Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012             


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


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Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With L


La Prairie Leonard J.
La Prairie Sylvia M. Folk
LaBoccetta Dorothy L. Shindel - pic2
Laboy Jr.Heriberto
Laboy Juan Miguel
Lafean Georgetta M. - pic2
Lafean John R. - pic2
Laird Mary
Lake Anna Enders - pic2
Lake John W. - pic2
Lamaster Vance H.
Lamaster Willis J.
Lambert Dorothy L.
Lambert Robert S.
LaNasa Debora L.
Lanasa Florence M.
LaNasa Joseph S.
Lanasa Jr.Michael A.
Lanasa Sr.Michael A.
Lancaster Charles L.
Lancaster Margaret M.
Landes Angeline - pic2
Landes Anna M.
Landes Blanche M.
Landes C. B. - pic2
Landes David
Landes David
Landes Edgar C.
Landes Eleanor R.
Landes Elizabeth
Landes Elizabeth A. Elliott
Landes Grace May
Landes Harry W. L.
Landes James J.
Landes Phyllis S.
Landes Rhea J.
Landes Robert J.
Landes William L. S.
Landes Wm. L. S.
Landis Arlein Snyder
Landis Betty L.
Landis Calvin C.
Landis Carolyn E.
Landis Charles C.
Landis Charles D.
Landis Charles M.
Landis Charles P.
Landis Clara F.
Landis Donald F.
Landis Edward T.
Landis Ervin E.
Landis Jr.Ervin E.
Landis Ethel A.
Landis Frances A. - pic2
Landis Grace Lease
Landis Graybill R.
Landis Harry F.
Landis Harry M.
Landis Harry V.
Landis Helen E.
Landis Henry E. - pic2
Landis Houston E.
Landis John J.
Landis Katie
Landis Lottie L.
Landis Maggie E.
Landis Mary E.
Landis Mary L.
Landis Palmer Henry
Landis Quentin J.
Landis Stuart K.
Landis Zeke K.
Landon Hilda P.
Lane Edgar R.
Lane Minnie J.
Langeheine Francis M.
Langer D. Morton
Lanius Adonna Briggs
Lanius Agnes E.
Lanius Alice Eliz. Jones
Lanius David J.
Lanius David S.
Lanius Edward W.
Lanius Lucy S.
Lanius Marcus C.
Lanius Margaret P.
Lanius Margaret S.
Lanius Margaret Stuck
Lanius Mary S.
Lanius Percy Lincoln
Lanius W. Henry
Lanius IIIWilliam H.
Lanius IVWilliam H.
Lanou Beatrice W.
Lapham Cleon
Lapham Josephine
Lapham Sarah E. R.
Lark Anthony - pic2
Lark Geo. A. - pic2
Lark Joseph - pic2
Lark Margaret - pic2
Larsen Alfred O. - pic2
Larsen Frederick Carl
Larsen Miriam Bahn - pic2
Latchaw Anna
Latchaw Catherine L.
Latchaw Charles
Latchaw Frank
Latchaw Fred Leroy
Latchaw Frederick E.
Latchaw Mervin E.
Latimer Jennie M. - pic2
Latterman Albert C. - pic2
Latterman Alfred D.
Latterman Andrew H. - pic2
Latterman Hattie A. - pic2
Latterman Lydia L. - pic2
Latterman Mina C. - pic2
Latterman Minna
Latterman Theodor
Lau Amanda
Lau Birt H. - pic2
Lau Caroline E. - pic2
Lau Clara E.
Lau Cleason E.
Lau Daniel
Lau Dorthy L.
Lau Elwood Lee
Lau Emma G. - pic2
Lau Franklin S.
Lau George Harvey - pic2
Lau Ida Stella Loucks - pic2
Lau J. Preston - pic2
Lau Jacob
Lau Jennie G. - pic2
Lau Kate
Lau Lester Alexander
Lau Louisa
Lau Margaret F.
Lau Mary E.
Lau Robert
Lauber Emma
Lauber George
Lauber John
Lauck Joseph - pic2 - pic3
Lauck Mary Fahs - pic2 - pic3
Laucks Anna C.
Laucks Blanche Elliott
Laucks Edith
Laucks Edward J.
Laucks Emma J.
Laucks G. Washington
Laucks George W.
Laucks John B.
Laucks Mary B.
Laucks Mary R.
Laucks S. Forry
Laucks Zula B.
Lauer Abraham
Lauer Annie M.
Lauer Benjamin - pic2
Lauer Charles N.
Lauer Daisy E. - pic2
Lauer Ellen K. - pic2
Lauer Emma M. - pic2
Lauer Franklin P. - pic2
Lauer Henry B. - pic2
Lauer Lucy Ann - pic2
Lauer Susan
Laumaster Betty T.
Laumaster Elsie B.
Laumaster Fannie B.
Laumaster J. F.
Laumaster James B.
Laumaster Laura S.
Laumaster W. Fred
Laumaster Jr.W. Fred
Laumaster William H.
Lausell Pauline Lopez
Lausell Sara Soto
Lavery John Philip
Lavery Margaret Hedrick
LaVigne Louise W.
Law Lily
Lawler Evelyn A.
Lawler Fred D.
Lawrence Richard C. - pic2
Lawver A. Carlyn
Lawver Sterling G.
Lay Annie
Lay Charles T.
Lay Edward
Leach S. Ray
Leader Ada S.
Leader Beulah M.
Leader Daisy Delaware - pic2
Leader Eddie W. - pic2
Leader Eleanor Brooks - pic2
Leader Eleanora
Leader Elizabeth H.
Leader Fanny
Leader George W.
Leader Gordon S.
Leader Gordon Stuart - pic2
Leader Heiges M.
Leader Helena
Leader Levi W.
Leader Mabel M. - pic2
Leader Margaret I.
Leader Oscar C.
Leader Stuart Clarence - pic2
Lear Alice V.
Lear Lewis E.
Leas Herman J.
Leas John W.
Leas M. Troupier
Leas Phoebe
Lease Agnes Fitzkee
Lease Albert W.
Lease Allen J.
Lease Anna M. - pic2
Lease Annie M. - pic2
Lease C. Elmer
Lease Charles E. - pic2
Lease Charles L. - pic2
Lease Sr.Charles W.
Lease Chrissie A.
Lease Donald E.
Lease Edith A.
Lease Ednamae S.
Lease Edwin C. - pic2
Lease Ellen
Lease Emma E. - pic2
Lease Esther E.
Lease F. Virginia
Lease George
Lease Grace E.
Lease Harry E.
Lease Harry M.
Lease Harvey
Lease Harvey L.
Lease John E.
Lease Lillie C. - pic2
Lease Lizzie A. - pic2
Lease Louisa Hoffman
Lease Lucretia M.
Lease Margaret Wiles
Lease Mary V.
Lease Mildred R. - pic2
Lease Minnie B.
Lease Myrtle C.
Lease Philip C.
Lease Philip G.
Lease Polly
Lease Raymond S.
Lease Robert L.
Lease Sadie A.
Leash Charles A.
Leash Cornelius W.
Leash Edith A.
Leathery Anna K.
Leathery Carrie A. - pic2
Leathery Cassius E.
Leathery D. Edward - pic2
Leathery David H. - pic2
Leathery Fred S.
Leathery Laura M. - pic2
Leathery Maurice H. - pic2
Leathery Mina E.
Leathery S. Kathryn - pic2
Leathery Susannah - pic2
Lebach Bella A. - pic2
Lebach Jacob - pic2
Lebach Joseph - pic2
Lebach Lena - pic2
Lebach Lottie H. - pic2
Lebach Sophia
Leber Amelia L.
Leber Bay Stewart
Leber Bessie S.
Leber Daniel L.
Leber David
Leber David B.
Leber Edgar E.
Leber Emeline - pic2
Leber Emma A.
Leber Florence M.
Leber J. Gilbert - pic2
Leber Mary E.
Leber Maurice W.
Leber Mayme
Leber Ralph D.
Leber Rebecca D.
Leber Reuben M.
Leber Serena Smyser
Leckrone Beulah B.
Leckrone Charles C.
Leckrone Effie J.
Leckrone Ellen
Leckrone George C.
Leckrone George Herbert
Leckrone June L.
Leckrone Katherine Eisenhart
Leckrone Rayta B.
Lecrone Clara Caldweld
LeCrone Deal A.
Lecrone Edgar H.
Lecrone Harris R.
Lecrone Ida J.
Lecrone John A.
Lecrone John A.
Lecrone Loretta A.
Lecrone Peter F.
LeCrone Philip A.
Ledebur Anne
Ledebur Wilbur T.
Lee Ellen E.
Lee Emily Sargen
Lee Enid H.
Lee Matthew A.
Lee Richard K.
Leece Lydia Ann
Leece Ora Mabel
Leedy Elizabeth M.
Leeper Beulah R.
Leeper Charles P.
Leeper Ethel V.
Leeper James E.
Leeper John W.
Leeper Mary M.
Leeper Minnie F.
Leeper Robert W.
Leeper Ruth E.
Leese Amelia J.
Leese Charles Victor
Leese George L.
Leese George O.
Leese Jean E.
Leese Minta Dora
Leese Pauline
Lehigh David
Lehigh Mary O.
Lehman Ada C.
Lehman Estella M.
Lehman Florence S.
Lehman John
Lehman John
Lehman Maggie F.
Lehman Minnie J.
Lehmayer Adele S.
Lehmayer Aline Sachs - pic2
Lehmayer Belle S.
Lehmayer Doris S. - pic2
Lehmayer Edna G. - pic2
Lehmayer Joseph M. - pic2
Lehmayer Jr.Joseph M. - pic2
Lehmayer Julia Woltman - pic2
Lehmayer Louis R.
Lehmayer Martha R. - pic2
Lehmayer Martin N. - pic2
Lehmayer Mary R.
Lehmayer Nathan
Lehmayer IINathan
Lehmayer Nathan William - pic2
Lehmayer Nellie
Lehmayer Nettie
Lehmayer Rae H.
Lehmayer William
Lehn Augusta C.
Lehn Daniel
Lehn Dorith M.
Lehn Emma Stagermyer
Lehn John
Lehn John
Lehn Louis
Lehn Mary A.
Lehn Philip
Lehn Philip
Lehn Philip N.
Lehr Adam H.
Lehr Alexander - pic2
Lehr Alfred F. - pic2
Lehr Anna B. - pic2
Lehr Annie E.
Lehr Annie M.
Lehr Barbara
Lehr Barry Bradley
Lehr Beatrice A.
Lehr Brenda Frey Flinchbaugh
Lehr Charles Alexander - pic2
Lehr Chas. A.
Lehr Clarence H. - pic2
Lehr Clarence M.
Lehr Daniel W.
Lehr Edna I.
Lehr Edward W. - pic2
Lehr Emory J.
Lehr Fannie
Lehr Francis M.
Lehr Harry A. - pic2
Lehr Harry J.
Lehr Ida B. - pic2
Lehr Infant - pic2
Lehr Jacob I.
Lehr Jacob J.
Lehr Jacob W.
Lehr John - pic2
Lehr John A.
Lehr Lydia - pic2
Lehr Mary Ann - pic2
Lehr Mary E.
Lehr Mattie V.
Lehr Melvin J.
Lehr Nettie I. - pic2
Lehr Nora J.
Lehr Pauline A.
Lehr Pauline C.
Lehr Raymond P.
Lehr Richard E.
Lehr Rose M.
Lehr Ruth B.
Lehr Ruth E.
Lehr Sadie J.
Lehr Sarah J.
Lehr Stewart L.
Lehr Susan
Lehr Tillie - pic2
Lehr Wesley E.
Lehr Jr.Wesley Edw.
Lehr Wilbur C.
Lehr William H. - pic2
Leib Brent J.
Leib Diane M.
Leib Emma
Leib Harry Mc.
Leib John F.
Leib Joseph L.
Leib Minnie E.
Leib Susan B. Lehr
Leibenknight Myrtle E.
Leicht Daniel
Leicht Mary F.
Leicht Sarah E.
Leids Grace A. Eyster
Leids Wilbur L.
Leifer Alice M.
Leifer Fredric W.
Leik Catherine P.
Leik Clair H. - pic2
Leik Dorothy B. - pic2
Leik Francis E.
Leik Timothy Wayne
Leiphart Elmer Martin
Leiphart P. Dale
Leiphart Phyllis C.
Leiphart Phyllis H.
Leitner John C.
Lenhardt Anna M.
Lenhardt Oliver G.
Lenhart Sr.Kenneth H.
Lenhart Myrtle S.
Lenox Marguerite
Lentz Albert A.
Lentz Albert F.
Lentz Albert P.
Lentz Albert R. - pic2
Lentz Anna
Lentz Anna L.
Lentz Arthur R.
Lentz Bessie M. - pic2
Lentz Bonnie A.
Lentz Clara M.
Lentz Cynthia O.
Lentz Edith A.
Lentz Eliza J.
Lentz Ellen J. - pic2
Lentz Frederic R.
Lentz George E.
Lentz Harry R.
Lentz Hattie I.
Lentz John H.
Lentz Madelyn S.
Lentz Martin E.
Lentz Martin O.
Lentz Mary A.
Lentz Mary C. - pic2
Lentz Mary E.
Lentz Mary E.
Lentz Mary E.
Lentz Miriam L.
Lentz Paul A. - pic2
Lentz Paul Franklin
Lentz Peter B.
Lentz Robert P.
Lentz Roy L.
Lentz Roy O.
Lentz Russell G.
Lentz Sharon R.
Lentz Tacy E.
Lenz James W.
Lenz Phyllis Mae
Leonard Beatrice E.
Leonard E. Mabel Culbertson
Leonard Sr.Frank W.
Leonard George H.
Leonard George M.
Leppo Anna E.
Leppo Arthur C.
Leppo Darlene M.
Leppo Duane F.
Leppo Earlington I.
Leppo Hilbert W.
Leppo Ira F.
Leppo Kathy L.
Leppo Louise W.
Leppo Michael B.
Leppo Russell R.
Lerew Amanda
Lerew Evelyn Lois
Lerew John G.
Lerew Luella M.
Lerew Waln E.
Lesh Augie V.
Lesh Gertrude M.
Lesh Henry Clinton
Lesh Henry Milton
Lesh Leah Elizabeth
Lesh Lewis F.
Lesh Sarah J.
Lesh William F.
Lesh William Henry
Lesher H. Elmer
Lesher Pearl M.
Levenknight Amanda E.
Levenknight Elmer E.
Levenknight Nellie M.
Lever Edna Gehley
Lever Ruth B.
Lever Theodore Gehly - pic2
Levergood Hannah
Levin Flora M.
Levin Raymond
Lewis Anna C. Beeler
Lewis Anna W.
Lewis Annie J.
Lewis Aurelia S.
Lewis Catharine Glatfelter
Lewis Clay E.
Lewis Clay E. - pic2
Lewis Eddie T.
Lewis Edward T.
Lewis Elizabeth Nolte
Lewis Ellen L. - pic2
Lewis Ellis
Lewis Ellis S.
Lewis Elsie G. Blouse - pic2
Lewis Emma E.
Lewis Emma W. K.
Lewis Ethel L.
Lewis Frederick
Lewis George Robert
Lewis Gertrude S.
Lewis Gladys M.
Lewis Harry G.
Lewis Jr.Harry G.
Lewis Infant
Lewis J. Ernest - pic2
Lewis Jack T.
Lewis Jack Thomas
Lewis Jacob O.
Lewis James
Lewis Jennie
Lewis Jessie J.
Lewis Justina Maul
Lewis Kathryn Geiser
Lewis Laura J.
Lewis Lottie E.
Lewis Louise Ellen
Lewis Louise W. R. - pic2
Lewis Lydia
Lewis M. Smyser
Lewis Margaret A. - pic2
Lewis Margaret Sarah
Lewis Marian Justina
Lewis Melchinger J.
Lewis Melchinger O.
Lewis Melchinger R.
Lewis Miriam F.
Lewis Nettiebell S.
Lewis Paul E.
Lewis Philip Luther
Lewis Philip R.
Lewis Rebecca M.
Lewis Robert J.
Lewis Rush W.
Lewis Ruth L.
Lewis S. James
Lewis Samuel S.
Lewis Sarah J. Ammon
Lewis T. Alverta Briggs - pic2
Lewis William
Lewis Wilson E.
Lichtenberger Augustus H. - pic2
Lichtenberger Charles
Lichtenberger Edward C.
Lichtenberger Emma E. - pic2
Lichtenberger George A.
Lichtenberger Henry
Lichtenberger Henry C.
Lichtenberger Irene A.
Lichtenberger John R. - pic2
Lichtenberger Mary F. - pic2
Lichtenberger Matilda H.
Lichtenberger Samuel - pic2
Lichtenberger Susan Rutter - pic2
Lichty Dorothy M.
Lichty George H.
Lichty Harris S.
Lichty Lillie K.
Lichty Priscilla A.
Lichty Russell E.
Licking Harry Clair - pic2
Licking Ine Stiles - pic2
Licking William C. - pic2
Lidia Joseph L. - pic2 - pic3
Lidia Julia A. - pic2
Lieberknecht David - pic2
Lieberknecht Sarah - pic2
Liggitt Jennie E.
Liggitt W. Oliver
Lightner Ada I.
Lightner Albert C.
Lightner Albert C.
Lightner Anna V.
Lightner Beulah K.
Lightner Catharine
Lightner Catherine
Lightner Dale E.
Lightner Jr.Dale E.
Lightner Dorothy A. Tyson
Lightner Jr.Ervin S.
Lightner Sr.Ervin S.
Lightner Florence E.
Lightner George
Lightner George M.
Lightner George S.
Lightner Henrietta E.
Lightner Hilda N.
Lightner Isabel E.
Lightner John J.
Lightner Loretta J.
Lightner Michael C.
Lightner Roy H. E.
Lightner Roy Smyser
Lightner Samuel H.
Lightner Sara D.
Lightner Sarah K.
Lightner William C.
Lightner William N.
Lilly Jacob M.
Lilly Martin G.
Linberg Annie M.
Linberg George
Lind Alice K.
Lind Daisy I. - pic2
Lind Earl V.
Lind Grace E.
Lind Helen W.
Lind Henry F. - pic2
Lind James Q.
Lind Roy H. - pic2
Lind William F.
Lindeman Annetta
Lindeman John M.
Lindeman William H.
Lindemuth Bruce M.
Lindemuth Harry L.
Lindemuth Louise M.
Lindemuth Margaret
Lindemuth William B.
Lindenmuth Bitner S. - pic2
Lindenmuth Charlie G. - pic2
Lindenmuth Joseph S. - pic2
Lindenmuth Katie I. Wambaugh
Lindenmuth Lizzie S. - pic2
Lindenmuth Mary M. Strickler
Lindenmuth Ophelia E. - pic2
Lindenmuth Paul R.
Lindenmuth Unknown
Lindenmuth Vergie M. - pic2
Lindstrom Alan E.
Lindstrom Dollie M.
Lindstrom Robert C.
Lindstrom Rose M.
Linebaugh Beulah M.
Linebaugh Clayton M.
Linebaugh Infant - pic2
Linebaugh Leo - pic2
Linebaugh N. L.
Linebaugh Rebecca S. - pic2
Linebaugh Winnie G.
Link Harry L.
Link John Wesley
Link Nellie J.
Link William M. - pic2
Linker Ernest K.
Linker Marian E.
Linn Lucy
Linn Robert A. - pic2
Linthurst Catharine
Linthurst Samuel L.
Linton Carrie G.
Linton Clair F.
Lippert Annie
Lippert Augustus
Lippert George H.
Lippert Ruth N.
Lippy Calvin D.
Lippy Katie
List Alexander E.
List Annie
List Estella
List Harry C.
List Sr.Lewis E.
List Jr.Lewis Edward
List Margaret A.
List Paul C.
Litsinger Charles B.
Litsinger Francis L.
Litsinger Minerva
Little Burnell T.
Little C. Lillian
Little Catharine A.
Little George W.
Little Grover C. - pic2
LIttle Howard W.
Little John W.
Little Katherine M.
Little Laura J.
Little Lewis E.
LIttle Louise V.
Little Luther E.
Little Mary A.
Little Mildred Eileen
Little Minnie V.
Little Phares G.
LIttle Philip H.
Little Philip H.
Little Roxanne J.
Little Ruth C.
Little Ruth E.
Little Verl Edward
Little Virginia A.
Little William E.
Livelsberger Jean T.
Livingston Amanda - pic2
Livingston Anna A.
Livingston Anna Margaret - pic2
Livingston Beulah H.
Livingston Carl T.
Livingston Dorothy R.
Livingston Ellen L.
Livingston Jr.George
Livingston Howard O.
Livingston Leo - pic2
Livingston M. Rae - pic2
Livingston Minnie M.
Livingston Pamela Anna - pic2
Livingston Paul Y. - pic2
Livingston Peter - pic2
Livingston Philip - pic2 - pic3 - pic4
Livingston Philip E.
Livingston Sarah Louisa - pic2
Livingston Stewart D.
Livingstone George M.
Livingstone Viola E.
Lloyd Anna R.
Lloyd Charles H.
Lloyd Evelyn M.
Lloyd James M. - pic2
Lloyd M. Harry
Lloyd Sr.V. James
Lo Bianco Flora Glatfelter
Lo Bianco John
Lockard Amy Forry
Lockard De Etta Keefer - pic2
Lockard Dorothy P. - pic2
Lockard Elizabeth
Lockard Helen E. - pic2
Lockard John
Lockard Rodney L. - pic2
Lockard William H. - pic2
Lockeman Cassey Ann - pic2
Lockeman Emma L.
Lockeman Franklin H. - pic2
Lockeman Louisa A.
Lockeman Martin C. H.
Lockeman Rose A. - pic2
Lockeman W. Henry - pic2
Lockeman William A.
Loeser Henrietta
Loeser Rosina Herz
Lofink Mildred H. Jacobs
Loftus Anna D. - pic2
Loftus Patrick P. - pic2
Logan Ethel Wanner
Logan Fred W.
Logan Josephine M.
Logan Louise Keyworth - pic2
Logeman Caroline
Logeman Chester S.
Logeman Daisy L.
Logeman Helen C.
Logeman Henry W.
Logeman J. William
Logeman Jennie E.
Logeman Laura B. Pyle
Logeman William
Lohss Jr.Robert E.
Lohss Virginia M.
Long Albert K.
Long Anna W.
Long Avril E.
Long Bessie M.
Long Catherine Frances - pic2
Long Charles E.
Long Charles H.
Long Jr.David D.
Long Dorothy E.
Long E. Mabel
Long Ellen N.
Long Elmer A.
Long Florence V.
Long Frank E.
Long George A.
Long George F.
Long Harriet V. Wilkinson - pic2
Long Harry S.
Long Harry W.
Long Helen G.
Long Ida E.
Long James
Long Katherine K.
Long Louise M.
Long Mary Belle
Long Mary Ellen
Long Neil Houck
Long Phoebe Brubaker
Long Ralph W.
Long Rebecca M.
Long Robert Lee
Long Russell E.
Long Ruth L.
Long Viola E.
Long W. Laurence
Long Wilbert J.
Long William Marion
Longenecker IIPaul R.
Lookingbill Kathy Marie
Lookingbill Loyd R.
Lookingbill Walter C.
Lopez C. Anthony
Lopez Linda
Lopp Auguste
Lopp F. May
Lopp Henrietta M.
Lory Ruth Swartz
Lose Charles R. - pic2
Lose Minna K. - pic2
Loser Annie L.
Loser Wayne M.
Loucks Albert - pic2
Loucks Alexander W. - pic2
Loucks Anna J. - pic2
Loucks Anna M. - pic2
Loucks Annie E.
Loucks Annie Lord
Loucks Bird H.
Loucks Blanche M.
Loucks C. G.
Loucks Catharine E.
Loucks Catharine M. - pic2
Loucks Charles H.
Loucks Charlotte Tyson
Loucks Clair M. - pic2
Loucks Clara May Thomas
Loucks Cora
Loucks Edna E. - pic2
Loucks Edward C.
Loucks Edward J.
Loucks Edwin M. - pic2
Loucks Edwin W. - pic2
Loucks Elizabeth E.
Loucks Elsie B.
Loucks Emma R. - pic2
Loucks Florence A.
Loucks Sr.Frederick F.
Loucks George - pic2
Loucks George E.
Loucks George E. - pic2
Loucks George H.
Loucks George W. S.
Loucks Harry B.
Loucks Helen Zahn
Loucks Henrietta L.
Loucks Henry E.
Loucks Henry J. - pic2
Loucks Henry J. - pic2
Loucks Isabella L.
Loucks Jacob Y.
Loucks John Elmer
Loucks Julia Ann
Loucks Jr.L. Kenneth
Loucks Laura G.
Loucks Lester K.
Loucks Lizzie C. - pic2
Loucks Margaret D.
Loucks Margaret G.
Loucks Margaret R.
Loucks Martha E.
Loucks Mary J. - pic2
Loucks Robert Lord
Loucks Sarah
Loucks Sarah A. - pic2
Loucks Susan A. - pic2
Loucks Susanna - pic2
Loucks Thelma L.
Loucks Thomas B.
Loucks Walter Bott
Loucks Jr.Walter Bott
Loucks Walter H. - pic2
Loucks William E. - pic2
Loucks William H.
Loucks Wm. McClellan - pic2
Loucks Zachariah K. - pic2
Loucks Jr.Zachariah K. - pic2
Loughlin Nelson H.
Love Lena B.
Love Oscar A.
Love Sarah J. - pic2
Love Uriah H. - pic2
Lovett Elizabeth G.
Lowe Charles S.
Lowe Elizabeth
Lowe Goldie E.
Lowe M. Louise
Lowe M. Ursula
Lowe Maurice F.
Lowe Meredith P.
Lower Nettie Wilt - pic2
Lower Norman L. - pic2
Lower Paul Henry - pic2
Lower Pauline T. - pic2
Lowrie Carrie B.
Loyd Arthur F.
Loyd Bertha E.
Loyd Henry A.
Loyd John
Loyd Lucy S.
Loyd Mary R. Masimore
Loyd Sarah Jane
Loyer Catharine M.
Loyer Milton E.
Lucabaugh Earl L.
Lucabaugh Esther R.
Lucas Charles C.
Lucas Charles W.
Lucas Gail S.
Lucas Nancy C.
Lucas R. Scott
Lucas Sarah S.
Luckenbaugh Caroline
Luckenbaugh Caroline H.
Luckenbaugh Charles E.
Luckenbaugh Charles E.
Luckenbaugh Grace L.
Luckenbaugh Harry J.
Luckenbaugh Harvey S.
Luckenbaugh Larry L.
Luckenbaugh M. Helen
Luckenbaugh Pauline I.
Luckenbaugh Ruth E.
Lucking Addie D. - pic2
Lucking Alice A. Greiman - pic2
Lucking Anna L. - pic2
Lucking Charles H. - pic2
Lucking Daniel F. - pic2
Lucking Edward L.
Lucking Emma M. - pic2
Lucking Henry C. - pic2
Ludwig Catherine P.
Ludwig Charles A.
Ludwig Dorothy Lichty
Ludwig Elbridge K.
Ludwig Ella L.
Ludwig Estella May
Ludwig Eugene - pic2
Ludwig Guy K.
Ludwig Irene V.
Ludwig James C.
Ludwig John E.
Ludwig John F.
Ludwig Mary J.
Ludwig Nathaniel S.
Ludwig Sarah H. - pic2
Ludwig Virginia K.
Lueders Catherine V.
Lueders Richard E.
Lugo Cierra Angelica
Lukins Catherine - pic2
Lukins Christian - pic2
Lupton A. Ruth - pic2
Luttman Geo. F.
Luttman Geo. O.
Luttman Jacob
Luttman Mary
Luttman Rachel
Lutz Emma Loucks
Lutzinger Frank
Lutzinger Mary J. Fetrow
Lutzinger Minnie Margie
Lutzinger William F.
Lyell George J.
Lynch David H.
Lynch Lydia A.
Lynerd Fidella B. - pic2
Lynerd Robert O. - pic2
Lynes Beatrice R.
Lynes Charles E.
Lynes Irene M. - pic2
Lynes Jacob D. - pic2
Lynn Florence M.
Lynn Robert J.
Lyons Mary McClellan - pic2
Lytle Mary E.
Lyttle E. Bruce
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