Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens
Lawrence County Pennsylvania 1897


[p. 234] a member of the prominent grocery and commissison [sic] house of Dean & Wyrie of the city of New Castle, was born in Scott township, Lawrence County, Sept. 25, 1852, and is a son of Zechariah and Sarah (Dean) Dean, and grandson of Jacob Dean. Our subject's grandfather and his grandmother, who was a Miss Lovell previous to her marriage, were natives of Maryland, where they were married, and whence they came to Scott township, this county, where they bought a farm about two miles from where the village of Harlansburg is now located. Their first years of residence in their new home were spent in true pioneer fashion, living in a log-cabin, and being occupied the greater part of the time in clearing the land, and in making such other improvements as would enable them to secure a reasonably fair subsistence from the virgin soil, and to lay up a little for a rainy day. As times grew better, and the country became more settled, their worldly condition noticeably improved, and they were soon able to discard their log-cabin for a brick dwelling, which Mr. Dean constructed from brick made on his own farm, which farm is now owned by his son, Simeon. They reared their children there, and passed their last years in peaceful content, and in the enjoyment of the many blessings vouchsafed to them by an Allwise Providence. Their children were named: Simeon; Isaac; Enoch and Amon; Zechariah; Anthea; Mary; Sarah Ann; and Mrs. Braden, who died many years ago.

Our subject's father was born on the homestead, and was given fifty acres of land to make a start in life, to which he added 100 acres of land, adjoining the original tract. He was a very hard worker, his over-exertions probably bringing on his death at the age of fifty-eight with consumption; his whole attention seemingly being given to the improvements of the land, it is no great wonder that he accomplished so much as he did, and made his farm one of the most productive as well as finely equipped farms in the township. His wife is still living. Their children were: Mary J., deceased, who married R. C. G. White; Isaac P., the subject of this narration; Jacob J., who is a large and successful grocer of New Castle; and Benjamin F., an attorney of New Castle.

Our subject was apprenticed to the harness-making trade, and served three years, but disliking that occupation he entered into the grocery business with R. C. G. White, under the firm name of White & Dean, continuing in that connection until 1883, when the partnership was dissolved. He was then associated with J. A. Hineman in the grocery business at Harlansburg. After this our subject bought the homestead, and carried on farming seven years, acquiring an enviable reputation as a model farmer; he still owns the farm, which he rented in 1891, and came to New Castle, where with H. Preston he carried on a commission business at No. 74 Pittsburg Street. Jan. 1, 1897, he bought a one-half interest in the business of R. W. Wyrie, and at their store on Walnut Street, New Castle, under the firm name of Dean & Wyrie, they not only attend to the wants of large retail patronage in groceries, but they also do a large business in handling country produce, making a specialty of butter and eggs.

Mr. Dean married Louise Gillespie, daughter of John Gillespie of this county, and Scott township, and to them have been given five children, as follows: Florence, who married Henry Klee of New Castle, and has two children, Edmond and Catherine; Charles, who married Josephine Pile and has two children, Louis and Dorothy, is shipping clerk in Dean's wholesale house; Herbert, a clerk of New Castle, married Minnie Smith, and has one child, Helene; Blanch is a bookkeeper; Ezma is a student. Mr. Dean has been school director and town treasurer and is a member of the Order of Knights of Pythias.

Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens Lawrence County Pennsylvania
Biographical Publishing Company, Buffalo, N.Y., 1897

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