Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


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have approximately 30,000 photographs to

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Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


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Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With D


Dabler Charlotte L.
Dabler IIIWilliam B.
Dabler Jr.William B.
Daehnke E. Jane
Daehnke Herman A.
Dahlheimer Clara M.
Dahlheimer David H.
Dahlheimer Ida E.
Dahlheimer John H.
Daily Clifford R.
Daily Matilda A.
Dale Bruce E.
Dale James A.
Dale Kathryn Frey
Dallmeyer Clair F.
Dallmeyer Ernest H.
Dallmeyer Jr.Ernest H.
Dallmeyer Herbert S.
Dallmeyer Louella G.
Dallmeyer Marie C.
Dallmeyer Mary E.
Danfelt Dwain R. - pic2
Danfelt Helen E. - pic2
Danner E. Kirby
Danner Frances I.
Danner Frances Marvin
Danner Henry K.
Danner James D.
Danner James M.
Danner Julia E.
Danner Kattie E. - pic2
Danner Lucien W.
Danner Norman B.
Danner Pamela Everett
Danner William M.
Danyo J. Joseph - pic2
Danyo Sally L. - pic2
Daron Annie E.
Daron Edwin
Daron Lucean
Darone Annie T.
Darone Calista J. - pic2
Darone Edward J.
Darone Maurice P.
Darr Annie C.
Darr Daniel M.
Darr Infant
Daugherty Katharine J. Ginter
Daugherty Myrtie M.
Daugherty Tobias M.
Daughton Charles R.
Davenport Isobel Shriner
Davenport William H.
David Anna J.
Davidson Bayard Trail
Davidson Carl Schaeffer - pic2
Davidson David McClellan
Davidson Florence Trail - pic2
Davidson M. Sylvia
Davis Alice Louise
Davis Avis R.
Davis Cora I.
Davis Diane M.
Davis Earl S.
Davis Edward M. - pic2
Davis Ellis E.
Davis Ethel C.
Davis Jackson E.
Davis James D. - pic2
Davis Mary E.
Davis Nellie F.
Davis Jr.Owen R.
Davis Robert Roy
Davis S. Purnal
Davis Samuel Eugene
Davis Viola E.
Dawson Jennie L.
Dawson William T.
Day Anna B.
Day Annetta C.
Day Annie J.
Day Charles F.
Day Clinton H.
Day Flora K.
Day Frederick
Day George H.
Day Hugh Taylor
Day Kennard P.
Day Lalla T.
Day Latimer K.
Day Margaret B.
Day Rebecca S.
Day Sarah E.
Day Sarah Stine
Dayhoff Bertha A.
Dayhoff David E.
Dayhoff Fendall K.
Dayhoff Francis K.
Dayhoff Howard B. - pic2
Dayhoff Ina Mae
Dayhoff Jacob E.
Dayhoff Marie I. - pic2
Dayhoff Nancy H.
Dayhoff Verna E.
Dayhoff Vernon K.
Dayhoff William V.
Daywalt Minnie M.
Daywalt William H.
De Coriolis G. H. Georges
De Coriolis Lora O.
De Coriolis Robert G.
De Hoff Alvin
De Hoff Fannie E.
Deacon Bessie S.
Deacon Frank S.
Deacon William F. - pic2
Deane Infant - pic2
Deane Louise S. - pic2
Deane Philip B. - pic2
Deardorff Arlene E.
Deardorff Arthur E. - pic2
Deardorff Darla L.
Deardorff David - pic2
Deardorff David G.
Deardorff David T.
Deardorff Elizabeth
Deardorff Elmer E.
Deardorff George
Deardorff George D.
Deardorff Harold E.
Deardorff Harvey G. - pic2
Deardorff Harvey W.
Deardorff Helen M. - pic2
Deardorff Katharine E.
Deardorff Kurvin C. - pic2
Deardorff Lloyd G.
Deardorff Margaret E. Hawk
Deardorff Marvin H.
Deardorff Mary Ellen - pic2
Deardorff Minnie M.
Deardorff Nora Bear
Deardorff Oliver
Deardorff Pauline S.
Deardorff Richard E.
Deardorff Sarah E. - pic2
Deardorff Sarah E.
Deardorff Susan J. - pic2
Deardorff Vella M.
Decker Ada N.
Decker Alice L.
Decker Amanda E.
Decker Charles E.
Decker Charles F.
Decker Clara J.
Decker Elsie M.
Decker Grace V.
Decker Helen E.
Decker Jacob E.
Decker John C.
Decker Laura F.
Decker Mabel E.
Decker Mamie Florence
Decker Mariah Conaway
Decker Samuel - pic2 - pic3
Decker Walter W.
DeGroft Harry R.
DeGroft M. Mabel
DeGroft Nora E.
Dehoff Clara M.
Dehoff Clinton A.
DeHoff Daniel
DeHoff Ella M.
DeHoff Jacob
Dehoff Minnie M. Nicholas - pic2
DeHoff Miriam K.
Dehoff Nancy J.
Dehoff Russell E.
Dehoff Sterling C.
Dehoff William H. - pic2
DeHuff Alpharetta G.
DeHuff Cassie Wolf
DeHuff Frank W.
DeHuff Ralph P.
DeHuff Rose E.
Deibler Gladys L. Huyett
Deininger C. F.
Deininger John A.
Deininger Lillian M.
Deininger Mary A.
Deitch Harry W. G.
Deitch Ida A.
Deitch Irene P.
Deitch Jacob P.
Deitch Mary M.
Deitrick Emma E. - pic2
Deitrick Harry C. - pic2
Deitrick Harry C.
Deitrick Miriam A.
Deitz Ada G.
Deitz Anna B.
Deitz Gilbert A.
Deitz Harry W.
Deitz Martha E.
Deitz Maryetta B.
Deitz Mattie A.
Deitz Purd A.
Deitz Purd E.
Deitz Jr.Purd E.
Deitz Richard F.
Deitz Thisbe S.
DeJesus Francisco
DeLancey Betty M.
DeLancey Carl R.
DeLancey Ellis L.
DeLancey Frances P.
DeLancey Frank W.
DeLancey Frank W.
DeLancey Louise H.
DeLancey Mary A.
Delle Caroline M.
Delle Oscar A.
Dellinger Albert V. - pic2
Dellinger Alice A. Barton - pic2
Dellinger Carrie G. - pic2
Dellinger Dennis M.
Dellinger Dorothy V.
Dellinger Eileen Nogle
Dellinger John W.
Dellinger Lloyd A. - pic2
Dellinger Jr.Marlyn
Dellinger Mary Ellen
Dellinger Mary R. - pic2
Dellinger Nevin W.
Dellinger Nevin Warner
Dellinger Paul K.
Dellinger Richard H.
Dellinger Unknown
Delp Alpharetta J.
Delp Betty E.
Delp George J.
Delp Judith A.
Delp Karen Louise
Delp Robert L.
Delp Swiler L.
Dempsey Anna B.
Dempwolf Bertha J. - pic2
Dempwolf Jr.Charles H.
Dempwolf Elsie Lau
Dempwolf Fred G. - pic2
Dempwolf John - pic2
Dempwolf John Augustus - pic2
Dempwolf Margaret - pic2
Dempwolf Mary Stair - pic2
Dempwolf Robert - pic2
Dempwolf Ruth C. - pic2
Dempwolf Sallie Greiman - pic2
Dempwolf W. Herbert - pic2
Denithorne Ida C.
Dennes Addie - pic2
Dennes Elizabeth E.
Dennes Florence L.
Dennes J. Harry - pic2
Dennes James B.
Dennes Jennie M.
Dennes John H.
Dennes Luther
Dennes Minnie M.
Dennes Norman P.
Dennes Olive B.
Dennes Ralph W. - pic2
Dennes Raymond
Dennes Samuel F.
Dennis Almeda E.
Dennis Newton H.
Dennler Jr.Harry C.
Dennler Helen E.
Densel George W.
Densel Millard
Densten Blanche W. - pic2
Densten I. Allen - pic2
Denues Clifton F.
Denues Irene C.
Denues Ross E.
Denues Sadie R.
Denues William L.
Deringer Elizabeth F.
Deringer Michael S.
Dern Carroll M.
Dern Elsie V.
Dern Ernest C.
Dern Esther E.
Dern Helen I.
Dern Paul L.
Dern Paul R.
DeRosa Charles C.
DeRosa Ethel V.
Desenberg Carrie E. Adams
Desenberg George K.
Desenberg Helen D. - pic2
Desenberg Kathryn A.
Desenberg Ronald W. - pic2
Desenberg Sylvester E.
Desenberg William P.
Dessalet Mary L. - pic2
Dettinger Augusta
Dettinger Ida S.
Dettinger William H.
Detwiler Annie M.
Detwiler Carl E.
Detwiler Daisy E.
Detwiler Elias S.
Detwiler Elmer E.
Detwiler Joseph G.
Detwiler Joseph S.
Detwiler Lester - pic2
Detwiler Lillie Clay
Detwiler Margie E.
Detwiler Mary Jane
Deuel Abram C.
Deuel Alice
Deuel Beatrice L.
Deuel Donald M.
Deuel Effie I.
Deuel Louis L.
Deuel Margaret
Deuel Martha B.
Deuel Mary E.
Deveney Mary I.
Deveney Ralph L.
Deveney Stephen A.
DeVeny Charles Owen
DeVeny F. Pauline
Devers Annie S.
Devers Daniel B.
Devers Ella K.
Devers George A.
Devers James A.
Devers Philip K.
Devlin Joseph A.
Dewey Jean Wilson
DeWitt Martha L.
DeWitt Mertie D.
DeWitt Vern L.
DeWitt Ward F.
Dherit Eleanor V.
Dherit Henry W.
Dherit Jr.Henry W.
Dherit Minnie M.
Diamond Charles H.
Diamond Charlotte Stump
Diamond Robert V. - pic2
Diaz Danilo
Diaz Eugenia Morales
Dice Bessie K.
Dice Carrie F.
Dice Edward C.
Dice Isabel D.
Dice Palmer E.
Dice Sara C.
Dice William A.
Dick Alma Bocksch - pic2
Dick Baby
Dick Bessie M. - pic2
Dick Catherine E.
Dick Elizabeth
Dick G. B. McG.
Dick George
Dick George S.
Dick George W.
Dick George W.
Dick Henry H.
Dick J. Harry
Dick Kazzia Smyser
Dick Lottie A.
Dick Mary Ann
Dick Mary Margarette
Dick Paul S. - pic2
Dick Peter C. - pic2
Dick Rita A. - pic2
Dick Robert J.
Dick IIIRobert J.
Dick Smyser W. - pic2
Dick Verna E.
Dickensheets Betty L.
Dickensheets Charles R.
Dickey Charles J.
Dickey Charles W.
Dickey Jessie I.
Dickey Mary C.
Dickey Samuel H.
Dickinson Don M.
Dickson Amira Mosi
Dickson Henry James
Dickson Natalie Joi
Diehl A. Josephine
Diehl A. K. - pic2
Diehl Adaline - pic2
Diehl Alexander
Diehl Andrew - pic2
Diehl Anna A. - pic2
Diehl Anna M. - pic2
Diehl Beverly R.
Diehl Carol Ann
Diehl Carrie A.
Diehl Carrie E. - pic2
Diehl Catharine
Diehl Charles C.
Diehl Conrad E.
Diehl Daniel - pic2
Diehl Daniel J.
Diehl E. L. - pic2
Diehl Edward B. - pic2
Diehl Emma A.
Diehl Eva K. - pic2
Diehl Floyd E. - pic2
Diehl George G. - pic2
Diehl Gerald E.
Diehl Helen C.
Diehl J. C.
Diehl Jacob B.
Diehl John
Diehl John W.
Diehl Josiah Daniel - pic2
Diehl Kenneth F.
Diehl Laura L.
Diehl Laura S.
Diehl Laura V.
Diehl Louiza - pic2
Diehl M. P.
Diehl Mary Ann
Diehl Mary Spahr
Diehl Milton L. - pic2
Diehl Nelson E. - pic2
Diehl Nelson E.
Diehl Nona M.
Diehl Norman A. - pic2
Diehl Paul M.
Diehl Rebecca Bollinger - pic2
Diehl Sarah L. - pic2
Diehl Sylvester
Dierdorff John H.
Dierdorff Rebecca F.
Dietterich H. Roy
Dietterich Linda Lane
Dietterich Roy Lane
Dietz Annie Mary Myers
Dietz Bettina M.
Dietz Charles
Dietz Charles L.
Dietz Charles W.
Dietz Clair H.
Dietz Dora Susan
Dietz Eddie
Dietz Edmund
Dietz Effie A.
Dietz Emma M. - pic2
Dietz Erma M.
Dietz Flora Bush
Dietz Frank B. - pic2
Dietz Harvey S.
Dietz Jacob
Dietz Jacob - pic2
Dietz Lena - pic2
Dietz Lewis Henry
Dietz Mahela Hovis
Dietz Malinda - pic2
Dietz Mares W.
Dietz Margarete Weber
Dietz Matilda R.
Dietz Michael
Dietz Miriam A. - pic2
Dietz Nancy - pic2
Dietz Scott B.
Diffendarfer Catharine G.
Diffendarfer Edward
Diffendarfer Minnie V.
Diffendarfer Paul A.
Diffendarfer William H.
Dillmeier Anne E.
Dillmeier Edward J.
Dillmeier Eleanor C.
Dillon Dallas Bruce
Dillon James W.
Dillon Marguerite M.
Dillon Rachel Jane
Dillon Samuel
Dimmock Charles W.
Dimmock Cora E.
Dinges Donna L. - pic2
Dinges Jr.Millard F.
Dinges Willard C. - pic2
Dingler Anna M.
Dingler Emma
Dingler Harry G.
Dingler Lester W.
Dingler William G.
Dink Justina
DiOrio Dorothy May - pic2
DiOrio Joseph Frederick - pic2
DiOrio Nevada Diehl - pic2
Dippery Carolyn J.
Dippery Isaiah P.
Dirk Clinton E.
Dirk Emma E.
Dirk Henry E.
Dittenhaffer Arphilia C.
Dittenhaffer Cora E.
Dittenhaffer Edward D.
Dittenhaffer Maude M.
Ditzler Alverta M.
Ditzler George W.
Ditzler Margaret C.
Ditzler Paul H.
Dively Nicholaus M.
Dobbling Jr.John H. - pic2
Dodrer Joseph S.
Dodson Henry R.
Dodson Isabel N.
Dodson Lewis M.
Dodson Mary H.
Dodson Raymond S.
Doell August
Doell Carrie M.
Doerflein Idabel C.
Doerflein William S.
Doerflein Jr.William S.
Dohm Denise Mary
Doll Ambrose
Doll Barbara H.
Doll Clara M.
Doll Frederick J.
Doll Garnedia A.
Doll Gordon L.
Doll Hilda S.
Doll Jean R.
Doll Joe K.
Doll Katie R.
Doll Kenneth M.
Doll May A.
Doll Milton E.
Doll Nora Edna
Doll Norman J.
Doll Sherwood Steffee
Doll Stuart A.
Doll Susan I.
Doll Susanna
Doll Sylvia F.
Doll Walter O.
Doll William G.
Dollard Beatrice A.
Dollard Frank C.
Donahue Dorothy J.
Donahue Harry G.
Donahue Mary E.
Donahue Paul F.
Donly Carson
Donnelly Richard
Donsen Alice J.
Donsen Clarence E.
Donsen Edna F. D.
Donsen Mary T.
Donsen Robert F.
Donsen Wilford H.
Dorbandt Louise M.
Dorsey Ethel L.
Dorsey Ida P.
Dorsey Joseph Henry
Dorsey Margaret M.
Dorworth Wilbur D.
Dosch Benton T.
Dosch Kathryn D.
Dougherty Carl James
Dougherty Pauline Swords
Dougherty Raymond L.
Dougherty Robert M.
Douglas Joel R. L. - pic2
Douglas S. Jennie Everhart - pic2
Dowell Catherine R. - pic2
Dowell Eliza A. - pic2
Dowell G. Edna C. - pic2
Dowell Helen A. - pic2
Dowell Thomas E. - pic2
Dowell Thomas M. - pic2
Dowling Annette Jamison
Dowling Sr.Lucious
Downing Amelia S.
Downing Dallas L.
Downing Erwin E.
Downing James n.
Downing Kathryn E.
Downing Margaret E.
Downing Maud
Downing Richard W.
Downs Mamie E. - pic2
Downs Percy C. - pic2
Downs Robert C.
Doyle Charles A. - pic2
Doyle John H. - pic2
Doyle Luther S. - pic2
Doyle Mary J. - pic2
Doyle Nettie A. - pic2
Doyle Theckla B. - pic2
Drager Margaret P. - pic2
Drager Mary - pic2
Drager Samuel J. - pic2 - pic3
Drager Wilhelmina P. - pic2
Drake Edward H.
Drake Jr.Edward H.
Drake Hanna T.
Draper Clara H.
Drawbaugh Helen L.
Drawbaugh Jr.John
Drayer Bert G. - pic2
Drayer Bertha L.
Drayer Elizabeth E.
Drayer Ellen F.
Drayer Emma Jane
Drayer Flora
Drayer Harry J.
Drayer Howard E.
Drayer John
Drayer John W.
Drayer Mabel R.
Drayer Margaret H. - pic2
Drayer Mary J.
Drayer Michael
Drayer Michael J.
Drayer Minnie B.
Drayer Robert W.
Drayer Sarah
Drayton Catherine C.
Drayton Walker E.
Dreisbach Carl V.
Dreisbach Ethel T.
Dreisbach Richard Trout
Drescher Barbara A.
Drescher Flora J.
Drescher Frank E.
Drescher Gertrude E. - pic2
Drescher Gordon E.
Drescher Harry E. - pic2
Drescher Helen K. - pic2
Drescher Kyrle F.
Drescher Lydia E. - pic2
Drescher Mary V.
Drescher William H.
Drescher William W. - pic2
Dressel Annie M.
Dressel Augustus E. - pic2
Dressel Carlyon N.
Dressel Earl E.
Dressel Edward
Dressel Edward A.
Dressel Elizabeth
Dressel Elizabeth J. - pic2
Dressel Ernest
Dressel Evelyn Leona
Dressel Florence C.
Dressel George A.
Dressel M. Elva
Dressel William
Dressler Dorothy R.
Dressler George F.
Dressler Helen Huber
Dressler William E.
Dromgold Ella W.
Dromgold Margaret Wilt
Dromgold Walker A.
Druck Charles Edwin
Druck Helen Marie
Druck Hilda R.
Druck Verna E.
Druck William M.
Drury Catherine Carr
Drury Francina A.
Drury George W.
Dubbs Annabelle E.
Dubbs Betty J. - pic2
Dubbs Chester H. - pic2
Dubbs Claude E.
Dubbs Donald J. - pic2
Dubbs Garry L.
Dubbs George E.
Dubbs Kathy K.
Dubbs Lillie A.
Dubbs Mary A.
Dubbs Paul G.
Dubbs Raymond L.
DuBois Kathryn E.
DuBois Louis J.
Dubs William Resser
Duff James W.
Duff Nettie M.
Dugan George W.
Duke Amanda
Duke Margaret A.
Dunavin Allen
Dunavin Dorothy R.
Duncan Arnott
Duncan Richard A.
Duncan Rose M.
Dundore Franklin L.
Dunlap Anna M.
Dunlap Calvin R. - pic2
Dunlap Caroline J.
Dunlap Charlenne L.
Dunlap Charles R. - pic2
Dunlap Curtis A.
Dunlap Dorothy P.
Dunlap Ella M. - pic2
Dunlap Emma E. - pic2
Dunlap Emma W. - pic2
Dunlap G. W. - pic2
Dunlap J. F. - pic2
Dunlap James A.
Dunlap Mary E. - pic2
Dunlap Raymond H.
Dunlap Rebecca - pic2
Dunlap Robert - pic2
Dunmire M. Grace
Dunmire Maslin B.
Dunn Almeda M.
Dunn Charles F.
Dunn Gertrude E.
Dunn James T.
Dunn Mary E.
Dunn Reed J.
Dunn Unknown
Durden Barbara A. Lippert
Durden Jr.Joe R.
Durney Cindy Langer
Durr Clarence W.
Durr Louise A.
Durr Marie K.
Durr Mary C.
Durr Minnie Cole
Durr William Bautz
Durr William Theodore
Durs Carol A.
Durs Stephen A.
Durst Marilyn A.
Durst Jr.Orville A.
Dusman Babe
Dusman Florence R.
Dusman Gilbert H.
Dusman Harry E.
Dusman Mary
Dusman Mary G.
Dutery Jr.Frank E.
Dutery M. Pauleen
Dutrow Charles E.
Dutrow Isabel Wasbers
Dycus Margaret Ann
Dyer Emma V.
Dyer F. Marion
Dyer Nina M.
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