Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens
Lawrence County Pennsylvania 1897


[p. 653] a representative farmer of Lawrence County, and an esteemed resident of Washington township, made up his mind early in life that the most honorable as well as useful vocation possible for a man to enter was that of agriculture. That he has never changed his mind is best evidenced by the fact that he still continues to follow his chosen calling as one of the best farmers in his section of the county. He was born in Washington township Oct. 22, 1833. Mr. Jordan comes from good old Pennsylvania stock, and from a family of which the various members have been in the habit of doing well in life. The founder of the family, Henry Jordan, the grandfather of our subject, was born in Germany, but came, when a young man, into Washington township, and out of the wilderness made a home for himself and succeeding generations. The best prosperity those days could give fell to his lot, and he became a solid and well-to-do citizen of his chosen section. A home, at the time one of the best in the town-ship, he erected on his estate, and his broad acres, by incessant toil and excellent management, were brought to a splendid state of productiveness. He lived a long and useful life, attaining the age of ninety-two years. His wife bore him these children, who, were reared in the teachings of the Baptist Church: Elizabeth; Margaret; John; Henry; Ann; Mary; George and Daniel, twins; Mercy; and Michael. His political leanings were toward the Democratic party.

George Jordan, one of the twins, was the father of the subject of this writing. He was born on the home farm in Washington township, and was brought up in pioneer fashion. As soon as he was able, he purchased a tract of 100 acres near the ancestral home, which was only partly improved. Soon he built thereon a house and outbuildings, and as time passed, by hard labor, he redeemed the whole place and rendered it an estate of which he might well be proud. Ditches were put in, waste places made productive, good fences set where needed, and all the multiplicity of things which take the time of the good farmer were in turn attended to. On his perfected property Mr. Jordan lived to the good old age of seventy-two years. During life he was, like his father, a sturdy follower of Jeffersonian Democracy. In religious lines he favored the teachings of the Baptist denomination. To him and his wife, who was a Miss Prudence Daniels, nine children were given, named in order as follows: Elizabeth; Mary; Susan; Sarah, George; Henry; Kinsey, our subject; and John V.

Kinsey Jordan, of whom this sketch is written, obtained his education in the schools of his native town. After his school days were over he worked on the home place for several years. Then his father bought for him the farm of 100 acres where he now lives. The fine house and barns, which stand on this property, are marks of his own industry. When Mr. Jordan came to this place he found it only partly cleared. He completed the task; in time set out extensive orchards, which are to-day in excellent bearing; and in every way possible toiled to make his portion of this green earth worthy of its surroundings and its master. Raising of fine stock has been a specialty with him, and his pastures have time and again contained some of the best herds to be seen in many a days' journey. Sheep and swine of fancy and standard breeds, and Clydesdale horses have been his most successful ventures. He has a small though well-conducted dairy.

Mrs. Elizabeth (Orr) Jordan, our subject's wife, was a daughter of John Orr, a native of Mercer Co., Pa. As a result of this marriage six children have come into the world, and they are all living with one exception. They were born in the following order: Mary Ella; James M.; Margaret Jane; William J.; Prudence J., and George H. Mary Ella, the eldest, is the wife of James Collins. James M. married Dora Seaton. Margaret Jane was the wife of Willis Dean, but died, leaving one child, Mamie F. William J. is wedded to Anna Vaseloer and is the father of one child, Harry. Prudence is single, and is working in Rhodes' store in New Castle; she is a graduate of Volant Business College. George H. is now at home; he has attended the same business college as his sister Prudence.

Mr. Jordan, following out the traditions of the family, is a devoted adherent of the Democratic party. His family has been raised in the teachings of the Baptist Church, and are regular attendants. Our subject is a good citizen in every sense of the word as well as a good farmer. For two years he faithfully filled the office of assessor, and has been called upon many times by his appreciative townsmen to perform duties of a public nature. He is a believer in education, is in touch with modern progress, and is on all matters a thoughtful and considerate gentleman. Of his chosen calling he has made a uniform success, and is now reaping the justly earned rewards of a life well spent.

Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens Lawrence County Pennsylvania
Biographical Publishing Company, Buffalo, N.Y., 1897

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