Ernest H.
Polack Marie E.
Polack Matilda R.
Polack Robert F.
Polack Robert F.
Polack Robert R.
Polack Rodney W.
Polack Theodore
Polack Willie J.
Poleman Emma J. - pic2
Poleman James J. - pic2
Pompell Marie E.
Pomraning Carrie M.
Pomraning Charles F. - pic2
Poniehtera Laura
Pontius Cloyd Albert
Pontius Edna M. Seachrist
Poor John Wilbert
Poor Therese Jarry
Popovich Betty Ruth
Popovich Jr.Joseph
Porlino Sarah I. Barrett
Porman Hazel G. - pic2
Porman Helen G. - pic2
Porman Mary M. - pic2
Porman Matthew D. - pic2
Porman W. Riter - pic2
Porter Estella E.
Porter Frederick W. - pic2
Porter Iva K.
Porter John D.
Porter Miriam K. - pic2
Potter Annie E.
Potter Edith J.
Potter Irene A.
Potter John C.
Potter Russell W. J.
Pottorff Carrie C. - pic2
Pottorff John H. - pic2
Potts Anna E.
Potts Carol A.
Potts E. Raymond
Potts Edna M.
Potts Garland E.
Potts Guy L.
Potts Janet L.
Potts John C.
Potts John E.
Potts Malvern J.
Potts Jr.Malvern J.
Potts Mary Ann
Potts Morrison J.
Potts Sherwood R.
Powell Annie Marshall
Powell Edward E.
Powell Elizabeth E.
Powell Emma S.
Powell Frank E.
Powell George W.
Powell Henry C.
Powell Henry E.
Powell Infant Son
Powell Julia A.
Powell Linford R.
Powell Minnie
Powell Morris J.
Powell Sallie V.
Powell Samuel
Powell Susanna
Powell Susanna R.
Powell W. Morris
Powers Anna L.
Powers Douglas J.
Prather Virgie May
Pratt Jordan C.
Pratt Margaret E.
Pratt Raymond M.
Pratt Ruth M.
Pratt William I. - pic2
Premo Bobbie A.
Premo Walter P.
Preu Otto M.
Price Annie B.
Price Annie Mary Flinchbaugh - pic2
Price Arthur R.
Price Bessie E. - pic2
Price Blanche May
Price C. Royal - pic2
Price Emma
Price Frank B.
Price Franklin A.
Price George E.
Price J. St. Clair
Price Juliet F.
Price Mildred L.
Price Nellie
Price Nevin
Price Paul F.
Price Romaine I.
Price Samuel A. - pic2
Price Samuel R.
Price Sarah Ann
Price William M.
Priddy I. Richard
Priddy Margaret A.
Prince Nancy M.
Pritchard Mary E.
Pritchard T. G.
Pritt Charles A.
Pritz Ada C.
Pritz Ada D.
Pritz Charles F.
Pritz Christine M.
Pritz Clara J.
Pritz Earl E.
Pritz Edith E.
Pritz Ellsworth G.
Pritz Jr.Ellsworth G.
Pritz Elsie V.
Pritz Emanuel
Pritz Sr.Leonard E.
Pritz Madaline M.
Pritz Mollie P.
Pritz Reba L.
Pritz Rebecca
Pritz Robert G.
Pritz William H.
Probst Hattie
Probst John E.
Probst John S.
Provenza Helen Weitzel
Prowell Augustus R. - pic2
Prowell Cleon F.
Prowell Edith L.
Prowell Ernest G.
Prowell Evelyn M.
Prowell George W.
Prowell Harold L.
Prowell Ida C.
Prowell John B.
Prowell Margaret M. - pic2
Prowell Marie E.
Prowell Mary A. - pic2
Prowell Patricia A. Barton
Prowell Ralph
Prowell Ralph Herbert
Prowell Raymond M.
Prowell Stella Lehman
Prowell William M. - pic2
Pyle David Harlan
Pyle Hannah S.
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