Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens
Lawrence County Pennsylvania 1897


[p. 374] who is carrying on a prosperous business in blacksmithing in New Bedford, Pulaski township, was born in Mahoning township, this county, March 15, 1840, and is a son of Jacob and Lydia (Robb) Cover, both of whom were Ohioans. Our subject learned his trade with his brother in Mt. Jackson, and also in Mahoningtown, Pa. He worked in New Castle one year, then traveled about over the Western States, working in Cincinnati two years, and in the month of August, 1862, he obeyed the call for men at the front, and enlisted in the service of the Stars and Stripes. He was in the army three years, fighting valiantly when occasion demanded it, and bearing bravely and patiently the hardships of war. On his return from the field of battle, he opened a blacksmith shop in New Bedford, where he has remained and established a good paying business. He is a Republican, and has been a school director and has served on the county committee. He still meets fraternally with his comrades of the late war in a soldiers' club, being a member of Todd Post, G. A. R., Youngstown, Ohio.

His father, Jacob Cover, was a farmer of considerable means, and took an honored position in the various places where he cast his lot. He came to Mahoning township in 1841, where he worked at clearing a farm of 118 acres in his spare time, when not engaged in wresting a living from the soil; he remained on the farm until 1865, when he removed to Poland, Ohio, where he spent the remainder of his days. The other estates owned by him in addition to the one in Mahoning township were farms in Pulaski and Slippery Rock townships, one in Misouri, and still another of 175 acres in Douglass Co., Kan. His early political life was cast with the Whig party; his connection with the Republican party dating from 1856, which marks its inception. Much of his wealth was acquired in raising stock, an industry he carried on extensively on all of his farms. His wife, Lydia, was a daughter of Jacob Robb, and she gave birth to the unusually large family of fourteen children, of whom the eldest, John, is demised. Mary, the second child, married J. J. Stoner of Wurtemberg, this county, and they had eight children: Paulina, deceased; Jacob; Alta, deceased; William; Julia; Lizzie; Clara and Lydia. Hannah, the third child, became the wife of William H. Raney of Union township and they have: Lydia, Mary, Wilson, and Nettie. Jeremiah, the next in order of birth, took for his wife and helpmeet Mary Jackson of Mt. Jackson, Pa., and their family consists of Charles, Chester, Belle, Jeal and William. Henry married Esther Ann Shoaff and they had the following children: Edmond K., Sarah, Maud, and Frank. The mother of these children is deceased. Hiram, now deceased, married Elsetta Shoaff of Union township, and their household contained: Bion, Leon, May and Grace. The subject of this biography is seventh in point of seniority. Jacob, the eighth child, lives in Poland, Ohio, and is unmarried. Ephraim is now deceased; William married Emma Hanson of Sharon, Pa. Chester united his life and fortunes with those of Lavina Barkley of Poland, Ohio, and their family is comprised of Harry E., John B., Jessie and George. The family have always been extremely regular in their attendance on divine worship in the M. E. Church. Jacob Cover passed away on Jan. 8, 1882, aged seventy-seven years, and Mrs. Cover survived until May 15, 1891, when she too entered into rest at the age of eighty-five.

In 1873, our subject led to the altar Miss Mary L. Watkins, daughter of John B. Watkins of Warren, Ohio, and they were joined in the indissoluble bonds of marriage. Their union has been made happy by the birth of five children: Samuel E., who works in the blacksmith shop at the forge with his father—he married Inez Bentley of Mercer Co., Pa.; Edwin C.; Ephraim; Harvey E.; and Lydia R. Following the footsteps of his father, Mr. Cover has brought up his family in the fold of the M. E. Church, and according to its teachings. He is a good citizen, with broad views of the duties of citizenship, well-formed convictions on important subjects, and a deep interest in whatever pertains to the financial, educational, social, moral, or spiritual advancement of the township and county at large.

Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens Lawrence County Pennsylvania
Biographical Publishing Company, Buffalo, N.Y., 1897

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