Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012             


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With B


Babner Jr.Marvin C.
Babner Sr.Marvin C.
Backel Arthur T.
Backel Augustus W.
Backel Ethel M.
Backel Mary S.
Backel Sarah E.
Backel William A.
Bacon Agnes W.
Bacon J. Kerr - pic2
Bacon Martha K. - pic2
Bacon William F. - pic2
Badeker George B.
Badeker Minnie M.
Badger Frank C.
Baer Annie J.
Baer Annie J. - pic2
Baer Charles F. - pic2
Baer Edna L.
Baer Elizabeth Margaret
Baer Ellen Lewis
Baer Fannie S.
Baer Francis J.
Baer George Alan
Baer Helen L. - pic2
Baer Hugh Day
Baer J. Allen - pic2
Baer Jacob S.
Baer John A. - pic2
Baer Mamie D.
Baer Margaret Ann
Baer Margaret R.
Baer Martha E.
Baer Mary E. - pic2
Baer Richard W.
Baer Robert S.
Baer Steven L.
Baer Sr.Stewart A.
Baggs Queen Irene
Bagley Jeffrey A.
Bahn Amanda - pic2
Bahn Anna Kate
Bahn Anna M.
Bahn C. Lee - pic2
Bahn Carl H.
Bahn Sr.Charles R.
Bahn Cora A.
Bahn Dawson S.
Bahn Edna M.
Bahn Emily E.
Bahn Ezra H.
Bahn George C.
Bahn George S.
Bahn Gertrude M.
Bahn Helen K.
Bahn Henrietta - pic2
Bahn Henry N. - pic2
Bahn Herbert W.
Bahn Larry A.
Bahn Lester F.
Bahn Lillie B.
Bahn Luzetta
Bahn Mabel S.
Bahn Mary E.
Bahn Merl P.
Bahn Mobbie M.
Bahn Nettie
Bahn Paul F.
Bahn Phyllis Wallace
Bahn Portia C.
Bahn Reginald
Bahn Richard P.
Bahn Jr.Richard P.
Bahn Rose Billet
Bahn S. Jane
Bahn Samuel F. - pic2
Bahn Sarah J. - pic2
Bahn Sylvester - pic2
Bahn W. Gilbert
Bailey Benjamin F.
Bailey Clair H.
Bailey Cora A.
Bailey David P.
Bailey Elizabeth P.
Bailey Eva M.
Bailey Florence P.
Bailey Francis R.
Bailey James I. - pic2
Bailey James W. - pic2
Bailey John A.
Bailey Lucille E.
Bailey Mae - pic2
Bailey Manotta C.
Bailey Mary E.
Bailey Mary K. - pic2
Bailey Matilda C.
Bailey Nancy E.
Bailey Sylvester D.
Bailey Timmy
Bailey Willard C.
Bailey Jr.Willard C.
Bair Anna H.
Bair Charles - pic2
Bair Dorothy M.
Bair Eliza E.
Bair Emma J. - pic2
Bair Hamilton E.
Bair Harry K. - pic2
Bair Herbert W.
Bair Lillian P.
Bair Lillie M.
Bair Lulu M.
Bair Minnie E.
Bair Robert E.
Baish Alice A.
Baker Andrew Winters - pic2
Baker Barry B.
Baker Catharine A. Gotwalt
Baker Charles H.
Baker Clara E.
Baker Edward R.
Baker Eugene G.
Baker Frank
Baker Genevieve M.
Baker Henry E.
Baker Howard J.
Baker Jr.Howard L.
Baker Ivan F.
Baker Jessie L.
Baker John Edgar - pic2
Baker Katharine Hipple - pic2
Baker Katie A.
Baker Mary E.
Baker Mary S. Billmeyer - pic2
Baker Milton
Baker Pauline S.
Baker Rebecca B. Yeagley - pic2
Baker Roy E.
Baker Shirley A.
Baker William Henry - pic2
Baldwin Charles E.
Baldwin Elizabeth A.
Baldwin Ellen N.
Baldwin George L.
Baldwin John M.
Baldwin Nevin E.
Baldwin Sarah M.
Baldwin William H.
Baldwin William H.
Baldwin Jr.William H.
Ball Frank
Ball Goldie L.
Ball Matilda
Ball Raymond C.
Balls Roddina T.
Bamberger Luther L.
Bamberger Maude R.
Bamer Edward P.
Bamer Ellen G.
Bamer Ethel C.
Bamer Frank - pic2
Bamer Frank G.
Bamer Harry E. - pic2
Bamer Nellie L. W. - pic2
Bamer Susan - pic2
Bankert Anna Wellensiek
Bankert Emma B.
Bankert Sr.Sterling H.
Banks Nathan
Banks Jr.Nathanal
Bape Emma Mae
Barbar Simeon T.
Barber Edward A. - pic2
Barber Frank G.
Barber Lillian Floyd
Barber Margaret Edmonson - pic2
Barber Sarah E.
Barclay Violet M. Stough
Bard Robert R.
Bard Roslyn Reese
Bare Alice R.
Bare Anna B. Copenhafer
Bare Bertha Newcomer
Bare Charles W.
Bare Edgar M.
Bare Edna M.
Bare Emma Irene
Bare Harry G.
Bare Leon S.
Bare Margaret L.
Bare Mary
Bare Mary A. - pic2
Bare Paul E.
Bare Pius J. - pic2
Bare Robert J.
Bare Samuel W.
Bare Stanley E.
Bare Stella R.
Bare Stewart J.
Bare William F.
Barge Joseph - pic2
Barge Julia A. - pic2
Bargelt Bessie P. - pic2
Bargelt Dorothy B.
Bargelt Earl R. - pic2
Bargelt Florence E. - pic2
Bargelt Harriet S. - pic2
Bargelt Percy M. - pic2
Bargelt Philip T.
Barnard John W.
Barnard Mary H.
Barnes Sr.Albert G.
Barnes Albert L.
Barnes Alverna
Barnes Alvin
Barnes Betty T.
Barnes Charles J.
Barnes Daisy A.
Barnes Elizabeth B. Virdin
Barnes Elizabeth L.
Barnes Gertrude
Barnes James W.
Barnes Luther
Barnes Silas W.
Barnes William A.
Barnes Wilson Finney
Barnhart Allen H.
Barnhart Jr.Allen H.
Barnhart Jr.Allen H.
Barnhart Alvah H.
Barnhart Anna L.
Barnhart Catharine
Barnhart Charles F.
Barnhart Eleanor E.
Barnhart Elsie E.
Barnhart Gertrude I.
Barnhart Gloria Mitchell
Barnhart Harvey William
Barnhart Helen E.
Barnhart Helen L.
Barnhart Henry C.
Barnhart Ida J.
Barnhart Ida J.
Barnhart J. Harold
Barnhart Jr.J. Harold
Barnhart John
Barnhart Lillian L.
Barnhart Nellie L.
Barnhart Sr.Paul A.
Barnhart Quentin E.
Barnhart Robert E.
Barnhart Sr.Robert S.
Barnhart Sharon A.
Barnhart Thomas Eugene
Barnhart Unknown
Barnhart William
Barnhill John E.
Barnitz Alexander McClean - pic2
Barnitz Edwin A. - pic2
Barnitz Mary Weiser - pic2
Barnitz Sarah E. Gray - pic2
Baron Sally Beth
Barr Catherine
Barr Harry W.
Barrett Arthur W.
Barrett Elizabeth
Barrett Oliver K.
Barringer Myrtle B.
Barshinger Emelyn Greacen
Barshinger George A.
Barshinger Harry E.
Barshinger Helen R.
Barshinger Henry Stephen
Barshinger John H.
Barshinger Martin L.
Barshinger Paul D.
Barshinger Pauline M.
Barshinger Rose B.
Bartell Charles B.
Bartell Donald E.
Bartell Edith L.
Bartell G. Fred
Bartell Mildred G.
Barton Barbara A.
Barton Charlotte L.
Barton Donald F.
Barton Esther L.
Barton Frank L.
Barton Jeffery Lee
Barton John Edward
Barton John Z.
Barton Margaret A.
Barton Miriam A.
Bashista John
Bashista Sarah M.
Bassler Charles K.
Bastian Charles W.
Bastian Charlotte M.
Bastress Andrew W.
Bastress Unknown
Bastress Wm. H.
Bates Clara A.
Bates Emanuel A.
Bates Emma R. Pflieger - pic2
Bates Hazel F.
Bates John F. - pic2
Bates John W. - pic2
Bates Margaret E.
Bates Nettie O. Brubaker
Bates Robert F.
Bates Wm. T.
Bathurst Arthur F.
Bathurst Marion S.
Bathurst Ralph L.
Baublitz Anna B.
Baublitz Anna Mae
Baublitz Annie K.
Baublitz Barbara M.
Baublitz Beatrice Kauffman - pic2
Baublitz C. Henry
Baublitz Dorcas E.
Baublitz Ellsworth C.
Baublitz Evelyn E.
Baublitz George L.
Baublitz Harry S.
Baublitz Henrietta - pic2
Baublitz Lloyd S.
Baublitz Maggie E. - pic2
Baublitz Marguerite M.
Baublitz Mary E.
Baublitz Tempest - pic2
Baublitz Theodore A.
Baublitz William H.
Bauer Christian W.
Bauer Wanda G.
Baugher Barbara J.
Baugher Beulah L.
Baugher Charles J.
Baugher Charlotte E.
Baugher Clarence
Baugher Cora Belle
Baugher Frank F. - pic2
Baugher Grover C.
Baugher Harry Luther
Baugher Jacob U. - pic2
Baugher James E.
Baugher Kate
Baugher Kathryn I.
Baugher Luther
Baugher Mary E. - pic2
Baugher Philip L.
Baugher Robert K.
Baugher Rose J. - pic2
Baugher Samuel H.
Baughman Amos C. - pic2
Baughman E. Blanche
Baughman Floy G. - pic2
Baughman G. U.
Baughman Hattie Leonard
Baughman John S.
Baughman Kenneth W.
Baughman Lester E.
Baughman Minnie
Baughman Nettie M.
Baughman S. Maurice
Baughman Sophia T.
Baughman Vernon D.
Baum Claude W.
Baum George F.
Baum Lois E.
Baum M. Mae
Baum Todd Elwood
Baumeister C. Earl - pic2
Baumeister Charles Robert - pic2
Baumeister Dorothy A.
Baumeister Edward W.
Baumeister Elizabeth G. - pic2
Baumeister Elizabeth Latshaw - pic2
Baumeister Ellen A.
Baumeister G. Wendell - pic2
Baumeister George E.
Baumeister George R.
Baumeister Herbert O.
Baumeister Jacob F.
Baumeister Laura V.
Baumeister Marie G.
Baumeister R. Beryl
Baumeister S. Ella
Baumeister Theodore W.
Baumesiter George Wilford - pic2
Baumgardner John - pic2
Baumgardner John H. - pic2
Baumgardner Miriam E. - pic2
Baumgardner Rebecca S. - pic2
Baumgardner Sarah E. - pic2
Baustian Anna M.
Baustian Barbara F.
Baustian Henry A.
Baustian John H.
Baustian Loretta M.
Baustian Lydia M.
Baustian Mary E.
Baustian Pearl L.
Baustian Raymond L.
Baustian Richard E.
Baustian Roy E.
Bausticker Charles E.
Bausticker Doretta
Bausticker Fyetta Flo
Bausticker William J.
Baxmeyer C. G. - pic2
Baxmeyer Mary A. - pic2
Bayler Adam K.
Bayler Albert - pic2
Bayler C. Estella Kohler - pic2
Bayler C. Halbert - pic2
Bayler Kate Halbert - pic2
Bayless Ruth J. Bond
Bayless W. Scott
Baylie Walter R.
Baylor Albert H.
Baylor Ethaleen F.
Baylor Lulu M.
Baylor Robert
Baymiller Anna R. - pic2
Baymiller Christianna - pic2
Baymiller George - pic2
Baymiller John - pic2
Baymiller Mary L. - pic2
Baynes Margaret
Beach Otto T.
Beachtel Emma E.
Beachtel Randolph E.
Beakler Dorothy M.
Beakler Elmer W.
Beakler Robert M.
Beal Carrie L. - pic2
Beal James E. - pic2
Beale Edna I.
Beale William J.
Beam Susanna - pic2
Beamer Charles C.
Beamer Harley B.
Beamer Margaret O.
Bear Anna Blair - pic2
Bear Charles H.
Bear Jr.Charles H. - pic2
Bear Elizabeth E. - pic2
Bear Mary Harnish
Bear Nettie Hale
Beard Alice E. - pic2
Beard Harry Nelson - pic2
Beard Henry B. - pic2
Beard James Vincent - pic2
Beard Maurice Emerson - pic2
Beard Ruth Kaseman - pic2
Beard Walter Elwood - pic2
Beattie Annie S.
Beattie Walter E.
Beavers Donald T.
Beavers Edgar S.
Beaverson David
Beaverson George A.
Beaverson Harry F.
Beaverson Joseph
Beaverson Mary E.
Beaverson Minnie D.
Beck Ada L.
Beck Alex F.
Beck Alice E.
Beck Amelia
Beck Annie - pic2
Beck Annie K.
Beck Arthur B.
Beck Augustus
Beck C. B. McC.
Beck Catherine - pic2
Beck Charles H. - pic2
Beck Charlotte G.
Beck Donald L.
Beck Elmer E.
Beck Emanuel - pic2
Beck Emma Miller
Beck Gertrude K.
Beck Grace P.
Beck Harry W.
Beck James B.
Beck Jeannette - pic2
Beck John I. - pic2
Beck Sr.John W. - pic2
Beck Laird F.
Beck Lester
Beck Lillie R. - pic2
Beck Lovina M. - pic2
Beck Margaret E.
Beck Mary
Beck Mary A.
Beck Mary A.
Beck Mary J.
Beck Mary M.
Beck Maud Gipe
Beck Milton G.
Beck Ray
Beck Robert - pic2
Beck Robert M.
Beck Roy
Beck Roy C.
Beck Ruth E.
Beck Sallie Inners
Beck Samuel L.
Beck Sarah G.
Beck Stuart Gipe
Beck Warren - pic2
Beck William - pic2
Beck William H. - pic2
Beck William J.
Becker Alice E. - pic2
Becker Barbara
Becker Catherine W.
Becker Charles D. - pic2
Becker Daniel V.
Becker David
Becker Donald H.
Becker Edwin C. - pic2
Becker Elizabeth D.
Becker Ellsworth G.
Becker Ervin E.
Becker Florence E. - pic2
Becker Florence E.
Becker Georgianna E. Lau
Becker Sr.Harry F.
Becker Helen V.
Becker Horace N.
Becker Ida E. - pic2
Becker John C.
Becker John C. - pic2
Becker John E.
Becker Lena
Becker Lilian C. Hauer
Becker Louise A. M.
Becker Margaret Jane - pic2
Becker Marion Jean - pic2
Becker Mary B.
Becker Rose M.
Becker Vernon L.
Becker W. Edwin - pic2
Becker William
Beckman Fern E.
Beckman William W.
Beckmeyer Conrad H.
Beckmeyer Ernst W.
Beckmeyer Frederick H. - pic2
Beckmeyer Louisa Grund - pic2
Beckmeyer Viola M.
Beckmeyer Wilhelmine Bode
Beckmeyer William G. F.
Beecher Bertram E. - pic2
Beecher E. Grayce - pic2
Beecher George C. - pic2
Beecher Martha S. - pic2
Beegle Waheba Teryison
Beeler Allen G. - pic2
Beeler Elizabeth Sultzbach
Beeler George D.
Beeler Henry W. - pic2
Beeler Ida V.
Beeler Margie E.
Beeler Sarah S. - pic2
Behrensen Jacob N. - pic2
Behrensen Mary Jane - pic2
Beidelman John W.
Beidelman Mary E.
Beidelman Robert Otha B.
Beidelman Ruth A.
Beidelman Thomas A.
Beigh John R.
Beigh Minnie M.
Beistline Mildred K.
Beitzel Alice
Beitzel Benjamin
Beitzel Elizabeth
Beitzel Julia A.
Beitzel Margaret Duncan
Beitzel Wm.
Bell Elizabeth B.
Bell J. Ellis
Bell Juniata Waters
Bell Lois Jordan
Bell Mation Ellis
Bell William
Bender Sr.Carl E.
Bender Christopher C.
Bender Elizabeth M.
Bender Flora A. - pic2
Bender J. Calvin - pic2
Bender Mamie E.
Bender Melvina E. J. - pic2
Bender Paul S. - pic2
Bender Phyllis A.
Bender Richard E.
Bender Viola M. D.
Bendix Emily H.
Bendt Henry
Bendt Louise G.
Benedick Bessie A.
Benedick Carey K.
Benedick Charles H.
Benedick Maude I.
Benedict Edna Day
Benjamin Essie L.
Benjamin Ronald F.
Benner Catherine A.
Benner Dorothy E.
Benner Harold T.
Benner Russell E.
Bennett Brian K.
Bennett Edward B.
Bennett I. Marie
Bennett John H.
Bennett Nettie I.
Benson Charlotte L.
Benson Elmer H. - pic2
Benson Henrietta Fry
Benson Julia Dorsey
Benson Myrtle N. - pic2
Bentz Ada B.
Bentz Clair M.
Bentz Hazel L.
Bentzel Anna E.
Bentzel Annie C.
Bentzel Audrey E.
Bentzel Bernard C.
Bentzel Carrie E. - pic2
Bentzel Charles L.
Bentzel Dolores E.
Bentzel Edward D.
Bentzel Edward W.
Bentzel Enid J.
Bentzel Felix S. - pic2
Bentzel Harry D.
Bentzel IIHarry D.
Bentzel Henry A.
Bentzel Ida Kate
Bentzel Isabel E. - pic2
Bentzel Janet R.
Bentzel Kathlyn G.
Bentzel L. Dorothea - pic2
Bentzel Marion H.
Bentzel Nancy A.
Bentzel Robert Lee
Berg Isabella
Berg J. Harry
Bergdoll Charles E. - pic2
Bergdoll Charles W.
Bergdoll Charles W.
Bergdoll Ida G.
Bergdoll Susan W. - pic2
Berger Anna M.
Berger Annie
Berger Casper H.
Berger Charles H.
Berger Charles L.
Berger Clifford W.
Berger Clifford W.
Berger Edward H.
Berger Fredericka
Berger George L.
Berger John A.
Berger Lillie M.
Berger Marjorie - pic2
Berger Mary B.
Berger Mary E.
Berger Mary Kathryn Lippy
Berger Mary L.
Berger Mollie L.
Berger Ralph H.
Berger Robert R.
Berger Rudolph A. - pic2
Berger William P.
Bergman Elenora
Bergman Emma
Bergman Helen M.
Bergman Louisa
Bergman Mary
Bergman Robert H.
Bergman William
Berkheimer Ada M.
Berkheimer Amanda R.
Berkheimer Annie B. Weber - pic2
Berkheimer Annie Lanius
Berkheimer Arabella
Berkheimer Catharine
Berkheimer Catharine A.
Berkheimer Charles
Berkheimer Charles A.
Berkheimer Diane R.
Berkheimer Donald R.
Berkheimer Dorothy E.
Berkheimer Edward
Berkheimer Eliza
Berkheimer Elsie F.
Berkheimer Emma
Berkheimer Ethel V.
Berkheimer George
Berkheimer George W.
Berkheimer Harry M.
Berkheimer Henry
Berkheimer Jerome
Berkheimer John Edward
Berkheimer Kenneth F.
Berkheimer Lester William - pic2
Berkheimer Lewis A. - pic2
Berkheimer Mary A.
Berkheimer Philena V.
Berkheimer Sadie E.
Berkheimer Violet Fahs - pic2
Berkheimer William H.
Berkstresser Bertha K. Gotwalt
Berkstresser Elizabeth
Berkstresser Essie O.
Berkstresser John
Berkstresser John L.
Berkstresser Marshall P.
Berkstresser Maud
Berweger Albert P.
Berweger Sarah J.
Beshore C. Eugene
Beshore Curvin J.
Beshore Dorothy R.
Beshore Gregory A.
Beshore John A.
Beshore Mary E.
Beshore Roxanne A.
Beshore Ruth W.
Best IIIJames Ray
Best Joy Martin
Betker Carl
Betker Juliet
Betker Robert
Betron Mary A.
Betz Denise Elaine
Betz George - pic2 - pic3
Betz Harriet - pic2 - pic3
Betz Israel Hummer - pic2 - pic3
Betz Rebecca Fisher Weitzel - pic2 - pic3
Betz Rebecca Freimeier Hummer - pic2
Biddle Edna Claudine - pic2
Biddle Jane Agnes - pic2
Biddle Susan E.
Biddle Walter Andrew - pic2 - pic3
Biddle Walter N.
Biehl Elsie L.
Biehl Nevin J.
Bier Elizabeth
Bier John F.
Bier Margaret H.
Bier W. Grant
Bierman Catharine
Bierman Fairy K.
Bierman Frank H.
Bierman Franklin W.
Bierman Frederick H.
Bierman Henry
Bierman Mary I.
Bierman Sarah L.
Bievenour Edward F.
Bigony Donald R.
Bigony Gertrude E.
Bigony Robert R.
Billet Alfred H.
Billet Anna I. Fitzkee
Billet Cora F.
Billet George B.
Billet Israel J.
Billet Jacob A.
Billet Lester E.
Billet Lydia
Billet Mable
Billet Mary L.
Billet Nancy A.
Billet Sarah E.
Billet William
Billet William H.
Billett Bertha
Billett Glenn V.
Billett Henry K. - pic2
Billett Herbert S. - pic2
Billett Jacob W.
Billett Martha A. - pic2
Billett Ralph M. - pic2
Billett Raymond K. - pic2
Billett Rodney S. - pic2
Billett Ruth L. - pic2
Billett Verna B. - pic2
Billmyer Charles A.
Billmyer Kathryn A.
Billmyer William L.
Billmyer William L.
Binder Emma J.
Binder Jemie I.
Binder Mildred K.
Binder Muriel
Binder Ray
Binder Wayne St. C.
Bingaman Albert W.
Bingaman Vernetta N.
Bingaman William E.
Bintzer C. Ethel
Bintzer Russell O.
Birnstock Jennie Yessler
Birnstock William Wilton
Biser Margaret H.
Bishop Albert William
Bishop Charles E.
Bishop Hester Mergenthaler
Bishop Thelma E.
Bishop Vivian Arlene
Bisking Sr.Harry R.
Bisking Mary E.
Bisking Phyllis M.
Bisking Roy B.
Bitner Evelyn A.
Bitner Rosanna - pic2
Bitner William H.
Bittenger Anna - pic2
Bittenger Charles E. - pic2
Bittenger Daniel S. - pic2
Bittenger Ida M. - pic2
Bittenger John H. - pic2
Bittenger John W. - pic2
Bittinger Dale A.
Bittinger Marie E.
Bittle Anna R.
Bittle Jacob
Bitzel Beverly A.
Bitzer Albert Witherow
Bitzer Ima Hanson Miller
Bixler Albert J.
Bixler Benjamin F.
Bixler C. Ellsworth
Bixler Catharine M.
Bixler Charles H.
Bixler Frances R.
Bixler Jennie
Bixler M. Helen
Bixler Miriam L.
Bixler Paul Joseph
Bixler Sarah J.
Black Benjamin R.
Black Chauncey F.
Black Elizabeth F.
Black Hilda L.
Black Janice L.
Black Joseph
Black Joseph
Black Jr.Joseph
Black Lily G.
Black Mabel Evans
Black Mary V.
Black Rhoda E.
Black Robert W.
Black Sr.Walter C.
Black William F.
Black William H.
Blair Daisy V.
Blair Joseph H.
Blake Adda M.
Blake Ashmer M.
Blake Barbara E.
Blake Bessie M.
Blake Eurie Z.
Blake John W.
Blake N. Ellis
Blakely Sadie J.
Blakey Jr.Albert Gallatin
Blakey Mary Ann Russell
Blank Daniel
Blank Elaine
Blankenship Tommy Lee
Blasser Annie C.
Blasser Annie E. Weitsel
Blasser Charles K.
Blasser Della G.
Blasser Florence A.
Blasser G. Ethel
Blasser Gorman B.
Blasser Harry G.
Blasser J. A.
Blasser Jared F.
Blasser Mary J.
Blasser O. Harold
Blasser Robert E.
Blasser Sarah Stabler
Blasser Walter V.
Blasser William L.
Blaus Unknown
Blauser Adam
Blauser Agnes
Blauser Amanda J. F.
Blauser Arlene M.
Blauser Bertha H. - pic2
Blauser Catharine M. - pic2
Blauser Charles E.
Blauser Edward
Blauser Ellen M.
Blauser Elmer K.
Blauser Emma
Blauser Ferdinand A. - pic2
Blauser Florence E.
Blauser George A.
Blauser Janie E.
Blauser Margie
Blauser Mary E.
Blauser Robert E. - pic2
Blauser Samuel
Blauser Stewart V.
Blauser Vincent E.
Blauser Walter J.
Blauser William H.
Blauser William H.
Blessing Anna R.
Blessing Charles H. - pic2
Blessing Jr.Charles H.
Blessing Sr.Charles H.
Blessing Edward G. - pic2
Blessing Effie M.
Blessing Elizabeth
Blessing Henry
Blessing Henry F.
Blessing Katie N.
Blessing Leah
Blessing Lois Kohler
Blessing Margaret J. - pic2
Blessing Margaret R. - pic2
Blessing P. Margaret
Blessing Romaine B.
Blessing Samuel H. - pic2
Blessing Sarah E. - pic2
Blessing Walter J. - pic2
Blessing Sr.William M.
Bletcher Sarah Seacrist
Blochinger William H.
Blockinger Edgar M. - pic2
Blockinger George E.
Blockinger Metta E.
Blockinger Minnie H.
Bloom Edgar S.
Bloom Gertrude W.
Bloomfield Grace M.
Blouse Helen S.
Blouse Mary E.
Blouse Samuel V.
Blouse Victor R.
Blum Augusta C.
Blum Blanche A.
Blum C. Eugene
Blum Cora Myers
Blum Emma M. - pic2
Blum Ferdinand - pic2
Blum Ferdinand - pic2
Blum Florence M. - pic2
Blum Harry L. - pic2
Blum Helen E.
Blum Helen L.
Blum Jacob
Blum John H.
Blum Lewis - pic2
Blum Lora
Blum M. Elizabeth - pic2
Blum Martha
Blum Mary B.
Blum Mary E.
Blum Matthias - pic2
Blum Robert T.
Blum Robert W. - pic2
Blum Wilhelmina C. - pic2
Blum William H. - pic2
Bly Dorothy E.
Blymire Frances G.
Blymire George A.
Blymire Grace C.
Blymire Jennie V. Senft - pic2
Blymire John W. - pic2 - pic3
Blymire Kathryn
Blymire Lester E.
Blymire Mertus C. - pic2
Blymire Thomas I.
Blymire Zenith E.
Bobbitt Deborah Ann
Bocksch Johanna D. - pic2
Bocksch Rudolph H. - pic2
Boddy Charles M.
Boddy Emma K.
Bode Anstina - pic2
Bode Charlotte
Bode Elmer W.
Bode Frederick
Bode Frederick E.
Bode Ludwig - pic2
Bode Mary C.
Bode William
Bodie Albert A.
Bodie Mary M.
Boeckel Allen L.
Boeckel Alverta V.
Boeckel Amanda E.
Boeckel Anna V.
Boeckel Annie E.
Boeckel Bonnie J.
Boeckel Charles W.
Boeckel E. Henry
Boeckel Edward C.
Boeckel Edward L.
Boeckel Eliza A.
Boeckel Elsie H.
Boeckel Emanuel
Boeckel Hazel M.
Boeckel Mary N.
Boeckel Michael L.
Boeckel Rod
Boeckel Sheldon L.
Boeckel William H.
Boelig Ruth B.
Boemann Anna G.
Boemann Anna Lulu
Boemann Emma G.
Boemann Fredrick J.
Boesch Delnorte Minich
Boesch Frederick C.
Boettcher Adolph
Boettcher Bertha Storck
Boettcher Ernst F.
Boettcher Hazel H.
Boettcher Herman F.
Boettcher Mahlon Ernst
Boettcher Robert
Bohler Nelson E.
Bohmer August
Bohn Ethel M.
Bohn James E.
Bohn Louise Myers
Bohn Roy E.
Boll Adaline
Boll Adda
Boll Annie Jane
Boll Charles A.
Boll Chester P.
Boll Christian F.
Boll Dora E.
Boll Francis
Boll Romaine A.
Boll Sara Stein
Boll William H.
Bollinger Anna Irene
Bollinger Bessie R.
Bollinger Daniel L. - pic2
Bollinger Dorothy M. - pic2
Bollinger Emma C.
Bollinger Faith ness
Bollinger Guy Franklin
Bollinger Infant Son
Bollinger Pauline G.
Bollinger Ralph R.
Bollinger S. Catherine
Bolton Elizabeth Kegler - pic2
Bolyard Donald Nelson
Bolyard Rebecca Ann
Bomgardner Clayton E.
Bomgardner Lillie
Bond Alfred G.
Bond Emma C. Frey
Bond George Ross - pic2
Bond Minerva Snyder - pic2
Bond Rodney W.
Bond Ruth Eileen
Bonsall Lytton S. - pic2
Bonsall Ruth M. - pic2
Boose Catherine S.
Boose Sr.Howard H.
Booth Edward
Booth Lucy
Booz Charles C.
Booz Janet A.
Booz Janet Mary
Boozle Alice Bahn
Boozle Catharine L. - pic2
Boozle Daniel - pic2
Boozle Lucy H.
Boozle William H.
Boring Byron V. - pic2
Boring Ezekiel
Boring George L.
Boring George W.
Boring Gertie A.
Boring Katie E.
Boring Ruth T.
Boring Sarah
Boring Sybilla S. - pic2
Bortner Abdiel - pic2
Bortner Alpheus W.
Bortner Anna M. - pic2
Bortner Catherine L.
Bortner Clair J.
Bortner Cora M.
Bortner Doris E.
Bortner Ellen A. - pic2
Bortner Emma J.
Bortner Emory J.
Bortner Esther M.
Bortner Francis E.
Bortner Frank M. - pic2
Bortner Harvey L.
Bortner Infant
Bortner Isaac K.
Bortner James H.
Bortner Lavan
Bortner Lynn W.
Bortner Margaret M.
Bortner Mary R.
Bortner Mildred E.
Bortner Roswell J.
Bortner Susan
Bortner Tempest E.
Bortner Victor E.
Bosch Alfred W.
Bosch Ella M.
Bosch Emma D.
Bosch Robert G.
Bosley Carl E.
Bosley Edward D.
Bosley Mary A. G.
Bostic Charles E.
Bostic Daisy M.
Bostic Frank H.
Bostic Laura May Bair
Bostic Lester L.
Bostic Pauline M.
Bostic Wiletta
Bott Grace S. - pic2
Bott Harvey Hoke
Bott Jacob H.
Bott John Lane
Bott Lucy Hoke
Bott Lucy I. - pic2
Bott Martha V.
Bott Sarah A.
Bott Susan M. - pic2
Bott W. Winfield
Bott William A.
Bott William F. - pic2
Bott William H.
Botterbusch Almenia K. - pic2
Botterbusch Annie L.
Botterbusch Betty J.
Botterbusch C. Henry
Botterbusch Carolyn E.
Botterbusch Dawn M.
Botterbusch Doris A.
Botterbusch Doris C.
Botterbusch Edward Lawrence
Botterbusch Emil A. - pic2
Botterbusch Emma J.
Botterbusch Fannie E. - pic2
Botterbusch Flora M.
Botterbusch Florence R.
Botterbusch Frederick C. - pic2
Botterbusch Geoffrey W.
Botterbusch Harry G.
Botterbusch Harry S.
Botterbusch Hattie V.
Botterbusch Jeanetta D.
Botterbusch Jennie A.
Botterbusch Katharine - pic2
Botterbusch Katie Bowers
Botterbusch Lida
Botterbusch Marion G.
Botterbusch Mary K. - pic2
Botterbusch Paul H. - pic2
Botterbusch Preston D.
Botterbusch Robert D.
Botterbusch Robert F.
Botterbusch Ruth P.
Botterbusch Samuel A.
Botterbusch Samuel J.
Botterbusch Walter T.
Botterbusch William F.
Botterbusch William H.
Botterbusch Wm. C. L.
Bourgarde Bessie S.
Bourgarde Lester F.
Boward Harry William
Boward Phoebe Shirey
Bowen Helen M.
Bowen Melvin W.
Bowen Wayne A.
Bower Anne S.
Bower Curtis E.
Bower G. Frank - pic2
Bower S. Annie - pic2
Bowers Albert J. - pic2
Bowers Annie K.
Bowers Clarence E.
Bowers Elmer E.
Bowers Frances
Bowers Laura J.
Bowers Louise M.
Bowers Robert W.
Bowers Susan - pic2
Bowhan Martha Eliz.
Bowie Jeannette M.
Bowie Richard
Bowker Charles P.
Bowker Viola R.
Bowles Mary J.
Bowman Andrew
Bowman Ann E.
Bowman Barbara J.
Bowman Beverly A.
Bowman E. W.
Bowman Eleanor A.
Bowman Ethel P.
Bowman Ida M.
Bowman John T.
Bowman Lillian Fager - pic2
Bowman Malinda
Bowman Margaret
Bowman Sr.Osborne W. - pic2 - pic3
Bowman Owen P.
Bowman Jr.Raymond - pic2
Bowman Raymond Leroy - pic2
Bowman Robert W. O.
Bowman Spurgeon A.
Bowmaster Emma L.
Bowmaster Unknown
Bowmaster Unknown
Bowmaster William C.
Bowser Daily
Bowser Lloyd R.
Bowser Mark Weaden
Bowser Mary F.
Boyce Helen R.
Boyd Charles P.
Boyd Esther E. - pic2
Boyd Isaac N.
Boyd J. Clifford
Boyd Margaret M.
Boyd Mary Agnes
Boyd Muriel E.
Boyd Ozella L.
Boyd Rita C.
Boyd S. Donald
Boyd Stephen G. - pic2
Boyd Stephen G. - pic2
Boyer Adaline E. G.
Boyer Allen - pic2
Boyer Anna K.
Boyer Anna Y.
Boyer Annie May
Boyer Bessie M.
Boyer Carl E. - pic2
Boyer Carrie H.
Boyer Catharine
Boyer Charles D.
Boyer Charles E.
Boyer Charles O.
Boyer Conrad
Boyer Edward A.
Boyer Ella L. L.
Boyer Ellen M. Beck
Boyer Emily E.
Boyer Emma M.
Boyer George C.
Boyer Grace M.
Boyer Hannah - pic2 - pic3
Boyer Harold L. - pic2
Boyer Helen M.
Boyer Henry
Boyer Imogene - pic2
Boyer Irene D.
Boyer J. Shelley
Boyer Jacob - pic2 - pic3
Boyer Jacob
Boyer Jacob C.
Boyer John G.
Boyer Margaret A.
Boyer Mary Ann
Boyer Mary Bott - pic2
Boyer Mary K.
Boyer Matilda I.
Boyer Mazie
Boyer Morris S.
Boyer Nettie M.
Boyer Jr.Norman
Boyer Ora Cathern - pic2
Boyer Pauline L.
Boyer Philip
Boyer Phyllis J.
Boyer Ralph B. - pic2
Boyer Raymond F.
Boyer Robert D.
Boyer Robert D.
Boyer Russell R.
Boyer Sallie
Boyer Samuel E.
Boyer Sarah J.
Boyer Stuard B.
Boyer Todd David
Boyer Unknown
Boyer Walter S.
Boyer William F.
Boyer William H.
Boyer William H.
Boykin Charles O.
Boykin Judy L.
Boyson Clara H.
Bradley Laura A.
Bradley Mary Isabelle
Bradley S. H.
Brady Margaret A.
Bramhall Betty R.
Bramhall Thomas A.
Brandenburg John P.
Brandenburg Phyllis D.
Brandt Anna H.
Brandt C. Ralph
Brandt Carl Richard
Brandt Clara R.
Brandt Henry S.
Brandt Katie L.
Brandt Mary Lou
Brandt William H.
Brant Catherine J.
Brant Charles
Brant Craten W.
Brant Ella B.
Brant Esther L.
Brant H. Clay
Brant Homer G.
Brant Jennie S.
Brant Margaret T.
Brant Mary E.
Brant Mary Imogene Welsh
Brant Jr.Monroe D.
Brant Pauline A.
Brant W. S.
Bream Bessie L. - pic2
Breeland Jr.James A.
Breeland Margaret E.
Breeswine Ella R. - pic2
Breeswine James W. - pic2
Brehm Annie L.
Brehm Percy F.
Breighner Francis A. - pic2
Breighner Laura M. - pic2
Breil Rebecca Sue
Breithaupt Edward E.
Breithaupt Frederick C.
Breithaupt Mary Ellen
Brendel Katherine B. - pic2
Breneman Albert G.
Breneman Emma E.
Breneman F. Romaine
Breneman Helen - pic2
Breneman Maggie N.
Breneman Mary M.
Breneman Norman C.
Breneman Richard B.
Breneman Roy E. - pic2
Brenneman Amanda
Brenneman Andrew J.
Brenneman Carrie M.
Brenneman Deanna L. Barnhart
Brenneman Dorothy
Brenneman Frederick G.
Brenneman George W.
Brenneman Gloria E.
Brenneman Grace D.
Brenneman Jesse L.
Brenneman Jessie M.
Brenneman John H.
Brenneman Margaret T.
Brenneman Phyllis D.
Brenneman Robert W.
Brenner Amelia Hoke
Brenner Charlene V.
Brenner Charles E.
Brenner Charles E.
Brenner Gary R.
Brenner George Herbert
Brenner George W.
Brenner Harriet Gipe
Brenner Harry Nelson
Brenner Ida E.
Brenner John D.
Brenner Margaret M.
Brenner Mary C.
Brenner Mary Susan
Brenner Mildred Bernice
Brenner Nancy J.
Brenner Samuel S.
Brenner Walker Nevin
Brenner Winona P.
Bressler A. Curtin - pic2
Bressler Dora M. - pic2
Bressler Marion R. - pic2
Brian Ellis
Brian Gertrude C.
Bricker Bobby W.
Bricker Curvin L.
Bricker Jr.Curvin L.
Bricker Donald A.
Bricker Lloyd S.
Bricker Mary A.
Brickley Edward William
Brickner Walter A.
Briggs Alice M.
Briggs Belden H.
Briggs Benjamin F.
Briggs Charles W.
Briggs Chauncey E.
Briggs Chreston K. - pic2
Briggs Clair G.
Briggs Jr.Clarence E.
Briggs Clarence Edward
Briggs Dollie E.
Briggs Edna M. - pic2
Briggs Ella I.
Briggs Ella N.
Briggs Emma J.
Briggs Enola M.
Briggs Franklin Leroy
Briggs George W.
Briggs George W. - pic2
Briggs Grace M.
Briggs Harvey M.
Briggs Jesse C.
Briggs Jesse W.
Briggs John H.
Briggs Juliet E.
Briggs Louise W.
Briggs Margaret J.
Briggs Mary L.
Briggs Merrill G. - pic2
Briggs Rodney M.
Briggs Rose E.
Briggs Unknown
Brill Christian K.
Brill Mary A.
Brillhart Betty J.
Brillhart Cassandra E. - pic2
Brillhart Charles E. - pic2
Brillhart Donald E.
Brillhart Eleanor L.
Brillhart Elnora L.
Brillhart Elsie Nagle - pic2
Brillhart Harriet B.
Brillhart John W.
Brillhart Martin V. - pic2
Brillhart Mazie E.
Brillhart Richard Edward
Brillhart Richard H.
Brillhart Sylvester C.
Brillhart William M. - pic2
Brillhart Winfield W.
Brillinger Barbara L.
Brillinger Carrie W.
Brillinger Charles J.
Brillinger George E.
Brillinger Harry E.
Brillinger Horace
Brillinger John
Brillinger John A.
Brillinger Julia F.
Brillinger Margaret C.
Brillinger Ralph H.
Britcher Blanche M.
Britcher John H.
Britcher Marianna C.
Britcher Richard E.
Britcher Sterling L.
Brockman Bertha
Brockman C. F. William
Brockman C. H. Gottlieb
Brockman Charlotte S.
Brockman Emma M.
Brockman Frank W.
Brockman Henry G. - pic2
Brockman Jennie - pic2
Brockman John C.
Brockman Martin W.
Brockman Mary A.
Brockman Mary A. Rabe
Brodbeck Curtis R.
Brodbeck Edna Smith
Brooks C. William
Brooks Edward S. - pic2
Brooks Emma J. - pic2
Brooks Infant Son
Brooks John H. - pic2
Brooks Marguerite L.
Brooks Mary A. - pic2
Brophy G. Harry
Brophy George H.
Brophy John C.
Brose Anna M.
Brose George W.
Brosend Carl F.
Brosend Ethel P.
Brosend G. Henry - pic2
Brosend Louise C. - pic2
Brosend Margaret E.
Brosend Mary E. - pic2
Brosend Paul E. - pic2
Brosend Phyllis R.
Brosend Sadie J.
Brosend William - pic2
Brosend William E.
Brostrom Emma C.
Brostrom Gustav R.
Brothers Edna M.
Brothers Franklin E.
Brothers Mary Belle
Brothers Vincent C.
Brouse Herman B.
Brown Beverly A.
Brown Brian E.
Brown Carrie A.
Brown Catharine
Brown Catherine
Brown Catherine Ruth
Brown Charles H.
Brown Charles W.
Brown Charlotte W.
Brown Darrell Lee
Brown David
Brown Edgar M.
Brown Edward M.
Brown Jr.Edward M.
Brown Elsie Vaughn
Brown Emma B.
Brown George W.
Brown Glenn C.
Brown Helen M.
Brown James H.
Brown Jeremy
Brown John C.
Brown John G. - pic2
Brown Katie D.
Brown L. G.
Brown Lillian M.
Brown M. Elizabeth
Brown Marie L.
Brown Mary A. - pic2
Brown Mildred Gerber
Brown Minnie A.
Brown Nancy V.
Brown Jr.Norman A.
Brown Sr.Paul S.
Brown Philip
Brown Roy S.
Brown Ruth N.
Brown Sallie E. - pic2
Brown Sophia
Brown Thos. Irwin - pic2
Brown Von Kessler
Brown Jr.Walter M.
Brownell Alfred C.
Brownell Dorothy M.
Brownell Janet T.
Brownell Martha J.
Brownell Ralph C.
Brownell Robert A.
Brownlee Alice Eldridge
Bruaw Sr.LeRoy T.
Brubaker Abigail S.
Brubaker Albert H.
Brubaker Eliza A.
Brubaker Elizabeth
Brubaker Flora L.
Brubaker William H.
Bruce D. Scott
Bruce Mary J.
Brugel Ethel L.
Brugel Frederick C.
Bruggeman Alma M.
Bruggeman Anna C. Neff
Bruggeman Bernard J.
Bruggeman Emma I.
Bruggeman Francis S.
Bruggeman Louis E.
Bruggeman Milton E.
Bruggeman Roberta P.
Bruhl Carrie - pic2
Bruhl George A. - pic2
Bruhl George A. - pic2
Bruhl Henry L. - pic2
Bruhl Mary G. - pic2
Bruhl Mary L. - pic2
Brundage Charles N.
Brundage Ida K.
Brunhouse Augustus E. - pic2
Brunhouse Charles H. - pic2
Brunhouse Henry - pic2
Brunhouse Louise - pic2
Brunhouse Mary L. - pic2
Brunner A. Pauline - pic2
Brunner Russell H. - pic2
Bryan Mammie A. - pic2
Bryan Minnie S.
Bryan Ruth M. - pic2
Bryan Samuel W. - pic2
Bryant James B.
Bryant Mildred J.
Bryson Harry - pic2
Bryson Lillian I. - pic2
Bubb Ada Mae
Bubb Arlene M.
Bubb Brian T.
Bubb Gerald R.
Bubb John Henry
Buchanan Myrtle Geiser
Bucher Edward S.
Bucher Mary Ellen
Buchmyer Donald A.
Buchmyer Ruth E.
Buck Cassie G.
Buck Edward S. - pic2
Buck Frances A.
Buck Oneita M.
Buckingham Bertha K.
Buckingham Bessie S. - pic2
Buckingham Clyde S. - pic2
Buckingham Jennie M. - pic2
Buckingham Lewis B.
Buckingham Naomi E.
Buckingham Ross W.
Buckingham Roy F. - pic2
Buckingham Timothy M.
Buckwalter Ephraim E.
Buckwalter Esther B.
Buehler Andrew J.
Buehler Juliet E.
Buehler Marion L.
Buehler Martin L.
Buehler Mary E.
Buehler Mary S.
Buehler Michael
Buehler Paul E.
Buehler Philip D.
Buehler Wm. H.
Buffington Alice A.
Buffington Florence J.
Buffington H. Dorcas Fry - pic2
Buffington J. C.
Bufflap Emma J.
Bufflap Ethel M.
Bufflap George E.
Bufflap Ida K.
Bufflap Lillian M.
Bufflap Ralph N.
Bufflap Woltman E.
Bulette IIIWarren Clifton
Bulk Charles W.
Bulk Edna M.
Bulk Kenneth E.
Bulk Margaret L.
Bulk Martin W.
Bulk Mary M.
Bulk P. Louise
Bulk Stewart H.
Bulk Theodore F.
Bupp Amanda M.
Bupp Charles E.
Bupp Jr.Charles E.
Bupp Charlotte M.
Bupp Curtis G.
Bupp Darwin S.
Bupp Dorothy H.
Bupp Dorothy M.
Bupp Elizabeth M.
Bupp Ellen
Bupp Emma K. G.
Bupp Esther R.
Bupp Harry W.
Bupp Helen Bentzel
Bupp Helen M.
Bupp John D.
Bupp Jr.John H.
Bupp John W.
Bupp Kathy A.
Bupp Levi A.
Bupp Luella G.
Bupp Mary M.
Bupp Paul
Bupp Sterling E.
Bupp Todd Lewis
Burd Jr.Charles F.
Burd Helen L.
Burg Augusta
Burg Daisy E.
Burg John W.
Burg Leah E. R.
burg Philip W.
Burgard Horace E.
Burgard Louise M.
Burger Aaron W. - pic2 - pic3 - pic4
Burger Abraham K.
Burger Albert D.
Burger Alexander B.
Burger Arthur E.
Burger Arthur M.
Burger Blair - pic2 - pic3 - pic4
Burger Carroll R.
Burger Dorothy M.
Burger Emma J.
Burger Emma J.
Burger Esther
Burger Esther T. Perago
Burger Esther V.
Burger Harold J.
Burger Harry J.
Burger Hazel Louise
Burger Hazel M.
Burger Josephus
Burger Margaret A. - pic2
Burger Margaret E.
Burger Mary C.
Burger Philip R. - pic2
Burger Ronald E.
Burger Rosetta A. - pic2
Burger Ruth I. Keeney
Burger Sarah E.
Burger Sarah J. - pic2
Burger Smyser H.
Burger Smyser H.
Burger William H.
Burgesser Anna Mann
Burgesser Chas. Carroll
Burk Addie
Burk Ben S.
Burk Curvin E.
Burk George W.
Burk H. Elizabeth
Burk Nettie E.
Burke Charles E.
Burke Charles L.
Burke Frances M.
Burke Joseph T.
Burkert Florine M.
Burkins Charles F.
Burkins Doris M.
Burkins J. Elmer - pic2
Burkins Mary Hoffheins - pic2
Burnett William R.
Burnite VDavid C. - pic2
Burnite Florence F. - pic2
Burnite Ruth S. - pic2
Burns Anna M.
Burns Bernard
Burtner Carl
Burtner Glenn F.
Burtner Louise M.
Burtner Marion R.
Bury Annie S.
Bury Arthur P.
Bury Jr.Arthur P.
Bury Enola M.
Bury Joseph K.
Bury Paul R.
Bury Paul R.
Bury Phyllis M. Schwenk
Busch Cynthia Martin
Bush Amanda
Bush Carrie B.
Bush Charles A. - pic2
Bush Charles J.
Bush Clair P.
Bush Curvin J.
Bush Donald H.
Bush Elizabeth R.
Bush Gladys E.
Bush Harry E.
Bush J. Witmer
Bush James C.
Bush Jane
Bush John
Bush John E.
Bush John L.
Bush John M.
Bush John S.
Bush Kate M.
Bush Laura G.
Bush Malinda H. - pic2
Bush Martha
Bush Mary A.
Bush Mary M.
Bush Minerva K.
Bush Nora E. - pic2
Bush Ottillia C.
Bush Rita Sipe
Bush Velma C.
Bush William E.
Bush William J. - pic2
Bushey Bessie A. Peeling - pic2
Busino Hailie Lynn
Busler Janet R.
Busler Jr.Verne M.
Bussard Dorothea L.
Busser Barbara
Busser Fairy V. Glatfelter
Busser Flora R.
Busser Harry C.
Busser Ida Ann - pic2 - pic3
Busser Jacob
Busser Jacob R.
Busser Jr.James D. - pic2
Busser John
Busser Kay - pic2 - pic3
Busser Matilda
Busser Minnie E. Weigle
Busser Oscar W. - pic2
Butcher Carlton D.
Butcher Charlotte S.
Butcher Ellen M.
Butcher Frances E.
Butcher Frances E.
Butcher Hattie I. Why
Butcher Infants
Butcher John A.
Butcher Kenneth T.
Butcher Mary V.
Butcher Mason E.
Butcher Raymond C.
Butcher Samuel D.
Butcher Samuel D.
Butcher Wm. Thomas
Butler Allie May - pic2
Butler Amanda E. - pic2
Butler B. F. - pic2
Butler Grace K.
Butler Jr.James S.
Butler Louise E. - pic2
Butler Pearl L. - pic2
Butler Richard E.
Butt J. Scott
Butt Kate Joline
Butt Louise Eisenlohr
Butt S. McClellan
Buttorff Horace W.
Buttorff Othelia C.
Buttorff Reuben H.
Buttorff Sherwin W.
Byers Alice Lenore
Byers Carl L.
Byers Charles Holten
Byers Charles W.
Byers Clara M.
Byers Esther D.
Byers Frank O.
Byers Harry O.
Byers Helen C.
Byers Jesse B. - pic2
Byerts Nellie M.
Byerts Sr.Theodore R.
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