Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens
Lawrence County Pennsylvania 1897


[p. 192] deceased. The subject of this brief history was a prominent and well-to-do farmer of Neshannock township, of which he was a native. He was born Nov. 30, 1833, on his father's homestead, where he lived all of his life, extensively engaged in buying and selling cattle, horses, and sheep in the Pittsburg and Philadelphia markets; the farm was known as the Chappel Stock Farm. He was a man of more than ordinary ability, prudence and industry, and at his death left his widow and children in very comfortable circumstances. He was a Democrat in his political convictions, and held the township offices of school director, overseer of the poor, and tax collector. He was a prominent member of the religious circles of the M. E. Church, and for a period of twenty years held the responsible position of class-leader; for his valuable services in upbuilding the local church and other similar work for the moral and spiritual welfare of his community he was granted a certificate, May 31, 1865, which entitled him to a life membership in the Pennsylvania Bible Society. Devout and exemplary in his Christian life, he was one that was highly esteemed by all who had the good fortune to acquire an intimate acquaintance with him.

His grandfather, also named George Hunt, was a native of Ireland, and a farmer by occupation; he came to the United States in 1795, and settled in Beaver County, where he purchased a farm, and cared for it the remainder of his life. Like most of his countrymen, who have taken up a residence in this country, he was a hard and indefatigable worker, and labored with the utmost zeal to improve the splendid opportunity afforded in a new land, and was very successful in his efforts. He was twice married. His second wife, whose maiden name was Jane McFetridge, also a native of Ireland, bore him the following children, namely: Mary; Jane; Sarah; William; John; and Elizabeth. They were Methodists in religious belief. They passed away in peace, Mr. Hunt dying Dec. 29, 1825, aged seventy years, and his wife, in 1843, aged eighty years, and their works follows them in the worthy lives of their descendants.

William Hunt, the father of our subject, was born June 21, 1801, in Beaver Co., Pa., where he lived until after his marriage, moving then to Neshannock township, then a part of Mercer County, but now included in Lawrence County, in 1832, and settled on the farm, which is now the home of his wife, who survives him, and of his son George's widow. At that time, but fifteen acres of the farm were cleared, and many months of hard, incessant toil were necessary before the farm reached the state of excellence he so much desired, and which was his aim to attain. He erected a brick house, one of the first of its kind to be built in that vicinity, out of brick he manufactured on his own farm. All of his life was spent in agricultural pursuits, and how well he succeeded is open history to all the older residents of the township who remember him. He was pronounced in his views on political questions, adhering to the Jeffersonian principles of the Democratic party, but he never aspired to political fame or office, seeming content to do what he could in a simple, unostentatious manner to bring about reforms or to advance some needed improvement. He was never known to sue a man, nor was he ever engaged in a law suit. In 1830, he married Louisiana Newkirk, daughter of Henry Newkirk, a resident of Beaver Co., Pa.; she was born in Hartford, Ohio, in 1812. Their home was blessed with the birth of six children; Rebecca J., born Oct. 31, 1831, married Alexander Green of Neshannock township (see biography of Alexander Green in this volume); George, the subject of this sketch; Emeline, born in October, 1836, who married George P. Graham of Neshannock township, and has a family of four bright childrenóWilliam, Ella, Peter, and May; Henry, born April 4, 1840, married Emeline Smith of Neshannock township, and they have three childrenóScott, Louisiana, and Mary; Jasper N., born in February, 1851, married Amanda Frazier of Mercer Co., Ill., and they have two children, Jasper and Amanda F.; and William L., born Aug. 22, 1845, died at seven years of age. They were prominent in the local Methodist Church. Our subject's father died Aug. 6, 1851, but he is survived by his widow, who lives on the paternal estate.

On Feb. 11, 1867, the nuptials of George Hunt and Anna M. Brown, daughter of William and Letsa Brown of Carlisle, Pa., were consummated, and their union has resulted in the birth of three children: Letsa M., deceased; George L., deceased; and William B., who married Nellie K. MacGavin of Lowellville, Ohio.

Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens Lawrence County Pennsylvania
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