Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


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This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


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Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With E


Eady Marvin Y.
Easterday Charles H.
Easterday Vivian S.
Eaton Donald J.
Eaton E. Irene
Eaton Eli
Eaton Eliza W.
Eaton Florence E.
Eaton Frank
Eaton George B.
Eaton H. Gerber
Eaton Lyrian L. Straw
Eaton Mary E.
Eaton Mary E.
Eaton Michael E.
Eaton Sr.Roger D.
Eaton Sarah C.
Ebaugh Adam - pic2
Ebaugh Adam B. - pic2
Ebaugh Albert B. - pic2
Ebaugh Arthur C. - pic2
Ebaugh E. Rebecca - pic2
Ebaugh Elizabeth - pic2
Ebaugh Glenn S.
Ebaugh Hannah L. - pic2
Ebaugh Helen M.
Ebaugh James A. - pic2
Ebaugh Martha J. F. - pic2
Ebaugh Mary E. - pic2
Ebaugh Ralph G. - pic2
Ebaugh Walter L. - pic2
Ebeler Henry
Eberhard Abraham
Eberhard Elizabeth
Eberhart Charles Bert
Eberhart Mary Krouse
Eberhart Mary McConaghay
Eberlin Ernest L.
Eberly Minerva E.
Eberly Wilbur A.
Ebersole Alice H.
Ebersole Fannie E.
Ebersole Frank B.
Ebersole Harry D.
Ebersole Lillie May
Ebersole Raymond F.
Ebert Albert M. - pic2 - pic3
Ebert Albert William
Ebert Annie M. - pic2
Ebert Charlotte - pic2
Ebert Clara V. - pic2 - pic3
Ebert Elias - pic2 - pic3
Ebert Elizabeth
Ebert Henry - pic2
Ebert Jacob Smyser
Ebert Lydia - pic2
Ebert M. Luther - pic2
Ebert Mary E.
Ebert Mary S. - pic2 - pic3
Ebert Michael - pic2
Ebert Sarah Smyser - pic2
Ebert Susan Bott
Ebert Wilhelmina F. L. - pic2
Ebert William - pic2
Ebert William E.
Eby Henry O.
Eby Marie
Eby Ruth V. Richley - pic2 - pic3
Eck John Henry
Eck Margaret A.
Eckenrode Carrie M.
Eckenrode Charles R. - pic2
Eckenrode Cora
Eckenrode James W.
Eckenrode Joanna M. Fife
Eckenrode Joseph G.
Eckenrode Joseph R.
Eckenrode Marion E.
Eckenrode Mary G.
Eckenrode Jr.Melvin F.
Eckenrode IIIRichard W.
Eckenrode Susan J. Wagman
Eckenrode Wm. A.
Eckert Anna M. Null
Eckert Emma Milligan
Eckert Jr.George W.
Eckert Olive Seacrist
Eckert Rosella M.
Eckhardt Annie C.
Eckhardt George H.
Eckman Leonard H.
Edgar Alice A.
Edgar Clair
Edgar David W. J.
Edgar Ella R.
Edgar William
Edwards Elise Plath
Egee Geo. H.
Egee Isabella
Egge Charles H.
Egge Charles H. - pic2
Egge Elaine E.
Egge Emma M. - pic2
Egger Floyd W.
Egger Kathryn J.
Egger Shirley J.
Egnatovitch Janet M. Kohr
Egnatovitch John
Ehlman Dobbs F.
Ehlman Edna D.
Ehninger Caroline S.
Ehninger Gottleib L.
Ehrenfeld Bertha K.
Ehrenfeld Charles H.
Ehrenfeld Nina A.
Ehrenfeld Walter S.
Ehrhart Anna J. Smith
Ehrhart Emma A. - pic2
Ehrhart Kenneth M.
Ehrhart Louise M.
Ehrhart Mary E.
Ehrhart Robert Eugene
Ehrhart William H. - pic2
Ehrhart Wilmot F.
Ehrman Charles A.
Ehrman Charles C. - pic2
Ehrman Elizabeth
Ehrman Florence F.
Ehrman Isabella B. - pic2
Ehrman Louisa E.
Ehrman Richard D.
Ehrman S. Theodore - pic2
Ehrman Samuel S. - pic2
Eich Mary Ellen
Eichelberger Augustus F.
Eichelberger Caroline
Eichelberger Catharine U.
Eichelberger Charles Augustus
Eichelberger Charles Martin
Eichelberger Charles Witmer
Eichelberger Charles Witmer
Eichelberger Daniel - pic2 - pic3
Eichelberger Eliza Ann - pic2
Eichelberger Elizabeth Lewis
Eichelberger Emma M.
Eichelberger Geo.
Eichelberger George W.
Eichelberger Harry M.
Eichelberger Kate A.
Eichelberger Laura Wolf
Eichelberger Margaret
Eichelberger Maria Elizabeth
Eichelberger Marie E.
Eichelberger Martin S. - pic2
Eichelberger Nina J. - pic2
Eichelberger Theodora P.
Eichelberger William K.
Eichley Louis
Eichorn Elise
Eichorn John
Eiland Marie E. Futer
Eimerbrink Charles H.
Eimerbrink Charles H.
Eimerbrink Charlotte - pic2
Eimerbrink F. Charles - pic2
Eimerbrink Florence I. - pic2
Eimerbrink John C. F. - pic2
Eimerbrink Jr.John C. F. - pic2
Eimerbrink John G. F.
Eimerbrink Karl E. - pic2
Eimerbrink Madeline M.
Eimerbrink Marie - pic2
Eimerbrink Mary A. - pic2
Eimerbrink Mary E.
Eimerbrink Nancy W.
Eimerbrink Rena B. - pic2
Eimerbrink W. Jack
Eimerbrink William S.
Einsig Albert H.
Einsig Betty J.
Einsig Blanche M.
Einsig Caroline
Einsig Clarence J. - pic2
Einsig Florence L.
Einsig Ivy B.
Einsig Jack A.
Einsig Leo
Einsig Marguerite E. - pic2
Einsig Susan E. - pic2
Eisenhart Abbie J. - pic2
Eisenhart Alice A.
Eisenhart Amelia - pic2
Eisenhart Augusta Plath
Eisenhart C. E. - pic2
Eisenhart Catherine F. - pic2
Eisenhart Charles D.
Eisenhart Christopher C.
Eisenhart Claire M.
Eisenhart Darby Jo
Eisenhart DeAnn F.
Eisenhart Edgar R. - pic2
Eisenhart Emanuel E.
Eisenhart Emma F.
Eisenhart Florence A.
Eisenhart Hattie B.
Eisenhart Hazel Laity
Eisenhart Irene E.
Eisenhart J. Geo. - pic2
Eisenhart James Z.
Eisenhart John J.
Eisenhart Joseph B. - pic2
Eisenhart Kurvin Clayton
Eisenhart Kurwin L.
Eisenhart Kurwin S.
Eisenhart Levi O.
Eisenhart Lillie M.
Eisenhart Lucy Forry
Eisenhart Lucy Pfahler
Eisenhart Mabel M.
Eisenhart Marcia E.
Eisenhart Margaret Griffith
Eisenhart Mary - pic2
Eisenhart Mary E.
Eisenhart Mary Elizabeth
Eisenhart Mary Emma - pic2
Eisenhart Metta Focke - pic2
Eisenhart Norman R.
Eisenhart Paul E. - pic2
Eisenhart Paul M.
Eisenhart Pauline G.
Eisenhart Pauline I.
Eisenhart Peter A.
Eisenhart Rodney E.
Eisenhart Sarah Ann
Eisenhart Stewart G. - pic2
Eisenhart Susan O. Kauffman
Eisenhart Walter G.
Eisenhart William Henry
Eisenhart William S.
Eisenhart IIIWilliam S.
Eisenhart Jr.William S.
Eisenhart Wilmer A.
Eisenhart Wm. M. - pic2
Eisenhower Horace B. - pic2
Eisenhower Mabel I.
Eisenhower Mary E. - pic2
Eldridge George H.
Eldridge Howard M.
Eldridge Julia A.
Elfner Mary E. Damey
Elfner William H.
Elick Wilbur
Elicker Annie E. - pic2
Elicker Florence J.
Elicker H. Elizabeth
Elicker Harry M.
Elicker Helen M.
Elicker Horace G. - pic2
Elicker Infant - pic2
Elicker Mary - pic2
Elicker Thomas H.
Elicker William H.
Eline Amelia S.
Eline Anna Rutledge - pic2
Elliehausen Henriette
Elliehausen Theodore E.
Elliot Catharine H. - pic2
Elliott Bernard O.
Elliott Betty Jame - pic2
Elliott David A. B.
Elliott Edith F.
Elliott Emma W.
Elliott Evelyn - pic2
Elliott Ferd S.
Elliott Henrietta L. Fishel
Elliott Lewis C.
Elliott Jr.Lewis C.
Elliott Louise E.
Elliott Marguerite L.
Elliott Mary Ida
Elliott Warren Joseph - pic2
Ellis Claud L.
Ellis Dallas C.
Ellis Dolores I.
Ellis George P.
Ellis Glenn B.
Ellis H. Virginia
Ellis Henrietta L.
Ellis John Daniel
Ellis Karl E.
Ellis Leon L.
Ellis Loretta J.
Ellis Margaret McKinnon
Ellis Mary E. Dressel
Ellis Mary Verna
Ellis Preston D.
Ellis Sterling C.
Ellis Wilbur M.
Ellis Wilma D.
Elmer Arthur R.
Elmer Mabel A.
Elmy Evan
Elmy Evan
Elrick Anna B.
Elrick Richard M.
Elsesser Albert D.
Elsesser Augustus A.
Elsesser Catherine H.
Elsesser Emma
Elsesser Sr.Harry
Elsesser Harry J.
Elsesser Katharine M.
Elsesser Martha E.
Elsesser Michael W.
Elsesser Miriam C.
Elsesser Sadie A.
Elsesser Sarah Ann
Elsesser Sarah J.
Elsesser William H.
Elstrodt Amy May
Elstrodt Charles E.
Elstrodt Richard K.
Elstrodt Susan May
Ely James H. - pic2
Ely Mary L. - pic2
Emenheiser Benjamin F.
Emenheiser Charles H.
Emenheiser Elenora
Emenheiser Mary E.
Emenheiser Roy J.
Emenheiser Ruth C.
Emenheiser Ruth Y.
Emenhiser Carrie A. - pic2
Emenhiser WIlliam E. - pic2
Emerton Margaret Motter
Emerton Philip William
Emig Addie M.
Emig Anna Fetrow
Emig Annie Kroft - pic2
Emig Augustus E.
Emig Charles H.
Emig Dale E.
Emig Dorothy I.
Emig Edward K.
Emig Elizabeth McCoy
Emig Elsie M. Steininger
Emig Fanny M. Witmer - pic2
Emig Gartha E.
Emig Helen M.
Emig Henry E.
Emig Horace W.
Emig J. Witmer
Emig John Witmer
Emig Kate J. - pic2
Emig M. Pierce
Emig Margie B.
Emig Margie G.
Emig Mary B.
Emig Maude Boughton
Emig Muriel Pollack
Emig Richard Carroll
Emig Samuel W. - pic2
Emig Sarah A.
Emig William E.
Emig William E.
Emig William H. - pic2
Emswiler Chas. H.
Emswiler Geo. H.
Emswiler J. Jacob
Emswiler Maggie M.
Emswiler Martha E.
Emswiler Mary
Emswiler Mary C.
Emswiler Sr.Robert M.
Enders Annie E. - pic2
Enders Bessie C.
Enders Daughter - pic2
Enders Elizabeth - pic2
Enders G. W. - pic2
Enders Jr.Geo. Wm. - pic2
Enders George W. - pic2
Enders Jacob - pic2
Enders John L. - pic2
Enders Margaret E. - pic2
Enders Margaret H. - pic2
Enders Martin Luther - pic2
Enders Paul M. - pic2
Enders Phoebe M. - pic2
Enders Son - pic2
Enders William H.
Engel Marion M.
Engel Jr.Paul Walter
Englar Florence L.
Englar John Arthur - pic2
Englar Philip Howard - pic2
Engle Albert Moon
Engle Dona
Engle Edna S.
Engle Grace I.
Engle Ira Lee
Engle Janet K.
Engle M. Roy
Engle Nathan D.
Engle Ruth Pearl
Engle William
Englehart Albert
Englehart Annie M.
Englehart J. Albert S.
Englehart Jr.J. Albert S.
Englehart Sara A.
Engles Henrietta
Engles Jacob
Engles Sarah
Englestine Annie
Englestine Barbara
Englestine Catharine
Englestine William
English James R.
English Margaret S.
Englishberger Charles H.
Englishberger Mary M.
Enright Clara B.
Enright Jr.James L. - pic2
Enright Pearl R. - pic2
Enright Stephen A. - pic2
Enright Jr.Stephen J.
Enright Sr.Stephen J.
Enright Walter A.
Ensminger Annie
Ensminger C. Ellen - pic2
Ensminger Clara B.
Ensminger Clarence Z.
Ensminger Edith M. - pic2
Ensminger George M. - pic2
Ensminger John A.
Ensminger John H.
Ensminger L. Alice - pic2
Ensminger Raymond H.
Ensminger Ruth Kleffman
Ensminger Samuel W. - pic2
Ensminger Susanna - pic2
Eppley Allen
Eppley Amelia J. Goodling
Eppley Anna L.
Eppley Bernetta R.
Eppley Betty J.
Eppley Carrie L. Laumaster
Eppley Charles Michel
Eppley Clarence L. - pic2
Eppley David C.
Eppley Earl E.
Eppley Ellen - pic2
Eppley Emma Geesey
Eppley George Wesley
Eppley Gladys M.
Eppley Granville G.
Eppley John H.
Eppley John W.
Eppley Mary M. - pic2
Eppley Sarah J.
Eppley William H.
Eppley William H. - pic2
Eppley William M.
Epstein Abe
Epstein Barbara S.
Epstein Bernard
Epstein Donald
Epstein Harold
Epstein Helen
Epstein Irwin
Epstein Phyllis H. - pic2
Erb Harry E.
Erb Mary E.
Erdis Adam
Erdis Joshua
Erisman Anna May
Erisman William P.
Ernde Bertha J.
Erney Amanda E.
Erney Catherine M.
Erney Charles A.
Erney Christiana
Erney Edwin J.
Erney Effie A.
Erney Jacob A.
Erney John L.
Erney Lucy J.
Erney Robert D.
Erney Sarah Alma
Ernst Alice C.
Ernst Clara G.
Ernst Curtis C.
Ernst Elizabeth C.
Ernst Emma K. Whitcomb
Ernst Florence R. - pic2
Ernst Harry Harrison
Ernst Lizzie - pic2
Ernst Margaret L. Lehman
Ernst Sr.Raymond E.
Ernst Jr.Robert E.
Ernst Winfield E. - pic2
Ernst Winfield G. - pic2
Ernst Yvonne L.
Erwin Blanche E.
Erwin Charles P.
Erwin Edwin C.
Erwin Ida Gerbrick
Erwin J. Bertha
Erwin Maria G.
Erwin Mary J.
Erwin Robert R.
Erwin Susan
Erwin Virgie M.
Erwin W. H. H.
Erwin Wm. A.
Eschbach Linda F.
Eshelman Mary
Eshelman Rhoda L.
Eshelman Warren T.
Estep Betty M.
Estep Garland L.
Estep Larry Ray
Estep Mildred M.
Estrella Roxann M.
Etchman Fred J.
Etchman Maggie
Etris Samuel
Etter Amelia H.
Etter Emma
Etter Henry W.
Etter Ida R.
Etter John W.
Etter Ollivia S.
Etter Robert W.
Etter Samuel L.
Etter Jr.Samuel L.
Ettinger Adam
Ettinger Elizabeth
Ettline Annie J.
Ettline Mary Price
Ettline Oscar O.
Euler Elva Heathcote
Euler Herbert Rudolph
Euler Maud E.
Euler Rudolph
Evans Alice Ann Frysinger - pic2
Evans Anna K.
Evans Clemuel Woodin - pic2
Evans David
Evans Edmond O.
Evans Fitz James
Evans George E. - pic2
Evans Harry E.
Evans Lucy Palmer
Evans Martha C.
Evans William W. - pic2
Everhart Anna Louise - pic2 - pic3
Everhart Annie B.
Everhart Audrey V.
Everhart Bessie E.
Everhart C. Byron
Everhart Carrie E.
Everhart Charles M.
Everhart Charlotte Finke
Everhart Cyril W.
Everhart Jr.Cyril W.
Everhart Dale J. - pic2
Everhart David M.
Everhart David S.
Everhart Dorothy E.
Everhart Fannie L. - pic2
Everhart Frank E.
Everhart Frank L. - pic2
Everhart George D. - pic2
Everhart George W. - pic2
Everhart Gladys L.
Everhart Glenn G.
Everhart Sr.Hamilton
Everhart Jr.Hamilton B.
Everhart Harry - pic2
Everhart Helen N.
Everhart Helen V.
Everhart Henry
Everhart Hilda K.
Everhart Iona R. - pic2
Everhart Irene V.
Everhart Ivan E.
Everhart Jeannette S. - pic2
Everhart John E. - pic2
Everhart John S.
Everhart John Thomas
Everhart Joseph
Everhart Kathryn A.
Everhart Kathryn J.
Everhart Kathryn S.
Everhart Lisa Ann
Everhart Louise W.
Everhart Margaret A.
Everhart Margie M.
Everhart Martin L.
Everhart Mary - pic2
Everhart Mary B.
Everhart Nellie M.
Everhart Olive Gross
Everhart Otto C.
Everhart Otto C. - pic2
Everhart Paul F.
Everhart Paul H.
Everhart Ralph Raymond - pic2 - pic3
Everhart Robert E. - pic2
Everhart S. Ella - pic2
Everhart Sarah E.
Everhart Thomas B.
Everhart Vergie M.
Everhart Wilbert J.
Everhart Wilbur L.
Everhart William C.
Eyler Alice A.
Eyler Charles Leroy
Eyler Clarence Elmer
Eyler Florence Miller
Eyler Harry S.
Eyler Kathryn E.
Eyler Kenneth E.
Eyler Lola K. Horine
Eyler Lucille B.
Eyler Sterling A.
Eyster Anna P.
Eyster Charles R.
Eyster Claire Viola
Eyster Cletus C.
Eyster Dorothy I.
Eyster Ellen M.
Eyster Erma E.
Eyster Evelyn L.
Eyster Frank A. - pic2
Eyster Franklin S. - pic2
Eyster Hilda L.
Eyster Hurbia E.
Eyster Ida K. - pic2
Eyster Jacob W. - pic2
Eyster Lawrence H.
Eyster Marcella E.
Eyster Martha Brush - pic2
Eyster Mary Watson - pic2
Eyster Paul W. - pic2
Eyster Pauline H.
Eyster Pauline H.
Eyster Ralph C.
Eyster Sherman B.
Eyster Sherman B.
Eyster Susan S. Myers - pic2
Eyster William M. - pic2
Eyster William W.
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