Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


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This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With J


Jackson Catharine E.
Jackson Sr.Charles W. - pic2
Jackson Granville E.
Jackson Homer A.
Jackson Lean Myrl
Jackson Linda L. - pic2
Jackson Norma R.
Jackson Rebecca U.
Jackson Sophia M.
Jackson William H.
Jacobs Anna Mary
Jacobs Annie C.
Jacobs Annie M.
Jacobs Beatrice Michaels - pic2
Jacobs Bernice M.
Jacobs Bessie M.
Jacobs Cecilia
Jacobs Charles Edward
Jacobs Charles R.
Jacobs Christina
Jacobs Clarence E.
Jacobs Daniel W.
Jacobs David H.
Jacobs Dorothy M.
Jacobs Dorothy M.
Jacobs Edna M.
Jacobs Edward D.
Jacobs Edward O.
Jacobs Elizabeth
Jacobs Elizabeth Johnson
Jacobs Ellen E. Jurdan - pic2
Jacobs Emma M. Weidman
Jacobs Ethel Linebaugh
Jacobs Fannie Ellen
Jacobs Florence S.
Jacobs George Augustus
Jacobs George F.
Jacobs George M.
Jacobs Grover E. - pic2
Jacobs H. Edward
Jacobs Harry - pic2
Jacobs Harry B.
Jacobs Henry E. - pic2
Jacobs Henry E.
Jacobs Henry Edward
Jacobs Hilda Grace
Jacobs Howard E.
Jacobs Ida A.
Jacobs Ida Kathryn
Jacobs Israel M. - pic2
Jacobs John A.
Jacobs Laura Atticks
Jacobs Levere Fishel
Jacobs Lewis H.
Jacobs Lydia M. Preu - pic2
Jacobs Maria A. McCandless
Jacobs Martha C.
Jacobs Mary - pic2
Jacobs Mary A.
Jacobs Mary E. Evans
Jacobs Mellie M. - pic2
Jacobs Minnie G.
Jacobs Myrtle Irene
Jacobs Olive V.
Jacobs Oliver P.
Jacobs Otis L. - pic2
Jacobs Raymond George
Jacobs Robert C. - pic2
Jacobs Russell C.
Jacobs Ruth P.
Jacobs Sarah E.
Jacobs Sarah J. - pic2
Jacobs Stewart W.
Jacobs Susan Brown - pic2
Jacobs Teresa Ackworth
Jacobs Theodore R.
Jacobs Theodore R.
Jacobs William C.
Jacobs William Franklin
Jacoby Adam - pic2
Jacoby Amanda
Jacoby Annie E. - pic2
Jacoby Charles A.
Jacoby Charles H.
Jacoby Dorothy M.
Jacoby Earl R.
Jacoby Eliza B. - pic2
Jacoby Fanny E.
Jacoby Harry E.
Jacoby Harry E.
Jacoby Helen Lau
Jacoby Henry
Jacoby Howard W. - pic2
Jacoby Infant Son - pic2
Jacoby John Edward
Jacoby Laura L.
Jacoby Lester D.
Jacoby Levi C. - pic2
Jacoby Maggie R. - pic2
Jacoby Marchia L.
Jacoby Mary
Jacoby Mary A.
Jacoby Mary A. - pic2
Jacoby Mary C.
Jacoby May Y.
Jacoby Naomi Sarah - pic2
Jacoby Peter Wesley
Jacoby Raymond E. - pic2
Jacoby Robert F.
Jacoby Walter E. - pic2
Jacoby William E. - pic2
Jacox Sr.Michael D.
Jamison E. Gates
Jamison Ellsworth V.
Jamison Evelyn Pritz
Jamison Ida A.
Jamison Jacob A.
Jamison Mamie Irene
Jamison Shawn James
Jammer Blanche M. - pic2
Jammer George F. - pic2
Jammer M. Charlotte - pic2
Jandorf Abram
Jandorf Daisie L.
Jandorf Mabel K.
Jandorf Morton L.
Jarvis Carrie E. - pic2
Jarvis Harvey E. - pic2
Jassogne Mary A. Houseal
Jeffers Eliakim Tupper
Jeffers Esther Graham Hodgens
Jeffers Hugh Smyser
Jenkins Amelia
Jenkins Doris I.
Jenkins Ida J.
Jenkins John D.
Jenkins Kenneth C.
Jenkins Thomas
Jennings Amanda A.
Jennings Arthur B.
Jennings Daisy
Jennings Fannie I.
Jennings Fannie K.
Jennings Herbert V.
Jennings Horace E.
Jennings Rose M.
Jennings Wm. Henry
Jessop Dorothy
Jessop Edward Newbold
Jessop Elizabeth Roland
Jessop Lula McKenney - pic2
Jessop Maggie
Jessop Ralph G.
Jessop Roland - pic2
Jessop Samuel Newbold
Jessop Vesta L.
Jessop William H.
Jester Clarence W.
Jester Doris R.
Johns Alice Emma
Johns Jr.Arthur D.
Johnson Abbie
Johnson Abbie I.
Johnson Anna B.
Johnson Arthur G.
Johnson Bobby R.
Johnson Cecil
Johnson Charles Henry
Johnson David C.
Johnson George C. - pic2
Johnson George J.
Johnson Gula P.
Johnson Guy W.
Johnson J. Paul
Johnson J. Ross
Johnson Joann M.
Johnson John L.
Johnson John R.
Johnson John T.
Johnson Juana Walker
Johnson M. Jayne A. - pic2
Johnson Marie V.
Johnson Nathan
Johnson Olive
Johnson Richard K.
Johnson Robert W.
Johnson Russell G.
Johnson Ruth G.
Johnson S. Rosanna
Johnson Susan C.
Johnson Susan May
Johnson Theresa J.
Johnston Gertrude M. - pic2
Johnston Ruth M. - pic2
Johnston W. Donald - pic2
Jolley Lucretia
Jolley Orin Milton
Jolley Ralph Edward
Jones Adam T.
Jones Anna L. Englishberger
Jones Archer L. - pic2
Jones Beatrice M.
Jones Cassandra - pic2
Jones Clara E.
Jones Curven F.
Jones David A.
Jones David A.
Jones Elizabeth A.
Jones Elmer K.
Jones Elsie C.
Jones Ethel M.
Jones Florence R.
Jones George D.
Jones Gladys S.
Jones Ida Jane Strickler - pic2 - pic3
Jones James R. - pic2
Jones Jenna Jill
Jones John H.
Jones Jr.Josiah W.
Jones Julia Strickler
Jones Leah
Jones Mary E.
Jones Melvin S.
Jones Mildred O.
Jones Ralph D.
Jones Sarah
Jones Stephanie L.
Jones Viola M.
Jones Walter F.
Jones William
Jones William
Jones Wilson H. - pic2
Jordan Geraldine A. - pic2
Jordan Sr.Jeffrey R. - pic2
Jordan John A.
Jordan Nancy L.
Jordy Frances A.
Jordy Louis
Jordy Sarah V.
Joseph Betty J.
Joseph Charlotte M.
Joseph Donald C. - pic2
Joseph Glenn C.
Joseph Gloria E.
Joseph Gloria M.
Joseph Helen S.
Joseph Leroy E.
Joseph Mary L.
Joseph Preston L.
Joseph Richard K.
Joseph Ruth M. - pic2
Julius John P.
Julius Marguerite Hecker
Jury Alfred C.
Jury Isaac - pic2
Jury Kathryn E.
Jury Leroy - pic2
Jury Lloyd Chester
Jury Norman D.
Jury Sadie - pic2
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