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Filename Description Date Submitter
lallen.txt ALLEN, Leslie; 1899 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
brandel-e.txt BRANDEL, Elizabeth; 1912 Oct 2006 Susan Wilborg
brandle-m.txt BRANDLE, Maria; 1891 Oct 2006 Susan Wilborg
brandle-m1.txt BRANDLE, Merrill; 1911 Oct 2006 Susan Wilborg
mills-m.txt MILLS, Marshall; 1893 Oct 2006 Susan Wilborg
vernia-a.txt VERNIA (Muellia), Anna; 1906 Sep 2006 Alice Picc


Filename Description Date Submitter
allenwright.txt ALLEN, Albert to Viola WRIGHT; 1908 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
allendinger.txt ALLEN, John Ervin Leslie to Frieda Alma DINGER; 1898 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
manderson.txt ANDERSON, Martin to Maud DOEL; 1904 Oct 2000 Jean Anderson
frankwunderlich.txt FRANKE, Heinrich Edward to Frieda WUNDERLICH; 1896 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
gouldallen.txt GOULD, Walter Royle to Olive Matilda ALLEN; 1901 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
holtallen.txt HOLT, William George to Grace T. ALLEN; 1906 May 2001 Sue Gates Davis
koarallen.txt KOAR, John to Olive ALLEN; 1906 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
millsbanta.txt MILLS, Marshall to Ellen BANTA; 1917 May 2007 Susan Wilborg
varagusinna.txt VARA, Rosolino to Rosina GUSINNA; 1908 Sep 2006 Alice Picc
yorkrolleston.txt YORK, William L. to Christina ROLLESTON; 1896 Jun 2005 Ethel Resotko


Filename Description Date Submitter
calallen.txt ALLEN, Charlotte Ann Leslie; 1927 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
fhallensr.txt ALLEN, Fred H., Sr. Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
fhallen.txt ALLEN, Frederick Henry; 1937 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
jallen.txt ALLEN, John Ervin; 1943 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
llallen.txt ALLEN, Leslie Louis; 1969 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
ball-sm.txt BALL, Susannah M.; 1941 Oct 2006 Susan Wilborg
blackwell-h.txt BLACKWELL, Helen; 1928 Sep 2011 Anne Hiles
blakely-t.txt BLAKELY, Thomas; 1898 Jun 2005 Ethel Resotko
brandle-w.txt BRANDLE, William; 1939 Oct 2006 Susan Wilborg
corter-hk.txt CORTER, Harry K.; 1962 May 2007 Tara Corter
adinger.txt DINGER, Alfred; 1887 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
ldinger.txt DINGER, Louis; 1895 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
ffranke.txt FRANKE, Frieda; 1930 Nov 1999 Mayann Ross
marion-jj.txt MARION, John J.; 1925 May 2007 Joanne McKenna
mills-b.txt MILLS, Bradley; 1938 May 2007 Susan Wilborg
mills-mj.txt MILLS, Mary Jane; 1903 May 2007 Susan Wilborg
mills-wh.txt MILLS, William H.; 1893 Oct 2006 Susan Wilborg
olmstead-j.txt OLMSTEAD, Julia; 1901 May 2007 Susan Wilborg
rolleston-e.txt ROLLESTON, Euphemia; 1919 Jun 2005 Ethel Resotko
siedel-e.txt SIEDEL, Elizabeth; 1989 May 2007 Susan Wilborg
STEVENSON, Joan; 2006 Feb 2008 Debora Miller
wade-m.txt WADE, Mercedes; 2002 Feb 2008 Heather Bryant
wihlborg-h.txt WIHLBORG, Herman; 1938 May 2007 Susan Wilborg
wihlborg-k.txt WIHLBORG, Karen; 1961 May 2007 Susan Wilborg
york-m.txt YORK, Margaret; 1909 Jun 2005 Ethel Resotko
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