Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


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This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


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Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With N


Nace IIGuy W.
Nace Judy M.
Nace Marie - pic2
Nace Mary Helen
Nace Niles E.
Nace Ruth E. Barnhart
Nace William R.
Nagle Curtis S.
Nagle Emma E.
Nagle George W.
Nagle Helen H.
Nagle Ira C.
Nagle John B.
Nagle Mary C.
Nagle Pauline M. - pic2
Nagle Jr.Robert C.
Nagle Sr.Robert C. - pic2
Nagle Sallie A.
Nagle William T.
Nagorny Grace A.
Nagorny William
Naill Michael W.
Nall Barry Thomas
Nall Kathryn Louise Butt
Nally Richard C.
Natzke Mary M.
Natzke Richard O.
Nauman Barry L.
Nauman Collie V.
Nauman June V.
Nauss Anna Ruth - pic2
Nauss Betty L.
Nauss Ethel M.
Nauss Etta E.
Nauss Frank R.
Nauss George E. - pic2
Nauss Oscar M.
Nauss Roy C.
Nauss Sarah A.
Nauss William G.
Naylor Arthur W. - pic2
Naylor Austin R.
Naylor Dora I.
Naylor Harvey P. - pic2
Naylor Helen C. - pic2
Naylor Jeanne C.
Naylor Katharine L. - pic2
Naylor Mary E.
Naylor Thelma K.
Nazario Doris E.
Nease Amanda R.
Nease Emma J.
Nease George E.
Nease Thomas
Nedeau Albert Eugene
Neely George T.
Neely Mary E.
Neff Aaron D.
Neff Anna E.
Neff Austin
Neff Catharine
Neff Charles H.
Neff Charles L.
Neff Erma K. - pic2
Neff Fannie E.
Neff Florence M.
Neff Frank J. - pic2
Neff Jr.Frank J.
Neff H. Margaret Bailey - pic2
Neff Harvey F.
Neff Herbert L. G.
Neff Janice Ada - pic2 - pic3
Neff John C.
Neff John G.
Neff John L.
Neff Leon E.
Neff Mary
Neff Reuben W.
Neff Roy
Neff Sarah E.
Neff Vada E.
Neff William McK.
Neff Willis R.
Neice Fay Helen
Neiman Annie J. - pic2
Neiman Bertha M. - pic2
Neiman Charlotte S.
Neiman Earl M.
Neiman Ernest E.
Neiman Estella E.
Neiman Fred W. - pic2
Neiman Grace L.
Neiman Harvey W.
Neiman Jan L.
Neiman Marion E.
Neiman Mary E. - pic2
Neiman Mary L. - pic2
Neiman Meredith E.
Neiman Robert C.
Neiman IIRobert C.
Neiman William H. - pic2
Neller Luther H.
Neller Mary E.
Neller William H.
Nelson Donald J.
Nelson Gertrude B.
Nelson Jacquelyn S.
Nelson Mary
Nelson William T.
Nemerson Abraham Noonie
Nemerson Fern Mullaney
Nes Charles I. - pic2
Nes Charles Motier
Nes Jr.Charles Motier
Nes David Gulick
Nes E. Gulick
Nes Elizabeth Houghton
Nes Ethel Billmeyer
Nes Everett E. - pic2
Nes Frederick F. - pic2
Nes Henry - pic2
Nes Isabella Evans
Nes Kathleen Garnham
Nes Lucy Brown - pic2
Nes Sarah Fisher - pic2
Nesbit Bessie L. - pic2
Nesbit Quay S. - pic2
Neser Ann Hurley
Neser Edward F.
Neser Frank C.
Neser Lucy M.
Ness Annie M.
Ness Carlton E.
Ness Charles B. - pic2
Ness Charles E.
Ness Clara A.
Ness Clinton R.
Ness Cornelius - pic2
Ness Earl R.
Ness Ethel M.
Ness Florence R. - pic2
Ness Henry C. - pic2
Ness Herman B. - pic2
Ness J. Lewis - pic2
Ness Jacob S.
Ness John - pic2
Ness Josephine R. - pic2
Ness Katherine B.
Ness Kurvin L.
Ness Llewellyn H.
Ness Mamie A. - pic2
Ness Margaret D. - pic2
Ness Margaret E.
Ness Martha G.
Ness Martha O.
Ness Mary A.
Ness Mary Emma
Ness Mary M.
Ness Mildred L. - pic2
Ness Mildred L.
Ness Miriam T.
Ness Murray E.
Ness Nancy L. Stine
Ness Nelson N.
Ness Pauline H.
Ness R. Murray
Ness Reuben K.
Ness Richard E.
Ness Sally
Ness Sarah A. - pic2
Nessly Carlton S.
Nessly Hilda G.
Neuman Clarence E.
Neuman Donald E.
Neuman Ruth C.
Neumann Estelle L.
Neumann Marie J.
Neumann Minnie A.
Neumann Norbert
Neumann Otto E.
Neumann Walter R.
Neupauer A. Katharine Weaver
New Bertha C.
New George
New George A.
New Kathryn
New Peter
Newbould C. Henry
Newbould Ethel L.
Newbould Kathryn G.
Newbould Pauline A.
Newcomer Alice A. - pic2
Newcomer Amanda
Newcomer Anna
Newcomer Anna E.
Newcomer Anna R. - pic2
Newcomer Betty E.
Newcomer Brenda R.
Newcomer Sr.Chester Markel
Newcomer Deborah S.
Newcomer Edward R. - pic2
Newcomer Edward R. - pic2
Newcomer Emory C.
Newcomer Eugene
Newcomer Florence R.
Newcomer Floyd A.
Newcomer Gertrude L.
Newcomer Glenn W.
Newcomer Ivan R.
Newcomer Jean Ann
Newcomer Mary Ilgenfritz
Newcomer Perry R.
Newcomer Spencer L. - pic2
Newcomer IIISpencer L.
Newcomer Wilber E.
Newcomer William
Newham Charles A.
Newham Kathryn A.
Newman Caroline A.
Newman Earl W.
Newman Josephine F. - pic2
Newman Nat Howard - pic2
Ney Evelyn B.
Ney Roy W.
Nezer Leon T.
Nguyen Luong H.
Nicholas Anna K.
Nicholas Emily I.
Nicholas Eugene E.
Nicholas Franklin F.
Nicholas Franklin F. H.
Nicholas Henry
Nicholas Mary
Nicholas Roy H.
Nicholas Ruth M.
Nicholas Sarah - pic2
Nickerson Sylvia M.
Nickey Charlotte Dempwolf
Nickey Estella D.
Nickle Mary C.
Nickle Robert R.
Nickol Amelia L.
Nickol Angelique M.
Nickol Anna M.
Nickol Clarence J.
Nickol Claude W.
Nickol Ivan E.
Nickol Ivan W.
Nickol John H.
Nickol Lacreda A.
Nickol Laura S.
Nickol Raymond E.
Nielson Thelma M. Eyler
Nispel Amelia E.
Nispel Annie E.
Nispel IIICharles H.
Nispel Charles H. F.
Nispel Charles H. F.
Nispel Dorothy R.
Nispel Edward H.
Nispel Emma M.
Nispel Jennie E.
Nispel Juanita R.
Nispel Margaret E.
Nispel Norman C.
Nispel Oliver F.
Nispel Violet R.
Nispel William W.
Niswander Edward E.
Niswander Margaret C.
Noedel Bertha V.
Noedel Clara E.
Noedel Clara K.
Noedel Gottfried W.
Noedel Theodore W.
Noel Evelyn Glassmyer
Noel Leroy Edwards
Nolf Carl H.
Nolf Norene E. Lentz
Noll Ann Brougher
Nonemaker Ethel M.
Nonemaker Leonard A.
Nord Albert
Nord Sadie E.
Norris Annie S.
Norris Chester R.
Norris Elsie I.
Norris Ernst M. - pic2
Norris Howard M.
Norris James
Norris M. Luther - pic2
Norris Mary Magdalene - pic2
Norris Paul
Norris William J.
North Jack W.
North M. Virginia
Norton Margaret S.
Norton William E.
Noss Carrye N. - pic2
Noss Charles H. - pic2
Noss Emma S. - pic2
Noss George B. McClellan - pic2
Noss Herman - pic2
Noss John W.
Noss Mary H. - pic2
Noss Mary M.
Noss Sarah Jane - pic2
Noss William S. - pic2
Novotny Marion L.
Null Clinton E.
Null Donald E.
Null Jennie
Null Marie Grace
Null Norma J.
Null Samuel
Nunemaker Anna M.
Nunemaker Chester E.
Nunemaker Emma Z.
Nunemaker John E.
Nunemaker Joseph P.
Nunemaker Mary K.
Nuttall J. H.
Nuttall Samuel J.
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