Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012             


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With G


Gable B. Frank
Gable Bessie A.
Gable Chester - pic2
Gable Clarence S. - pic2
Gable Denah
Gable Doloris L.
Gable Elizabeth M. Hiestand - pic2
Gable Eva A. F. - pic2
Gable I. M. - pic2
Gable Ida I.
Gable Isaac C. - pic2
Gable John M.
Gable John W. - pic2
Gable M. Jennie
Gable Mary C. - pic2
Gable Nellie G. - pic2
Gable Ora Edith - pic2
Gable Raymond F. - pic2
Gable S. S.
Gable Susie M. - pic2
Gabler Geraldine A.
Gabler Robert F.
Gabovitz Richard A.
Gabovitz Susan A.
Gaddess Amy S. Crippen - pic2
Gahring Alice - pic2
Gahring Charles E. - pic2
Gahring Fannie
Gahring John
Gahring John
Gahring Mary J.
Gahring Unknown
Gailey Elizabeth M. - pic2
Gailey Herman A. - pic2
Gailey Jr.Herman A. - pic2
Gailey Ruth S. - pic2
Galambos Frank C.
Galambos Margaret E.
Galbreath Helen M.
Galbreath Paul C.
Gallagher Carrie I. - pic2
Gallagher Grace E. - pic2
Gallagher Lee F.
Gallagher Romaine B.
Gallagher Thomas R. - pic2
Gallatin Albert Frey
Gallatin Albert S.
Gallatin Anita D.
Gallatin Emma E.
Gallatin Fannie K.
Gallatin Henry A.
Gallatin Ida M.
Gallatin Jane
Gallatin Katie G.
Gallatin Lester E.
Gallatin Pauline F.
Gallatin Treva M.
Gallatin Wilbur P.
Galligan Daisy W.
Galligan John J.
Galloway Charles R.
Galloway Mary Ellen
Gamber Ada E.
Gamber Emma Reynolds
Gamber Joseph H.
Gamber Mary A.
Gantz Anna E. Kottmeier - pic2
Gantz Caroline
Gantz Christian F. - pic2
Gantz John W.
Gantz Wilton L.
Garay Eriberto
Garbe Ida Ann
Garcia Angel
Garcia Gabriel W. Hatfield
Garcia Maria C.
Gardner Anna K.
Gardner Anna Mary
Gardner Annie F.
Gardner E. Mira
Gardner Earle W.
Gardner Emory C.
Gardner Florence E.
Gardner Geo. B.
Gardner Gloria J. Stell
Gardner Grace E.
Gardner Henry J.
Gardner Sr.Herbert C.
Gardner I. Blanche
Gardner Jacob Hay
Gardner Jeane F.
Gardner John
Gardner John O.
Gardner Julia A.
Gardner Lucy Ann
Gardner Mabel Bessie
Gardner Mary A.
Gardner Melva Rae
Gardner Mollie L.
Garet Chauncey E.
Garland Carrie E.
Garland Mary C.
Garland Sarah E.
Garland Jr.William J.
Garland Sr.William J.
Garlin Clara M.
Garlin Jacob L.
Garlinger Barry H.
Garlinger Barry M.
Garlinger Belle M.
Garlinger Isabelle A.
Garlinger Marcene E.
Garlinger Mary E.
Garner Edna D.
Garretson Catherine - pic2
Garretson Charles S.
Garretson Cornelius - pic2
Garretson Cornelius R.
Garretson Joseph
Garretson Sally Virginia
Garrett Bertha M.
Garrett Delores J. Toot
Garrett Elsie M. - pic2
Garrett Henry H.
Garrett John Amos
Garrett Mabel M.
Garrett Ralph E.
Garrett Rebecca Craver
Garrett Ruth Benford
Garrett Susanne Mae
Garrett William Craver
Gartman Agnes R. - pic2
Gartman William E. - pic2
Garver Adam
Garver Annie
Garver Betty J.
Garver David A.
Garver Dorothy L.
Garver George J.
Garver Hannah E.
Garver Helen E.
Garver jacob
Garver James O.
Garver John
Garver John J.
Garver Julia
Garver Levi
Garver Lydia C. Boettcher
Garver M. Isabel
Garver Maria C.
Garver Mary Dorcas
Garver Mary Ellen
Garver Philip M.
Garver Ruth M.
Garver Sarah J.
Garver Susan C.
Garvin Leslie C.
Garvin Lillian M.
Gary Ruth Bamer
Gary Thomas Haley
Gass Betty Jane
Gasteiger Gladys S.
Gates Ezra - pic2
Gates Sadie M. - pic2
Gatewood Etta Mae
Gaulin Charles A. - pic2
Gaulin Mary D. - pic2
Gause Carl F.
Gaver Meda B.
Gay Julius E.
Gay Mary C.
Gearhart W. Edward
Geary Kathryn Butt
Gebensleben Carl
Gebensleben Laura J.
Geesey Jr.Adam F.
Geesey Catharine E. - pic2
Geesey Chelsey L.
Geesey Claude L.
Geesey Esther S.
Geesey J. F.
Geesey Martha R.
Geesey Nora A.
Geesey Norman L. - pic2
Geesey Purd A.
Geesey Rebecca Peeling
Geesey Roy L.
Geesey Ruth B.
Geesey Unknown A.
Gehly Annie Lydia
Gehly Theodore H.
Gehret Jennie M.
Gehret Samuel P.
Geier Jonas
Geier Margaret E.
Geier Samuel H. - pic2
Geiselman Alice E.
Geiselman Charles R. - pic2
Geiselman Dorothy R.
Geiselman George W. - pic2
Geiselman Georgie E. - pic2
Geiselman Samuel E.
Geiser Andrew
Geiser Fannie M.
Geiser John W.
Geiser Paul A.
Geisler Ervin H.
Geisler Matrona S.
Geisler Mildred H. - pic2
Geist Charles H.
Geist Dorothy P.
Geist George W.
Geist Harriet
Geist John S.
Geist Lizzie M.
Geist William H.
Geistweit Geo.
Geller Beulah V.
Geller Fred R.
Gelwicks Charles W. - pic2
Gelwicks Mary E. - pic2
Gemmill Agnes M.
Gemmill Ann Belle
Gemmill Bruce
Gemmill Carl F.
Gemmill Claudia M.
Gemmill Cora May
Gemmill Cornelia S.
Gemmill Curran L. - pic2
Gemmill Daisy Lilian
Gemmill Earl W.
Gemmill Elizabeth M. - pic2
Gemmill Elmer J.
Gemmill Evens H. - pic2
Gemmill George F.
Gemmill Glenn
Gemmill Helen Moore
Gemmill Joseph S.
Gemmill Lillie E.
Gemmill Martha J.
Gemmill Mary A.
Gemmill Mary E. Frey - pic2
Gemmill Mary Wilkinson
Gemmill Mildred
Gemmill Nellie E.
Gemmill Paul J.
Gemmill Ralph R. - pic2
Gemmill Richard C.
Gemmill Rita Mae
Gemmill Robert G.
Gemmill S. Caroline
Gemmill Sue M.
Gemmill Walter E.
Gemmill William B.
Gemmill William L. - pic2
Gemmill William P.
Gemmill Wm. J.
Genius Wm. T.
Gentzler Albert C.
Gentzler Alma M.
Gentzler Alta M.
Gentzler Betty Jane
Gentzler Caroline E. - pic2
Gentzler Catherine P.
Gentzler Edward C. - pic2
Gentzler Edward M.
Gentzler Edwin A. - pic2
Gentzler Elizabeth
Gentzler Elmira J. - pic2
Gentzler Frazier E.
Gentzler George
Gentzler George W.
Gentzler Harvey
Gentzler J. Milton - pic2
Gentzler Karen M.
Gentzler Katherine J.
Gentzler Lenora K. Miller
Gentzler Louise C. - pic2
Gentzler Madge B. - pic2
Gentzler Margaret Louise
Gentzler Mary A.
Gentzler Mary V.
Gentzler Mervin A.
Gentzler Nancy M. Kindig
Gentzler Pauline F. R. Miller
Gentzler Philip E.
Gentzler Ricky David
Gentzler Stuart I.
Gentzler Unknown
Gentzler Wilbert E.
Gentzler William H.
George Albert C.
George Edith M.
George Lawrence A.
George M. Isabel
George Mabel Sip
George Richard E.
George Thomas E.
George Virginia Sipe
Gephardt Annie M. - pic2
Gephardt Henry F. - pic2
Gephart Georgianna
Gephart John H.
Gephart Robert E.
Gerber Alice U.
Gerber Charles
Gerber Daniel J.
Gerber Daniel W. J.
Gerber Elizabeth
Gerber Elton A.
Gerber Florence M.
Gerber Frances B.
Gerber Harry L.
Gerber Hesther L.
Gerber Irene C.
Gerber Irene Curtis
Gerber Jr.Ivan P.
Gerber Sr.Ivan P.
Gerber James
Gerber John E.
Gerber Kenneth L.
Gerber Nettie I.
Gerber Robert
Gerber William E.
Gerber William E.
Gerberich George F.
Gerberich Mary A.
Gerberich Minnie R.
Gerbrick Harry E.
Gerbrick Minnie N.
Gerkensmeyer Edna Noel
Gerkensmeyer Henry A.
Gerkensmeyer Louise Harms
Gerkensmeyer Philip F. C.
Germon Eliza C. Hess
Germon Isaac H.
Germon Joseph K.
Gerth Jacob S.
Gerth Luther K.
Gerth Sarah Keiffer
Gettys Francis E.
Gettys Isaac H.
Gettys Jeanette C.
Gettys Mary E.
Getz Charles A.
Getz Emma Blanche
Getz Florence
Getz George Edward
Getz Georgianna
Getz Infant
Getz Sr.J. Luther
Getz Jennie
Getz John
Getz Louisa A.
Getz Martin
Getz Nettie Norris - pic2
Getz Thomas B.
Getz Walter H.
Getz William Edward
Geucke Otto - pic2 - pic3
Gibbons Amelia E.
Gibbons Harvey C.
Gibbons Margie E.
Gibbons Mary Belle
Gibbons Reada C.
Gibbons Roy C.
Gibbs Anna M.
Gibbs C. Ray
Gibbs Carvel R. - pic2
Gibbs Charles W. - pic2
Gibbs Ella A. - pic2
Gibbs Eugene Uz
Gibbs George J.
Gibbs George W.
Gibbs Harry M. - pic2
Gibbs Irma L.
Gibbs Julia A. - pic2
Gibbs Lucretia
Gibbs Marian E.
Gibbs N. Jeanne
Gibbs Ralph E.
Gibbs Richard E.
Gibbs Sadie E.
Gibbs Susan Christiana
Gibson Amy Ruth - pic2
Gibson Catharine Baker - pic2
Gibson Charles R.
Gibson Ernest E.
Gibson Helen Packard - pic2
Gibson Holman S. - pic2
Gibson John - pic2
Gibson Marion E. - pic2
Gibson Milton B. - pic2
Gibson Olivett T.
Gibson S. Elizabeth - pic2
Gibson William - pic2
Giesey Florence A.
Giesey William B.
Gifford Hanual N.
Gifford Harry H.
Gifford Margaret M.
Gift Floyd A.
Gilbert Arthur
Gilbert Sr.Arthur
Gilbert Daisie K. Kranich
Gilbert Doris R.
Gilbert Ernest
Gilbert Ernest J.
Gilbert Ethel S.
Gilbert Florence E. - pic2
Gilbert Harry B.
Gilbert Henry C. - pic2
Gilbert Irene Bixler
Gilbert Leah J.
Gilbert Lois B.
Gilbert Lucinda Mary
Gilbert Mary I.
Gilbert Mary K. - pic2
Gilbert Maurice N.
Gilbert Oliver P.
Gilbert Robert O.
Gilbert Roy B. - pic2
Gilbert Ruth M.
Gilbert Sara L.
Gilbert Walter B.
Gilberthorp Clair W.
Gilberthorp Emma A.
Gilberthorp Pauline K.
Gilberthorp William F.
Gildenzopf Emil C.
Gildenzopf Emma C.
Gilland Maggie E.
Gillen Ellen K.
Gillen Jacob A.
Gillespie A. Amelia - pic2
Gillespie Eugene P.
Gillespie Frederick G.
Gillespie Herbert B. - pic2
Gillespie Irene S.
Gillespie John E.
Gillespie John W.
Gillespie Prudence C.
Gillespie Rose T.
Gillette Amanda
Gilmore Donald A.
Gilmore Hilda B.
Gingerich Alvin
Gingerich Archie L.
Gingerich Bessie M.
Gingerich Catherine O.
Gingerich Donald L. - pic2
Gingerich George W.
Gingerich Grace E.
Gingerich Harry F. - pic2
Gingerich Jacob F. - pic2
Gingerich Mary A. - pic2
Gingerich Maude E.
Gingrich Caroline
Gingrich Michael
Gingrich Ralph H.
Gingrich Thelma P. Crist
Ginter Alfred L.
Ginter Bertha B. - pic2
Ginter Clara Gladfelter
Ginter Daniel Henry - pic2
Ginter Ellen
Ginter Harry C.
Ginter Henry C.
Ginter Jack R.
Ginter John E.
Ginter Lea Epplemen - pic2
Ginter M. Helen - pic2
Ginter Margaret C.
Ginter Margaret R.
Ginter Virginia R.
Gipe Minnie Boyd
Gipe Morgan E.
Gipe Susan S.
Girling Frederick B.
Girling Phyllis J.
Gise Beulah Slusser
Gise Daisy R.
Gise Frank G.
Gisriel Pearl E.
Gisriel Stanley B.
Givens Benjamin M.
Givens Carrie E.
Givens Catharine A.
Givens Curvin C.
Givens Curvin D.
Givens George W.
Givens Gertrude E.
Givens Ida L.
Givens Kathryn E.
Givens Mary A.
Givens Paul M.
Givens Sylvia A.
Givens Viola May
Givens William H.
Givens William W.
Glackin Oscar L.
Glackin Ruby C.
Gladfelter Angeline - pic2
Gladfelter Anita Louise
Gladfelter Arthur W.
Gladfelter Blanche T. - pic2
Gladfelter Caroline
Gladfelter Charles A. - pic2
Gladfelter Clara A.
Gladfelter Curtis S. - pic2
Gladfelter Dale Rodney
Gladfelter David M.
Gladfelter Doris J.
Gladfelter Earl B.
Gladfelter Edgar A.
Gladfelter Emma E.
Gladfelter Fred M.
Gladfelter Geraldine
Gladfelter Gertie V. - pic2
Gladfelter Gertrude
Gladfelter Harry G.
Gladfelter Henry Dwight
Gladfelter Henry G.
Gladfelter Henry K.
Gladfelter J. Allen - pic2
Gladfelter Jacob S.
Gladfelter Joan M.
Gladfelter John R. - pic2
Gladfelter Kittie V.
Gladfelter Lillie L. A. - pic2
Gladfelter Lloyd C.
Gladfelter Louisa E.
Gladfelter Mabel R.
Gladfelter Mary - pic2
Gladfelter Mary E.
Gladfelter Millard C.
Gladfelter Millard Curtis
Gladfelter Miriam A.
Gladfelter Peter - pic2
Gladfelter Rudy Z.
Gladfelter Sarah
Gladfelter Viola R. - pic2
Gladfelter William C.
Glassmyer Anna Trostle
Glassmyer Annie Barbara
Glassmyer Harry Edward
Glassmyer Wm. H.
Glassmyer Wm. H.
Glatfelter Amanda Ryan
Glatfelter Annie M.
Glatfelter Carl D.
Glatfelter Charles W.
Glatfelter Clara - pic2
Glatfelter Clarence A.
Glatfelter Jr.Clarence A.
Glatfelter Clayton H.
Glatfelter Sr.Daniel F.
Glatfelter Edward A.
Glatfelter Elenora
Glatfelter Emma E.
Glatfelter Ephraim H.
Glatfelter Ephraim H.
Glatfelter Flora B.
Glatfelter Fred F.
Glatfelter G. Richard
Glatfelter Garland G. - pic2
Glatfelter Helen Rutland
Glatfelter Henry B.
Glatfelter Iline N.
Glatfelter Isaac J.
Glatfelter Isaac K. - pic2
Glatfelter John K.
Glatfelter Joyce M.
Glatfelter Kathryn McFatridge
Glatfelter Laura T.
Glatfelter Leon Thomas
Glatfelter Lizzie
Glatfelter Mamie M.
Glatfelter Margaret H.
Glatfelter Maria Schriver - pic2
Glatfelter Mary A.
Glatfelter Mary C.
Glatfelter Mary F.
Glatfelter Milton H.
Glatfelter Paul C.
Glatfelter Penrose E.
Glatfelter Sr.Reuben E. - pic2
Glatfelter Robert L.
Glatfelter Romaine E.
Glatfelter Ruth May Mader
Glatfelter Sadie M.
Glatfelter Samuel S.
Glatfelter Sarah - pic2
Glatfelter Stuart E.
Glatfelter William F.
Glatfelter William H.
Gleason Elizabeth
Gleason Kathryn W.
Gleim Elmer Quentin
Gleim Ruth Rishel
Glendmeyer Annie Allison - pic2
Glendmeyer Ludwig F. - pic2
Glessner Andrew T. - pic2
Glessner Andrew W. - pic2
Glessner Anna K. - pic2
Glessner Annie E. - pic2
Glessner Charles E.
Glessner Dorothy H.
Glessner E. Marie
Glessner Elizabeth - pic2
Glessner Florence V. - pic2
Glessner George W.
Glessner Hamilton A.
Glessner Hamilton T. - pic2
Glessner Lillian M.
Glessner Robert C.
Glodic Joann M. Mentzer
Glodic John M.
Gloss Pamela A.
Glosser Carrie S. - pic2
Glosser Edna M.
Glosser Frank C. - pic2
Glosser George
Glosser George
Glosser Howard
Glosser Viola Fullerton
Glosser Walter A.
Gluckert Elizabeth Anne
Gluckert Francis Albert
Gnau John Philip
Gnau Michael David
Gnau Susan
Gobel Edith P.
Gobel William E.
Gochenour Beryl L.
Gochenour Forest W.
Gochenour Robert H.
Gochenour Sadie V.
Gochoco Felicidad Tantoco
Gochoco Jorge Gardner
Goheen Delores M.
Gohn Annie M. - pic2
Gohn Caroline C.
Gohn Catharine
Gohn Charlotte
Gohn George H.
Gohn Gladys I.
Gohn Greta M.
Gohn Henry G. - pic2
Gohn Lawrence
Gohn Lewis H.
Gohn Lillie M.
Gohn Max G.
Gohn Olive C.
Gohn Raymond L.
Gohn Stewart A.
Gohn Jr.Stewart A.
Gohn William A.
Golden Bessie B.
Golden Helen G.
Golden James I.
Golden Reuben
Golden Reuben E.
Golden Sarah E.
Goldstein Helen E.
Goldstein Joseph
Goldstein Leon
Goldstein Mary E.
Gontner Daniel G.
Gontner Ivan S.
Gontner Mazie E.
Good Alexander B.
Good Allen J.
Good Anna M. - pic2
Good Annie E.
Good Arlene R.
Good Barbara A.
Good Blanche L.
Good Cecil A.
Good Charles A. - pic2
Good Charles P. - pic2
Good Charlotte R.
Good Connie Sheely
Good Dale Eugene
Good Daniel H. - pic2
Good Dean E.
Good Delores F.
Good Edna Gale
Good Edward S.
Good Elsie S.
Good Emma E. - pic2
Good Emma J.
Good Ernest L.
Good Eugene Walter
Good Florence L.
Good Gilbert V.
Good Grace J.
Good Harry C.
Good Iva V.
Good Jacob G.
Good John Calvin
Good Leah J. - pic2
Good Lillian J.
Good Lloyd A.
Good Luther H.
Good Luther H.
Good Margaret L.
Good Sr.Mark A.
Good Mary Ann
Good MIchael E.
Good Philip G.
Good Sarah Ellen
Good Sharon K.
Good Wade A.
Goodemote Howard R.
Goodemote Jean B.
Goodling Araminta Walter - pic2
Goodling Barbara W.
Goodling Bess S.
Goodling Carrie M. - pic2
Goodling Catherine
Goodling Charles F.
Goodling Clarence
Goodling Curtis O. - pic2
Goodling Dorothy L.
Goodling Elizabeth M. Zinn - pic2
Goodling Emma L. - pic2
Goodling Estella V.
Goodling Franklin S. - pic2
Goodling Frederick W.
Goodling George A. - pic2 - pic3
Goodling George G. - pic2
Goodling George L. - pic2
Goodling Harry E.
Goodling Jacob O. - pic2
Goodling John J.
Goodling Lulu May
Goodling Marie K.
Goodling Mary V.
Goodling Noah O.
Goodling Raymond E.
Goodling Sarah Jane Kraus
Goodman Abraham
Goodman Albert
Goodman Clara
Goodman Clara T.
Goodman Edgar N.
Goodman Gertrude L.
Goodman Hess
Goodman Hilda C.
Goodman Isaac
Goodman Jeanette
Goodman Lee
Goodman Nathan
Goodman Rosa
Goodman Samuel R.
Goodman Sarah
Goodman Yetta
Goodwin Clarence Lester
Goodwin George
Goodwin Sadie New
Gordon Albert L.
Gordon Daisy Bell
Gordon Delmar K.
Gordon Elvin D.
Gordon Emma C.
Gordon Helen L.
Gordon Irvin W.
Gordon Jane E.
Gordon Jane S.
Gordon Junior David
Gordon Mildred T.
Gordon Minnie A.
Gordon Roy L.
Gordon Warren H.
Gosnell Annie J. Brant
Gosnell Donna Lee
Gosnell Irene
Gosnell James
Gosnell Mable Ruth
Gosnell Walter W.
Gotwald Earl A.
Gotwald Eliza - pic2
Gotwald Emma J.
Gotwald Grace E.
Gotwald J. Andrew
Gotwald Louise K.
Gotwald Mabel F.
Gotwald Milton A.
Gotwald Nettie C.
Gotwald Ralph E.
Gotwald William S.
Gotwalt Addie F.
Gotwalt Anna K.
Gotwalt Atlee P.
Gotwalt Augustus F.
Gotwalt Charles M.
Gotwalt Charles M.
Gotwalt Clara
Gotwalt Dorothy V.
Gotwalt Forry K.
Gotwalt Herbert A.
Gotwalt Ida May Wagner - pic2
Gotwalt Jacob H.
Gotwalt Jeanette V.
Gotwalt John S.
Gotwalt John S.
Gotwalt Kathryn I.
Gotwalt Lillie K.
Gotwalt Magdalene Hamme - pic2
Gotwalt Margaret Ellen
Gotwalt Marie D.
Gotwalt Mary Lau
Gotwalt Milton S.
Gotwalt Patricia J.
Gotwalt Paul K.
Gotwalt Ray C.
Gotwalt Robert W.
Gotwalt Romaine
Gotwalt Rosella M.
Gotwalt S. Catherine
Gotwalt Samuel Horace - pic2
Gotwalt Sr.Thomas A.
Gotwalt Virginia G.
Gotwalt William K.
Gotwalt William M.
Gotwalt Wilson C.
Gove Josephine
Graby Helen
Graby Minnie B.
Graby Spangler
Gracey Margaret J.
Graff Doris A. Friedt - pic2
Graff Ethel H.
Graff Lloyd B. - pic2
Graffius Carolyn Fout
Graffius Charles B.
Graffius Ernest
Graffius Lee E.
Graffius Ola Lutman
Graffius Vergie A.
Graffius William H.
Graft Betty J.
Graft Joshua W.
Graham Flora V.
Graham Henry A.
Graham Mary E.
Gramlich Harry F.
Gramlich Rosa A.
Grammes Bertie A.
Grammes Eleanor F.
Grammes Lewis G.
Grammes Louise C. - pic2
Granat Leon Herz
Grancel Charles H.
Grancel Ethel J.
Grandia Shirley F.
Grandia William M.
Grasman Alice B.
Grasman Alice Kraft
Grasman Anna C.
Grasman John H.
Grasman Lucy A.
Grasman Michael H.
Grass Lester
Grass M. Virginia
Grass Martin L.
Grass Philip G.
Grass W. Franklin
Gratz Charles A.
Gratz Jr.Charles A.
Gratz Earl F.
Gratz Ellen M.
Gratz John F.
Gratz Raymond
Gratz Sarah
Gray Charles G.
Gray H. C.
Gray Katie B.
Gray Lucy F.
Gray Mary
Gray Rose William
Gray Sarah A.
Gray Thomas
Graybill Anna M. - pic2
Graybill Annie E.
Graybill Barbara S.
Graybill Beatrice L.
Graybill Daniel - pic2
Graybill Edith M.
Graybill Elizabeth A.
Graybill Elizabeth C.
Graybill Gary L.
Graybill John - pic2
Graybill John E.
Graybill John E.
Graybill Laura R.
Graybill Leona M.
Graybill Mary - pic2
Graybill Michael L. - pic2
Graybill Millard F.
Graybill Paul C.
Graybill Pauline G.
Graybill W. Henry - pic2
Grayvill Luther B.
Green Betty C.
Green Beulah C.
Green Clarence
Green Dorothy L.
Green Edith E.
Green Ella L.
Green Emma K.
Green Fannie L.
Green Harry
Green Harry S.
Green Herbert H.
Green Jacqueline C.
Green James E.
Green James F.
Green Janet Fishel
Green John I.
Green Mary L.
Green Mary S.
Green Mazie E.
Green Micheal H.
Green Morris
Green Nettie A.
Green Odetta M.
Green Patricia M.
Green Pauline C.
Green Philip S.
Green Philip S.
Green Rachel R.
Green Robert A.
Green Roy A.
Green Russel F.
Greenawalt Charles - pic2
Greenawalt Emily Stair Schultz - pic2
Greenawalt Lambert - pic2
Greenawalt Margret - pic2
Greenawalt Samuel - pic2
Greenberg Florence
Greenberg Samuel
Greenholt Anna S.
Greenholt Charles E.
Greenholt Curtis M.
Greenholt Fannie
Greenholt George E. - pic2
Greenholt Henry D.
Greenholt Isaac D.
Greenholt Lydia Ellen
Greenholt Lydia R.
Greenholt Mary E.
Greenholt Pauline K.
Greenholt Rufus T.
Greenholt Susan A.
Greenstein Jennifer
Greer Annie Eliza Kraft
Greer Betty M.
Greer James E.
Greer John H. C.
Greer Lewis
Greer Lydia A.
Greer Shannon L.
Greer Shawn A.
Gregory C. W.
Gregory Mabel Estelle
Gregory Mary Brose
Greiman Anna S.
Greiman Augustus
Greiman Carrie A.
Greiman D. Edward
Greiman Edna M.
Greiman Eugene
Greiman George E.
Greiman Geraldine A.
Greiman Mary E. - pic2
Greiman Mary G.
Greiman Paul S.
Greiman Paul S.
Greiman Thelma
Greiman Virginia Boyer
Greiman William F.
Greimann Frederick - pic2
Greimann Frederick - pic2
Greimann Margaret - pic2
Greiss Gordon H.
Greiss Margaret E. Schiding
Greiss Rhuna H.
Gresly Allen E. - pic2
Gresly Annie M. - pic2
Gresly C. Andrew
Gresly Ellen
Gresly Henry J. - pic2
Gresly Jane
Gresly Mary - pic2
Gresly Mary A.
Gresly Robert J. - pic2
Gresly S. Elizabeth
Grieshaber Erwin W.
Griest John P. - pic2
Griest Olivia G. - pic2
Griffith Anna M. - pic2
Griffith Bertha Shetter
Griffith Beulah I.
Griffith Chester A.
Griffith Elsie Smith
Griffith Gertrude Miller - pic2
Griffith Harry
Griffith John H. - pic2
Griffith John L.
Griffith Louise M. - pic2
Griffith Melvin L.
Griffith W. H. - pic2
Grim Caroline S.
Grim Catherine M.
Grim Clair M.
Grim Clair W.
Grim Clara Anthony
Grim Cordelia K.
Grim Curtis R.
Grim Donald B.
Grim Ellen E. - pic2
Grim Florence M.
Grim G. Fred
Grim Irene I.
Grim Kenneth F.
Grim Mary G. - pic2
Grim Mary L.
Grim Murray L. - pic2
Grim Noah C. - pic2
Grim Norman J. - pic2
Grim Robert S.
Grim Ruth A.
Grim Sarah C.
Grim Virginia L.
Grimm Amanda - pic2
Grimm Arthur C.
Grimm Christiana Small - pic2
Grimm Doris J.
Grimm Elizabeth C.
Grimm Henry L.
Grimm Iva M.
Grimm James Lower
Grimm Jeffery C.
Grimm John W.
Grimm Leah J.
Grimm Lillie M.
Grimm Mary E.
Grimm Walter E.
Grimm William Henry
Groce Helen E.
Groft Donald Robert
Groft Emma J.
Groft Etta Louise
Groft Joseph A.
Groft Ruth M. - pic2
Gromling Charles H.
Gromling John B.
Gromling Mary
Gronenwett Sarah M. Fishel - pic2
Gronenwett William - pic2
Groom Albert
Groom Edgar - pic2
Groom Ellen
Groom Sadie E. - pic2
Groom Walter E.
Gross Ada M.
Gross Agnes J.
Gross Alfred S. - pic2
Gross Archie C. - pic2
Gross Archie M. - pic2
Gross Augustus S. - pic2
Gross B. Frank - pic2
Gross Calista J. - pic2
Gross Carlton Greiman
Gross Catherine M.
Gross Charles A.
Gross Charles E.
Gross Charles E.
Gross Charlotte Anstadt
Gross Clair E.
Gross Clarence J.
Gross Curvin W.
Gross Dorathea C.
Gross Doris D.
Gross Dorothy R.
Gross Edna M.
Gross Edward H.
Gross Elmira
Gross Elmira Jane
Gross Elwood C.
Gross Emily W.
Gross Emma J.
Gross Emma J.
Gross Estelle
Gross Ethel E.
Gross Ferrol B.
Gross George O.
Gross George R.
Gross Gordon H.
Gross Grace E.
Gross Harvey A.
Gross Howard H.
Gross Irene C. Waltemyer
Gross Jacob C.
Gross Jacob E.
Gross Jennie N. - pic2
Gross John E.
Gross John H.
Gross Johnny B.
Gross June M.
Gross Kathryn V.
Gross Lester P.
Gross Levi G.
Gross Lillie M. - pic2
Gross Linda J.
Gross Loretta C.
Gross Lucy R.
Gross M. Virginia - pic2
Gross Marc Carlton
Gross Marilyn J.
Gross Martha B.
Gross Martha M.
Gross Mary
Gross Mary A. - pic2
Gross Mary C.
Gross Mary E.
Gross Mary E.
Gross Mary E.
Gross Maurice P.
Gross Mildred E.
Gross Phyllis L. Greiman
Gross Ralph A. - pic2
Gross Reba L.
Gross Robert E.
Gross Jr.Roy A.
Gross Sr.Roy A.
Gross Samuel Luther
Gross Sarah E.
Gross Thompson P.
Gross Ursula R. Kuschel
Gross Walter A.
Gross Walter A.
Gross William H. - pic2
Gross William W.
Grote Earl M.
Grothe Antoinette - pic2
Grothe Charles H.
Grothe Charlotte W. - pic2
Grothe Clarke F.
Grothe Edith F.
Grothe Ernest F.
Grothe Ernest F. H.
Grothe Frank H.
Grothe Lillie K.
Grothe Louisa M.
Grothe Marie A. Quandt
Grothe Sr.Martin T.
Grothe Ruth A. L. - pic2
Grothe Wilhelmina C. - pic2
Grothe William H. - pic2
Grothey Clara E.
Grothey Henry B.
Grothey Ivan W.
Grothey Laura W.
Grothey Lester G.
Grothey Margaret E.
Grove Alice E.
Grove Anna K.
Grove Bella M.
Grove Bessie M.
Grove Bruce A.
Grove Earl E.
Grove Edmund P.
Grove Ella A.
Grove Elmer J.
Grove Henry S.
Grove James A. - pic2
Grove Joanne I.
Grove John F.
Grove John J.
Grove Joseph B.
Grove Joshua M.
Grove Joshua T.
Grove Julia A.
Grove Katharine Irene - pic2
Grove Lenore R.
Grove Madeleine M.
Grove Mary Ebaugh - pic2
Grove Mary M.
Grove Mildred W.
Grove Nelson B.
Grove Sr.Robert E.
Grove Romayne N.
Grove Samuel W.
Grove Sarah E.
Grove Virginia W. Wilkinson - pic2
Grubb Charles C.
Grubb Elsie B.
Gruber Benjamin F.
Gruber Florence
Gruber George
Gruber Katie E.
Gruber Margaret H.
Grumbacher Caroline
Grumbacher Daisy
Grumbacher Fanny E.
Grumbacher Mary M.
Grumbacher Max
Grumbacher Max Samuel
Grumbacher Samuel
Grumling Sophia
Grund Charles - pic2
Grund Louisa D. - pic2
Gruner Annie
Gruner John V.
Gruner Unknown
Gruver Bessie E. - pic2
Gruver Carrie I. - pic2
Gruver Edgar L. - pic2
Gruver Harry A. - pic2
Gruver Kathleen Zinn - pic2
Gruver Sr.Richard Arthur - pic2
Guerra Lupe
Guertin Anna A.
Guggenheim Julia Kurtz - pic2
Guggenheim Raymond - pic2
Guise Carrie M. S.
Guise Grace B.
Guise Nevin C.
Guise Sr.Ralph R.
Gulden Alice Jane - pic2
Gulden Harry O.
Gulden Jacob M. - pic2
Gulden Jean E.
Gulden Lisa C.
Gulden Russell E. - pic2
Gumpper Deborah A.
Gundel Harry
Gundel Nora I.
Gundel Raymond M.
Gundel T. Allegra
Gundlach Elizabeth P.
Gundlach Gustave
Gundlach Henry L.
Gundlach Sarah M.
Gundrum Charles A.
Gundrum Emma T.
Gundrum Ollie C.
Gundrum Paul C.
Gunnet E. Isabel
Gunnet Fairy J.
Gunnet Harry E.
Gunnet Harry M.
Gunnet Reuben E.
Guss Betty G.
Guyer Annie M. - pic2
Guyer Dorothy L.
Guyer Elsie L.
Guyer Jr.Fred'k
Guyer Frederick M. - pic2
Guyer Grace A.
Guyer Harry W.
Guyer Hazel B.
Guyer Robert E.
Guyer Tolbert C.
Guyer Wilson W.
Guynn Frances A. - pic2
Gwynn Quintin L.
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