Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


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This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With O


O'Byrne Anna Mary
O'Connell Annie E. - pic2
O'Connor Cecilia S.
O'Connor George W.
O'Connor Walter G.
O'Connor Walter H.
O'Connor Walter H.
O'Donnell Margaret H.
O'Neill C. Isabel
O'Neill Jr.George J.
Oakes M. Josephine
Oaks E. Grace
Oaks Emanuel
Oaks Erma M.
Oaks Leah - pic2
Oaks Ruth
Oberdick Amy E.
Oberdick Anna B.
Oberdick Anna Rhodes
Oberdick C. Gertrude
Oberdick Casper H.
Oberdick Cecelia R.
Oberdick Edward D.
Oberdick Eleanor L.
Oberdick Elsie E.
Oberdick Emma McD
Oberdick Florence Hubley
Oberdick G. Albert McD
Oberdick George F.
Oberdick Gilbert B. C.
Oberdick Harvey G. A.
Oberdick Henry F.
Oberdick J. Henry
Oberdick Laura M.
Oberdick Louisa C.
Oberdick Louisa K.
Oberdick Margaret L.
Oberdick Minnie M. E.
Oberdick Mordian D.
Oberdick Phyllis S.
Oberdick Raymond H.
Oberdick William S.
Oberdick William W.
Oberlander Howard L.
Oberlander Keturah
Oberlander Pauline Hummer
Oberlander Richard F.
Odell Edward A. - pic2
Odell M. Irene Diehl - pic2
Odewalt Amanda
Odewalt Philip F.
Oerman Henry G. - pic2
Oerman Selinda - pic2
Oermann Louise Brockman - pic2
Oermann Mary A. - pic2
Oermann William H. - pic2
Ogden Bessie
Ogden Doris C.
Ogden Emma Maria - pic2
Ogden Esther A.
Ogden G. Stewart
Ogden Harriet J. - pic2
Ogden Jennie J.
Ogden John J.
Ogden Jr.John J.
Ogden M. Ella
Ogden Mervin S. - pic2
Ogden Mildred M.
Ogden Triplets
Ogden Unknown - pic2
Ogle Betty L.
Ogle Kenneth L.
Ogle Letitia M.
Oldhauser Annie M. Witman
Oldhauser Estella I. Runkel
Oldhouser Gladys V.
Oldhouser Harry Henry
Oldhouser Wilson H.
Olewiler Alpharetta D.
Olewiler Bartley S.
Olewiler Carrie P.
Olewiler Elizabeth Lebenight
Olewiler Elmer E.
Olewiler Emanuel
Olewiler Ida
Olewiler Jr.John
Olewiler John A.
Olewiler Sr.John W.
Olewiler Kathryn E. - pic2
Olewiler Mary Jane - pic2
Olewiler Mary M. - pic2
Olewiler Minnie A.
Olewiler Minnie J.
Olewiler Morgan
Olewiler Paul
Olewiler Richard H. - pic2
Olewiler Robert E. - pic2
Olewiler Robert W.
Olewiler S. O.
Olewiler Sheldon B.
Olewiler Susann
Olewiler Theda A.
Olewiler W. B.
Olewiler Walter George
Olewiler William H.
Olewiler Zacharias G.
Olinger Bertha K.
Olinger Howard V.
Oliver Mary H. - pic2
Oliver Samuel E.
Oliver Samuel E.
Oliver William J.
Oller Robert K.
Oller Violet M.
Oller Virginia H.
Olliffe Emma
Olp Arthur J. - pic2
Olp Daisy I. - pic2
Olson Brittany Ann Utermahlen
Ong Earle R.
Ong Mary Thomas
Ong Nathaniel M.
Onley Jr.Charles L.
Onley Virginia C.
Oppenheimer Jane
Orcutt Barbara Ann
Orcutt Donald A.
Orendorff Greta B.
Orendorff Pauline G.
Orendorff Robt. R.
Orndorff Beulah M.
Orndorff William R.
Orr C. Jack
Orr Sr.Clary
Orr Curtis E.
Orr Mabel
Orr Mildred E.
Ort Arabella
Ort Catherine V.
Ort Donald G.
Ort Gloria J. Roth
Ort Janet P.
Ort Jerry
Ort Linda G.
Ort Mary S.
Ort Robert C.
Ort Stuart E.
Ortiz-Castro Mariano
Ortiz-Castro Marta R.
Ortman Bertha J. - pic2
Ortman Mabel M. - pic2
Ortman Jr.Silas - pic2
Ortman Sr.Silas - pic2
Orwig Bess M. Thomas
Orwig Edgar A.
Orwig Ella M. - pic2
Orwig Kate Green
Orwig Marie C. - pic2
Orwig P. S.
Orwig Robert H. - pic2
Orwig Jr.Robert H. - pic2
Orwig Susan M.
Orwig William R.
Osler Clark Thomas
Osler Marie Loucks
Ostendorf Nettie E.
Oster Anna M.
Oster Jr.Edward A.
Oster Henry P.
Oster Valerie E.
Ostertag Andrew M.
Ostertag Clara A.
Oswald Adam
Oswald Anna
Otstot Catherine H. - pic2
Otstot Maynard E. - pic2
Ott Charles
Ott Charles W.
Ott Dolores Millheim
Ott Dona L.
Ott John
Ott Joseph Franklin
Ott Lewis
Ott Richard J.
Ott Sarah
Ottemiller Amanda E. L. Lauck - pic2
Ottemiller Anna Mary - pic2
Ottemiller Arvilla
Ottemiller C. Free - pic2
Ottemiller Edna C. Rockey - pic2
Ottemiller J. Henry
Ottemiller Jeffrey D. - pic2
Ottemiller Joseph H. - pic2
Ottemiller Marie E. - pic2
Ottemiller Maude Robey
Ottemiller Walter F.
Ottemiller William H. - pic2
Ottemiller Wm. F. - pic2
Ottemiller Wm. Harold - pic2
Ottmyer Edgar F.
Ottmyer George H. - pic2
Ottmyer Mary R. - pic2
Ottmyer Rosa B. - pic2
Otto Anita L.
Otto Barbara A.
Otto Jerry A.
Overbaugh Grace E.
Overbaugh Harry J.
Overholtzer Beulah R. - pic2
Overholtzer Samuel J. - pic2
Owen A. Grant - pic2
Owen Albert MacFarland - pic2
Owen Albert Weisz - pic2
Owen Annette Meck - pic2
Owen Arthur Edward
Owen Bertha
Owen Catherine
Owen Daisy E.
Owen Dora Peeling - pic2
Owen Edward R.
Owen Elizabeth E.
Owen Elizabeth W.
Owen Ernestine C.
Owen Esther Abreght
Owen Gertrude Kohler
Owen H. Luke
Owen Harry
Owen Helen Victoria
Owen Henrietta Hildebrand
Owen Henry K.
Owen Henry T.
Owen Horace H.
Owen Ida Weisz
Owen John Evans
Owen Jonathan
Owen Lydia May
Owen Margaret T.
Owen Maria L.
Owen Mary M. Mowers
Owen Mayme Keilholtz
Owen Nancy Louise
Owen Nettie
Owen Providence
Owen Robert C.
Owen Samuel
Owen Sr.Thomas
Owen Virginia
Owen William W.
Owens Cynthia F.
Owens Eber merrill
Owens Eber Merrill
Owens Joseph M.
Oyler Charles L.
Oyler Jacqueline P.
Oyler Minnie Florence
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