Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012             


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With H


Haack Emma Lydia
Habliston Estella T.
Habliston John M.
Hackney William E.
Hafey H. Charles - pic2
Hafey Margaret P.
Hafey William James
Hagarman George W.
Hagarman Virgie M.
Hagerty Ann Cope
Hagerty Fred D.
Hain Caroline W.
Haines Betty J.
Haines Harold L.
Hake Albert M.
Hake Alice J. Eisenhart
Hake Amanda E. - pic2
Hake Blanche M.
Hake Catharine Musser - pic2
Hake David - pic2
Hake Edward - pic2
Hake Elizabeth - pic2
Hake George
Hake George
Hake Helen A. - pic2
Hake John F.
Hake John W.
Hake Julie Ann
Hake Levi W. - pic2
Hake Lydia
Hake Mary J. Morrison - pic2
Hake Melvina - pic2
Hake Mervin A. - pic2
Hake Mervin C. - pic2
Hake Michael L. - pic2
Hake Porter - pic2
Hake Rex C.
Hake Rosa T.
Hake Sarah E.
Hake Sarah J.
Hake Walter E.
Hake Wilhelm - pic2
Haker Anna M. C. - pic2
Haker Casper H. - pic2
Haker Mary - pic2
Haker Mary A. - pic2
Haldeman Alice M.
Haldeman Clair W.
Haldeman Gloria D.
Haldeman Paul L.
Haldeman Paul S.
Haldy Karen B. - pic2
Hale Carrous
Hale Emma
Hale Evelyn M. - pic2
Hale Evelyn M.
Hale Howard R.
Hale James E.
Hale Mary A.
Hale Rhea L.
Hale Robert L.
Hale Robert L.
Hale Robert M.
Hale Romaine B.
Hale Wilbur L.
Hall Betty E.
Hall Fannie G.
Hall Howard R.
Hall James F.
Hall Jo Ann M.
Hall Jonathan
Hall Lydia E. Williams
Hall Jr.Marlet E.
Hall Sr.Marlet E.
Hall Mary C.
Hall Sarah Elizabeth Purdon Smith - pic2 - pic3
Hall Theodore R. - pic2
Hall Trina I.
Hall William Hubbard - pic2 - pic3
Hallett Addie M. - pic2
Hallett Fred - pic2
Hallett Frederick A. - pic2
Hallett Grace M. - pic2
Hallett John E. - pic2
Hallett Jr.John E. - pic2
Hallock Daniel E. - pic2
Hallock Helen W. - pic2
Hallock Jennie P. - pic2
Hallock Margaretta - pic2
Hallock Ruth A. - pic2
Halloran Fannie G.
Halloran James N.
Halpin Elizabeth
Halpin Evelyn
Halpin Howard O.
Halpin James F.
Halpin Lorraine
Halpin William
Halyard Howard D.
Hamberger Daisy
Hamberger Edith M.
Hamberger Ervin L.
Hamberger Florence M.
Hamberger Frederick C.
Hamberger Harry W.
Hamberger Minnie E.
Hamberger Roy S.
Hamilton Cora A.
Hamilton Jimmy R.
Hamilton Ruth R.
Hamm Catharine - pic2
Hammarstrom Carl G.
Hammarstrom Virginia B.
Hamme Adam
Hamme Agnes
Hamme Alfred
Hamme Annie J.
Hamme Charles
Hamme Sr.Charles E. - pic2
Hamme Elizabeth - pic2
Hamme George W.
Hamme Grace Alma
Hamme Helen O'Boyle
Hamme John Alfred
Hamme John Bentz
Hamme John H. - pic2
Hamme John Martin - pic2
Hamme John Reese
Hamme Katie V.
Hamme Lydia A.
Hamme Maria Bentz
Hamme Mary Ann
Hamme Mary W. - pic2
Hamme Minnie Kohler
Hamme N. Allean - pic2
Hamme Robert E.
Hamme Robert H.
Hamme William
Hammel Catharine A.
Hammel Daniel J.
Hammer Henry - pic2
Hammer Mary J. Atwell - pic2
Hanauer Frieda - pic2
Hanes Evadel M.
Hanes Harvey C.
Hanigan Bertha M.
Hanigan James A.
Hanigan Lillie M.
Hanigan Ramsey O.
Hankey G. W. A.
Hankey George H.
Hankey Ida A.
Hankey Mame E.
Hankey Mollie
Hankey Ora A.
Hannigan Carl E.
Hannigan Kathryn M.
Hannigan M. Elsie
Hannigan S. Louise
Hansen Aage C.
Hansen Clara B.
Hansen Susan Fisher
Hansford Daisy Willey - pic2 - pic3 - pic4
Hanshew George M.
Hanshew May
Hanson Harvey Jordan
Hanson Herman W.
Hanson I. Lura
Hanson Rebecca H.
Hanson Warrick T.
Hantz B. Frank
Hantz IIIB. Frank
Hantz C. Edward - pic2
Hantz Emma Jane - pic2
Hantz Hazel K. - pic2
Hantz Irene E.
Hantz Leah
Hantz M. Alice - pic2
Hantz Margaret M.
Hantz U. Grant
Harbaugh Edwin C.
Harbaugh Edwin D.
Harbaugh Ernest S.
Harbaugh George L.
Harbaugh Ida J.
Harbaugh Jean B.
Harbaugh Katie Doll
Harbaugh Maude L.
Harbaugh Morris R.
Harbaugh Randy C.
Harbaugh Stanley L.
Harbold Allen H. - pic2
Harbold Mary A. - pic2
Harbolt Abraham L. - pic2
Harbolt Daniel W.
Harbolt Ida May - pic2
Harbolt Jacob H.
Harbolt James A.
Harbolt Sarah M.
Harbolt William H.
Harding Henry K.
Harding Nettie M.
Harding Sena L.
Hardy Anna V.
Hardy Annie E.
Hardy Robert C.
Hardy Jr.Robert C.
Hardy Samuel R.
Harkins Annie M.
Harkins Daniel
Harkins George A.
Harkins Mary E.
Harkins Norman E.
Harlacker Anna B.
Harlacker Elizabeth
Harlacker Paul Eugene
Harlacker William
Harlacker Jr.William
Harley Rebecca
Harley Virtue L.
Harman Anna Mae Simpson
Harman Berniece C. Eufer - pic2
Harman Earl G.
Harman Edith Shelly
Harman Harry W.
Harman John
Harman John M.
Harman Jr.Joseph S. - pic2
Harman Sr.Joseph S. - pic2
Harman Lillie M. - pic2
Harman Lydia A.
Harman Margaret H.
Harman Mary E.
Harman Maude B. W.
Harman Sr.Paul W. - pic2
Harman Raymond Henry
Harman Romaine V.
Harman Roser Grant
Harman Ruth L. - pic2
Harner Andora
Harner Anna M.
Harner Ida L.
Harner James A.
Harner June R.
Harner Kansas U.
Harner Nellie K.
Harner Samuel
Harner William V.
Harnish C. Elmore
Harnish Elizabeth G.
Harnish Katie M.
Harnish Rudolph
Harold Elsie E.
Harold Sr.John E.
Harold Mary E.
Harold Myrtle I.
Harold William E.
Harrer Daisy Burger - pic2
Harrington Ryan D.
Harris Alice J.
Harris Alma A.
Harris Barbara M.
Harris Elizabeth M.
Harris Floyd L.
Harris George F.
Harris Harry A.
Harris Harry Tilden
Harris Miriam I.
Harris Theresa R.
Harris Thomas
Harris Wm. H.
Harrison Elizabeth G.
Harrison Esther E.
Harrison Ezekiel B.
Harrison Herman J.
Harrison Sarah J.
Harrison Stella Z.
Harry Dora V.
Harry Frances M.
Harry J. Walter
Harry Robert C.
Hart May Margaret
Hart Paul K.
Hartless Audrey M.
Hartley Anna W.
Hartley C. Edward - pic2
Hartley John W.
Hartley Susanna R.
Hartloehner Elizabeth - pic2
Hartloehner Geo. - pic2
Hartloehner Geo. - pic2
Hartloehner Hannah - pic2
Hartman Agnes H.
Hartman Annie C.
Hartman Bayler
Hartman Carl E.
Hartman Carrie
Hartman Charles
Hartman Daniel - pic2
Hartman Earl Leroy
Hartman Elizabeth M.
Hartman Frances M.
Hartman Freda A.
Hartman J. Frank
Hartman James B.
Hartman Sr.James I.
Hartman John H.
Hartman Lawton Mervale
Hartman Linda F.
Hartman Lorenz
Hartman Mary
Hartman Mary E.
Hartman Mary Latterman
Hartman Mary Louise
Hartman Paul I.
Hartman Rebecca - pic2 - pic3
Hartman Richard C.
Hartman Sarah - pic2
Hartman Sarah I.
Hartman Stewart A.
Hartman Sue Ellen
Hartman William
Hartman William
Hartman Wm.
Hartmann Valentin
Hartsough Ada Lillian
Hartsough George W.
Hartsough Grace I.
Hartsough Lydia H.
Hartsough Walter Ross
Hartz Mary - pic2
Harvey Jack T.
Harvey John
Harvey Lloyd E.
Harvey Ruth B.
Harvey Sarah E. - pic2
Hass Adam H.
Hass Albert P.
Hass Annie F.
Hass Baby
Hass Charles E.
Hass Harry N. - pic2
Hass Henry E.
Hass Jean R. - pic2
Hass Mary A.
Hass Meda M. - pic2
Hassler Cora A.
Hassler Levi E.
Hatterer Dorothy A.
Hatterer Gerald E.
Hatterer Gerald E.
Hauck Martha Blasenak
Hauer Conrad
Haug Grace E. Myers
Haug Mildred S.
Haugh Erby Pattison
Haugh Sarah Agnes
Hause Caroline
Hause Charles C.
Hause George S.
Hause James H.
Hause Mary Rupp
Hause Robert M.
Hause Sophie Shearer
Hauser Alice Richardson - pic2
Hauser Bertha C. - pic2
Hauser Hannah G. Richardson - pic2
Hauser John
Hauser John H. - pic2
Hauser John S. - pic2
Hauser Rosalie V. - pic2
Hauser Ursula
Hawck Mary V.
Hawck Mollie C.
Hawck Robert J.
Hawk Harriet F.
Hawk Samuel D.
Hawk Susanna
Hawk Thomas R.
Hawkins Adam L.
Hawkins Mary A.
Hawn Elizabeth M.
Hawn Herbert M.
Hay Alexander - pic2
Hay Caroline - pic2
Hay Cora
Hay Flora
Hay Isabella
Hay Jacob
Hay Jacob - pic2
Hay VJacob
Hay John
Hay John
Hay Juliann
Hay Lenah - pic2
Hay Lenah Spangler
Hay Mary Ann
Hay Michael
Hay Sarah - pic2
Hay Susan Smyser
Hayes Ethel G.
Hayes John H.
Haynes Dorothy E.
Haynes Elizabeth D.
Hays Bertha A.
Hays Bertha K. - pic2
Hays Blanche M.
Hays Boyd - pic2
Hays Carl F.
Hays E. Flowrene
Hays Esther Odell - pic2
Hays Grace Stahl - pic2
Hays Granville
Hays H. Samuel
Hays Jesse C.
Hays Katharine
Hays Laura E.
Hays Lottie L.
Hays Morris M. - pic2
Hays Scott Clifford
Hays Walter B.
Hayward Albert H.
Hayward Bessie K.
Haywood Albert P.
Heap Alfred O.
Heap Eleanor H.
Heap Ethel G.
Heap George E.
Heap Henry C.
Heap Ida J.
Heap Lilian E.
Heap Norma M.
Heap Robert D.
Heap Thomas
Heap Thomas H.
Heard Sarah
Heath Anita P.
Heathcote Bellenetta K.
Heberly Carrie E. - pic2
Heberly Harriet - pic2
Heberly Helen M. - pic2
Heberly John S.
Heberly M. J. - pic2
Heberly Mary Ann Hiester - pic2
Heberly Mary E. Knauss - pic2
Heberly Mary Jane - pic2
Heberly Jr.Thomas F. - pic2
Heberly Sr.Thomas F. - pic2
Heck Bruce E. - pic2
Heck Della I. - pic2
Heck Harry M. - pic2
Heck John M. - pic2
Heck Martha J. - pic2
Heck Pearl M. - pic2
Heckert Alice
Heckert Anna M.
Heckert Benjamin F.
Heckert Bertha
Heckert Corinne O.
Heckert Edgar F.
Heckert Edgar F.
Heckert Edwin P.
Heckert Eva A.
Heckert George A.
Heckert George Owen
Heckert George W.
Heckert Harry W.
Heckert Harry W.
Heckert Hazel O.
Heckert Henry G.
Heckert Isabel V. Vandersloot - pic2
Heckert Isabella A.
Heckert James E.
Heckert John A.
Heckert John C.
Heckert John H. - pic2 - pic3
Heckert John T.
Heckert John W.
Heckert Lydia A.
Heckert Margaret Moyer
Heckert Mary E.
Heckert Oscar H. - pic2
Heckert Rebecca W.
Heckert Ruth O.
Heckert Salome
Heckert Sonny
Hedrick Annie
Hedrick Charles E.
Hedrick George
Hedrick George B.
Hedrick George B.
Hedrick George F. - pic2
Hedrick John L. F.
Hedrick Louisa H.
Hedrick Margaret G. - pic2
Hedrick Mary C.
Hedrick Mary M. - pic2
Hedrick Owen H.
Hedrick Sadie I.
Hedrick Sarah F.
Heede Ethel L.
Heede Fritz P.
Heenan Margaretta Major
Heenan Roland Miles
Hefflefinger Charles M.
Hefflefinger Grace L.
Hefflefinger Susan M.
Hefflefinger William A.
Heffner Annie
Heffner Bert A.
Heffner Eliza Sprenkle
Heffner George W.
Heffner Simon A.
Heffner Susan C.
Heffner Unknown
Heidgerd Helen G.
Heidgerd Robert H.
Heidler Anna L.
Heidler Daisy D.
Heidler George L.
Heidler J. John
Heidler John F.
Heidler Lydia A.
Heidler Rosannah
Heidler Russel A.
Heiges Adelaide W.
Heiges Annie S.
Heiges Dollie Groom - pic2
Heiges Elisabeth - pic2
Heiges Elizabeth R. - pic2
Heiges George Rupp
Heiges Horace M.
Heiges Jacob D.
Heiges Jay Clifford
Heiges John - pic2
Heiges Mary - pic2
Heiges Nellie J.
Heiges Philip B.
Heiges Samuel B. - pic2
Heiges Samuel B. - pic2
Heiland Agnes
Heiland C. Frank
Heilman Amanda
Heilman Delores C.
Heilman Edith A.
Heilman Ellen A. - pic2
Heilman Iva L. - pic2
Heilman J. Bert - pic2
Heilman John - pic2
Heilman John Stewart - pic2
Heilman John T.
Heilman Pauline E. - pic2
Heilman Wilford L. - pic2
Heim Eve
Heim Jacob
Heiman Blanche E.
Heiman Carrie E. - pic2
Heiman Henry J. - pic2
Heiman Jennie E.
Heiman John F.
Hein Arthur G.
Hein Chester C.
Hein Doris F.
Hein Edward G.
Hein Ernest
Hein Ethel
Hein Harman
Hein Ida J.
Hein Kenneth L.
Hein Lawrence J.
Hein Mary J.
Heindel Annie E.
Heindel Catharine
Heindel Daniel
Heindel Doris M. Gotwalt
Heindel Dorothy E.
Heindel Elizabeth
Heindel Elizabeth
Heindel Harrison D.
Heindel Harvey H.
Heindel Louise G.
Heindel Lucy A.
Heindel Maggie Henry
Heindel Jr.Richard A.
Heindel Sr.Richard A.
Heindel Robert F.
Heindel Sylvester
Heinemeyer Anna S.
Heinemeyer Chas. A.
Heinemeyer Chas. A. E.
Heinemeyer Edward F.
Heinemeyer George D.
Heinemeyer Henry G.
Heinemeyer Sarah Jane
Heinemeyer Wilhelmina C.
Heinemeyer Wilhelmina S.
Heinly Charles H.
Heinly Lois V.
Heinly Mary J.
Heisey James Frederick
Heisey Lewis H.
Heisey Linda Mae
Heisey Robert R.
Heisey Ruth A.
Heisler Franklin
Heisler Howard C.
Heisler Lafa O.
Heiss Bessie M.
Heiss Harvey C.
Heist Bernice A.
Heist Curtis E.
Heistand John F.
Heistand Judith A.
Heistand Mary B. Frank
Heistand Mary E.
Heistand Michael
Heitcamp Anna M.
Heitcamp Carrie A.
Heitcamp Daisy F.
Heitcamp Frederick W.
Heitcamp Henry C.
Heitcamp Henry E.
Heitcamp Mary A.
Heitcamp Wilhelmine C.
Helb Charles J. - pic2
Helb G. Curtis - pic2
Helb Julius C. - pic2
Helb Sophia S. - pic2
Helb Theo. Edward - pic2
Helder Ambrose B.
Helder Emma A.
Helfrich Kenneth W.
Helfrich Mary E.
Helfrich Susan R.
Heliman Frederica - pic2
Heller Elmira J. Engles
Heller Sr.John W.
Helwig Karl C.
Helwig Mary L.
Hemphill Louis
Hench Adele M.
Hench Bessie Foreman
Hench George H.
Hench S. Nevin
Henderson Arthur H.
Hendrickson Anna K. - pic2
Hendrickson Annie
Hendrickson Elizabeth M.
Hendrickson Elwood J.
Hendrickson Harry B.
Hendrickson Infant Son
Hendrickson James C.
Hendrickson Joseph T.
Hendrickson Lila M.
Hendrickson M. Pauline
Hendrickson Morris J. - pic2
Hendrickson Pauline R.
Hendrickson Ralph D.
Hendrickson Roy S.
Hendrickson T. R.
Hendrix Amanda W.
Hendrix William F.
Hene Regina M.
Hene Theodore D.
Hengst Betty J.
Hengst Deloris M.
Hengst Melanie N. - pic2
Hengst Mervin L.
Hengst Michael C.
Hengst Raymond E.
Hengst Rosine E.
Henise Amanda E. - pic2
Henise Anna M.
Henise Gotlieb
Henise John A. - pic2
Henise Raymond G. - pic2
Henise Robert M. - pic2
Hennessey Emma Gahring
Hennessey James F.
Henry Andrew J.
Henry Annie E. - pic2
Henry Bertha M.
Henry Caroline
Henry Edna H.
Henry Elizabeth Bupp Peeling
Henry Evelyn G.
Henry George M.
Henry George W.
Henry Gustav A. - pic2
Henry Harry W.
Henry Henrietta L. - pic2
Henry Herbert E. - pic2
Henry John F.
Henry IIIJohn F.
Henry Julia S.
Henry Karen Sue
Henry Kenneth E. - pic2
Henry Lana A.
Henry Lois J.
Henry Louise
Henry Lucy E. - pic2
Henry Mary - pic2
Henry Mary L.
Henry Mary S.
Henry Virginia E.
Henry Walter E. - pic2
Henry Walter R.
Henry William G.
Henschke Ellen K.
Henschke John C.
Henschke Jr.John C.
Henschke Lottie M.
Henschke William H.
Hensel Albert
Hensel Anna
Hensel Ida
Henze C. - pic2
Henze C. Edward - pic2
Henze Catharine - pic2
Henze Cora D. - pic2
Henze Elenor - pic2
Henze Harry V.
Henze Katie B. - pic2 - pic3
Henze Leroy I. - pic2 - pic3
Henze Oscar A.
Henze Sarah C.
Henze William H. - pic2 - pic3
Hepler Dorothy R. Ickes
Hepler James P.
Herbert Earl L.
Herbert Geraldine E.
Herbert Mary C.
Herbert William J.
Herbst Adeline
Herbst Alice Mae
Herbst Charles B.
Herbst Infant
Herbst Jacob Y.
Herbst Mary A.
Herman Addie R. M.
Herman Amanda
Herman Amanda L.
Herman Anna S.
Herman Annabelle H.
Herman B. Frank
Herman Barbara Marie
Herman Catherine L.
Herman Charles E.
Herman Christian - pic2
Herman Daison B.
Herman Daniel K.
Herman Edythe B.
Herman Elmira J.
Herman Emanuel
Herman Evelyn G.
Herman George Betz
Herman Goldie F.
Herman Grant - pic2
Herman H. Kenneth
Herman Harris M.
Herman Jacquelene L.
Herman Jesse R. - pic2
Herman John M.
Herman Kate B.
Herman Kenneth E.
Herman Kenneth K.
Herman Lela D.
Herman Lila
Herman Linda Jane
Herman Lloyd H.
Herman Luther D.
Herman Lydia S. Rupp
Herman Madge Allison
Herman Mary L.
Herman Mary M.
Herman Milton E.
Herman Milton W.
Herman Nora M. - pic2
Herman Philip
Herman Philip L.
Herman Rebecca A.
Herman Roger Gordon
Herman S. Henry
Herman Sadie A.
Herman Virginia E.
Herman Walter B.
Herman Walter S.
Herman William E.
Herman William H.
Herman William J.
Hermann Anna C.
Hermann Annie B.
Hermann Charles F.
Hermann George H. W.
Hermann Ida R.
Hermann J. George
Hermann Jennie
Hermann Sr.John G.
Hermann Lillie N. L.
Hermann Luther H.
Hermann Lydia C.
Hermann Maggie L.
Hermann Martha M.
Herr Ann - pic2
Herr Anna P. - pic2
Herr Ben - pic2
Herr George U. - pic2
Herr Infant - pic2
Herr L. Edward - pic2
Herr Jr.L. Edward - pic2
Herr Lorraine B.
Herr Morgan L. - pic2
Herr Roger E.
Herring Charlotte Bahn
Herring Earl O.
Herrmann Amos W.
Herrmann Margaret R.
Hershey Anna R.
Hershey Clarence H.
Hershey David M.
Hershey Emma G.
Hershey Erma Kohr
Hershey Florence I.
Hershey Helen M.
Hershey Infant
Hershey Jacob S.
Hershey Jeffery Scott
Hershey Jr.Kurvin P.
Hershey Sr.Kurvin P.
Hershey Leah P.
Hershey Michael K.
Hershey Stuart
Hershner Mildred E.
Hertz Beaulah G.
Hertz John J.
Herz Ada R.
Herz Bertha
Herz Carrie - pic2
Herz Infant
Herz Infant
Herz Isaac - pic2
Herz Jacob L.
Herz Leon
Hespenheide Carl F. W.
Hespenheide Fred A. - pic2
Hespenheide Helen E.
Hespenheide Lena C. - pic2
Hespenheide Walter H.
Hess Bernard J.
Hess Bertha R.
Hess Clarence R.
Hess Coretta L.
Hess Dorothy H.
Hess Sr.Edward A. - pic2
Hess Elizabeth - pic2
Hess Emma
Hess George R.
Hess Gloria H.
Hess Gordon E.
Hess Harry C.
Hess Jr.John E.
Hess Sr.John E.
Hess June K.
Hess M. Frances
Hess Maggie E.
Hess Margaret L.
Hess Jr.Michael D.
Hess Sr.Michael D.
Hess Mildred E.
Hess Mildred L. Botterbusch - pic2
Hess Millie K.
Hess Miriam W.
Hess Oliver C.
Hess Paul L.
Hess Phyllis F. - pic2
Hess Raymond E.
Hess Rebecca M.
Hess Rose A.
Hess Rudolph K.
Hess Ruth E.
Hess Sarah F.
Hess Susanna
Hess Walter L.
Hess Walter T.
Hess Wilbert G.
Hess Wm. H. - pic2
Hess Woodrow S.
Hetrick Bertous D.
Hetrick Carl R.
Hetrick Carrie R.
Hetrick Charlotte B.
Hetrick Horace C.
Hetrick Irene Gable
Hetrick John N.
Heuett Clementine
Heuett J. Edward
Heuter K. Louise
Heuter Nannie K.
Hevner Emma P.
Hevner Franklin P. - pic2
Hevner Herbert W.
Hevner Mary C. - pic2
Hewitt Gladys R.
Hewitt John E.
Hewitt Justin H.
Heyn Ella M.
Heyn Howard J.
Heyn Paul T.
Heyn Sarah Ann
Heyn Stuart S.
Heyn William
Heywood Edith R.
Heywood Harold F.
Hibner Alice J.
Hibner Benj. F. - pic2
Hibner Beulah T.
Hibner Earl T.
Hibner Elizabeth P.
Hibner Erma E. - pic2
Hibner Fred H.
Hibner Harry E. - pic2
Hibner Hazel G. - pic2
Hibner Helen R. - pic2
Hibner John F. - pic2
Hibner Leah M. Mann - pic2
Hibner Mabel - pic2
Hibner Mary A.
Hibner Mary E.
Hibner William H.
Hickson Rebecca
Hickson William C.
Hiestand Abraham F.
Hiestand Amanda L.
Hiestand Catharine
Hiestand Leah
Hiestand Sarah
Hiestand Susan
Hiestand William A.
Hiffmeyer Elsie L.
Hiffmeyer Margaret I.
Higgins D. Rayborn
Higgins M. Lois
Hikes Clarence S.
Hikes Elenora M.
Hildebrand Adella I.
Hildebrand Alexander - pic2
Hildebrand Amelia L.
Hildebrand Anna E. - pic2
Hildebrand Annie - pic2
Hildebrand Carol E.
Hildebrand Charles C.
Hildebrand Sr.Charles E.
Hildebrand Charles H.
Hildebrand Christian
Hildebrand Daisy I. - pic2
Hildebrand E. R.
Hildebrand Earl E. - pic2
Hildebrand Elizabeth
Hildebrand Elizabeth H.
Hildebrand Emma C.
Hildebrand Fannie W.
Hildebrand Florence
Hildebrand Frances
Hildebrand Grace
Hildebrand Henry N.
Hildebrand Ima F.
Hildebrand J. Curtis
Hildebrand J. Maria Ziegler - pic2
Hildebrand Jacob
Hildebrand James W.
Hildebrand Lloyd
Hildebrand Margaret B.
Hildebrand Margaret Sechrist
Hildebrand Mary M/
Hildebrand Paul - pic2
Hildebrand Rebecca
Hildebrand Jr.Robert G.
Hildebrand Ruth O.
Hildebrand Samuel G. - pic2
Hildebrand Thomas W.
Hildebrand Uriah K. - pic2
Hildebrand Ward H.
Hilker Charlotte C.
Hilker N. Dunnick
Hill Bertha M.
Hill David C.
Hill Edward C.
Hill Elizabeth Brostrom
Hill Frederick E.
Hill J. Ross
Hill John H.
Hill Mary E.
Hill Maxine L.
Hill Ruth M.
Hillard Herbert A.
Hillard Mattie Schiding
Hillard Vernon J.
Hilliker Agnes - pic2
Hilliker Ralph J. - pic2
Hilton Priscilla M.
Himes Mary L.
Himmelright Margaret Whorl
Hinckle B. Ray
Hinkle Arlene V.
Hinkle Catharine A.
Hinkle Catherine M.
Hinkle Clair M.
Hinkle Emma - pic2
Hinkle Henry - pic2
Hinkle Mary
Hinkle Mary M.
Hinkle May G.
Hinkle Ray L.
Hinkle Robert W.
Hinton Viola Foster
Hinton William W.
Hirschfield Betty L.
Hirschfield David
Hirschfield Lenora G.
Hirschfield Louis U.
Hirschfield Miriam
Hirschfield Philip E.
Hirsh Mina
Hirsh Sigmund
Hirshon Beatrice M.
Hite Dorothy C.
Hite Sr.Kenneth W.
Hivner Harry J.
Hivner Nellie
Hobbs Purdon Frey
Hobday Charles W.
Hochberger Bella H.
Hochberger Ethel W.
Hochberger Louis
Hochberger Simon
Hock John D.
Hock Louisa A.
Hock Philip
Hockenburg Carrie B.
Hockenburg Margaret B.
Hockenburg Paul W.
Hockenburg William A.
Hockensmith E. Louise
Hockensmith Walter L.
Hocker Catharine
Hocker Jacob F.
Hockey Mamie Bahn
Hodgson Clarence T.
Hodgson Mary G.
Hodnett Alexander P.
Hodnett Alfred G.
Hodnett Alfred T. G.
Hodnett Helen M.
Hodnett Mary F.
Hodnett Mary O.
Hodnett Walter R.
Hoecke Charles F.
Hoecke Mary E.
Hoecke William F.
Hoerner Edward K.
Hoerner Margaret
Hoff Agnes McManus - pic2
Hoff Amanda E.
Hoff Annie H.
Hoff Barbara A.
Hoff Carlton L. - pic2
Hoff Catharine Shindle - pic2
Hoff Charles C.
Hoff Clarence W. - pic2
Hoff Dorothy M.
Hoff Edith M. - pic2
Hoff Evelyn M.
Hoff Florence V. - pic2
Hoff George L. - pic2
Hoff Gertrude C.
Hoff Harold M. - pic2
Hoff Harry F.
Hoff Irene S. - pic2
Hoff John E. - pic2
Hoff John M. - pic2
Hoff Jr.Leroy H.
Hoff Sr.Leroy H.
Hoff Samuel M. - pic2
Hoff Sarah - pic2
Hoff Sarah A. - pic2
Hoff Sarena G. - pic2
Hoff Susan Wolf - pic2
Hoff Tina M.
Hoff Viola B.
Hoff William J. - pic2
Hoffacker Florence M.
Hoffacker Nettie May - pic2
Hoffacker Nora I.
Hoffacker Raymond M.
Hoffacker William E. - pic2
Hoffeditz A. Rauch
Hoffeditz Carrie L. Foreman
Hoffeditz F. A. R.
Hoffeditz Louisa S. Kieffer
Hoffheins Charles
Hoffheins Fannie C.
Hoffheins Frances A.
Hoffheins Frank G.
Hoffheins John A.
Hoffheins Lidie S. - pic2
Hoffheins Lydia Lenhart - pic2
Hoffheins Naomi M.
Hoffheins R. - pic2
Hoffheins Wm. L. - pic2
Hoffman Albert G. - pic2
Hoffman Angel M.
Hoffman Annie B.
Hoffman Cherri R. - pic2
Hoffman Clair W.
Hoffman Cora A.
Hoffman Curvin C.
Hoffman Dan F.
Hoffman David - pic2
Hoffman Dolores M.
Hoffman Edna M.
Hoffman Ellen M.
Hoffman Emory D.
Hoffman Eva M. - pic2
Hoffman Flora E.
Hoffman Harry N.
Hoffman Harry S. - pic2
Hoffman Howard E.
Hoffman Irene A.
Hoffman Jacob H.
Hoffman Julia I.
Hoffman June L.
Hoffman Kenneth E.
Hoffman Mahela J. Small - pic2
Hoffman Margaret L.
Hoffman Mary L.
Hoffman Melvina
Hoffman Minnie
Hoffman Ottomar C.
Hoffman Paul F.
Hoffman Ralph F. - pic2
Hoffman Sophia Z. - pic2
Hoffman William H.
Hoffman William H.
Hoffman Zelma C. Stroman
Hoffmaster Blanche E.
Hoffmaster George L.
Hoffmeyer Anna Louisa
Hoffmeyer Chas. Frederick
Hoffmeyer Emma May
Hoffmeyer Frederick W.
Hoffmeyer Katharine Fryer
Hoffmeyer Mary Ann Westhafer
Hoffmeyer Mary B.
Hoffmeyer Mary Ellenora
Hoffnagle George E.
Hoffnagle Harvey J.
Hoffnagle Ruth E.
Hofmann Jr.John - pic2
Hofmann Sr.John - pic2
Hoke A. Herman
Hoke Agnes Mary
Hoke Amanda E. - pic2
Hoke Annie - pic2
Hoke Annie C.
Hoke Catharine Herman - pic2
Hoke Catherine A. - pic2
Hoke Clayton H.
Hoke Curvin C.
Hoke Donald E.
Hoke Elizabeth Free - pic2
Hoke George E.
Hoke George King
Hoke Harry H.
Hoke Hattie M.
Hoke Helen S.
Hoke Helen V.
Hoke Herman - pic2
Hoke Jacob
Hoke John
Hoke John
Hoke John - pic2
Hoke John C.
Hoke Josephine Bier
Hoke Lawrence Ray
Hoke Leah E.
Hoke Sr.Lester M.
Hoke Lillie Rae
Hoke Margaret E.
Hoke Marguerite L.
Hoke Marion M. A.
Hoke Mary Amanda - pic2
Hoke Mary Ann
Hoke Mary C.
Hoke Mary E.
Hoke Murray
Hoke Myrna C.
Hoke Norman A.
Hoke Paul H.
Hoke Pearl O.
Hoke Rebecca L. - pic2
Hoke Rosie Z.
Hoke Samuel
Hoke Susan
Hoke Unknown
Hoke Walter
Hoke William A.
Hoke William E.
Hoke William H.
Hoke Winfield G.
Hoke Wyatt Whistler
Holcombe Janet
Holiday Ainis T.
Holiday Gilbert J.
Holland Anna K.
Holland Ealor P.
Holland Edna S.
Holland Elizabeth - pic2
Holland Elmer E.
Holland Evaline - pic2
Holland Flora E. - pic2
Holland Frank E.
Holland Frank Harry
Holland Granville - pic2
Holland J. Edgar
Holland James L.
Holland Jeane
Holland Joseph C. - pic2
Holland Joseph C. - pic2
Holland Joseph L. - pic2
Holland L. Naomi
Holland Mae F.
Holland Mary E. - pic2
Holland Mary R.
Holland Nancy - pic2
Holland Rebecca - pic2
Holland Rebecca E. - pic2
Holland Saml. W.
Holland Thomas - pic2
Holland Thomas - pic2
Holland Thomas H. - pic2
Holland Walter C.
Hollander Harold S.
Hollander Louis D. - pic2
Hollander Patricia B.
Hollander Sadie G. - pic2 - pic3
Hollar Glenn R.
Hollar Kathryn B.
Holler Elwood L.
Holler Marion C.
Hollerbush Genevieve E.
Hollerbush James C.
Hollerbush James D.
Hollinger Alice J.
Hollinger Amos R. - pic2
Hollinger Annie K.
Hollinger C. Craver
Hollinger Carl P.
Hollinger Charles R.
Hollinger Earl A.
Hollinger Elizabeth K. - pic2
Hollinger Ella E. Shaffer
Hollinger Ethel E.
Hollinger Fanny C.
Hollinger Frederick C.
Hollinger Grace I.
Hollinger John A.
Hollinger John C.
Hollinger Julia A.
Hollinger Larry E.
Hollinger Olive Burkins - pic2
Hollinger P. S.
Hollinger Peter
Hollinger Ralph A.
Hollinger Reba E.
Hollinger Richard Elmer - pic2
Hollinger Rosanna E.
Hollinger Steven J.
Hollinger William B.
Hollinger William E.
Hollingsworth Harold - pic2
Hollingsworth Harold T. - pic2
Hollingsworth Mildred C. - pic2
Holmes Jr.Isaac
Holmstrom Albert V.
Holowka Annie A.
Holowka Elizabeth Verna
Holowka Eva Agnes
Holowka John
Holowka Marie Josephine
Holowka Michael
Holowka Paul Donald
Holtzapple Amanda
Holtzapple Charles A.
Holtzapple Frieda L.
Holtzapple George Emanuel
Holtzapple Gertrude S.
Holtzapple Laura B.
Holtzapple Lucy Ellen - pic2
Holtzapple Mahala Gladfelter
Holtzapple Paul R.
Holtzinger Anna M.
Holtzinger Elizabeth C.
Holtzinger F. K.
Holtzinger Jack E.
Holtzinger John H.
Holtzman Chauncey G.
Holtzman Donald E.
Holtzman Jr.Harry R.
Holtzman Nora M.
Holtzman Robert A.
Holtzman Ruth A.
Holtzman Sarah L.
Homan Betty M.
Hoober Henry - pic2
Hoober John A. - pic2
Hoober Malinda Holtzapple - pic2
Hoober Sarah A. Klinefelter - pic2
Hoopes Michael C.
Hoover Allen D.
Hoover Anna E.
Hoover Anna Mae
Hoover Arlene D.
Hoover Beatrice Pearl
Hoover Bertha F. - pic2
Hoover Clarence S. - pic2
Hoover E. Paul
Hoover Elvin
Hoover Ethel K.
Hoover George L.
Hoover George R.
Hoover Geraldine M. Miller - pic2
Hoover Leonard P.
Hoover Minerva - pic2
Hoover Nancy L.
Hoover Oscar C.
Hoover Philip R.
Hoover Ruth A.
Hoover Sarah A.
Hoover Susan B.
Hoover Theodore C.
Hoover William A.
Hopkins David J.
Hopkins Edna V.
Hopkins Mary E.
Hopkins Paul S.
Hoppe Anthony R.
Hoppe Sue Ellen
Hopple Ada C.
Hopple Sr.Donald E.
Hopple Harry A.
Hopple Marjorie E. Roseberry
Hopstetter Flossie E.
Hopstetter Frederick B.
Horlebein Jacob
Horn Alonzo
Horn Alverta May
Horn Amanda
Horn Andrew N.
Horn Annie
Horn Arvilla
Horn Barbara Metz
Horn Carol A.
Horn Catharine Amanda
Horn Catrine
Horn Charles E.
Horn Charles Henry
Horn Charles I.
Horn Clarence H.
Horn Claudia
Horn David
Horn Edna G.
Horn Edna J.
Horn Elias W.
Horn Elizabeth - pic2
Horn Elmer W.
Horn Elsie G.
Horn Francis A.
Horn George H. - pic2
Horn George V. - pic2
Horn Gertrude E.
Horn Gregory C.
Horn Harry E.
Horn Henry
Horn Jacob - pic2
Horn John
Horn John J.
Horn Laura A.
Horn Lizzie A. Fiddler
Horn Lottie T.
Horn Luther P.
Horn Magdalena Ernst
Horn Marcellus
Horn Margaret - pic2
Horn Martin A.
Horn Mary J.
Horn Ollie May
Horn Raymond Lester
Horn Richard H.
Horn Richard H.
Horn Sadie A.
Horn Sally A.
Horn Sarah A.
Horn Sarah E.
Horn Susan
Horn Susan
Horn Susan A.
Horn Susan K.
Horn Unknown
Horn William H.
Horn William W.
Horne Alfred D.
Horne Mary E.
Horne Mary Emig
Horne Ruth K.
Horner Anna B.
Horner Cassie C.
Horner Catharine
Horner Charles F.
Horner Henrietta C.
Horner J. Thomas
Horner Jacqueline R. Durs
Horner Jane K.
Horner Louisa W.
Horner Marlyn L.
Horner Thomas
Horner Wade H.
Horner William R.
Horner William W.
Horning Annie P.
Horning Frank
Horning Mary Walters
Horst Mona Lucille
Horstick Amelia L.
Horstick Catharine A.
Horstick Edward B.
Horstick George A.
Horstick Virginia G.
Horstick Walter K.
Horton Jr.Thomas D.
Hose Anna M.
Hose Annie H.
Hose Beatrice G. - pic2
Hose Charles E. - pic2
Hose Ellen N.
Hose Jacob
Hose Sr.Jacob W. - pic2
Hose Maude M. - pic2
Hose William
Hoshour Daisy L.
Hoshour Evelyn A.
Hoshour Josiah W.
Hoshour William P.
Hoskin Louis A.
Hoskin Robert L.
Hoskin Sarah J.
Hoskins Edward F.
Hoskins Edward J.
Hoskins Howard E.
Hoskins Ida Ellen
Hoskins Isabelle B.
Hoskins Janet M.
Hostetler Ethel Rishel
Hostetter Edward B. - pic2
Hostetter Evelyn Tomes
Hostetter J. Frances - pic2
Hostetter Lizzie Bear
Hostetter Maude D.
Hostetter Paul R. - pic2
Hostetter Raymond D.
Hostetter Rose Keener - pic2
Hostetter Walter B.
Houck Carlyn L.
Houck Elizabeth E.
Houck Ephriam L.
Houck Gail B.
Houck John D.
Houck Laura Patricia
Houck Mary Marie
Houck Philip L.
Houck Ralph E.
Houck Ray P.
Hough Jonathan - pic2
Hough Unknown - pic2
Houseal Charlotte
Houseal E. Viola
Houseal Harvey A.
Houseal Horace G.
Householder Albert
Householder Drucilla
Householder Mabel L.
Houseman Billie E.
Houseman C. Paul - pic2
Houseman Grace Neiman - pic2
Houseman Karlyn V.
Houseman Nina
Houser Annie M.
Houser Curvin J.
Houser David W.
Houser Florence I.
Houser Samuel J.
Housman Marguerite W.
Houtz Arthur B.
Hovis Catherine E. - pic2
Hovis Eliza
Hovis Ettie Catherine - pic2
Hovis Isaac
Hovis James E. - pic2
Hovis Treva I. Senft - pic2
Hovis William H. - pic2
Howard Berta L.
Howard Sr.David F.
Howard David L.
Howard Dearries
Howard DeEtta L.
Howard Edward J.
Howard Edward S. - pic2
Howard Edwin A. - pic2
Howard Frances J.
Howard Helen V.
Howard James H.
Howard Kathleen - pic2
Howard Mary C. - pic2
Howard Mary L. - pic2
Howard Melvin L.
Howard Mildred C.
Howard Nettie I.
Howard Perry E. - pic2
Howard Ralph S. - pic2
Howard Rose Marie
Howard Ruth A. - pic2
Howell J. William - pic2
Howell Sue B. - pic2
Howett J. Harry - pic2
Howett James A.
Howett Rennie M.
Howett William J.
Hoyer George - pic2
Hoyer Ida S. - pic2
Hubbs Fred Edwin - pic2
Hubbs Grace C.
Huber Clyde B.
Huber Edna V.
Huber LeRoy F.
Hubert Andrew J.
Hubert J. Edward
Hubert John S.
Hubert Magnes
Hubert Virginia B.
Hubley Anna H. - pic2
Hubley Frank V.
Hubley Helen A.
Hubley Henry H. - pic2
Hubley Marion - pic2
Hubley Mary M.
Hubley Robert E.
Hudson Julius
Hueter Alfred
Hueter Charlotte K.
Hueter Harold M.
Hueter Margaret E.
Hueter Paul L.
Hueter Percis A.
Hugentugler Laura V.
Hughes Sr.Bruce A.
Hughes Harold S.
Hughes Johnny A.
Hughes Lillian S.
Hull IIE. Thomas
Hull Earle T.
Hull Pauline B.
Hullman Charles W.
Hullman Jr.Charles W.
Hullman George R.
Hullman John Henry
Hullman Marie A.
Hullman Minnie L.
Hullmann Charles B.
Hullmann Charles C. - pic2
Hullmann Christina M. Niemyer - pic2
Hullmann Marie E.
Humer Emily G.
Humer William M.
Hummer Anna E. - pic2
Hummer George A.
Hummer George B.
Hummer Harry R.
Hummer Harry W. - pic2
Hummer Helen Ruth
Hummer Ida J.
Hummer Kathryne A.
Hummer Marguerite
Hummer Romaine Ann
Hunt Donald E. - pic2
Hunt Ervin H. - pic2
Hunt Helena M. - pic2
Hunt Jacqueline E. - pic2
Hunt John W.
Hunt Louise Wilkinson
Hunt Minnie K.
Hunt Robert Molyneaux
Hunt Sarah V. Herman
Hunt Wiley
Hunter Flora M.
Hunter Irvin G.
Hunter William M.
Huppman Emma Amelia
Huppman Michael J.
Huppman Romaine Grace
Husson Annie M.
Husson Cathryne L.
Husson Charles E.
Husson John C.
Husson Lizzie
Husted Otis W.
Hutton Jacob A.
Hyde Amelia
Hyde Annie K.
Hyde Curtis
Hyde Curtis E.
Hyde Kathryn E.
Hyde Paul A.
Hyde Paul R.
Hyde William
Hydeman Jr.Albert I.
Hydeman Caroline L.
Hydeman Leon S.
Hydeman Marcus
Hydeman Margaret H.
Hydeman Nathan L.
Hydeman Vivian
Hyder William O.
Hykes Albert W.
Hykes Alverta I.
Hykes Carl L.
Hykes Helen L. Denues
Hykes Mae Kohler
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