Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens
Lawrence County Pennsylvania 1897


Jacob Boggs[p. 247] whose portrait may be viewed on the opposite page, is a thrifty and well-to-do farmer, who lives near New Galilee in Big Beaver township, Lawrence County, who has mounted the ladder of success, and now occupies a position of esteem in his community as a solid, substantial citizen. He was born in Erie Co., Pa., in January, 1847, and is therefore just past the half-century mark. His parents were John and Martha (Blackwood) Boggs, who were both of Irish parentage, although a hundred or more years ago we might find that their ancestors came from Scotland. Many of the best people in Pennsylvania to-day are descended from the long-suffering sons of Erin, for it seems that to those who have been forced by an iron hand to yield obedience to unjust decrees and to consider the divine right of kings the first pillar of government, there is something ineffably dear in the sight of the flag waving over a land where all men are free and equal before the law. From the sturdy Irish and Scotch-Irish people have been developed worthy citizens, who would be an honor to any commonwealth. Western Pennsylvania is especially fortunate in having been settled by pioneers who belonged chiefly to this class, and that their work in building up this beautiful country was done well goes without saying. The ardent love of liberty is fostered and kept alive in such a race, grateful for the blessings of a free land, and in times of trouble and deep distress, when our very integrity as a nation was threatened, the Scotch-Irish responded nobly to the call, and proved themselves to be entitled to rank with our best citizens. America asks for no better class of citizens than those of kindred speech, who have sought civil and religious freedom on her shores. Such were the inducements that drew John Boggs, when a young man, to abandon his home in Ireland, and seek a brighter lot in the Western Continent. He was a struggling, hard-working farmer after he settled near Erie, Pa., and of an intensely religious cast of mind, as he had been brought up in the faith of the old Covenanters.

Our subject lived in Erie County until he was a strong lad of fifteen years, and grasped whatever educational advantages were offered in the common schools. He was a dutiful son fulfilling his duty to his aged father in every respect and caring for him until the number of his years on earth were completed. Mr. Boggs came to Lawrence County about 1872, where he has made his home since. He chose for his partner Mary Blackwood, whose parents, James and Eliza Blackwood, were also born in Ireland. Mr. and Mrs. Boggs have rejoiced on the occasions of the birth of three children: Ethel L. and Oliver B., and an infant son. The family belongs to the Reformed Presbyterian Church, one branch of which does not allow its members to participate in political affairs, and so, obeying the voice of the church, Mr. Boggs has kept aloof from politics, and has taken no aggressive interest in the oft-recurring elections.

Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens Lawrence County Pennsylvania
Biographical Publishing Company, Buffalo, N.Y., 1897

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