Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012             


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With K


Kable Bertha Kate
Kable Edgar Philip
Kable J. William
Kable James Ross
Kable Jennie Sanderson - pic2
Kable John Leonard - pic2
Kable John Leonard - pic2
Kable John Leonard
Kable Leonard Sanderson - pic2
Kable Louise S.
Kable Margaret
Kable Mary Edna Herring - pic2
Kable Mary Elizabeth
Kable Nellie May Schall
Kable Philip Herring - pic2
Kacala F. Mae
Kagen Evelyn F.
Kagen Morton H.
Kahler Ida M.
Kahler Ralph H.
Kahre Christen F. - pic2
Kahre Mary C. - pic2
Kailbaugh Edna - pic2
Kailbaugh Harriet - pic2
Kailbaugh Henry S. - pic2
Kailbaugh Lizzie M. - pic2
Kain Anna W. - pic2
Kain C. Edith
Kain C. Edward
Kain Cara Watt
Kain Caroline B.
Kain Charles A.
Kain Jr.Chas. E.
Kain Emily A.
Kain Ethel V.
Kain Frank L.
Kain Frank M. - pic2
Kain George Hay
Kain Herb B.
Kain Jennie H.
Kain Jennie Virginia
Kain John - pic2
Kain John B. - pic2
Kain John K. - pic2
Kain John L.
Kain M. Ruth - pic2
Kain Mamie May - pic2
Kain Marcella L.
Kain Mary Lizzie - pic2
Kain Sara M.
Kain Susanna May - pic2
Kain William H.
Kalisch Anna
Kalisch Arthur C.
Kalisch Max
Kammerer Charles - pic2
Kammerer Ida I. - pic2
Kann Edward P.
Kann Emma E.
Kapp Nana May
Kapp Thelma D.
Kapp William H.
Kapp Jr.William H.
Karg Charlotte A.
Karg George A.
Karg George C.
Karger Marian Elaine
Karger Sylvia Thelma
Karnes Elizabeth Lee
Karnes John David
Kashner Linda M.
Katz Grace Motter
Katz Joann Leigh
Katz Nan Owen
Katz Samuel H.
Kauffelt Annie E.
Kauffelt Blanche M.
Kauffelt Estella C.
Kauffelt George W.
Kauffman Adam S.
Kauffman Agnes S. - pic2
Kauffman Albert R.
Kauffman Allen - pic2
Kauffman Amanda J.
Kauffman Amy M. - pic2
Kauffman Anna L.
Kauffman Anna M. - pic2
Kauffman Anna M.
Kauffman Annie C. - pic2
Kauffman Annie W.
Kauffman B. Catharine Reigart
Kauffman Barbara
Kauffman Bertha B.
Kauffman Blanche C.
Kauffman Carrie E.
Kauffman Carrie Stroman
Kauffman Catherine E. - pic2
Kauffman Charles F.
Kauffman Charles H. - pic2
Kauffman Charles L.
Kauffman Clair S. - pic2
Kauffman Donald W.
Kauffman Dorcas A.
Kauffman Earl Dewey
Kauffman Edith M.
Kauffman Eleanor H.
Kauffman Elenora S.
Kauffman Ellen J.
Kauffman Elmer E.
Kauffman Elmer F.
Kauffman Elsie R.
Kauffman Elwood I.
Kauffman Esther Hershey
Kauffman Eugene
Kauffman Florence - pic2
Kauffman George B.
Kauffman George S. - pic2
Kauffman Guy F.
Kauffman Harvey
Kauffman Helen R. - pic2
Kauffman Hilda M.
Kauffman Ida M.
Kauffman Isabelle W.
Kauffman J. E. - pic2
Kauffman John Westley
Kauffman Joseph - pic2
Kauffman Katie E.
Kauffman Sr.Lester W.
Kauffman Lloyd Z.
Kauffman Magdalena I. - pic2
Kauffman Maria K.
Kauffman Mary B.
Kauffman Mary C.
Kauffman Mary C.
Kauffman Mary E.
Kauffman Mary Ellen
Kauffman Milton R.
Kauffman Miriam M. - pic2
Kauffman Morris S.
Kauffman Myrtle I.
Kauffman Nadine E.
Kauffman Paul L.
Kauffman Philip B. - pic2
Kauffman Phyllis M.
Kauffman Sr.Raymond E.
Kauffman Robert H.
Kauffman Robert E.
Kauffman Roy - pic2
Kauffman Russell S. - pic2
Kauffman Ruth A. - pic2
Kauffman Sadie M.
Kauffman Samuel
Kauffman Sarah Faith
Kauffman Stuart A.
Kauffman Sylvia I. - pic2
Kauffman Thomas E.
Kauffman William H.
Kauffman William M.
Kauffman William R.
Kauffman Yvonne N.
Kauffman Zachariah
Kaufhold Edward F.
Kaufhold Harold E.
Kaufhold Marie E.
Kaufhold Mary Ellen
Kaufman Anna Jane
Kaufman Phillip A.
Kautz Kathryn V. - pic2
Kay Rose M. Bayler - pic2
Kay Thomas John - pic2
Kayhoe Charles Linford
Kayler Annie L. - pic2
Kayler John R. - pic2
Kayler Mary E. - pic2
Kayler Reuben R. - pic2
Kayler Robert E. - pic2
Kayler Verna L. - pic2
Keech Anna F.
Keech Annie E.
Keech Betty C.
Keech C. Frank
Keech Carrie I.
Keech Charles F.
Keech Clara L.
Keech Edwina A.
Keech Elizabeth
Keech Ella Picking - pic2
Keech Jr.Hayden G.
Keech Ira W.
Keech John I.
Keech Leah M.
Keech Sr.Leo Donald - pic2
Keech Leo S.
Keech Leonard H.
Keech Lonna Marie - pic2
Keech Madalenne L.
Keech Mary B.
Keech Mary E.
Keech Morgan S.
Keech Nevin H.
Keech Nevin H.
Keech Rodger F.
Keech Walter F.
Keefer Alice V.
Keefer Amanda L.
Keefer Anna E.
Keefer Edith A.
Keefer Emma E.
Keefer Grace T.
Keefer Harry Hoyt
Keefer Harry M. - pic2
Keefer Sr.Kenneth N.
Keefer Margaret
Keefer Mose
Keefer Sallie A. - pic2
Keefer Samuel S.
Keeler John B.
Keeler Mary Alice
Keeler Mary R. F.
Keeling Bessie W.
Keen Augusta Koller
Keen Edward Koller
Keen Edward O.
Keen Helen McCabe
Keen Marian Bricker
Keener Anna
Keener Anna Mary
Keener Annie Hinkle
Keener Annie T.
Keener Dorothy May
Keener Eli
Keener Florence V.
Keener Florence V.
Keener Ida M.
Keener Jacob A.
Keener Jacob B.
Keener Maria L.
Keener Martha S. - pic2
Keener Melvin R.
Keener S. Frederick
Keener Samuel
Keener Samuel A.
Keener Sarah A.
Keeney Bertha E.
Keeney Charles E.
Keeney Charles R.
Keeney Clarence A.
Keeney Clinton S.
Keeney Daisy A.
Keeney Donald B.
Keeney Earl C.
Keeney Harry F.
Keeney Helen D.
Keeney Katie E.
Keeney Lillie M.
Keeney Mary C.
Keeney Mildred E.
Keeney Mollie Dellinger
Keeney O. Paul
Keeney Pauline L.
Keeney Sadie Brenneman
Keeny Blanche L. Stauffer
Keeny Jr.Charles Leander
Keesey Agnes M.
Keesey Christianna
Keesey Daniel
Keesey Eliza J.
Keesey Guerney T.
Keesey Henry F.
Keesey Irene E.
Keesey William A.
Kegler Earl Girard - pic2
Kegler Jr.Earl Girard - pic2
Kegler Ida Scott - pic2
Kegler John Scott - pic2
Kegler Natalie Elder Rutherford - pic2
Kehm Agnes J.
Kehm Charles C.
Kehm Charles W.
Kehm Harry S.
Kehm Helen L.
Kehm Virginia A.
Kehr John R.
Kehr Margaret M.
Keilholtz Ella J. Hannigan
Keiser Joseph - pic2
Keiser Mary C. - pic2
Keitel Unknown
Keiter Minnie Marple
Kelbaugh John W.
Kelbaugh Nannie R.
Kelbaugh Roy E.
Kell Alfred M.
Kell E. Louise
Kell Edna G.
Kell Helen M.
Kell Jeanetta Eisenhower
Kell John F.
Kell Margaret B.
Kell Mildred Ortlip
Kell Pauline L.
Kell Walter M.
Keller Amanda J.
Keller Annie Zeigler
Keller Antonia V.
Keller Beryl M. - pic2
Keller Catharine
Keller Charles H.
Keller Daisy M. - pic2
Keller Dorothy Strack - pic2
Keller Earl W.
Keller Edna A.
Keller Edward H.
Keller Elmer E.
Keller Emma J.
Keller Fred'k M.
Keller George H.
Keller George H.
Keller George W.
Keller Hazel R. - pic2
Keller Henry - pic2
Keller Horace D. - pic2
Keller Jr.Horace Dietz - pic2
Keller Ida J.
Keller James G. - pic2
Keller Katherine W. - pic2
Keller Lydia Harper
Keller Madeline A.
Keller Marguerite Z.
Keller Marjorie Stitzel
Keller Mary C. - pic2
Keller Maurice L.
Keller Mayme M.
Keller Nancy Kissinger
Keller Nettie K.
Keller Peter A.
Keller Peter W.
Keller Roy A.
Keller Russell M. - pic2
Keller William E.
Keller Winfield S.
Keller Winfield S. - pic2
Kelley Ida B.
Kelley Louis J.
Kelley Patrick J.
Kelley Rolena I.
Kelly Annie C.
Kelly Evelyn E.
Kelly Fred M.
Kelly George E.
Kelly Virginia L.
Kelton Horace S.
Kemp Doris M. - pic2
Kendig Annie M.
Kendig Benjamin F.
Kendig Christianna
Kendig George W.
Kendig Herbert King
Kendig Jacob S.
Kendig James
Kendig John H.
Kendig Luella I.
Kendig Maria L. Wilhelm
Kendig Mary E.
Kendig Patricia V.
Kendig Robert Immel - pic2
Kennedy Anna E.
Kennedy Daniel A.
Kennedy George K.
Kennedy Hazel Lau
Kennedy James M.
Kennedy Mary L.
Kennedy Richard J.
Kennelley Havilla C. - pic2
Kennelley Max A. - pic2
Kepler Lorena C.
Kepner Carrie V.
Kepner Earl C.
Kerchner C. E. Lewis
Kerchner Catherine
Kerchner Edith L.
Kerchner Edwin L.
Kerchner Frederick J.
Kerchner Frederick W.
Kerchner Helen Elisabeth
Kerchner Helen Frey
Kerchner helen M.
Kerchner Henry S.
Kerchner Jacob H.
Kerchner Lewis L.
Kerchner Lewis Lee
Kerchner Miriam F.
Kerchner Ralph M.
Kerchner Richard G.
Kern A. Clinton
Kern Elsie V.
Kern George C.
Kern Herbert C.
Kern Ida J.
Kern Nora B.
Kern Shawn T.
Kernan Josephine McClellan - pic2
Kerr Dora P.
Kerr Eliza K.
Kerr Elizabeth F. - pic2
Kerr Ellen M.
Kerr Frances M. Kopp
Kerr George W.
Kerr John T.
Kerr Wm. McConkey
Kershaw Daisy L.
Kershaw Edward G.
Kershaw John E.
Kerstetter Banks R.
Kesler Sr.Charles C.
Kesler Clair W.
Kesler Laura E.
Kesler Sarah H.
Kesselem Kathrine Sudeck
Kessler Ada B.
Kessler Anna Lockard
Kessler Barbara A.
Kessler George F.
Kessler Harry W.
Kessler John E.
Kessler Mary A.
Kessler Mary H.
Kessler Ruth
Kester Pauline Woltman
Ketterman Donald V.
Ketterman Esther M. Boyer - pic2
Ketterman Genevieve J.
Ketterman George M.
Ketterman Karen A.
Ketterman Kate V.
Ketterman Leonora H.
Ketterman Michael C.
Ketterman Robert C.
Ketterman Thomas D.
Ketterman William H.
Ketterman William H. - pic2
Kettler Chas. D. - pic2
Kettler Harry C. - pic2
Kettler Sophia M. Wehrenberg - pic2
Kettler Wm. D. - pic2
Keyworth Anna Bessie - pic2
Keyworth Charles A. - pic2
Keyworth Charles A. - pic2
Keyworth Donald Rapalee - pic2
Keyworth Edward T. - pic2
Keyworth Irene Rapalee - pic2
Keyworth Laura C. - pic2
Keyworth Leah - pic2
Keyworth Mary Castor - pic2
Keyworth Thomas - pic2
Kidd Charles F.
Kidd Henry F.
Kidd Margaret M.
Kidd Sadie E.
Kikuchi Brenda J.
Kikuchi Eugene T.
Kilburn Pearl Condo
Kilgore Anna E. Bartell
Kilgore Dorothy E.
Kilgore Emma M.
Kilgore Millard F.
Kilgore Olive F.
Kilgore Sarah A.
Killian Daisie
Kilmore J. M.
Kilmore Jacob M.
Kilmore Mary A. Knaub
Kilmore Russel M.
Kime David S.
Kime Grace L.
Kinard Aurea M.
Kinard Dale E.
Kinard Mabel I.
Kinard Michele A.
Kinard Russell R.
Kinderfather Charles
Kinderfather Emma J.
Kinderfather Minnie D.
Kinderfather Rhea C.
Kindig Anne
Kindig Carrie B.
Kindig Charles R. - pic2
Kindig Elizabeth Keeny - pic2
Kindig Esther Long
Kindig Harrison
Kindig Harvey A.
Kindig Helen E. - pic2
Kindig Helen M.
Kindig Henry
Kindig Joe
Kindig John W.
Kindig Leroy - pic2
Kindig Lillie L. Platts
Kindig Mary Alice
Kindig Mary L.
Kindig Roy
Kindig Wella E.
Kineman Elvina
Kineman Leroy E.
Kineman Samuel
Kiner Charles B.
Kiner George W.
Kiner William J.
King Annie E. Koch
King Arlene U. - pic2
King Barbara R.
King Brett A.
King Catharine
King Charles A.
King Charles M.
King Doris M.
King Dorothy V. - pic2
King Eleanor F.
King Goldie L.
King Harry B. - pic2
King Harry J.
King Horace S.
King Jacob George
King Jacob S.
King Jacob W.
King John Barrett
King Sr.Leroy A.
King Lillie Fink
King Margaret H.
King Sr.Melvin Henry
King Minnie Erney
King Paul C.
King Phillip E.
King Rebecca E.
King Regina C.
King Robert H. - pic2
King Rose A.
King Sarah E.
King Wayne W.
King William J.
King Winona Greiman
Kingsburg Mary L.
Kingsbury George R.
Kingsbury Theora G.
Kingsbury William E.
Kinley Bertha O. - pic2
Kinley Clyde E. - pic2
Kinley Frank O. - pic2
Kinley Oscar C. - pic2
Kinneman Robert P.
Kinsey Lillie M.
Kinsey Walter
Kinzer C. Lizzie
Kinzer May F.
Kinzie Albert C.
Kinzie Robert W.
Kinzie Virginia M.
Kipp Ellen B. - pic2
Kipp John W. - pic2
Kipp Lillie A. - pic2
Kipp Sadie B. - pic2
Kirby Bessie P.
Kirby Edward H.
Kirk Bessie L.
Kirk George R.
Kirk J. Murphy
Kirk Lillian L.
Kirk Mildred L.
Kirkessner Charles Kenneth
Kirkwood Robert C.
Kirkwood Ruth A.
Kirsch John F.
Kirschner James B.
Kirschner Martha H.
Kise Edward L.
Kise Harry F.
Kise Janet M.
Kise Sallie R.
Kissinger Annie S.
Kissinger Emanuel D.
Kissinger Frances C.
Kissinger Frank Benjamin - pic2
Kissinger Howard A. - pic2 - pic3
Kissinger Sr.John Bernard
Kissinger John F.
Kissinger Lewis E.
Kissinger Mabel Fahs
Kissinger Maggie
Kissinger Margaret Mundorf - pic2
Kissinger Marian L.
Kissinger Mary A.
Kissinger Rossane
Kissinger Stuart H.
Kissinger Unknown
Kissinger William
Kistler Dorothy B.
Kistler Katherine Julia Rohrbaugh
Kistler Mayme E.
Kistler Paul Z.
Kistler Ralph C.
Kitzmiller Daisy J.
Kitzmiller Linda M. Mood
Kitzmiller Martin A.
Kitzmiller Paul A.
Kitzmiller William E.
Klahold Bertha R.
Klahold Frederick
Klahold Marie S.
Klahold Richard L.
Klahold William C.
Klahold Wilminna C.
Klaiber Albert H.
Klaiber Albert P.
Klaiber Brian H.
Klaiber Edwin M.
Klaiber Ella E.
Klaiber Elva E.
Klaiber Herbert W.
Klaiber Karl F. - pic2
Klaiber Katharine - pic2
Klaiber Louise K. - pic2
Klaiber Paul M. - pic2
Klaiber Pauline - pic2
Klaiber Penelope S.
Klaiber Philipp - pic2
Klann Georgia Ann
Klann Gustave
Klaw Abel - pic2
Klaw Nancy Jane
Klaw Regina - pic2
Kleffman C. C. Henry
Kleffman Caroline A.
Kleffman Edward C.
Kleffman Elizabeth M.
Kleffman Ella L.
Kleffman Grace E.
Kleffman John E.
Kleffman Karl L.
Kleffman Marie L.
Kleffman Mary E.
Kleffman Paul Henry
Kleffman William F.
Klein Nadine E.
Klein Sr.Robert G.
Kleinert Gustav F.
Kleinert Mary A. Kurtz
Klindinst John - pic2 - pic3
Kline Amanda W.
Kline Annabel M. Allison
Kline Barbara
Kline Brenda Gordon
Kline Earl E. - pic2
Kline Eleanor W. - pic2
Kline Harry E. - pic2
Kline Harry H.
Kline Irene R.
Kline Isabell J. - pic2
Kline John
Kline John M.
Kline Kathleen E.
Kline Melvin H.
Kline Jr.Melvin H.
Kline Ralph R.
Kline Robert E.
Kline Rosalie I.
Kline Susan E. Prowell
Kline Woodrow W.
Klinedinst Amanda J.
Klinedinst Amanda J. - pic2
Klinedinst Anna S.
Klinedinst Annie K. - pic2
Klinedinst Carrie V. - pic2
Klinedinst Charles - pic2
Klinedinst Charlotte M. - pic2
Klinedinst Chauncey Black
Klinedinst Christine G.
Klinedinst Clarence E. - pic2
Klinedinst Clarence E. - pic2
Klinedinst Sr.Daniel - pic2
Klinedinst Jr.Daniel J. - pic2
Klinedinst Dorothy M. - pic2
Klinedinst Elizabeth - pic2
Klinedinst Elizabeth J.
Klinedinst Elizabeth N.
Klinedinst Ella N. - pic2
Klinedinst Ester
Klinedinst Gary C.
Klinedinst George W. - pic2
Klinedinst Grover E.
Klinedinst Henry Spangler
Klinedinst Herman
Klinedinst Infant
Klinedinst J. Ferd.
Klinedinst Kenneth M. - pic2
Klinedinst Levi W.
Klinedinst Lillian M. B.
Klinedinst Lillie M.
Klinedinst M. Louise
Klinedinst Martin G. - pic2
Klinedinst Mary Ann
Klinedinst Mary L. - pic2
Klinedinst Mary-Scott McArthur
Klinedinst Maud E.
Klinedinst Mildred M. - pic2
Klinedinst Milton - pic2
Klinedinst Monroe
Klinedinst Nathaniel B. - pic2
Klinedinst Nettie Araville
Klinedinst Raymond W.
Klinedinst Rebecca
Klinedinst Rod Wayne
Klinedinst Russell S.
Klinedinst Ruth H. - pic2
Klinedinst S. Ellen
Klinedinst Samuel A. G.
Klinedinst Sandra Lind
Klinedinst Spangler
Klinedinst Sue Glatfelter - pic2
Klinedinst Virginia
Klinedinst Wayne J. - pic2 - pic3
Klinedinst William H. - pic2
Klinedinst William S.
Klinefelter Alexander
Klinefelter Anita Virginia
Klinefelter Arabella S. King - pic2
Klinefelter Benjamin F.
Klinefelter Caroline C.
Klinefelter Carolyn R.
Klinefelter Catharine
Klinefelter Charity C.
Klinefelter Charles A. - pic2
Klinefelter Clara R.
Klinefelter David M.
Klinefelter Dora K.
Klinefelter Edmund W.
Klinefelter Emma C.
Klinefelter Florence S. - pic2
Klinefelter Frederick Wm.
Klinefelter Helen Bishop
Klinefelter Jacob
Klinefelter Jacob A.
Klinefelter Jacob King - pic2
Klinefelter Jennie M. - pic2
Klinefelter Kathryn E.
Klinefelter Laura F.
Klinefelter Margaret H. O'Donnell
Klinefelter Margaret M.
Klinefelter Marguerite A.
Klinefelter Max S.
Klinefelter Oliver D.
Klinefelter Robert E.
Klinefelter Sarah E.
Klinefelter Thomas S.
Klinefelter Thomas S.
Klinefelter W. Glenn
Klinefelter William B.
Klinefelter William J.
Klinefelter Zeigler King - pic2
Kling Alice
Kling Allan P.
Kling Anna M.
Kling Clarence B.
Kling Dorothy L.
Kling Franklin B.
Kling Lewis C.
Kling Lillie A.
Kling Louise A. Mackey
Kling Minnie A.
Kling Robert E.
Kling Willie W.
Klingaman Alan Lee
Klingaman Charlotte H.
Klingaman J. Eddie
Knapp Carrie L.
Knapp Fred. C.
Knapp William C.
Knaub Carl S.
Knaub Chester W.
Knaub Cora M. - pic2
Knaub Daniel
Knaub Edgar E. - pic2
Knaub Flossie V.
Knaub Ida B. Kern
Knaub J. Clayton
Knaub John C.
Knaub L. Edna
Knaub Louise V.
Knaub Margaret H. - pic2
Knaub Martha E. - pic2
Knaub Mary C. - pic2
Knaub Nora E.
Knaub Robert C. - pic2
Knaub Sarah A.
Knaub Susan Bowman
Knaub Thelma L. - pic2
Knaub W. Frank
Knaub William H.
Knaub William J.
Knauff Evelyn Krone
Knauss Myrtle E.
Knauss Myrtle I.
Knecht Clara
Knee Dolly J. Sevel
Knepper Emaline J.
Knepper Harry E.
Knepper Harry M.
Knepper James R.
Knepper Lula B.
Knepper Rose L. Blum
Kniffin Claude W.
Kniffin Elsie W.
Kniffin John W.
Knight Colin Lee
Knight Ellen M.
Knight Ernest M.
Knighton Alice I.
Knighton Gladys E.
Knighton Grace V.
Knighton James H.
Knighton Lilly K.
Knighton William A.
Knisely Carrie Hedrick
Knisley Mary E.
Knisley Mary M.
Knokey Anna B.
Knokey Lynetta M.
Knokey Maurice V.
Knokey Mildred C.
Knokey William J.
Knold Vicki Ann
Knopp Ronald L. - pic2
Knopp Susan C. - pic2
Knopp Travis L. - pic2
Knouse Carrie E.
Knouse George I.
Knouse Rick L.
Knowlton Gary L.
Knox Helen M.
Knox John M.
Koble Charles John
Koch Cerella J.
Koch Edward M.
Koch Elva E.
Koch Richard D.
Koch William H.
Kochenour Amos
Kochenour Jr.Edwin W.
Kochenour Eli R. - pic2
Kochenour Flora K.
Kochenour Harry K.
Kochenour Henrietta M. - pic2
Kochenour Karl K.
Kochenour Lillie I. - pic2
Kochenour Mary E.
Kochenour Mildred M.
Kohlbus IIIMarvin F.
Kohler Catherine E. - pic2
Kohler Frederick C.
Kohler George A.
Kohler Gordon E.
Kohler Helen L.
Kohler Joan C.
Kohler Loretta D.
Kohler Matthew A. - pic2
Kohler Mildred R.
Kohler Myrtle E.
Kohler Paul Ray
Kohn Marion Katz
Kohner Helen R. Hydeman
Kohr Adeline M.
Kohr Albertus H.
Kohr Allen J.
Kohr Charles A.
Kohr Clarence S.
Kohr Daniel E.
Kohr Jr.Elton D.
Kohr Florence M.
Kohr Granville I.
Kohr Irene M.
Kohr Jannie K.
Kohr L. Clair
Kohr Leah Y.
Kohr Leonard J.
Kohr Jr.Leonard J.
Kohr Marilyn L.
Kohr Mildred J.
Kohr Mildred J.
Kohr Morgan J.
Kohr Sarah Y.
Kohr Spurgeon C. - pic2
Kohr Ursula E. M. - pic2
Koller Edwin L. - pic2
Koller Isabella L. - pic2
Koller Sarah Alice
Koller William I. - pic2
Kolsovsky Andrew M.
Kolsovsky Catherine A.
Kolsovsky Herbert A.
Kolsovsky Stephen
Koons Bernadette E.
Koons Charlotte - pic2
Koons Florence N.
Koons J. Calvin
Koons John C. - pic2
Koons Nellie P. - pic2
Koons Robert W.
Koons William H. - pic2
Koontz Elizabeth Lau
Koontz Hiley F.
Koontz Mabel M.
Koontz Paul Rodes
Koontz R. Elizabeth
Koontz Robert L.
Kopp C. Robert - pic2
Kopp Carol J.
Kopp Charles A.
Kopp Edward E.
Kopp Julia A. - pic2
Kopp Mary A.
Kopp Raymond M.
Kopp Sadie Williams
Kopp Simon - pic2
Kopp Tracy Jean
Kormeny Minnie A. - pic2
Kormeny Samuel - pic2
Kornbau Barbara A. Anderson
Kornbau Bradley S.
Kornbau Keith A.
Kornbau Kenneth B.
Kornbau Marguerite A.
Kornbau Richard R.
Koser Mary E.
Koser Robert R.
Kostulas Anna
Kottcamp A. Francis
Kottcamp Arthur W. - pic2
Kottcamp Bertie A.
Kottcamp C. Christian
Kottcamp Charles E. - pic2
Kottcamp Dora E. - pic2
Kottcamp Dorothy G.
Kottcamp Edward H.
Kottcamp Edward L.
Kottcamp Fred W.
Kottcamp Frederick
Kottcamp Frederick - pic2
Kottcamp Harry E.
Kottcamp Harry E.
Kottcamp Herbert R.
Kottcamp Kate
Kottcamp Laura M.
Kottcamp Margaret L. - pic2
Kottcamp Mary
Kottcamp Mary Ruler
Kottcamp Mary Ruler Ness
Kottcamp Philip J. - pic2
Kottcamp Sadie V.
Kottcamp Sallie L. Reisinger
Kottcamp Virgie G.
Kottmeier Annie Wilhelmine Smithkott
Kottmeier Charles Henry
Kottmeier Henry
Kottmeier Henry C.
Kottmeier Henry J.
Kottmeier Martha S.
Kottmeier Mayme I.
Kottmeier Wilhelmina
Kottmyer Catharine
Kottmyer Catherine R.
Kottmyer Charles T.
Kottmyer Elizabeth C.
Kottmyer Fred
Kozlov Doris S.
Kozlov John
Kozlov John Dennis
Kraber Anna C.
Kraber Daisy B. - pic2
Kraber Daniel
Kraber Edwin I.
Kraber Edwin I.
Kraber Edwin I. - pic2
Kraber Eleanor D. - pic2
Kraber Elizabeth Forrey
Kraber Emily E.
Kraber Emma
Kraber Glenwood B.
Kraber John - pic2
Kraber Lydia C.
Kraber Mary C. - pic2
Kraber Michael
Kraber Paul E. - pic2
Kraber Thelma J.
Kraber Veronica
Kraber W. S.
Kraber Jr.W. S.
Krafft Erastus A. - pic2
Kraft Albertus - pic2
Kraft Alice K.
Kraft Annie Trone
Kraft Barbara - pic2
Kraft Bertha May - pic2
Kraft Calvin T. - pic2
Kraft Catharine P.
Kraft Charles W.
Kraft Clara Emma
Kraft Edward L.
Kraft Forrest Edward
Kraft Hattie M.
Kraft John A.
Kraft Mary Jane - pic2
Kraft Mary M.
Kraft Mazie S. - pic2
Kraft Rachel M.
Kraft William
Krall J. Chester
Krall Mary I.
Kramer E.
Kramer W.
Kranich Catherine E.
Kranich Charles E.
Kranich Emanuel F.
Kranich Francis M.
Kranich Marie J.
Kranich Oscar
Kranich Reuben A.
Kraus Edna S.
Kraus Edward
Kraus Edward S.
Kraus Hannah E.
Krause Edward A.
Krause Elizabeth C.
Kraut John
Kraut Susan Landes
Krebs Earl E.
Krebs Elwood S. - pic2
Krebs Emma I. Stare
Krebs Esther G.
Krebs Marcella Doll
Krebs Margie A.
Krebs Olivia Z. Ford
Krebs Ralph E.
Krebs Robert W.
Krebs Wayne E.
Kreider Rebecca
Kreidler Chauncey S.
Kreidler Mary C.
Kreiger Mae E.
Kreiger Richard H.
Kremer Vonda
Krepps Carolyn P.
Krepps Edward J.
Krepps James H.
Krepps Tomie I.
Kress Beulah M.
Krichten Pamela J.
Krill Helmut
Krill Kathe
Krill Sylvia
Kroft Johannetta R. - pic2
Kroft Peter - pic2
Krohn Leah
Krone Arabelle F. - pic2
Krone Charles W. - pic2
Krone Harvey Y. - pic2
Krone Horace S.
Krone Louise M.
Krone Sadie W. - pic2
Krone Treva R. - pic2
Krone Verdella A. - pic2
Kronk Dorothy M.
Kronk William B.
Kronmiller Dorothea F. - pic2
Kronmiller George H. - pic2
Krouse Emily E.
Krout Margaret E.
Krout Margaret M.
Krout Mary Lehr
Krout Paul E.
Krout Raymond R.
Krow Mildred Felker
Krug Myrtle E.
Krumrine Jean Campbell
Kubik Ella H. - pic2
Kubik Paul P. - pic2
Kucinsky Charles J.
Kucinsky Sandra L.
Kuehn Bransby W.
Kuehn Carrie Keiser
Kuehn Lillie M.
Kuehn Myrtle E.
Kuehn O. Wilson
Kuehner Ina G. Ingram
Kuehner Nancy Ina
Kugle William N.
Kuhlman Charlotte M.
Kuhlman Frederick H.
Kuhn Bitha M.
Kuhn Delia B.
Kuhn Edward B.
Kuhn Edward B.
Kuhn Elmira Z.
Kuhn John W.
Kuhn Joseph H.
Kuhn Lillian N.
Kuhn Lloyd F.
Kuhn Mary E.
Kuhn Mary M.
Kuhn Mildred R.
Kuhn Paul B.
Kuhn Pauline M.
Kuhn Robert V.
Kulp Bernard B.
Kulp Tenna Senft - pic2
Kunkel Anna E. I.
Kunkel Emma W.
Kunkel F. William
Kunkel Gordon S.
Kunkel Harry E.
Kunkel Jacob H.
Kunkel Janet A.
Kunkel Lizzie
Kunkel Martin O.
Kuntz Annie M. - pic2
Kuntz Clara M. Welsh - pic2
Kuntz Cora E. - pic2
Kuntz Henry F. W. - pic2
Kuntz Marie C. - pic2
Kuntz Perry E. - pic2
Kurtz Barry L.
Kurtz Charles - pic2
Kurtz Coralie A.
Kurtz Della Gemmill - pic2
Kurtz Emma M. - pic2
Kurtz K. Maude
Kurtz Mary S. - pic2
Kurtz Samuel
Kurtz William H. - pic2
Kyle Alice M. B.
Kyle Gilbert H.
Kyle Harry E.
Kyle Howard B.
Kyle Sara
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