Prospect Hill Cemetery

and Cremation Gardens

700 North George Street

York, PA  17404


Page updated October 16, 2012       


This cemetery is a work in progress and

updates will be as often as my time allows.  I

have approximately 30,000 photographs to

transcribe, so please be patient. 


Photographs taken Spring, 2009 and contributed by Harry Senft

All photographs transcribed by Kathy Francis


To learn more about this historic cemetery, please visit their website


Above photographs contributed by Harry Senft


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Tombstone Images For

Surnames Beginning With A


Abel Patricia Marie
Abel Walter V.
Abrams Albert B. - pic2
Abrams Hannah - pic2
Abreght Bertha I.
Abreght Bertha Irene
Abreght Catharine E.
Abreght Mary J.
Abreght William
Abreght Wm. A.
Aby Anna E.
Aby Dorothy R.
Aby George A.
Aby Harry C.
Aby Lester C.
Acker Della Kurtz - pic2
Ackerman Edwin F.
Ackerman Florence E.
Ackerman Harry
Ackerman Harry Charles
Ackerman Katie R. Nickol
Acworth Charles R.
Acworth Geneva Esta
Acworth Jennie D.
Acworth Ursula R.
Acworth William P.
Adair Arthur H.
Adair Florence K.
Adams Alfred
Adams Barbara T.
Adams Beulah M.
Adams Catharine - pic2
Adams Clayton
Adams Erastus W. - pic2
Adams Frances K. - pic2
Adams Gladys S.
Adams Imilda A. - pic2
Adams J. Russell
Adams James C.
Adams John S.
Adams M. Olivia - pic2
Adams Patricia B.
Adams Raymond Philip
Adams William - pic2
Adams William A.
Adreon Albert D.
Adreon Anna E.
Adreon Robert A. - pic2
Affhauser Flora C. Hohrein
Ahalt Ivan O.
Ahalt Lydia R.
Ahl Peter
Ahrens Edward F. - pic2
Ahrens Elizabeth - pic2
Ahrens Ethel M.
Ahrens Florence I.
Ahrens Harry C. - pic2
Ahrens Harry W. - pic2
Ahrens Jr.Harry W. - pic2
Ahrens Sr.Kenneth H.
Ahrens Lark J. - pic2
Ahrens Lizzie B. - pic2
Ahrens Marguerite - pic2
Ahrens Minnie P. - pic2
Ahrens Omar L.
Ahrens Paul E. F.
Ahrens Pauline P.
Ahrens Thelma E. - pic2
Airing Ethel M.
Airing George W.
Airing Mae E.
Akins Earl
Akins Ellen
Akins Emma
Albert Anna C.
Albert George G.
Albert Margaret L.
Albert William H.
Alberti Elizabeth Jane Erickson
Albreght William
Albright Agnes E.
Albright Annie
Albright Augustus H.
Albright Bessie F.
Albright Colleen N.
Albright Dessie A.
Albright George W.
Albright Hannah E.
Albright Harry F.
Albright John H.
Albright John W.
Albright Kathryn P.
Albright Kenneth E.
Albright Kenneth E.
Albright Margaret L.
Albright Paul E.
Albright Phyllis L.
Albright Richard C.
Albright Wm. B.
Aldinger A. Grace
Aldinger Addie A.
Aldinger C. Edward
Aldinger Clarence - pic2
Aldinger Daniel M.
Aldinger Dolores I.
Aldinger Emma S. Rosser
Aldinger Florence D.
Aldinger Florence M.
Aldinger Fred E.
Aldinger Frederick K.
Aldinger Hester K.
Aldinger Ida K.
Aldinger Jack F.
Aldinger John F.
Aldinger Louisa W.
Aldinger Minnie E.
Aldinger Norma E.
Aldinger Sr.Robert E. - pic2
Aldinger Scott B.
Alemany Dorothy S. - pic2
Alexander Charles L.
Alexander Clara E.
Allabach Carl Richard
Allabach Jacob
Allen Albert A.
Allen Charles B. - pic2
Allen Edna Mae
Allen Frank S.
Allen Ida C.
Allen James J.
Allen Lessie
Allen Rebecca - pic2
Allen Rupert A.
Alley Henrietta M.
Alleyne Faith E.
Allington Mary K.
Allison Alma Belle
Allison Amanda E.
Allison Amy C.
Allison C. Louisa
Allison David P.
Allison Emma Mae
Allison Estelle E.
Allison Evelyn M. Hibner - pic2
Allison George W. - pic2
Allison Jr.George W. - pic2
Allison H. Edward
Allison Harry F.
Allison Ida J. - pic2
Allison Jeffery Scott
Allison Julia S.
Allison Kathleen B.
Allison Lula M.
Allison Minnie M.
Allison Norman E.
Allison Peggy M.
Allison Reuben V.
Allison Robert Small
Allison Walter H.
Allison Winfield J.
Allison Wyndom R.
Alloway Alton
Alloway Corrine M.
Alloway Earl L.
Alloway Edna J.
Alloway Gifford E.
Alloway Irene H.
Alloway Margaret M. - pic2
Alloway Richard B. - pic2
Alloway Richard L.
Alloway William E.
Alloways Amos J. - pic2
Alloways Ida S. - pic2
Alloways Joseph Irwin
Alloways Joy L.
Almoney Amanda J.
Almoney Benjamin F.
Almoney Carolyn A.
Almoney Charles L.
Almoney Charles Richard
Almoney Emma K. - pic2
Almoney John A.
Almoney Lizzie Lehman
Almoney Mary
Almoney William L.
Althen Amos S.
Althen Charlotte J.
Althen Frederic J. - pic2
Althen Henry Philip
Althen John A. - pic2
Althen Kasper - pic2
Althen Louise J.
Althen Luisa - pic2
Althen Luisa - pic2
Althen Ruth Louise
Althen Sadie L.
Althen Thelma E.
Althen William A. A. - pic2
Althen William Curtis
Althoff Cecelia A.
Althoff Edgar S.
Althoff Flora M. Ryder
Althoff Francis B.
Althoff Lillie M.
Althouse Curvin W. - pic2
Althouse Elsie R. - pic2
Althouse Pleasant W. - pic2
Althouse Robert W.
Althouse Roger C.
Althouse Ruth N.
Althouse S. Alberta Brough - pic2
Altland Annie R.
Altland Bertha E. - pic2
Altland Carrie J.
Altland Edward
Altland Fannie E. - pic2
Altland Frances K.
Altland Gertrude V. - pic2
Altland Harry W. - pic2
Altland Henry
Altland Jeanne L.
altland Kerwin W. - pic2
Altland Louisa
Altland Marguerite V.
Altland Nora E. Wagner
Altland Philip A. - pic2
Altland Philip E.
Altland Raymond W.
Altland Stuart F.
Altland Walter G.
Altschull Bertha M.
Altschull Simon E.
Alwine Catharine
Alwine Charles L.
Alwine Edward L.
Alwine Louise J.
Amato Felice
Ambrose Josie Amig
Ambrose Melvin L.
Ambush Caroline E.
Ambush Taft H.
Amies Griffith S.
Amies Mary L.
Amig A. Catherine
Amig Alice R. - pic2
Amig Anna M.
Amig Calvin J.
Amig Catharine - pic2
Amig Clara E.
Amig Clare E. - pic2
Amig Ellen E. - pic2
Amig Frank Earl
Amig Julia A.
Amig Lilly Belle
Amig Louisa S.
Amig Margaret C.
Amig Philip H. - pic2
Amig Robert C.
Amig Ruth A.
Amig Sarah LIllie
Amig Van W. - pic2
Amig William N.
Amsbaugh Clara A.
Amspacher Alice B.
Amspacher Lois V.
Amspacher Sr.Preston E.
Amspacher Rita P.
Amspacher Robert R.
Amspacher Wesley B.
Anders Russell R.
Anderson Albert H.
Anderson Donald E.
Anderson Jr.Edward
Anderson Sr.Edward
Anderson George J.
Anderson Gilbert C.
Anderson Harry
Anderson IIIHarvey Lloyd
Anderson Ida Isabel
Anderson Irene S. Bierman
Anderson Jean A.
Anderson Joseph H.
Anderson Kim
Anderson Lillie A.
Anderson Lottie May
Anderson Marcella E.
Anderson Marian J.
Anderson Martha
Anderson Mary A.
Anderson Mary E.
Anderson Maude V.
Anderson Mollie
Anderson Robert P.
Anderson Ruth A.
Anderson Vera E.
Anderson William V.
Andrews Albert W.
Andrews Bessie E.
Andrews Dorothy W. Clark
Andrews Edna May - pic2
Andrews George J. - pic2
Andrews Georgia Jan - pic2
Andrews Jacob S. - pic2
Andrews Margaret J. - pic2
Andrews Maria J.
Andrews Mary C. - pic2
Angel George E.
Angel George L.
Angel Sarah E.
Annable Catharine E. Mundis
Ansbacher Dorothy Elmira Barber
Ansbacher Louis Joseph
Ansorg Alma May
Ansorg E. Andrew
Ansorg Emma
Ansorg John W.
Anstadt Alice M.
Anstadt Annie A.
Anstadt Charles B. - pic2
Anstadt Charles P. - pic2
Anstadt Elizabeth A.
Anstadt Emma C.
Anstadt Hattie M. - pic2
Anstadt Henry
Anstadt Louise
Anstadt Mary E.
Anstadt Mary L. - pic2
Anstadt P.
Anstadt Wm. H.
Anstadt Wm. W.
Anstine Charles R.
Anstine Gloria S.
Anstine William L.
Anthony B. Otterbein
Anthony IICraig E.
Anthony James J.
Anthony Myrtle I.
Appel Beatrice E.
Appel Carl W.
Appel Catherine
Appel Charles W.
Appel Christian F.
Appel Clara M. W.
Appel Dorothy R.
Appel Fred W. H.
Appel Lindsay
Appel Morgan
Appel Rosina B.
Appel Taylor
Appel Wilhelmine M.
Appel William G.
Appell Helen Pfaltzgraff
Appell Louis Jacob
Appell Nellie Etter
Appell Owen Pfaltzgraff
Arendt Chalmers W.
Arendt Dorothy C.
Armistead Harriet L.
Armistead Harry Gowen
Armistead Lillian Byers
Armold Dorothy I.
Armold Sr.Robert C.
Armpriester Robert
Armpriester Rose L.
Armstrong George W. - pic2
Armstrong Mary E. - pic2
Armstrong Mary P.
Armstrong Mildred E. - pic2
Arndt Kathryn E.
Arndt Susan A.
Arndt Walter J.
Arnold Amanda
Arnold Annie K.
Arnold Bessie A.
Arnold Jr.Charles E. - pic2
Arnold Clarence E.
Arnold E. Albert
Arnold Elmer C. - pic2
Arnold Florence B.
Arnold Kenneth R.
Arnold Jr.Kenneth R.
Arnold Marilyn M.
Arnold Marion S. Schwartz - pic2
Arnold Mary E.
Arnold Minnie M. - pic2
Arnold Wilson A.
Ashbrook Agnes A.
Ashbrook Horace A.
Ashbrook Mary R. S.
Ashbrook Rebecca W.
Ashmore Emma
Atkins Ethel Merrick - pic2
Atkins Paul S. - pic2
Atkinson Beatrice E.
Atkinson Jr.James H.
Atkinson Minnie L.
Atticks Lee F.
Atwell Jane - pic2
Aubel Arthur L. - pic2
Aubel Ellwood E.
Aubel Esther M.
Aubel Eugene R.
Aubel Fairie E.
Aubel Frederick W. A.
Aubel Sr.George J.
Aubel I. Frances
Aubel Iva M.
Aubel Juanita F. - pic2
Aubel Kenneth Edward
Aubel Leah W.
Aubel Louvinia E.
Aubel Paul A.
Aubel Roy M.
Aubitz Albert
Aubitz Amelia C.
Aubitz Carrie E.
Aubitz Chester
Aubitz Edward C.
Aubitz Edward F.
Aubitz Henry A.
Aubitz Nellie I.
Aubitz Richard F.
Aubitz Sarah E.
Aubitz Sarah J.
Aubitz Unknown
Aubitz William F.
Aughenbaugh Alice S. - pic2
Aughenbaugh Carrie E. - pic2
Aughenbaugh Earl Y. - pic2
Aughenbaugh Elizabeth Eyster
Aughenbaugh Ethel Fay - pic2
Aughenbaugh Geo. W.
Aughenbaugh George H. - pic2
Aughenbaugh Harry M.
Aughenbaugh Infant Daughter - pic2
Aughenbaugh Ivan E. - pic2
Aughenbaugh John E. - pic2
Aughenbaugh Margie A. - pic2
Aughenbaugh Margie A. - pic2
Aughenbaugh Ralph S. - pic2
Aughenbaugh Susan E.
Aughenbaugh William J.
Aungst D. Galen
Aungst Mary E.
Ausherman Judy Ann Gilbert
Ausherman Thomas R.
Ausschnitt Marcus
Ausschnitt Mollie
Austin J. Wesley C. - pic2
Austin Mary C. - pic2
Auts Earl C.
Axe Anneta A.
Axe Charles A.
Axe Elsie E.
Axe Isabel J.
Axe John B.
Axe Ralph P.
Axe IIIStewart W.
Axe Jr.Stewart W.
Axe William
Axe William M.
Ayres Kate Williams
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