Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012             


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


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Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With M


MacConnell Blanche O.
MacConnell Charles C.
MacDonell Anna M.
MacDonell Eli
MacDonell Emory
MacDonell Justine E.
Mace Earl R.
MacIntyre Margaret A.
Mack Anna Visoky
Mack Fairy N.
Mack George C.
Mack William L.
MacKenzie Isabel C.
MacKenzie Raymond E.
Mackley Betty J.
Mackley Earl
Mackley Ferne DeLong
Mackley Hattie Buehler
Mackley Jack B.
MacKley Jeanette Weaver
Mackley Robert Henry
Madden Forrest W.
Madden Harry William - pic2
Madden Janet C.
Madden John William - pic2
Madden Katie Mauck - pic2
Madden Mary Metzel - pic2
Maddox Jacob R.
Maddux George
Maddux Hattie J.
Maddux Melissa J. Geiselman
Maddux Sheldon C.
Mader Clarence M.
Mader Mary L.
Magee Lina T.
Maguire James S.
Maguire John S.
Maguire Mary A.
Main Ethel Valentine
Major Adalyn S. - pic2
Major Joan Lois - pic2
Major IIRichard L. - pic2
Major Ulysses Lee - pic2
Makin Freida T.
Makin Thomas R.
Maldonado Sr.Antonio
Malec Anna
Malec Henry M.
Malec Nancy J.
Malehorn Edwin H.
Mallgrave Joan E.
Maloy Nancy L.
Manduke Vera Bury
Manges Corinna E.
Manges Edmund
Manges M. Catherine
Manges Margaret W.
Manifold Andrew
Manifold Ann E.
Manifold Charles Hume
Manifold Daisy Bricker
Manifold Edward W. L.
Manifold Sr.Edward W. L.
Manifold Infant
Manifold J. Howard
Manifold John D.
Manifold John Hume
Manifold Joie Prall
Manifold Kezia W.
Manifold Leora M.
Manifold Lizzie Blanche
Manifold Margaret J.
Manifold Meta Van Baman
Manifold Myra R.
Manifold Sarah Gemmill
Manifold Thomas B.
Manley Mary A.
Manley Raymond H.
Mann A. Pauline Seifert
Mann Anna C.
Mann Anncivila
Mann Beatrice R.
Mann Charles F.
Mann Charlotte R.
Mann Clarence W.
Mann Dorothy S. - pic2
Mann Edna M.
Mann Ella Stambaugh - pic2
Mann Florence G.
Mann Geo. W.
Mann George E.
Mann Grace I. Roser - pic2
Mann Harry L.
Mann Henry L.
Mann Horace N. - pic2
Mann Kate
Mann Katie A.
Mann Mabel B.
Mann Mabel B.
Mann Mathias
Mann Mildred A.
Mann Paul Robert - pic2
Mann Robert G.
Mann Robert L.
Mann Roy E.
Mann Russell D.
Mann Sadie R.
Mann Susan E.
Mann William - pic2
Manning Gladys H. - pic2
Manon Amelia A.
Manon Merle W.
March Amy I.
March Anna J.
March Cassia
March Charles G.
March Chester W.
March Daniel S.
March Elizabeth L.
March Elizabeth Rose
March Frances V.
March Helen N.
March Henry C.
March John H.
March Jr.John H.
March Mary
March Mildred M.
March Ruth N.
March Violet Vesta
March Sr.Walter H.
March Jr.Walter Henry
Margolis Melvin
Margolis Tanya
Marino Sr.Lawrence W.
Marino Shirley A.
Markel Bruce R.
Markel Bruce W.
Markel Fairie E.
Markel Gladys D.
Markel Helen M.
Markel Laura E.
Markel R. Edward
Markel V. Norman
Markel Vicki Lynn
Markey Anna C.
Markey Elmer R.
Markey Gwendolyn J. Wantz
Markey Mary E.
Markey William E.
Markham Jean E.
Markham Robert C.
Markish John
Markish Reta H. Trone
Markle Charlotte Warner
Markle Clark R.
Markle Helen M.
Markle Sr.James R.
Markle John Wiest - pic2
Markle Katie M.
Markle Jr.Kenneth W.
Markley Elizabeth D.
Markley Franklin E. A.
Markley Gary L.
Markley Mary Louise
Markley Samuel A.
Markley Sr.Steven R.
Markley Victoria L.
Marks Albert G.
Marks Anna Kain - pic2
Marks Bertha L. - pic2
Marks Bird R. - pic2
Marks Chauncey E. - pic2
Marks Ellen I.
Marks Elsie F. - pic2
Marks Evelyn R.
Marlow Andrew W.
Marlow Gertrude R.
Marsel David J.
Marsh Harry F.
Marsh Miriam M.
Marshall Clarence C.
Marshall Freda P.
Marshall Sarah A.
Marshall Terry J.
Marsteller Betty R.
Marsteller Donald W.
Marsteller Marvin L.
Marsteller Priscilla J.
Martin Ada A.
Martin August
Martin Bessie R.
Martin Catherine - pic2
Martin Edith E.
Martin Ellen E.
Martin Harry E.
Martin Henry B.
Martin Herald W.
Martin Jacqueline L.
Martin James G.
Martin James L. - pic2
Martin Jane H.
Martin Janelle E.
Martin Jesse J.
Martin John F.
Martin Kathleen O.
Martin Laura - pic2
Martin Lillie B.
Martin Margaret D.
Martin Marion S.
Martin Mark A.
Martin Mary G.
Martin Mary H. - pic2
Martin Mary Lou
Martin Mary M.
Martin Mary Weiser
Martin Maryalis
Martin Minnie
Martin Nelvin - pic2
Martin Oliver L.
Martin Richard E.
Martin IIRichard E.
Martin Rodney O.
Martin Royce S.
Martin Ruth H. - pic2
Martin Sarah Catherine Eyster Weiser
Martin Shelley M.
Martin Sidney S. - pic2
Martin Susan J.
Martin Thomas J.
Martin Warren - pic2
Martin William J.
Martin William R.
Martin Wm. Saylor
Marvel Dorothy F.
Marvel Hirman C.
Masenheimer George E.
Masenheimer George H.
Masenheimer Mamie E.
Masimore Earl F.
Masimore Katherine S.
Mason George W.
Mason Sara B.
Masoner Kathryn E.
Massa Georgia E.
Massam Elizabeth E.
Massam Ernest R.
Massam Richard A.
Massam Richard E. - pic2
Massam Rubye M.
Massam Sophia E.
Masten Jennie J.
Masten Joan E.
Masten Ralph A.
Masten Jr.Ralph A.
Mateo Rebeca
Mathias Herbert D.
Mathias Minnie C.
Matson Alexander
Matson Charles E.
Matson IIDonald L.
Matson Donald LaVerne
Matson Elmer L.
Matson Lyda M.
Matson Nancy Egge
Matson Reighter J.
Matson William H.
Matthews Bonnie Lou
Matthews Carrie Y.
Matthews Catharine A.
Matthews Florence R.
Matthews Floyd E.
Matthews John A.
Matthews Lillian I.
Matthews Margaret Z.
Matthews S. S.
Matthews William Z.
Matthews Winifred J.
Matthewson Sadie C.
Mau Bertha P.
Mau Frederick R.
Maughlin Helen V. - pic2
Maughlin J. Ellwood - pic2
Maughlin Jennie B.
Maughlin Marion I.
Maughlin R. Eugene
Maughlin Roy E.
Maughlin Thelma J.
Maughlin Thomas G.
Maughlin W. Theodore
Maughlin William T.
Maul Betty J. Foust
Maul Daniel W.
Maul Fairy B.
Maul Florence A. - pic2
Maul Herbert J. - pic2
Maul Robert J. - pic2
Maul Robert J.
Maul Ruth - pic2
Maul Virginia M. Lloyd
Mauss Earl H.
Mauss Elsie Pifer
Mauss James Wayne - pic2
Mauss Sylvia L.
Maxwell Ingeborg G.
May Carl Richard - pic2
May Charles A. - pic2
May Charles C.
May Charles H.
May Dorothy R.
May Ellen M.
May Estelle B.
May James C.
May Lucille Greenway - pic2
May Lucy Bott - pic2
May Margie V. - pic2
May Nettie K.
Mayer David C.
Mayer Katharine D. - pic2
Mayer Lewis - pic2
Mayer Lewis C. - pic2
Mayer Sarah G.
Mays J. W. Nelson
Mays Kathryn A.
Mazzarino Joyce E. Myers
Mazzarino Tamara Lynn
McAfee Bessie R.
McAfee Roscoe C.
McArthur Carlin Billet
McArthur Duncan Donald
McArthur Joan
McArthur Joan Kegler
McCabe Harold S.
McCaffery Charlotte M. HIldebrand
McCaffery Eugene Harbold
McCall Hugh W. - pic2
McCall J. St. Clair - pic2
McCall James St. Clair - pic2
McCall Kathryn I.
McCall R. Preston
McCallum Allen Gilbert - pic2
McCandless Lovies B. - pic2
McCandless Richard S.
McCanic Ca-Trell B.
McCann Alverta J. - pic2
McCann Goldie C.
McCann Lawrence W.
McCarthy Elizabeth Hill
McCaskill Betty J.
McCauley M. Ella
McCauslin John E.
McCauslin Margaretta S.
McCawley Robert
McClane Elmer E.
McClane Myrtle V.
McClaskey David A.
McCleary Clarence E.
McCleary E. E. - pic2
McCleary Josephine Independence - pic2
McClellan Josephine Wiles - pic2
McClellan Mary F. Small - pic2
McClellan Mary Smith - pic2
McClellan William Henry - pic2
McClellan William Smith - pic2
McClune Anna M. - pic2
McClune Hugh H. - pic2
McClune M. Ellen - pic2
McClure Anna M.
McClure Annie R.
McClure Edward E.
McClure Emma Wolf
McClure Frederick R.
McClure Julia V.
McClure Maurice A.
McClure Romaine H.
McClure William A.
McClure William A.
McClure William J.
McCollam Carrie E.
McCollam Carrie J.
McCollam Charles G. - pic2
McCollam Clara G. - pic2
McCollam Daniel
McCollam Henrietta V.
McCollam Jr.J. Stewart
McCollam Jennie A.
McCollam John S.
McCollam Sarah E. - pic2
McCollam Sarah R.
McComas Elizabeth R.
McComas John C.
McComas Katie S.
McComas Marie Herman
McComas Sr.Paul Thomas
McComas Wilbur H.
McConkey Annie Strickler - pic2
McConkey Edwin Knight - pic2
McConnell Gladys
McConnell Walter E.
McCormack Delores S.
McCormack Webster J.
McCowan Thos. S. - pic2
McCoy Anna M.
McCoy Catherine W.
McCoy Effie M.
McCoy Elizabeth
McCoy Hugh
McCoy James N.
McCoy James W.
McCoy Janet D.
McCoy John
McCoy Katie W.
McCoy Lucille
McCoy Mame
McCoy Margaret M.
McCoy Nelson R.
McCoy Reba A.
McCoy Robert D.
McCullough Agnes Musser
McCullough Aryetta
McCullough John F.
McCullough Norman E.
McCullough William N.
McCurdy John - pic2
McCurdy John S. - pic2
McCurdy Josephine - pic2
McCurdy Mary Jane - pic2
McCurdy Samuel - pic2
McCurdy Solomon - pic2
McCurdy Susan - pic2
McCurdy Virginia H.
McDaniel Sr.Brian
McDaniel Douglas T.
McDaniel Patty Ann
McDaniel Roslyn L.
McDonald Harriet J.
McDonald Mae
McDonald Mary E.
McDonald Mary I.
McDonald Raymond A.
McDonald Raymond P.
McDonald Roy C.
McElhiney Ida F. - pic2
McElhiney William H. - pic2
McElhinny Charles M.
McElroy Susie A.
McFadden Edward
McFall Henry S.
McFall J. Charles
McFall John T. - pic2
McFall Lois T.
McFall Mary E.
McFall Mary J.
McFall Nancy J.
McFall Wayne G.
McFarland Wm. H.
McGaw Jeannette M.
McGinness Clara M. - pic2
McGinness George B. - pic2
McGinness Katie C. - pic2
McGinness Louisa - pic2
McGirr Myrtle P.
McGlaughlin Romaine E.
McGlaughlin IIIWilliam Lewis
McGready Gladys L.
McGuigan Jr.Alfred D.
McGuigan Sr.Alfred D.
McGuigan Betty Lou
McGuigan Blanche M.
McGuigan David K.
McGuigan Dora K. Gemmill
McGuigan Edna May
McGurk Nettie May Strickler - pic2 - pic3
McIlvaine Mary Anna
McIlvaine William E.
McIlvaine William M.
McIntyre Ada O.
McIntyre Catharine L.
McIntyre Henry Clay
McKee Carolyn A.
McKee John Kern
McKelvey Nellie M.
McKinley Alice M.
McKinnon Amelia J. - pic2
McKinnon John W.
McKinnon Marion D.
McKinnon Mathew J. - pic2
McKinnon Robert Bruce
McKinnon Sara L.
McKinnon Stella W.
McKinnon Walter S.
McKnight Elsie N.
McKnight Florence M.
McKnight Robert E.
McKnight Sidney E.
McLaughlin Ethel M.
McLaughlin Hazell P.
McLaughlin Joseph J.
McLaughlin Mary B.
McLaughlin Mary C.
McLaughlin Samuel J.
McLean Ada B.
McLean Alexander E.
McLean Berthea Anderson Burns
McLean David R.
McLean Helena Chapin
McLean James
McLean Jessie B.
McLean Jessie E.
McLean Peter
McMillion Anthony Tyson
McMillion Diane C.
McNeil Cresley Andrew
McNeil Michael Anthony
McNulty Leighton E.
McNulty Jr.Leighton E.
McNulty Sara S. - pic2
McSherry Carrie E.
McSherry Clair K.
McSherry Cletus L.
McSherry Dorothy
McSherry Elwood P.
McSherry Mary N.
McVaugh Helen I.
McWilliams Amos H.
McWilliams Frances A.
McWilliams Harry G. - pic2
McWilliams Jere. - pic2
McWilliams Maud - pic2
Meador Roseanne M. Maglione
Meador Stanley W.
Meals Christine Jane
Meals John C.
Meals Julia K.
Mears Charles H.
Mears Charles H.
Mears Frank K.
Mears Pauline E.
Mears Rachel M.
Mease Ernestine E.
Mease Florence M.
Mease Hoyt C.
Mease Kale S.
Mechling Regina K.
Meck Allan S. - pic2
Meck Olivia Hahn - pic2
Meck Stuart Hahn - pic2
Meckley Annie M.
Meckley E. Louise
Meckley Lydia Anna
Meckley William
Medill George C.
Medill George Lodge
Medill Mary Cook
Medill William K.
Medina Idalise Michelle
Meers Bernard
Meginley Andrew
Meginley Catharine
Megonnell Florence
Megonnell Robert L.
Mehaffie Carol J.
Mehaffie William L.
Mehl Barbara A.
Mehl Karen L.
Mehl Mary Gates
Mehl Shelby L.
Mehl Thilbert H.
Mehring Charlotte Beckmeyer
Mehring Curtis M. - pic2
Mehring Edna M.
Mehring Nettie S. - pic2
Mehring Richard A.
Meininger Grace E.
Meininger Richard C.
Meisel Elizabeth M.
Meisenhelder B. Joan
Meisenhelder Celinda K. - pic2
Meisenhelder David S. - pic2
Meisenhelder Edmund W.
Meisenhelder Edmund W.
Meisenhelder Elizabeth A.
Meisenhelder Emma M.
Meisenhelder Frances F.
Meisenhelder Helen F.
Meisenhelder Jennie R.
Meisenhelder John - pic2
Meisenhelder Maria E.
Meisenhelder Mary E.
Meisenhelder Ralph G.
Meisenhelder Robert G.
Meisenhelder Robert L.
Meisenhelder Roy M.
Meisenhelder Samuel B.
Meisenhelder William
Meisenhelter Flora E.
Meisenhelter Frank P.
Meisenhelter Harold F.
Meisenhelter Lloyd G. - pic2
Meisenhelter Sarah Ruth - pic2
Melchers Cora E. Cooper
Melhorn Andrew
Melhorn Dorothy W.
Melhorn Fannie E. - pic2
Melhorn Lloyd E.
Melhorn Mary E. Dittenhaffer
Melhorn Michael G.
Melhorn Raymond G.
Melhorn Verna E.
Mellinger Mary
Mellinger Violetta Boyer - pic2
Mellish James Edward
Mellish Muriel Eileen
Menchey Howard E.
Menchey Martha Grace
Mengel Flora Peeling
Menges Kathryn M.
Menges Robert T.
Meredith Margaret King
Merkert Ronald B.
Merriken Mary E.
Merryman Fannie K.
Merryman Francina - pic2
Merryman John W.
Mersberger Emory E. - pic2
Mersberger Minnie L. - pic2
Messerly Anna R. Hyde
Messerly Elsie R.
Messerly Paul
Messersmith John - pic2
Messersmith Mary Ettinger - pic2
Messersmith Sarah - pic2
Meter Nellie Hubley
Metz Bernice L.
Metz Frank L.
Metzel Addison Philip
Metzel Charles
Metzel Eliza A.
Metzel Fannie Grace
Metzel George
Metzel George T.
Metzel John S.
Metzel Lottie S.
Metzel Lydia
Metzel Lydia Ann
Metzel Lydia V.
Metzel Mary G. Oerman
Metzel Mary L.
Metzel Naomi C.
Metzel P. Herman
Metzel Philip C.
Metzgar Arvilla Mitzel - pic2
Metzgar Frank T. - pic2
Metzgar Harry E.
Metzgar Maude Gove
Metzgar Minnie M. - pic2
Metzger Bessie D.
Metzger Charles W.
Metzger Isabell M.
Metzger Linda L.
Metzger Ralph B.
Meves Clara E. - pic2
Meyer August C.
Meyer Frederick C.
Meyer Mary D.
Meyer Paul E.
Meyerhoff Pauline L.
Meyers Anna Mary
Meyers Benjamin
Meyers Charles M.
Meyers Clarence D.
Meyers David
Meyers David W.
Meyers Elizabeth
Meyers Ella M.
Meyers Frank B.
Meyers George
Meyers Harry E.
Meyers Louise L.
Meyers Mattie V.
Meyers Rebecca
Meyers Samuel
Meyers Sarah R.
Meyers William E.
Meyls Bernice P.
Meyls Charles E.
Michael Charles W. - pic2
Michael Louisa M. - pic2
Michael Ruth B.
Michael Sarah E. - pic2
Michael William A. - pic2
Michael WIllis R.
Michaels Emma Jane - pic2
Michaels Frederick N. - pic2
Michaels Helen Lehmayer - pic2
Michaels M. Elizabeth - pic2
Michaels Noell N.
Michalak Edward
Mickel Rosella
Mickley Harvey P.
Mickley Harvey R.
Mickley Jennie E.
Mickley Margaret E.
Mickley Mary L.
Mickley Sarah L.
Mickley Verna G. Schroeder
Mickley William C.
Middleton Adelta R.
Mihm IIIErwin
Mihm Ruth I.
Milburn Caroline
Miles Betty L.
Miles Carroll C.
Miles Jean Gallatin
Miles Jr.Marvin J. R.
Miles Sr.Marvin J. R.
Miles Rhoda L.
Miles Richard L.
Miley Edna C.
Miley George R.
Millard Phyllis E.
Millard Ronald Clark
Miller A. Myrtle - pic2
Miller Aaron E.
Miller Abraham
Miller Abraham
Miller Abraham H. - pic2
Miller Agnes J.
Miller Alex. T.
Miller Allen L.
Miller Amanda B.
Miller Angeline M.
Miller Anna C.
Miller Anna D.
Miller Anna E.
Miller Anna E.
Miller Anna M.
Miller Anna M.
Miller Anna M. - pic2
Miller Anna M.
Miller Annabel J.
Miller Annie A. Fauth
Miller Annie Kate
Miller B. Walter - pic2
Miller Beatrice M.
Miller Beatrice S.
Miller Benjamin F.
Miller Benjamin F.
Miller Bessie Jane
Miller Bessie L.
Miller Bessie M.
Miller Betty J.
Miller Betty J.
Miller Beulah F.
Miller Beulah Thompson
Miller Beverly Ann
Miller Bobbie E.
Miller Cameron Austin Richard
Miller Carl H.
Miller Jr.Carl M.
Miller Carl Melvin
Miller Caroline - pic2
Miller Caroline - pic2
Miller Catharine
Miller Catharine
Miller Catharine
Miller IIICharles A.
Miller Charles C.
Miller Sr.Charles H.
Miller Chester
Miller Chester F.
Miller Christianna - pic2
Miller Claire C.
Miller Clara E.
Miller Clara L.
Miller Cora B. Kline - pic2
Miller Daniel - pic2
Miller Darlyann
Miller David
Miller David D.
Miller Donald W.
Miller Doris L.
Miller Dorothy
Miller Edith
Miller Edith L.
Miller Edith Peggy
Miller Edna P.
Miller Edward
Miller Edward C.
Miller Edward E.
Miller Eleanor J.
Miller Eli J.
Miller Elizabeth
Miller Elizabeth
Miller Elizabeth
Miller Ella
Miller Ellen N.
Miller Elura S.
Miller Elva F.
Miller Emma A. - pic2
Miller Emma J.
Miller Emma K. Urey Watson
Miller Emma N.
Miller Ernest C.
Miller Ernest F.
Miller Ernest P.
Miller Ervin L.
Miller Ervin W.
Miller Estelle L.
Miller Esther E.
Miller Esther Kauffman
Miller Ethel G.
Miller Evelyn May
Miller Evelyn Sandra
Miller F. Arlene
Miller Florence E.
Miller Floyd E.
Miller Fred Robin
Miller Frederick
Miller Frederick
Miller Fritz
Miller G. Ralph
Miller George
Miller George - pic2
Miller George
Miller George A.
Miller George E.
Miller George F.
Miller Jr.George G.
Miller George H.
Miller George L. - pic2
Miller Gertrude S.
Miller Gladys
Miller Glenn E.
Miller Gretna B.
Miller Harrie N.
Miller Harriet W.
Miller Harry A.
Miller Harry C.
Miller Harry D.
Miller Harry J.
Miller Harry L.
Miller Harry M.
Miller Harvey M.
Miller Hazel C.
Miller Hazel M.
Miller Helen Anthony
Miller Helen I. Kohr
Miller Henry - pic2
Miller Henry
Miller Henry A. - pic2
Miller Henry C.
Miller Henry F. W.
Miller Henry G. - pic2
Miller Henry H. - pic2
Miller Henry J.
Miller Hilda R.
Miller Ida A.
Miller Ida E.
Miller Irene K. Leppo
Miller Jacob A.
Miller Jacob Wylie
Miller James Ashley
Miller James E.
Miller James S.
Miller James Y.
Miller Jane W.
Miller Jay Ronald
Miller Joanne
Miller John
Miller John
Miller John - pic2
Miller John J.
Miller John K.
Miller John K. - pic2
Miller John N.
Miller Joseph G.
Miller Josephine C. - pic2
Miller Joyce E.
Miller Julia
Miller Kathryn N.
Miller Kay Louise
Miller Kenneth F.
Miller Kenneth P.
Miller Kenneth W.
Miller Laura G.
Miller Lawrence E.
Miller Leonard D.
Miller Jr.Lewis H.
Miller Lillian
Miller Lillie F. - pic2
Miller Linda L.
Miller Lloyd G.
Miller Lloyd W.
Miller Louisa Stallman
Miller Luella M.
Miller Lydia H.
Miller Mabel E.
Miller Margaret
Miller Margaret Anna
Miller Margaret C.
Miller Margaret E.
Miller Margaret F.
Miller Margaret J.
Miller Marilyn L.
Miller Marion L. Enders - pic2
Miller Martha E.
Miller Martha Foose
Miller Marvin L.
Miller Mary A. - pic2
Miller Mary Ann
Miller Mary C.
Miller Mary E. M.
Miller Mary Jane - pic2
Miller Mary Louise - pic2 - pic3
Miller Mary M.
Miller Michael
Miller Morris R.
Miller Nan Eichar
Miller Norman H.
Miller Oliver F.
Miller Orden E.
Miller Patrick M.
Miller Paul
Miller Pauline G.
Miller Philip M.
Miller Phyllis L.
Miller Preston Heiges - pic2
Miller Ralland E. - pic2
Miller Ralph K.
Miller Ray K.
Miller Raymond E.
Miller Raymond E.
Miller Raymond H.
Miller Rebecca - pic2
Miller Renee Ann Flury
Miller Richard H.
Miller Richard J.
Miller Robert
Miller Robert Leon
Miller Roland L.
Miller Roma V.
Miller Rufus M. - pic2
Miller Sadie M.
Miller Sadie R.
Miller Sadye P.
Miller Sallie A.
Miller Samuel
Miller Samuel C.
Miller Sandra A.
Miller Sara E.
Miller Sarah - pic2
Miller Sarah - pic2
Miller Sarah Jane Yost - pic2
Miller Sarah S.
Miller Sharon L.
Miller Stallman T. H.
Miller Susan
Miller Susan Dorogi
Miller Susan Prowell
Miller Thelma M.
Miller Theodore L.
Miller Unknown
Miller Unknown P.
Miller Verna E.
Miller Verna M.
Miller Verna M.
Miller Viran F.
Miller W. H. Swords
Miller Walter K.
Miller Welton G.
Miller Wilbur E.
Miller William
Miller William D. - pic2
Miller William E.
Miller William Henry - pic2
Miller William J.
Miller William J. - pic2 - pic3
Miller William K.
Miller William M.
Miller William McC. - pic2
Miller William T.
Miller Wm. Ellsworth
Miller Wm. Lewis
Millhime Hattie Marie
Millhime Sr.Robert L.
Milligan Addison S.
Milligan Edward C. - pic2
Milligan Elmira E.
Milligan Estella M.
Milligan Helen I.
Milligan James I.
Milligan James M.
Milligan Park F. - pic2
Milligan Ralph - pic2
Milligan Theresa - pic2
Milligan Vincent H.
Milner Lavinia
Milner Lavinia B.
Milnor Elizabeth N.
Milnor George W.
Milnor Mahlon
Milnor Sarah L.
Minck Edna V.
Minck Edward T. - pic2
Minck Jr.Ernest C.
Minck Sr.Ernest C.
Minck Frederick W.
Minck Mary E.
Minck Mildred A.
Minck W. Austin
Minich Abington W. - pic2
Minich Matilda - pic2
Minin Clara V.
Minin J. Charles
Minnich Amanda - pic2
Minnich Catherine A.
Minnich Celinda
Minnich Clara E. - pic2
Minnich David A.
Minnich Dorothy B.
Minnich Edwin S. - pic2
Minnich Elizabeth - pic2
Minnich Esther E.
Minnich George W.
Minnich Gertrude E.
Minnich Grace R. - pic2 - pic3
Minnich Harry G.
Minnich Ida C. - pic2
Minnich Jack E.
Minnich Jack K.
Minnich Jennie A.
Minnich John B.
Minnich John S.
Minnich Jonathan N.
Minnich Leander M. - pic2
Minnich Margaret P.
Minnich Margaret Warner
Minnich Priscilla A. - pic2
Minnich Reuben F. - pic2
Minnich Reuben S. - pic2 - pic3
Minnich Rosa Ellen - pic2
Minnich Ross A.
Minnich Ruth E. Baum
Minnich Simon - pic2
Minsker Eliza A. McClune
Minsker Harry E.
Minsker J. Edgar
Minsker John
Minsker Thomas W.
Mischo Eva T. - pic2
Mischo Fred C. - pic2
Mitchell Helen Fisher
Mitzel Albert D.
Mitzel Albert G.
Mitzel Anna M.
Mitzel Charles E. - pic2
Mitzel Charles L.
Mitzel Charlotte A. - pic2
Mitzel Clara M.
Mitzel Clinton - pic2
Mitzel Cora E.
Mitzel Earle Leroy - pic2 - pic3
Mitzel Elizabeth M.
Mitzel Elmer J.
Mitzel Elmer J.
Mitzel Elsie L.
Mitzel Emanuel S.
Mitzel Emma E.
Mitzel Frank E.
Mitzel Helen O.
Mitzel Ida M.
Mitzel Jacob F.
Mitzel John A. - pic2
Mitzel John G.
Mitzel Jonathan F.
Mitzel Keturah Sumwalt
Mitzel Margaret
Mitzel Margaret E. - pic2
Mitzel Margaret Gottwald
Mitzel Margaret V. - pic2
Mitzel Martha A.
Mitzel Martha S.
Mitzel Mary A.
Mitzel Mary M. - pic2
Mitzel Maud M.
Mitzel Maude M.
Mitzel Mazie M.
Mitzel Miriam Y.
Mitzel Morris M.
Mitzel Jr.Morris M.
Mitzel Murphy A.
Mitzel Ralph A.
Mitzel Roberta L.
Mitzel Sarah Ann
Mitzel Sarah Jane - pic2
Mitzel Vera E.
Mitzel Walter A.
Mitzel Jr.Walter A.
Mitzel William
Mitzel William H.
Mitzel Wm. A.
Moffett Florence E.
Moffett William A.
Moffett William M.
Mohler Alice C.
Mohler Carl F.
Mohler David M.
Mohler William J.
Moist D. William
Moist Katherine E.
Molgedei Anna E.
Molgedei Paul Julius - pic2
Monay Flora J.
Mong Viola I.
Mongan George M.
Mongan Javie J.
Mongan Jennie
Mongan W. Lester
Monk Betty J.
Monk Clarence B.
Monk Elizabeth M.
Monk John S.
Monk Margaret H. - pic2
Monk Marie S. - pic2
Monk Mary S.
Monk IIIThomas A.
Monk Jr.Thomas A. - pic2
Monk Sr.Thomas A. - pic2
Montgomery A. Gertrude
Montgomery Elizabeth B. - pic2
Montgomery Gettys L.
Montgomery Mary E.
Moore Alfred W.
Moore Anna Kathrine
Moore Benjamin F.
Moore Bertram R.
Moore Jr.Bertram Ramond
Moore Caroline W.
Moore Charles W.
Moore D. F. - pic2
Moore Edith M.
Moore Edward R.
Moore Ella J.
Moore Emma M.
Moore Frances I.
Moore Frank A.
Moore Harold L.
Moore Herbert G.
Moore Jennie R. - pic2
Moore John A.
Moore Luther G.
Moore Margie O.
Moore Mary B.
Moore Minnie V.
Moore Pauline E.
Moore Robert B.
Moore Roy E.
Moore Ruth R.
Moorhead A. Blanche - pic2
Moorhead Carroll L. - pic2
Moorhead Marcus C. - pic2
Moorhead Raymond C. - pic2
Moorhead Rebecca M. - pic2
Moorhead Virginia - pic2
Moot Harry E.
Moot Lena Ong
Morales Hector L.
Moran Ethel M.
Moreland Anna L. - pic2
Moreland Blanche R. - pic2
Moreland George A. - pic2
Moreland Jacob - pic2
Moreland Maria F. - pic2
Morgan David
Morgan Elizabeth L.
Morgan Esther M.
Morgan Frank J.
Morgan Henry
Morgan Henry
Morgan Mary E.
Morgan Rees
Morgan William J.
Moritz Gloria J. Kramlick
Moritz John M.
Morningstar Carrie V.
Morningstar Edwin J.
Morningstar Harry A.
Morningstar Mary E.
Morningstar Prudence E.
Morningstar William N.
Morreels Jr.Charles L.
Morreels Sr.Charles L.
Morreels Gladys Beck
Morreels Judith McLean
Morrison Clara M. - pic2
Morrison Dolores Marie
Morrison Donald O.
Morrison Dorothy Brooke
Morrison Flora M.
Morrison George F.
Morrison John A.
Morrison John E.
Morrison M. Laurie
Morrison Mamie
Morrison Margaret Jeanetta
Morrison Margaret K.
Morrison Mary C.
Morrison Michael S. - pic2
Morrison Pauline L.
Morrison Raymond W.
Morrison Sarah A.
Morrison Sarah A. - pic2
Morrison Walter Alexander
Morrison William A.
Morrow Daisy J. - pic2
Morrow Guy L. - pic2
Morrow Harold H.
Morrow Martha C. - pic2 - pic3
Morrow Ralph Bernard - pic2 - pic3
Morrow Virginia E.
Morse Blanche G.
Morse Louis S.
Morse Orville B.
Morse Philena S.
Morton Mathilda L.
Morton Michael L.
Mortorff Jacob O.
Mortorff Minerva E.
Mortorff Sarah A.
Mosebrook Annah A.
Mosebrook Francis J.
Mosley Vanda Moultrey
Motter Adeline S.
Motter Emily G.
Motter Frank G.
Motter Fred L.
Motter George F. - pic2
Motter George Frederick - pic2
Motter Harry W.
Motter Helen L. A.
Motter Jean
Motter Margaret Strauss - pic2
Motter Mary
Motter R. Murray
Motter Robert L.
Motter Robert W.
Motter Sadie Laucks
Moul Allen
Moul Charles D. - pic2
Moul Charles W. - pic2
Moul Clara G. - pic2
Moul Jr.Clark E.
Moul Deborah L.
Moul Dorothy E.
Moul Edwin M. W. - pic2
Moul Edwin T. - pic2
Moul Harry S. - pic2
Moul Jacob C.
Moul Linda P. - pic2
Moul Maggie Louisa - pic2
Moul Pauline R.
Moul Richard O. - pic2
Moul Ruth Bower - pic2
Moul Susan M. - pic2
Mowers Albert H.
Mowers Carolyn F.
Mowers Cecil Skinner - pic2
Mowers Daisy M.
Mowers Frank F.
Mowers John D.
Mowers Laura F.
Mowers William E.
Moyer Ezra F.
Moyer Freda P.
Moyer Ivan W.
Moyer Joseph C.
Moyer Virgie G.
Moylan Tina M.
Mumford Howard M.
Mumma Clayton A.
Mumma Mina
Mummert Alverta M.
Mummert Catharine E.
Mummert Charles E. - pic2 - pic3
Mummert Clyde E.
Mummert Daniel
Mummert Eliza J. Simon - pic2 - pic3
Mummert Ella M.
Mummert George - pic2
Mummert George L. - pic2 - pic3
Mummert Helen Boyer
Mummert Henry L. - pic2 - pic3
Mummert James Lewis
Mummert John F.
Mummert Kenneth W.
Mummert Margaret S. - pic2 - pic3
Mummert Minnie E.
Mummert Pauline E.
Mummert Sabina Senft - pic2
Mummert Sandra Rae
Mumper Hester E.
Mumper John W.
Mumper Lydia A.
Mumper Mayme R.
Mumper Michael J.
Mumper Nellie Shaw
Mumper Rae Irene
Munchel Emma L. - pic2
Munchel George W. - pic2
Mundis Al Lewis
Mundis Alice Catherine
Mundis Annie T.
Mundis Arthur W. - pic2
Mundis Boyd S.
Mundis Callie E. - pic2
Mundis Catharine H. - pic2
Mundis Elwood L.
Mundis George H. - pic2
Mundis Grace R. - pic2
Mundis Harry H.
Mundis Henry G.
Mundis Marion L. - pic2
Mundis Mary I.
Mundis Nellie V.
Mundis Thelma G.
Mundis William F. - pic2
Mundis William Franklin
Mundorf Charles M.
Mundorf Clyde A.
Mundorf Edith K.
Mundorf George W.
Mundorf Harry K.
Mundorf Henrietta
Mundorf Henrietta
Mundorf Josephine
Mundorf Magdalena
Mundorf Mary Norris
Mundorf Rosaltha K.
Mundorf Tillie E.
Mundorf William Clayton
Mundy Catherine R.
Mundy Sr.George E.
Mundy George W.
Mundy Helen C.
Muniz Angel
Muniz Maria
Munoz Rafael
Murphy Erma L.
Murphy Leslie O.
Murphy Lottie S. - pic2
Murr Albert S. - pic2
Murr Arthur F.
Murr Eliza Jane - pic2
Murr Irene E.
Murr Phyllis V.
Murray Charles B.
Murray Ella E.
Murray Gertrude B.
Murray Hilton B.
Murray Mary Jane
Murray Paul
Musselamn Sarah I.
Musselman Sr.Charles E.
Musselman Edward E.
Musselman Helen D.
Musselman Norman - pic2
Musser Abraham
Musser Agnes
Musser Alice M.
Musser Bruce S.
Musser Charles E.
Musser David H. - pic2
Musser Elnora I.
Musser Hester M.
Musser John H.
Musser Lloyd
Musser Margaret M. - pic2
Musser Marie J.
Musser Mary E.
Musser Nettie
Musser Ray B.
Musser Walter E.
Mutzabaugh Harry M.
Mutzbaugh Sarah E.
Mutzel Albert V.
Myers Adam W.
Myers Alden M.
Myers Alice J.
Myers Allen H.
Myers Amanda E. - pic2
Myers Andrew J.
Myers Anna Iaeger
Myers Anna L.
Myers Anna M.
Myers Annie - pic2
Myers Annie L.
Myers Austin F.
Myers Barry Z.
Myers Benjamin
Myers Benjamin - pic2
Myers Bertha M.
Myers Bertha M.
Myers Bessie A.
Myers Bessie V.
Myers Carrie B.
Myers Catharina Ann - pic2
Myers Catharine
Myers Catharine
Myers Cathrine E. - pic2
Myers Charles E.
Myers Charles S.
Myers Charles T.
Myers Charles W.
Myers Charlotta V.
Myers Chaunce
Myers Chester
Myers Chester G.
Myers Chester S.
Myers Christianna M.
Myers Claude E.
Myers Claude O.
Myers Clayton Dick
Myers D. Oscar
Myers Dale L.
Myers Dorothy E.
Myers E. A. Austin - pic2
Myers E. Charles
Myers Edna Shetter
Myers Edward J. A.
Myers Edward L.
Myers Edward R.
Myers Jr.Edward R.
Myers Elizabeth M.
Myers Ella M.
Myers Ellen Jane
Myers Ellis M.
Myers Ellsworth F.
Myers Elmer J.
Myers Elmer R.
Myers Elmor A.
Myers Elsie
Myers Emily K.
Myers Emma
Myers Emma C. - pic2
Myers Emma F.
Myers Emma Krill
Myers Emma L.
Myers Emma M.
Myers Emma M.
Myers Ephraim E.
Myers Ethel C.
Myers Eugene W.
Myers Eva A.
Myers Fairy M.
Myers Frank W.
Myers Fred
Myers George C.
Myers George F.
Myers George S.
Myers George W.
Myers Glenn R.
Myers Gloria T.
Myers Grace I.
Myers Grace L.
Myers Grace M.
Myers Grover C.
Myers Halleck E.
Myers Harriet A.
Myers Harry C.
Myers Harry E.
Myers Harry E.
Myers Harry L.
Myers Harry P.
Myers Harry W.
Myers Harry W.
Myers Helen G.
Myers Helen Meckley
Myers Henrietta H.
Myers Henry B. - pic2
Myers Henry Slagle
Myers Henry Slagle
Myers Horace J.
Myers Ida
Myers Ida F.
Myers Isaac W.
Myers James C.
Myers James S. - pic2
Myers Jane E.
Myers John
Myers Joseph F.
Myers Josephine A. R. Fogle
Myers Josephine Danner
Myers Josiah E.
Myers Joyce Martin
Myers Katie E.
Myers Leah S.
Myers Leander J.
Myers Lenora P.
Myers Leon E.
Myers Levi - pic2
Myers Lewis
Myers Lloyd Luther
Myers Lottie M.
Myers Luther
Myers Lydia P.
Myers Lydia Rupp
Myers Mabel Small
Myers Margaret A. - pic2
Myers Margaret A.
Myers Martin L.
Myers Mary
Myers Mary Ann
Myers Mary Catherine
Myers Mary E.
Myers Mary K.
Myers Mary Louise - pic2
Myers Matilda M.
Myers Maude L.
Myers Mazie T.
Myers Michael S.
Myers Mildred E.
Myers Mildred I. - pic2
Myers Missouri E.
Myers Nancy V.
Myers Nervie E.
Myers Nettie C.
Myers Patricia A.
Myers Pauline E.
Myers Philip L.
Myers Philip R. - pic2
Myers Rachel Hake
Myers Raymond F.
Myers Raymond King
Myers Richard A.
Myers Richard E.
Myers Richard Small
Myers Robert L.
Myers Robert L.
Myers Robert W.
Myers Romaine L.
Myers Ruth J.
Myers Sallie
Myers Samuel C.
Myers Sara R.
Myers Sarah
Myers Sarah A.
Myers Sarah J.
Myers Sarah K.
Myers Simon F.
Myers Solomon - pic2
Myers Solomon
Myers Steven Lee
Myers Susan E.
Myers Susan H. Frank
Myers T. Edwin
Myers Taylor M.
Myers Taylor M.
Myers Thelma P.
Myers Thomas A.
Myers Thomas McNelis - pic2
Myers Treva R.
Myers Valentine
Myers Verna Hildebrand
Myers Walter F.
Myers Walter Frey
Myers Walter J.
Myers Warren E.
Myers Wilhelmina
Myers William A.
Myers William E.
Myers William N.
Myers Wilson Luther
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