Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


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This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With C


Cacciola Doris A.
Cacciola John R.
Cairns Catherine W.
Cairns Wm. J.
Calaman Clair E.
Caldwell Tina Marie
Calimer Arthur R.
Calimer Margaret B.
Calimer Mary J.
Calimer Ralph E.
Callahan George W.
Callahan Mary E.
Callahan Minnie E.
Cameron Charles
Cameron Charles A. - pic2
Cameron George B.
Cameron Katie
Cameron Mary E.
Campbell C. R.
Campbell Catharine A.
Campbell Ellen E.
Campbell Erastus L.
Campbell Eva U.
Campbell James H.
Campbell Joseph R.
Campbell Josiah A.
Campbell Laura E.
Campbell Marie A. McCabe Butler
Campbell Mary R.
Campbell Melvin H.
Campbell Pevanna
Campton Anna L.
Campton Donald R.
Cann Mary E.
Cannon Elinor M.
Cannon James P.
Canoe Beaulah M.
Caplinger Georgia A.
Caraballo J. Raymond
Caraballo Justianio
Caraballo Nellie L.
Carbaugh Bruce
Carbaugh Bruce B.
Carbaugh Cubie R.
Carbaugh David Byers
Carbaugh David F.
Carbaugh Donald B.
Carbaugh Joseph B.
Carbaugh Madora A. K.
Carbaugh Marie A.
Carbaugh Mary N.
Carbaugh Nancy L. Goodling
Carbaugh Richard G.
Carlson Madge P.
Carlson Wilbur D.
Caroff Constance
Carolff Kenneth A.
Carpenter Catharine J. Garver
Carpenter Cletus S.
Carpenter Theodora Massa
Carper Alvin C.
Carper Gregory A.
Carper Virginia M.
Carr Clara R.
Carr Jere E.
Carr Mary Jane
Carroll Charles H. - pic2
Carroll Marcus - pic2
Carroll Marcus W. - pic2
Carroll Melvina - pic2
Carroll Miriam - pic2
Carter Annie M. - pic2
Carter Elizabeth Stacks
Carter Elmer E.
Carter Kathleen V. Miller
Carter M. Edward - pic2
Carter Samuel
Cartwright Earl N.
Cartwright Edith Marie
Cashman Edith
Caskey Charmaine L.
Caslow Amos C.
Caslow Mary C.
Castle John David
Castle John Phillipps Fuller
Castle Nancy J.
Castle Jr.Wilson W.
Caswell Ralph E.
Caufman Archie M. - pic2
Caufman Mabel R. - pic2
Cedar Hannah P. - pic2
Cedar Louis - pic2
Cedar Mary Leifer
Chadwick Ellen S.
Chadwick Evelyn M.
Chadwick Joseph L.
Chadwick Walter F.
Chalfant E. Jane - pic2
Chalfant Edna R. - pic2
Chalfant James E. - pic2
Chalfant Jr.James E. - pic2
Chalfant William N. - pic2
Chalker Arline F. - pic2
Chalker David J. - pic2
Chalker Jr.David J. - pic2
Chalker Jane L. - pic2
Chamberlain Inez M.
Chamberlain Joseph R.
Chambers Carroll R.
Chambers Curtis A.
Chambers Elizabeth - pic2
Chambers Elizabeth
Chambers Nora O.
Chambers Samuel E.
Chambers William T. - pic2
Chaney Florine
Chaney Margaret A.
Chaney Robert A.
Chaney William H.
Chapman Betty L. Stine
Chapman Everett C.
Charleston Harold H.
Charleston J. Glenn
Charleston Laura E.
Charleston Phyllis L.
Charleston Ralph C.
Chau Muoi To
Chevaux Bette A.
Chevaux Edith E.
Chevaux Jr.Raymond F.
Chevaux Sr.Raymond F.
Chiappy Florence O.
Chiappy John E.
Chiappy John Jose
Chiappy John Jose
Chiappy Michael Evans
Chiappy Rosemary C.
Childs Bertha Elizabeth
Childs Jr.Harry E.
Childs Isabel R.
Childs John E.
Childs Rita
Childs Sr.Thomas Linwood
Chivers Ida E.
Chivers IIILarry G.
Chivers Lawrence D.
Chock Estelle - pic2
Chock Jesse - pic2
Chock Robert Lee - pic2
Chrisemer Marion Wier - pic2
Christ Helen B.
Christ Homer W.
Christiansen Anna M. - pic2
Christiansen Christian C. - pic2
Christie Elizabeth S.
Christine Carl R.
Christine Carol Ann
Christine Dennis A.
Christine Dorothy M.
Christine Florence E.
Christine Paul V.
Christine Jr.Paul Vernon
Chronister Catharine M.
Chronister Donald E.
Chronister Emma L.
Chronister Evelyn A. Moreland - pic2
Chronister Grace E.
Chronister H. Danner
Chronister Joan M.
Chronister Leroy W.
Chronister Regina E.
Cinch Jack Benson
Clark Elizabeth J.
Clark Evelyn W.
Clark George S.
Clark John W.
Clark Thomas N.
Clark William P. M.
Clark William S.
Clay Charles P.
Clay Frederiek C.
Clay Irene V.
Clay John Oren
Clay Sadie Nickol
Clay Samuel B.
Clayman A. Jefferson
Clayman George W.
Clayman Lucretia
Claytor Bonnie J.
Cleary C. Regina
Cleary Mary M.
Cleary Ray P.
Clemens Melvina J.
Clinch Andrew L. - pic2
Clinch Dorothy Hidalgo
Clinch Loretta E.
Clinch Miriam B. - pic2
Clineburg Mary E.
Clineburg Richard B.
Clinedinst Annie E. Croll
Clinedinst Charlotte E.
Clinedinst Jacob H.
Clingan Alice B.
Clingan Delbert W.
Clingan Donald L. - pic2
Clingan Emma L. - pic2
Clingan George E.
Clingan George W.
Clingan Gertrude D. - pic2
Clingan Luther G. - pic2
Clingan Mabel A.
Clinton Anna E. - pic2
Clinton Anna R. - pic2
Clinton Paul R.
Clinton Rachael Z.
Clippinger John V.
Clippinger Louise T.
Clopper Charles T.
Clopper Emma M.
Cloudsley Christina Kerr
Cloudsley Emma B. - pic2
Cloudsley John - pic2
Cloudsley Margaret S.
Cloudsley May C. G.
Clouser Mary E.
Clugston John R.
Clugston Shirley M.
Coble Annie E.
Coble Charles C.
Coble Connie Oller
Coble Georgianna R.
Coble Martha Wolf
Cochran Corinne Rapalee
Cochran Edward P.
Cochran Elizabeth B.
Cochran Warren Baldwin
Cockey L. Esther Coffman Hildebrand
Cockley Donald W. - pic2
Cockley J. Edwin
Cockley Jennie W. - pic2
Cockley John
Cockley Leah
Cockley Margaret S. - pic2
Cockley W. Irving - pic2
Cocklin Norma J.
Cocklin Jr.Victor H.
Coeyman Amanda Lynn
Coffman Dorothea Griffith
Coffman Ella May
Coffman J. Harold
Coffman John
Coffman Merle L.
Coffman Robert F.
Coffman Unknown D.
Cohen Albert J.
Cohen Alex E.
Cohen Beatrice M.
Cohen Carrie
Cohen Emanuel
Cohen Gene Lewis
Cohen Hannah
Cohen Henry J.
Cohen Joseph
Cohen Max J.
Cohen Merle Sue
Cohen Rose
Cohen Sara R.
Cohn Abraham D.
Cohn Sophie K.
Coldren Joanne M.
Cole Annie L.
Cole C. Earl
Cole Claudia E.
Cole Claudine
Cole Douglas A.
Cole Frederick L.
Cole George B.
Cole J. Frank
Cole Joseph C.
Cole Louisa B.
Cole Marie E.
Cole Richard S.
Colegrove A. Maud
Colegrove Elbert R.
Coleman Amanda
Coleman Elsie L.
Coleman Frederick E.
Coleman Helen L.
Coleman Horace George
Coleman Jacob G.
Coleman Luther A.
Coleman Mary Edith
Coleman S. Myrtle McKinney
Coleman Sarah Ellen Hamme
Coleman Tillie
Collier Gordon A.
Collins Effa L.
Collins Janice Louise
Collins M. G.
Collins May Senft
Collins Russell W.
Collison Gary L.
Collison Linda J.
Comegys Liza - pic2
Comegys Maria - pic2
Comegys Thomas - pic2
Conaway Baba L.
Conaway Henrietta Dieneus
Conaway Samuel A.
Condo Harry K.
Condo Mary R. - pic2
Conley Amanda E.
Conley Caroline Glatfelter
Connelly Marie E. - pic2
Conner Hilda K.
Conner Marybelle
Conner Nelson L.
Conner William N.
Conrad Rosalie Staub
Conrad Walter
Consley Helen W.
Consley Hubert L.
Consley J. Morton
Consley James Lee
Consley John C.
Consley John Richard
Consley Nancy Edith Manifold
Consley Phyllis M.
Consley Rosa L.
Conway Betty Jean
Conway Flora O. - pic2
Conway George W.
Conway Irene S.
Conway Samuel A. - pic2
Cook Alice E.
Cook Amos Austin
Cook George Robert
Cook Grace E.
Cook James D.
Cook John E.
Cook Lynne E.
Cook Raymond J.
Cook Verdie C.
Cook Walter A.
Cooke Jr.Ernest E. - pic2
Cooke Virginia S. - pic2
Cookes Henry
Coon Arthur H. - pic2
Coon Catharine Kiner
Coon Daniel W.
Coon E. Grace - pic2
Coon Elsie F. - pic2
Coon Gladys C. Kohr
Coon Harry Clay
Coon Ida May
Coon LaRoy H. C.
Coon Jr.LaRoy H. C.
Coon Laura J. - pic2
Coon S. Roberta
Coon William H. - pic2
Cooper Audry Nelson
Cooper Charles C.
Cooper Clark C.
Cooper George S.
Cooper Harold L. R.
Cooper Iva C.
Cooper J. Irvin
Cooper Leroy G.
Cooper Margaret C.
Cooper Margaret L.
Cooper Maude C.
Cooper Pius E.
Cooper Wanda L.
Coover Charles M.
Coover Glenn M.
Coover Grace M.
Coover Jenette P.
Coover Mary R.
Coover Viola J.
Copenhaver Jesse C.
Copenhaver Pearl E.
Copenheaver Charlotte
Copenheaver Helen M.
Copenheaver Joseph O.
Copenheaver Ruth V.
Coppersmith Daniel E.
Corbin Raymond Lewis
Corbin Robert Lewis
Corey Jeannette - pic2
Cormeny Florence E.
Cormeny George A.
Cornelius Donna J.
Cornelius Marshall W.
Cornwell Amos C.
Cornwell George W.
Cornwell Margaret
Cornwell Myrtle A.
Correll Albert E.
Correll Mildred A.
Corridon Sarah Peters
Corrigan Genevieve V.
Corrigan Gertrude V.
Corrigan John J.
Corrigan Samuel Earl
Corwell Alverta Marie
Corwell Edith V.
Corwell Samuel C.
Corwell Samuel Clarence
Cottrell Erma J.
Cottrell Infant Son
Cottrell Infant Son
Cottrell Robert E.
Cottrell Thomas J.
Cottrell Thomas S.
Coup IIIWilliam R. - pic2
Cousler Amanda Shepp - pic2
Cousler Charles H.
Cousler Filbert
Cousler Infant
Cousler John - pic2
Cousler Lillie M.
Cousler Mary E.
Cousler Nelson R.
Cousler Pauline E.
Cover Sadie V.
Cox Christopher C.
Cox Herbert G.
Cox M. Helen Noss
Cox Vivian O.
Coxen Kerwin W.
Coxen Mary E.
Crabb Joe P.
Crabb Mary G.
Craft Bertha M.
Craft Edna May
Craft Edward L.
Craft Mary E. Myers
Craft Roy
Craig Edwin L. - pic2
Craig Elizabeth G.
Craig Evelyn Lentz
Craig Hugh
Craig M. Louise
Craig William F.
Craig Jr.William F.
Craighead Dorothy M.
Craighead Harry A.
Cramer Bernadette Sheridan
Cramer Catherine C.
Cramer Cora E.
Cramer Dorothy M.
Cramer Edward P.
Cramer Emma
Cramer IIIFrederick W.
Cramer Jeremiah
Cramer Mary Snyder
Cramer Roy Martin
Crane Jerry T.
Crane Patricia J.
Craumer Carrie E.
Craumer Charles E.
Craumer Elias S.
Craumer Hattie Estella
Craumer Mary Ellen
Craver Chester A.
Craver Clayton A.
Craver Elizabeth S.
Craver Geo. W.
Craver John H.
Craver John J.
Craver Luella W.
Craver Mamie C.
Craver Rebecca
Craver S. Jane
Crawford Charles W.
Crawford Dorothy F.
Crawford Emma
Crawford Emma R.
Crawford James W.
Crawford Linda L. Thomas
Crawford Louise D.
Crawford Michael J.
Crawford Rodney G.
Crawford S. Clark
Creager Donna P.
Creager Ella Grace
Creager Jack C.
Creager Tom M.
Creager William J.
Crebs Carroll
Crebs Julia M.
Crebs Walter D.
Creep Emily J. K.
Creep Parker B.
Creep Sallie
Creep Samuel H.
Cresley Anthony - pic2
Cresley Henry J. - pic2
Cresley Sophia E. - pic2
Crider Anna A. - pic2
Crider Bella C.
Crider Charles E. - pic2
Crider David N.
Crider Ethel F. - pic2
Crimins Anna B.
Crimins C. Walter
Crimins Dennis J.
Crimins Ellen B.
Crimins Flora O.
Crimins Harry J.
Crimins James E.
Crimins Sr.James E.
Crimins Lucy M.
Crimins Margaret A.
Crimins Regina A.
Crimmins Dora E.
Crippen Clara Jane Martin - pic2
Crippen John C. - pic2
Crippen John C. - pic2
Crist Sarah E. - pic2
Criswell Ruth I.
Criswell Thomas E.
Crobin Virgil W.
Croker Ruth Sheffer
Croll Albert - pic2
Croll Bertha W.
Croll Catharine - pic2
Croll George - pic2
Croll Horace
Croll Horace D.
Croll Infant
Croll Joseph - pic2
Croll Kathryn Z.
Croll Laura
Croll Mary Taylor
Croll Robert D.
Croll Unknown - pic2
Croll Unknown - pic2
Croll William H.
Croller John
Cromer Sarah E.
Cromwell Emma J.
Cromwell J. Harry
Crone Brenda E. - pic2
Crone Jeanne E.
Crone Ronald J.
Crone Virginia L.
Crooks Harry - pic2
Crooks Martha - pic2
Cross Agnes Grove
Cross Cecelia
Cross Edward M. S.
Cross Harriett E.
Cross Harrison H. - pic2
Cross Irene J.
Cross James
Cross Margaret W.
Cross Mary C. - pic2
Cross Murray
Cross Nellie R.
Cross Wilbur G.
Crossley Matilda B.
Crouse Annie R. Weaver
Crowl Bertha Livingston
Crowl Curvin E.
Crowl Robert Leroy
Crumbley Thelman J.
Crumline Darthy A.
Crumline David C.
Crumling Charlotte A.
Crumling Clara B.
Crumling Edward S.
Crumling Ethel R.
Crumling George A.
Crumling Grace H.
Crumling Isabel Strayer
Crumling Jennie M.
Crumling Merle L.
Crumling Theda
Crumling William Warner
Cruse Lyle M. - pic2
Cruse Martha E. - pic2
Culbertson Bradley J.
Culbertson David I.
Culbertson Emma M. Shearer
Culbertson Martha B.
Culp C. Edward
Culp Christian T. - pic2
Culp Clyde E. - pic2
Culp Eleanora Grund
Culp Esther E.
Culp Frances Alice
Culp Harry W.
Culp Jacob
Culp Maude W. - pic2
Culp Sarah V. - pic2
Cumberland E. Louise Burger - pic2 - pic3 - pic4
Cummings Nancy E.
Cummings Robert G.
Cunningham Emma F.
Cunningham Ethel M.
Cunningham Teddy B.
Currens Ada E.
Currens John W.
Currens Royal L.
Currens Theodore S. - pic2
Currens William T. - pic2
Currier John Pyne
Currier Mildred S.
Cushman Mary Eaton
Cutler Sr.Blain R.
Cutler Dolores C.
Cutshall Alice Emily
Cutshall Arthur R.
Cutshall Burnetta J.
Cutshall John H.
Cutshall Norman E.
Cutshall Tana Lee
Cutshall Thomas Daniel
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