Mount Avon
Rochester, Oakland County

The Mount Avon Cemetery is located in Rochester, Oakland county, MI.


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Text & Description (Click this Link for Description, Photo Link for Image) Photo Link Date Submitter
Mt. Avon, Cemetery Overview Image 31K Oct 2005 Janet Neubauer
Mt. Avon, Cemetery Entrance Image 25K Oct 2005 Janet Neubauer
Monument, Soldier's Image 186K Oct 2005 Janet Neubauer
Site Sign, Historical Image 76K Oct 2005 Janet Neubauer
Van Buren, Charles Leroy Image 104K Sep 2007 Janet Neubauer
Van Buren, Clifton C. Image 81K Sep 2007 Janet Neubauer
Van Buren, Marguerite L. Image 80K Sep 2007 Janet Neubauer
Van Dyke, Anna Image 92K Sep 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vaillancourt, Geraldine Image 85K Aug 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vaillancourt, Helen E. And Harvey J. Image 116K Aug 2006 Janet Neubauer
Valentine, Emma Image 193K Mar 2006 Janet Neubauer
Valentine, Ethel And Milton Image 109K Jun 2006 Janet Neubauer
Valentine, John Image 82K Nov 2005 Janet Neubauer
Valentine, Marion O. Image 94K Mar 2006 Janet Neubauer
Valentine, Murray L. Image 216K Mar 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vallance, Harvard, Bradford, And Garnet Bartholom? Image 129K May 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vallentine, Nancy M. Image 60K Nov 2005 Janet Neubauer
Vandekerkhove, Nancy J. And Richard M. Image 88K Jun 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vandenberge, Duane O. Image 106K Sep 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vandenberghe, Julia M. And Carl L. Image 118K Sep 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vandermeer, Millard Image 62K Nov 2005 Janet Neubauer
Vanderven, William H. And Wilma Image 112K Jun 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vandeventer, George W. Image 153K Mar 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vandeventer, Julia Image 90K Mar 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vanpraag, Florence And Richard Image 77K Sep 2007 Janet Neubauer
Van Tifflin, Hazel G. And Woodford L. Image 118K Jul 2007 Janet Neubauer
Varion, Alice Bouford Image 129K Aug 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vanvoorhees, Ann M. And William Image 123K Sep 2007 Janet Neubauer
Van Voorhees, William K. And Sadie E. Image 92K May 2007 Janet Neubauer
Verdino, Leila R. Image 142K Jul 2007 Janet Neubauer
Verdino, Peter Image 108K Jul 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vejendla, Nalini L. Image 109K Sep 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vennard, Maurice W. Image 117K Jul 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vennard, Unknown Image 127K Jul 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vennix, Henry J. Image 96K Jun 2007 Janet Neubauer
Verex, Joyce M. Pixley Image 196K Feb 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vert, Ada Mccormick Image 249K Mar 2006 Janet Neubauer
Viles, Wilma Lee Image 80K May 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vill, Michael And Ethel Image 95K Apr 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vincent, Ellen J. And Howard T. Image 92K Apr 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vincent, Harry Alan Image 127K Jun 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vincent, Mabel And Harvey Image 136K Jul 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vincent, Marvin L. And Margaret Image 91K Aug 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vincent, Timothy J. Image 109K Jun 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vires, Florence L. Image 88K May 2007 Janet Neubauer
Virostek, Geoerge And Bertha M. Image 132K Jun 2007 Janet Neubauer
Visner, Daniel F. Image 60K Jul 2007 Janet Neubauer
Visner, Frank Bryan Image 91K Jul 2007 Janet Neubauer
Visner, Lawerence Image 204K Oct 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vliet, A. K. Image 189K Feb 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vliet, B. Franklin Image 232K Feb 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vliet, Emeline F. Image 214K Feb 2006 Janet Neubauer
Voelker, Evelyn Gottschalk Image 89K Jul 2007 Janet Neubauer
Voorhees, John Image 110K Dec 2005 Janet Neubauer
Voorheis, Christeon R. Image 88K Dec 2005 Janet Neubauer
Voorheis, Mary Jane Miller Image 104K Dec 2005 Janet Neubauer
Voorheis, Unreadable Image 99K Aug 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vorhee, Charles Image 89K May 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vorhes, Family Monument Image 115K May 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vorhes, James C. Image 99K Dec 2005 Janet Neubauer
Vorhes, F.C. Family Monument Image 110K May 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vorhes, Fannie Image 124K May 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vorhes, Frederick C. Image 118K May 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vorhes, Mary M. Image 55K Dec 2005 Janet Neubauer
Vorhes, Susan M. Image 101K May 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vorhes, ? Buckland Image 92K May 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vorhes, William M. Image 94K May 2006 Janet Neubauer
Vorpagel, Lucille M. Image 167K Oct 2006 Janet Neubauer
Voss, Loretta Beckett Image 105K Aug 2007 Janet Neubauer
Vowles, John H. Image 94K Apr 2006 Janet Neubauer
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