Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012             


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With F


Faber Adam K. - pic2
Faber Catherine E. - pic2
Faber Evelyn R.
Faber Fannie Brown
Faber George D.
Faber Horace B.
Faber Jean R.
Faber Mary Louise
Faber Sarah E. - pic2
Fackler Aline E.
Fackler Charles
Fager Clyde R.
Fager Eleanore M.
Fager Ellen E.
Fager Emanuel C.
Fager Harry
Fager Henrietta S.
Fager Kenneth R.
Fahs Anna Kate
Fahs Betty V.
Fahs Catherine M.
Fahs Charles F. - pic2
Fahs David W.
Fahs Elizabeth R.
Fahs Emmett R.
Fahs Helen B.
Fahs John A.
Fahs Joseph
Fahs Kathryn M.
Fahs Katie E.
Fahs Lulia E.
Fahs Marguerite M. - pic2
Fahs Mary A.
Fahs Raymond W.
Fahs Richard W.
Fahs Silas
Fahs Winfield R.
Failor Henrietta Gemmill
Fair Curvin L.
Fair Jean E.
Fair Melissa J.
Fair Melvin E.
Fair Thelma M.
Faircloth Carolina A.
Faircloth Ruth V.
Faircloth William A.
Falkenstein David A.
Falkenstein Ethel G.
Falkenstein Grace B.
Falkenstein Mary A.
Falkenstein Raymond F.
Falkler Annie M. - pic2
Falkler Betty J.
Falkler Bruce A.
Falkler Charles H.
Falkler Clarence W.
Falkler Elizabeth
Falkler Elsie M.
Falkler George D.
Falkler Irvin L.
Falkler J. Preston
Falkler Mary F.
Falkler Myrtle M.
Falkler Nettie E.
Falkler William H.
Falkler William W. - pic2
Fallon Bessie
Fallon Thomas J.
Falner Andrew
Falner Kate B.
Fangfish Daisy E. - pic2
Fantauzzi Alejandro A.
Farcht Catharine Morgan
Farcht Catherine A.
Farcht J. Donald
Farcht Marie W.
Farcht Robert W.
Farcht Rodney E.
Farcht Wilma R.
Farkas Herman H.
Farkas Patricia A. Brown
Farkas Paulene S.
Farkas Robert W. - pic2
Farra Beatrice M.
Farra Evan J.
Farrell Laura Alice
Farrell William J.
Farren John C.
Farren Laura J.
Faugit Leah
Faugit Sarah
Faust Catharine Bohle
Faust Ella F.
Faust Roy F.
Faust William F.
Fauth G. Emory
Fauth John E.
Fauth M. Elizabeth Lehr
Fecher Sarah J.
Feder Betty H.
Feder Essie-Dear
Feder Henry M.
Feder Meta H.
Feder Simon
Feeser Betty I.
Feeser Charles A.
Feeser Ethel A. Bohr
Feeser Mary E.
Feigley Doris K.
Feigley Harold S. - pic2
Feigley Mabel G.
Feigley Preston E.
Feiser D. Catherine
Feiser Edward G.
Feiser Gross E.
Feiser Harry E.
Feiser Henrietta D.
Feiser Leah G.
Feiser Peter L.
Felker Jacob S.
Felker Lulu Keilholtz
Felker Samuel Jacob
Felker Unknown
Felty Carrie Roehm
Ferguson Lewis E.
Ferguson Margaret M.
Ferguson Naomia Susie
Ferguson Stella F. Myers
Fernandez Felipe
Ferrara Angelo C.
Ferrara Gloria A.
Ferree Ada Rohler
Ferree Arthur N.
Ferree Catharine H.
Ferree Chas. E.
Ferree Donald L. - pic2
Ferree Flora M. - pic2
Ferree Gloria Jean
Ferree Ida F.
Ferree John A.
Ferree Kenneth E. - pic2
Ferree Sr.Leonard C.
Ferree Mary R.
Ferree Roy E. - pic2
Ferree Sterling R.
Ferro Anthony J.
Ferro Shonna L.
Fetrow Benjamin F.
Fetrow Benny J.
Fetrow Dora E.
Fetrow Eda A. E.
Fetrow G. Marie
Fetrow George A. - pic2
Fetrow Harry L.
Fetrow Lydia E. - pic2
Fetrow Mildred A.
Fetrow Ruth M.
Fetrow Steven Wade
Fetrow Walter
Fetrow William W.
Fettrow Annie S.
Fettrow Eli
Fettrow Elizabeth
Fettrow Elizabeth B.
Fettrow Ellen
Fettrow Harry
Fettrow Infant
Fettrow Joshua A.
Fettrow Magdalene
Fettrow Michael M.
Fettrow Robert L.
Fettrow William H.
Fettrow William W.
Few Kenneth H.
Few Shirley A.
Fickes Abraham
Fickes Amanda S.
Fickes Dorothy E. - pic2
Fickes Edgar A.
Fickes Elizabeth O.
Fickes Elizabeth W.
Fickes Elmer E.
Fickes Emma A.
Fickes H. Fred
Fickes H. Gellard - pic2
Fickes Harry K. - pic2
Fickes Julia B.
Fickes Martha E. - pic2
Fickes Mary K. - pic2
Fickes Mary K. - pic2
Fickes Nettie B.
Fickes Paul E. - pic2
Fickes Sarah A.
Fickes Walter R. - pic2
Fickes William W.
Fidler Bertha E.
Fidler Carrie E.
Fidler Charles N.
Fidler Elmer G. - pic2
Fidler Emma E. - pic2
Fidler Emory D. - pic2
Fidler June S.
Fidler Luther D.
Fidler Raymond C.
Fidler Wilbert N. - pic2
Fields Elma H.
Fields Harry H.
Fields Mary E.
Fife Donald E.
Fife Dorothy R.
Figdore Catherine Jane
Figdore William
Fike Frieda K. - pic2
Fike Ralph F. - pic2
Filbey C. Frederick
Filbey John E.
Filbey Virginia L.
Fincher Alexandra
Fincher Clark
Fincher Dillie Z.
Fincher James M.
Fincher Luther C.
Findley Charles W.
Findley M. Helen
Fine Frank
Fink Amy L.
Fink Ellen K.
Fink Fannie L. Hetrick
Fink Jr.Grover
Fink Sr.Harvey D.
Fink Levi
Fink Lewis R. - pic2
Fink Lucy J.
Fink Marion J.
Fink Martha - pic2
Fink Martha C.
Fink Tressie A.
Fink Wilbur H.
Fink Jr.William H.
Fink Wm. H.
Firestone George W.
Firestone Mary C.
Firestone William P.
Firor Marie Allen
Firor Ray C.
Firor Roy Charles
Firth Francis X.
Firth Lillie M.
Firth Pauline Campbell
Firth William T.
Fisch Bernice S.
Fisch Jacob
Fischer Anna C.
Fischer Frances V. - pic2
Fischer J. Henry
Fischer Robert E.
Fishel Alexander
Fishel Carrie C.
Fishel Charles
Fishel Charles J.
Fishel Charlotte E. - pic2
Fishel Christiana King
Fishel Claudie V.
Fishel Earney G.
Fishel Eleanor C.
Fishel Eliza Livingstone
Fishel Elizabeth
Fishel Elizabeth Brilhart
Fishel Elizabeth J.
Fishel Emma L.
Fishel Florence Walter Strayer
Fishel Franklin A. - pic2
Fishel Sr.George P.
Fishel Herbert L.
Fishel Jacob B.
Fishel James W.
Fishel John Jacob
Fishel Minnie A.
Fishel Peter
Fishel Taylor W.
Fishel Unknown
Fishel William Henry
Fisher Alice C. - pic2
Fisher Amelia B.
Fisher Bertha M.
Fisher Catharine
Fisher Charles A.
Fisher Charlotte L.
Fisher Christianna R.
Fisher Christine W. - pic2
Fisher Clayton A. - pic2
Fisher Darwin Lee
Fisher DeEtta E.
Fisher Duaine Karl
Fisher Edgar A.
Fisher Edith G.
Fisher Eli
Fisher Eliza G. - pic2
Fisher Ellen A. - pic2
Fisher Ellen M.
Fisher Emma V. S.
Fisher Ethel F. - pic2
Fisher Fannie Wilhelm - pic2
Fisher Florence R.
Fisher George K.
Fisher Sr.Glenn A.
Fisher Henriette M. - pic2
Fisher Henry
Fisher Jacob
Fisher James H. - pic2
Fisher Jeannette S.
Fisher Joel E.
Fisher John D. - pic2
Fisher John Martin
Fisher Louise Moore
Fisher Lucius O.
Fisher Margaret - pic2 - pic3
Fisher Margaret M.
Fisher Marilyn H. - pic2
Fisher Martha A.
Fisher Melvin W.
Fisher Michelle Anne
Fisher Romaine S.
Fisher Roy D.
Fisher Ruth S.
Fisher Sadie A.
Fisher Sadie A. - pic2
Fisher Seward W. - pic2
Fisher Silas - pic2 - pic3
Fisher Stanley H. - pic2
Fisher Victor L.
Fisher Willaim R.
Fisher William H.
Fisher William H.
Fisher Wm. Seward - pic2
Fissel Charlie W.
Fissel Harry L.
Fissel Mary E.
Fissel Mary P.
Fissel Paul C.
Fite Clara M.
Fite George F.
Fite Margaret L.
Fite William C.
Fitz John N.
Fitz Sara E.
Fitzgerald Dorothy M. - pic2
Fitzgerald Grace M. Bond - pic2 - pic3
Fitzgerald Howard S. - pic2
Fitzkee Annie E.
Fitzkee Annie M.
Fitzkee Bertha C.
Fitzkee Carolyn Keeny
Fitzkee Charles R.
Fitzkee Dora E.
Fitzkee Jr.Edgar S.
Fitzkee George A.
Fitzkee Harry F.
Fitzkee Harry H.
Fitzkee Jack Lee
Fitzkee John W.
Fitzkee Loree B.
Fitzkee Malinda A.
Fitzkee Mary E.
Fitzkee Raymond E.
Fitzkee Ted K.
Fitzkee William J.
Fitzpatrick John Albert
Fitzpatrick John T.
Fitzpatrick Susan
Fitzpatrick Yvonne R.
Fix Alvin Frederick
Fix Kathryn Ramsay
Fizer Allen W.
Fizer Mary E.
Flanigan Helen R.
Flay Hudson J.
Fleak Doug Paules
Fleigle Georgianna A.
Fleigle Wm. P.
Fleming Adam Charles
Fleming J. Newton
Flickinger Anna J.
Flickinger George W.
Flickinger Glass S.
Flickinger Ida C.
Flickinger Leona M.
Flickinger Minnie V.
Flickinger Ruth Rebecca
Flickinger Winfield S.
Flinchbaugh Aaron
Flinchbaugh Aravilla V.
Flinchbaugh Jr.Arthur G.
Flinchbaugh Chas. E.
Flinchbaugh Cinnie
Flinchbaugh Clarence S.
Flinchbaugh Esther K.
Flinchbaugh Ida May
Flinchbaugh J. Frank
Flinchbaugh James I.
Flinchbaugh Kathryn M.
Flinchbaugh Leroy J.
Flinchbaugh Levi S.
Flinchbaugh Lillian G.
Flinchbaugh Lucinda Peeling
Flinchbaugh Lydia
Flinchbaugh M. Elizabeth
Flinchbaugh M. Gale
Flinchbaugh Michael L.
Flinchbaugh R. Weldon
Flinchbaugh Verna
Flohr Elsie A.
Flohr Grover C.
Flory Annie A.
Flory Carrie E.
Flory George H.
Flory Mary C. - pic2
Flory Matilda J.
Flory William
Flory William J. - pic2
Flory Wm. S.
Fluhrer Blanche Elinor Schriver
Fluhrer Emma E.
Fluhrer Geo. A. - pic2
Fluhrer Harry Hake
Fluhrer Horace M.
Fluhrer Ivan F. - pic2
Fluhrer John F. - pic2
Fluhrer Mabel V.
Fluhrer Olive Grove
Fluhrer Robert Charles
Fluhrer Ruth Grove
Fluhrer William
Flury Alice A.
Flury Char Dellinger
Flury Dirk Allen
Flury Sr.Garey L.
Flury Jr.John H.
Flury Sr.John H.
Flury Patricia A. Pfleiger
Focht Agnes I. - pic2
Focht Bonnie Gross
Fockler Arthur L.
Fogle Charles E.
Fogle Charles G.
Fogle Dora Anna - pic2
Fogle Doris J.
Fogle Edna E.
Fogle Emma Lau
Fogle Francis C.
Fogle Sr.Gordon R.
Fogle Grace M.
Fogle Isaiah C. - pic2
Fogle Marion H.
Fogle Phyllis L.
Fogle Roy I.
Fogle Wilmer I.
Folcomer Lucy D.
Folcomer Wm. Donald
Folk Clara Maude
Folk Edwin L.
Folk George M.
Folk Melvin A.
Folk Miriam M.
Folkenroth Marilyn J.
Folkenroth Pauline M.
Folkenroth Ronald L.
Folkenroth Spurgeon D.
Foller Edith M.
Foller Stephen Michael
Foller Tina M.
Foor Monte L.
Foor Virginia M.
Foose David G.
Foose George E.
Foose Hazel M.
Foose Jacob S.
Foose Jane Smyser
Foose Lenora E.
Foose M. Carrie
Foose Margaret A.
Forbes Esther N.
Forbes George D.
Forbush Viola C.
Ford Amanda C.
Ford Fannie E.
Ford G. Keefer
Ford George F.
Ford Jean C.
Ford John T.
Ford June Ellen
Forney David S.
Forney Elizabeth
Forney Elizabeth D.
Forney Rebecca
Forney Unknown
Forrest George W. - pic2
Forrest Ida Wentz - pic2
Forrest Miriam M. - pic2
Forry Amelia Ellen
Forry Daisy E.
Forry Emma E.
Forry Jr.Glenn Woodrow
Forry Granville S.
Forry H. Edward
Forry Henry
Forry Henry S.
Forry Hollingsworth A. - pic2
Forry Janet Louise
Forry Latimer G.
Forry Mettie A. - pic2
Forry Samuel S.
Forry Samuel S.
Forry Sarah A.
Forscht Abraham
Forsythe Sharon M.
Fortney Clara M.
Fortney Clarence R.
Fortney Elizabeth C. - pic2
Fortney Evelyn E.
Fortney Horace S. - pic2
Fortney Nora Reynolds
Fortney Raymond C.
Fortney Twin Infants
Foster Mary C.
Foust Catherine
Fox Anna
Fox Clarence W.
Fox Helen
Fox Jane E.
Fox Joseph
Fox Leola
Fox Margaret M. Wolfgang
Fox Nora C.
Fox Treva
Fox W. Amos
Frailey George E.
Frailey Jennetta H.
Frailey Mary Emma Wehrly
Frailey William P.
Fraley Edward F.
Fraley Pauline E.
Fraley Robert P.
Frank Emma
Frank Evelyn M.
Frank Faye A.
Frank Florence B.
Frank Gladys Rutland
Frank Harry E.
Frank Helen F.
Frank Henry H.
Frank Infant
Frank Irving
Frank John G.
Frank John H.
Frank Martin
Frank Mildred
Frank Robert E.
Frantz Anna M.
Frantz Bertha A.
Frantz Daniel
Frantz Isaac
Frantz Margie B.
Frantz Nancy J.
Frantz Sadie M.
Frantz Samuel
Frantz Sharon L.
Frantz Wayne R.
Frantz William H.
Frazer Lucy T. - pic2
Frederick A. Viola
Frederick Clarence W.
Frederick Clayton
Frederick Eleanor R.
Frederick Franklin
Frederick Harriet
Frederick Harry
Frederick J. Richard
Frederick Jacob
Frederick Jacob Arona
Frederick James
Frederick James G.
Frederick Kathryn M.
Frederick Lottie M.
Frederick Martha Jane
Frederick Nettie M.
Fredy Harry S.
Fredy Sr.Robert E.
Free Albert S. - pic2
Free Amanda A.
Free Annie M.
Free Augustus - pic2
Free Bessie May
Free Clara L.
Free Cora J.
Free Dale D. - pic2
Free Evelyn M.
Free Fannie M.
Free Frank A.
Free Gertrude C.
Free H. A.
Free H. Kister
Free Hallie J.
Free Harry S.
Free Henry - pic2
Free Henry R.
Free Hollie L. - pic2
Free Ida A. - pic2
Free Jeffrey W.
Free Mary A.
Free Mary Jane
Free Mary Laird
Free Matilda - pic2
Free Nettie - pic2
Free Ralph A.
Free Raymond K.
Free Robert K. - pic2
Free Robert Kister
Free Ruth Motter
Free Sallie R. - pic2
Free Samuel H.
Free Sr.William A.
Freed Annie F.
Freed Arthur S.
Freed Bert A.
Freed Clarence A.
Freed Dorothea Hullmann - pic2
Freed Edna Clara
Freed Elizabeth E.
Freed Emma C.
Freed Esther B.
Freed Eugenia Alice
Freed Evelyn Maul
Freed Glenn E.
Freed Jacob Blauser
Freed Joseph Stanley
Freed Lucy F.
Freed M. E. - pic2
Freed Russell A.
Freed Theodore Franklin - pic2
Freed William H.
Freedman Elva K.
Freeman Alston G.
Freeman Margaret G.
French A. Eliza
French Anna M.
French Charles E.
French Flora I.
French John W.
French Marie A.
French Oliver F.
Freund Lois
Frey Alice V. - pic2
Frey Allen I. - pic2
Frey Andrew Whiteley
Frey Anna C.
Frey Anna E.
Frey Anna Mae
Frey Boyer E.
Frey Carey A.
Frey Carla Vaccari
Frey Catharine A. - pic2
Frey Catharine E.
Frey Charles H.
Frey Charlotte C. - pic2
Frey Charlotte H. - pic2
Frey Clarance L. - pic2
Frey Clarance L. - pic2
Frey Clinton D.
Frey Cora Eva - pic2
Frey D. Eugene - pic2
Frey David DuVac
Frey Dora C.
Frey E. Ivan
Frey Earl R. - pic2
Frey Earl Russel
Frey Earl W.
Frey Edgar A.
Frey Edgar Alexander - pic2
Frey Jr.Edward Ivan
Frey Edward Snively
Frey Elizabeth J.
Frey Ella Thomas - pic2
Frey Elmer Emanuel
Frey Elmer M.
Frey Elsie M. - pic2
Frey Emanuel - pic2
Frey Emma B.
Frey Emma M.
Frey Enos - pic2
Frey Estella K.
Frey Etha May
Frey Ethan Allen
Frey Eugene W.
Frey Fannie M.
Frey Flora Baker - pic2
Frey Francis L.
Frey Gary E. - pic2
Frey George C.
Frey George W.
Frey Gertrude E.
Frey H. Catharine B.
Frey Harry I.
Frey Harry Winfield - pic2
Frey Helen C.
Frey Helen L. - pic2
Frey Henry Purcell - pic2
Frey Horace K. - pic2
Frey Horace L.
Frey Ida
Frey Ida E. - pic2
Frey Infant
Frey Israel P. - pic2
Frey John
Frey John Philip - pic2
Frey John R.
Frey Josephine M.
Frey Joyce - pic2
Frey Katie Hiestand
Frey Katie M.
Frey Kenneth R. - pic2
Frey Kenneth R. - pic2
Frey Kurvin L.
Frey Leslie H.
Frey Levi A.
Frey Lillie I.
Frey Lydia - pic2
Frey Lydia J.
Frey M. Edward - pic2
Frey Mabel Knaub - pic2
Frey Magdalena A. - pic2
Frey Mahala - pic2
Frey Margaret Lonsdorf
Frey Maria Miller
Frey Mary Catherine
Frey Mary E. - pic2
Frey Mary E.
Frey Mary E. - pic2
Frey Mary Livingston - pic2
Frey Mary Snively - pic2
Frey Mary V.
Frey Mary V. Hoff
Frey Mildred Olp - pic2
Frey Minnie A.
Frey Miriam E.
Frey Morgan E. - pic2
Frey Myra A. Wanner
Frey Naomi E.
Frey Percy G. - pic2
Frey Percy K. - pic2
Frey Percy W. - pic2
Frey Phyllis E.
Frey Purdon Whiteley - pic2
Frey R. Anna
Frey IIIRaymond A.
Frey Rebecca - pic2
Frey Rebecca - pic2
Frey Richard B.
Frey Robert C.
Frey Jr.Robert E.
Frey Robert F. - pic2
Frey Rose Ann - pic2
Frey S. Hiestand
Frey Samuel C.
Frey Samuel F.
Frey Samuel Gottfried
Frey Samuel J.
Frey Sarah - pic2
Frey Sarah Boring
Frey Sarah Catherine - pic2
Frey Sarah E.
Frey Sarah E.
Frey Sarah E.
Frey Thelma L.
Frey Victor King - pic2
Frey Victor Max - pic2
Frey Vivian E.
Frey William B.
Frey William E.
Frey William S.
Frey William Snively - pic2
Frey Jr.William Snively
Frey Winfield M.
Frick Charles Carroll
Frick Jr.Charles Carroll
Frick Edward Spangler
Frick John L.
Frick Louise Forster
Frick Louise Spangler
Fried Amanda
Fried Barbara A.
Fried Ella P.
Fried Marcellus
Fried Solomon
Friedman Nina M. - pic2
Friedman Philip R. - pic2
Fries Doris S. - pic2
Fries Rollin L. - pic2
Fringer Earl L.
Fringer Irene E.
Fringer J. Earl
Fringer Vivian A.
Fritch Millie
Fritz Maurice Dewey
Fritz Savilla S. Barnhill
Froelich Annie G.
Froelich Bertha J.
Froelich Mary
Froelich Pauline Stieg
Froelich Philip H.
Froelich Virginia
Froelich William
Froelich William A.
Frommeyer J. Frank
Fry Alexander H.
Fry Almena Mummert
Fry Anna
Fry Annabell Shorts
Fry Arthur G.
Fry Betty J.
Fry Catharine Smith - pic2
Fry Charles W.
Fry Chester Columbus
Fry Dora A.
Fry E. Grace - pic2
Fry Eliza A.
Fry Emily I.
Fry Florence M. Reisinger
Fry Franklin M.
Fry George S.
Fry Hattie L.
Fry Horace H.
Fry Jacob N.
Fry James Edward
Fry John - pic2
Fry John H.
Fry John H.
Fry Louise
Fry M. Muriel - pic2
Fry Mary A.
Fry Minnie S.
Fry Ozella B.
Fry Perry - pic2
Fry Richard G.
Fry Robert - pic2
Fry Samuel
Fry Wm. F. - pic2
Frye Fannie G. - pic2
Frysinger Adaline Klinefelter - pic2 - pic3
Frysinger Alice
Frysinger Allen B.
Frysinger Arlene R.
Frysinger Charles - pic2 - pic3
Frysinger Charles E.
Frysinger Sr.Edward C.
Frysinger Elizabeth E.
Frysinger Ella B.
Frysinger Frank S.
Frysinger Henrietta
Frysinger Henrietta B.
Frysinger Ira A.
Frysinger J. Frank
Frysinger Unknown
Frysinger William
Fuhrman Doris L.
Fuhrman Elmer G.
Fuhrman Grace V.
Fuhrman John E.
Fuhrman Linda L.
Fuhrman Marguerite S.
Fuhrman Mendila
Fuhrman Nadine G.
Fuhrman Stewart H.
Fuhrman Stewart S.
Fuhrman Theodore N.
Fuhrman Vernetta A.
Fuller Cevilla J. - pic2
Fuller Ella S.
Fuller Emma A. Pittinger
Fuller Ernest R.
Fuller Howard E.
Fuller James E.
Fuller Jennie M. - pic2
Fuller John C. - pic2
Fuller John H.
Fuller John W.
Fuller Margaret M.
Fuller Mary M.
Fuller Romaine E.
Fullerton Catherine E.
Fullerton Charles A.
Fullerton Jr.Frederick
Fullerton Sr.Frederick
Fullerton Sr.Herbert E.
Fullerton Lola May Boyer
Fullerton Jr.William H.
Fulton A. Curtin
Fulton Bertha V.
Fulton Chester A.
Fulton Clarence T.
Fulton James E.
Fulton Rebecca E.
Funk Elmer E.
Funk Emma
Funk Estella V.
Funk Sr.Gerald L. - pic2
Funk John
Funk Robert B.
Funke Anna E.
Funke August
Funke Charles C.
Funke Eleanora
Funke Marie A.
Funke Roxann M.
Funke Stuart W.
Furst Betty R.
Furst David H.
Furst Frederick G.
Furst Leonard M.
Furst Loretta M.
Furst Margaret A.
Furst Norma Honald
Futer Mary Kraft
Fyler Hilda E. Vander Voort
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